Wheatley Hill, Durham: John Bainbridge and Donna Kennedy

#TheList John Christopher Bainbridge, born 28/12/1982, and Donna Kennedy, born 09/01/1984, of Luke Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Durham DH6 3RX – locked their dog in a dark, filthy shed to starve to death

Evil pair John Bainbridge and Donna Kennedy of Wheatley Hill, Durham, locked a dog in a filthy shed and left him there to starve to death

Bainbridge and Kennedy, who have four children between them, were found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a male lurcher by failing to provide him with an adequate supply of food and water resulting in his death and failing to seek veterinary care and attention for his pressure sores.

The dog’s emaciated body was found locked inside this garden shed. A concrete slab had been placed against the door to stop him escaping.

RSPCA chief inspector Mark Gent said: “RSPCA inspector Aislynn Balderstone found this poor dog, emaciated in a filthy garden shed with no food or water.

The saddest of sights: the starved dog was found dead inside the shed

“There was a concrete slab blocking the shed door preventing it from opening.

“Kennedy claimed not to have known the slab was there even though the front of the shed was only a few feet away from the kitchen window where she washed up daily.

A vet examined the dog who weighed just 12.1kg – his ideal weight would have been 18kg.

Chief inspector Gent said: “The physical and mental suffering this dog endured must have been enormous as he died alone in the dark.

“We hope by bringing this matter to court we have achieved some sort of justice for him.

Sentencing: 18 weeks’ imprisonment suspended for two years; 100 hours of unpaid work; six-month curfew order; £425 costs each. Lifetime ban on keeping all animals.

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