Stourbridge / Walsall, West Midlands: Sophie Bird and Samantha Browning

#TheList Sophie Bird, born 23/04/1993, of Norton Road, Stourbridge DY8 2TA ,  and Samantha Browning, born  20/02/1990, of Farmbridge Close, Walsall WS2 0AJ –  drowned four cats one by one in a bath while high on drink and drugs

West Midlands cat killers Sophie Bird and Samantha Browning

The court heard how Browning went to Bird’s former home in Tipton after a party and suggested killing the animals.

RSPCA prosecutor Nick Sutton said that Bird “filled the bath with water while Browning drowned the cats one after the other.”

He continued: “After the third one, the fourth was more difficult for Browning, who expressed reluctance, but Bird said ‘well, you’ve done the first three you might as well do this one’. Bird denies this, but it doesn’t matter – it’s the same systematic killing of cats.”

He added: “It’s a terrible death – there’s no excuse for this.

“They were young cats, they were intelligent creatures, not kittens with their eyes barely open.The other cats would have been abundantly aware of what was happening. They were waiting to be killed.

“It’s hard to imagine a more systematic and callous act.”

Two of the cats’ bodies were later recovered having been stuffed into a plastic bag and flung over a fence. The bodies of the other two cats have not been found.

West Midlands cat killers Sophie Bird and Samantha Browning
Cat killer Samantha Browning, who now lives with her wife and her wife’s daughter in Walsall

Samantha Browning was told the crime would stay with her for “many, many years”.

And she was right as we’ve managed to track down her and her partner in sickening animal cruelty. Both are now married (not to each other), both appear to have responsibility for young children, and both are around dogs (potentially a blatant breach of the court ban). It appears that the twisted pals have lost touch with each other.

Bird, now known as Sophie Gormley-Bird, works and lives in the Greyhound pub in Stourbridge. It appears that she has recently separated from her wife with whom she shares a daughter. Bird appears to have custody of the child. Her mother, who also works and lives at the pub, has a dog.

West Midlands cat killers Sophie Bird and Samantha Browning
Sophie Bird

Browning, who has cunningly changed her surname on Facebook to Brunin, got married in March 2015 . Her wife has a young daughter.

Sentence: 18-week prison sentence, suspended for 24 months, unpaid work and costs; banned from owning animals for ten years (expires August 2021).

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