Weoley Castle, Birmingham: Diane Johnson

#TheList Diane ‘Di’ Johnson, born 16/04/1980, of Dormston Drive, Weoley Castle, Birmingham B29 5XD – starved her pet chihuahua to death

Dog killer Diane Johnson from Birmingham, UK
Diane Johnson and the two surviving dogs Bella and Minnie

Diane Johnson has been banned from keeping animals for life after her pet chihuahua was found starved to death. Two other chihuahuas were discovered in an emaciated condition at her home.

Following a tip-off RSPCA Inspector Herchy Boal went to Johnson’s home, where she found a carrier bag containing the body of ‘Princess’ dumped in a rabbit hutch in her garden. It is believed the underweight dog had been dead for around two weeks.

Dog killer Diane Johnson from Birmingham, UK
Johnson regularly shared photos of her dogs on her Instagram account

Inspector Boal also found two other severely underweight chihuahua-type dogs inside the home – ‘Belle’, a tan dog, and ‘Minnie’, a white dog.

The surviving dogs were signed over to the RSPCA, along with Minnie’s ten-week-old puppy. They were nursed back to health and have since been rehomed.

Dog killer Diane Johnson from Birmingham, UK

Johnson pleaded guilty to one offence of causing unnecessary suffering to Princess and one offence of failing to meet the needs of Minnie and Belle.

Dog killer Diane Johnson from Birmingham, UK
Johnson’s Instagram boasts of her work with the Jayla’s Wish charity. She also claims be a promoter of male striptease troupe the UK Pleasure Boys

In mitigation, the court heard Johnson had family difficulties at the time of the offences.

Dog killer Diane Johnson from Birmingham, UK

Inspector Boal said: “Poor Princess died of starvation and must have suffered terribly over a long period. It is awful to think of the suffering she must have gone through.

“There is never an excuse to leave any animal starving in this day and age, then after Princess died she was dumped like rubbish in a carrier bag and left in a rabbit hutch outside.”

She added: “The other two dogs could have suffered a similar fate had it not been reported to us.

“This enabled us to take the other dogs away from this situation and in RSPCA care, where they were able to get back to a healthy weight and I am delighted that they have now been re-homed.”

Sentencing: 18-month community order – including a 40 day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement. Costs and charges totalling £285. Lifetime ban on keeping any animals.

Birmingham Mail

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