Welshpool, Wales: Kimberley Georgina Dixon and Calum Scott Jones

#TheList Kimberley Georgina Dixon, born 13/11/1994,  and Calum Scott Jones, born 20/03/1992, previously of Heol Bowys, Llanfair Caereinion, Welshpool (they’ve since separated and have new partners) – starved their two dogs to death over a month

Dog killers Kimberley Dixon and Calum Jones from Welshpool
Dog killers Kimberley Dixon and Calum Jones from Welshpool. Inset photo shows the exhumed body of German Shepherd Kiara

Dixon and Jones pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the dogs, a Labrador named Bronson and a German Shepherd named Kiara, by failing to provide them with an adequate diet and a suitable environment.

Dog killers Kimberley Georgina Dixon and Calum Jones from Welshpool
Dixon and Jones have separated and are now with different partners. She now calls herself Kimberley Dixon Roberts.

Mr Huw Wyn Williams, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, told the court the dogs had been starved for a month and locked in a utility room.

Concerns were first raised by Social Services in July 2015, which prompted RSPCA Inspector Lewis to visit the couple’s home.

Inspector Lewis noted the dogs were thin. The dog food brand was changed and by September 2015 the animals had gained weight.

However, further concerns from Social Services were followed by reports on December 18, 2015, that the dogs had died and were buried in the garden.

The couple claimed the dogs were perfectly well the day before.

Dog killers Kimberley Georgina Dixon and Calum Jones from Welshpool
Victim: Kiara was said to be “a picky eater”.

After an exhumation order was granted, the dogs were sent to Liverpool University for examination.

A post mortem stated there was no residual fat on the two pets.

Three days after their death, Bronson, who should had been 25 to 30kg, weighed 8.1kg.

Kiara should have weighed 30 to 40kg, but weighed just 11.6kg.

Dog killers Kimberley Georgina Dixon and Calum Jones from Welshpool
Victim Bronson as a puppy with Calum Jones

In the opinion of the vet, the animals would not have been able to stand, or would have found it very difficult, describing them as little more than skeletons.

The vet’s report also said the dogs would have collapsed 48 hours prior to their death, having not had nutrition for four weeks.

In interview the couple described Kiara as a “picky eater” and claimed that Bronson rushed through his food before throwing up.

Dog killers Kimberley Georgina Dixon and Calum Jones from Welshpool
“Picky eater” Kiara before her owners decided to starve her to death.

Owain Jones, defending the couple, told magistrates three reasons for them not to be jailed.

He said they took full responsibility and accepted they were “grossly negligent on many levels”.

Mr Jones also said they were badly upset, after failing to juggle looking after children and the dogs.

The defendants suffered with anxiety, Dixon also with depression, and Mr Jones described the couple as vulnerable and unable to cope.

Mr Jones also told magistrates he hoped they put a suspended sentence in place for the sake of the couple’s two young children.

He asked magistrates that if they imposed an order banning the couple from owning animals, could they make an exception for birds, as the family had a pet budgie, and if they lost that it would be “too much for the children”.

Magistrates described the couple’s gross negligence as “disturbing”.

Dixon was given a 12-week jail term, suspended for two years and Jones eight weeks, suspended for two years. Total of £230 costs and charges each.  Both were disqualified from owning animals, apart from birds, for 15 years (expires 2031).

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2018 update:
Calum Scott Jones and Kimberley Georgina Dixon have separated and are both living with new partners. He still lives locally at 10 Trembanwy, Llanfair Caereinion SY21 0DY and but she has relocated to another part of Wales. Her current address is 33 Lower Hill Street, Blaenavon, Pontypool NP4 9EP.


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