Warsop, Nottinghamshire: David Pogmore

#TheList David James Pogmore, born 21/12/1991, of Meden Street, Warsop, Mansfield NG20 – launched a sadistic and unprovoked attack on a springer spaniel

Dog abuser David James Pogmore and his victim Ruby

Magistrates heard that feral savage Pogmore pushed an umbrella into the dog’s throat, stabbed it into the back of her head,and pinned her to the floor with a walking stick.

The dog, known as Ruby suffered a swollen bloodshot eye, bruising and a cut to her head and bleeding at the back of her throat.

In addition to a four-month prison sentence, Pogmore was disqualified from keeping animals for 15 years.

Pogmore’s lawyer conceded her client had “anger management issues” and said he accepted he had “gone way over the top” in his attack on a defenceless animal. No shit, Sherlock?

Dog abuser David James Pogmore

Skinny-arsed Pogmore’s propensity to temper tantrums was very much in evidence during his appearance on the Jeremy Kyle Show on Wednesday 9 November 2016.

He was apparently on the show to hear the results of a paternity test following an unfortunate fumble with a sexually incontinent halfwit. Imagine then Pogmore’s horror when Jezzer announced his conviction for dog cruelty to several million viewers.

The brute with all the charm of a week-old turd flexed his puny little chest as he looked ready to punch Kyle’s lights out especially when the latter called him “a horrible little man”. Security were, as ever, on hand to prevent a brawl and Pogmore eventually stomped off the show like a giant toddler.

I’m no fan of Jeremy Kyle, but his exposure of a convicted animal abuser, whose photo didn’t even appear in the newspapers at the time, was a job very well done.

David James Pogmore of Warsop, a worthy addition to the #WallofShame.

Sentencing: four months in jail. Banned from keeping animals for 15 years (expires 2027).

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