Walsall, West Midlands: David Timms

#TheList David John Timms, born 17/03/1983, most recently of Lower North Street, Walsall WS4 2BB – banned from keeping animals for life after having an emaciated pet dog at his home

Dog abuser David John Timms from Walsall is banned from keeping animals for life
David Timms from Walsall is banned from keeping animals for life

Elderly German Shepherd cross Bengi was so weak he struggled to stand up after weeks of unnecessary suffering. The 13-year-old dog had dropped to nearly half his ideal weight.

The RSPCA was called to Timms’ previous address in Reedswood Gardens, Walsall, on August 31, 2011, after neighbours became growingly concerned for the dog’s welfare.

Veterinary examination showed Bengi weighed just 8.4kg when the ideal weight for a dog of his breed would be n the region of 16kg.

The malnourished animal was kept on behalf of the RSPCA and gained nearly 6kg in just a few weeks.

Mrs Gaynor Sutton, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said: “The dog was so weak and so thin it was unsteady on its legs. The vet said the dog had been exposed to unnecessary suffering for a significant period of time of at least four weeks.”

When interviewed by the RSPCA Timms said the dog was fed regularly most days but he had been struggling for cash.

Mrs Sheila Hicklin, defending, said her client suffered from learning difficulties and had not purchased the animal but it had been deposited at his home.

She said he tried to call the RSPCA but when the line was busy he didn’t persevere.

Bengi recovered and was rehomed.

Sentencing: community order with 12 months of supervision; ordered to pay £500 RSPCA costs. Given a lifetime ban on having pets with right of appeal after 10 years (i.e. around January 2022).

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