Wallsend, Tyne and Wear: Melvyn Hall

#TheList Melvyn Hall, born 02/04/1948, of Ashfield Mews, Wallsend NE28 7RG – hit German Shepherd rescue dog over the head with a hammer and strangled her with a piece of washing line, before dumping her body in the River Tyne

Dog killer Melvyn Hall from Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, is banned for life after brutally killing a rescue dog
Dog killer Melvyn Hall from Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, is banned for life after brutally killing a rescue dog named Molly
Twisted Melvyn Hall from Wallsend killed rescue dog Molly by hitting her over the head with a hammer and strangling her.
Hall killed six -year-old German Shepherd Molly by hitting her over the head with a hammer and strangling her.

Melvyn Hall struck six-year-old German Shepherd Molly on the head before strangling her with a piece of washing line.

He then dumped her into the River Tyne. She was found washed up on December 6 2018 and the RSPCA were alerted.

RSPCA inspector Rowena Proctor said: “When the rescue called Hall he told them that Molly had died of a ruptured aneurysm and had been seen by a local vet but he couldn’t remember the name, which he re-iterated when I visited him the next day.

“However, in the interview that followed he said he had gone to the shop and come home to find her dead before going on to admit hitting Holly on the head with a hammer, strangling her with the washing line that was around her neck when her body was found and dumping her in the River Tyne.

“He said he did it because she was following him around and getting on his nerves and he lashed out.

“He showed me where he had done it, in his garden shed, and gave me the hammer he had used.”

Dog killer Melvyn Hall from Wallsend

Hall admitted two offences of causing unnecessary suffering to Molly under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Inspector Proctor said: “A post-mortem found that Molly had several fractures to skull and evidence of haemorrhaging however it was unlikely these injuries would have caused immediate death.

“The vet said that the attack on Molly from the person who cared for her would have caused immediate distress, which would have quickly passed into suffering when she received the blow from the hammer.

“The pain of a fracturing skull would be intense but the period of suffering wasn’t possible to establish from the post-mortem due to the decomposition of her body.

“They went on to say that the presence of the washing line and injuries to her neck, which were consistent with having been strangled, indicate that the owner was uncertain of the state of consciousness of Molly after she had been hit with the hammer.”

Sentencing: 18 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months; £1,000 costs. Lifetime disqualification on all animals.

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  1. I do not understand why this man was not jailed fir this despicable crime. So much for the laws being tightened up on animal cruelty . It makes a mockery of the laws in this country, i mean why make these laws and then let this evil murdering scum walk free. I hope someone living by him gives his a beating he will never forget and i hope he has broken bones and fractures all over his rotten body!

      1. I volunteer for the UK GSR who rehomed Molly, home check visits, vet checks, telephone interviews etc were all completed (as we do for every rehome) prior to Molly being rehomed. Why shouldn’t a 70 year old be allowed to adopt a rescue dog? All adopters also sign to say they understand that they can return the dog to the rescue at any time.
        The rescue are not to blame for this, the scumbag Melvyn Hall is the criminal and the justice system allowed him to walk!

      2. Many rescue dog owners are over 70, if at your home check by a rescue organization they can see you a very fit and alert, your age should not preclude you. Many older people welcome a pet into their homes it does them good not least because they get out more walking dogs and meeting more people. I am nearly 77 and have four rescue dogs 3 are german shepherds and all are walked most days, I am extremely fit do my own gardening, drive all over the place, but I live alone apart from my dogs.

        1. Melvyn Hall is a phsycopath and murderer, obviously likely to blow up at the slightest provocation, he should be in prison for his vile brutality, he has shown no remorse whatsoever and despite his ban for having any further animals it begs the question where will he next vent his anger. He was a former magistrate, which I think speaks mounds for the leniency of his sentence.

  2. Look at Molly’s lovely face! He killed her because she followed him. She followed him because she loved him. What a monster & he gets away with a suspended sentence.

    The maximum sentence for someone convicted of animal cruelty is a pathetic 6 months max in England & Wales and a maximum of 1 year in Scotland.

    Please help us increase the maximum to 5 years.
    The Second Reading of the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill will be debated on 9th July 2019. PLEASE ASK YOUR MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT TO SUPPORT THE BILL.
    See bottom of this link http://notfunny.battersea.org.uk/

  3. You are a disgrace to humanity. A disgrace to your previous profession. This is an act of sheer violence and terror towards a poor animal which showed you nothing but love and companionship thus why following you around. People like you really are scum of the earth and do not deserve a beautiful animal. RIP baby you were failed in a disgusting disgraceful way.

  4. Why is it that he has basically got away with it…being an ex Magistrate I wonder……he should of been jailed for this..absolutely disgraceful .typical British Justice.never enough sentenced time …….

  5. Im livid to the core. What a despicable bastard.
    He needs to learn a lesson.
    Give me just 5 minutes with him. 5 that’s all.
    What’s wrong with people. A dog is more loyal than any human could ever be. The Judge who made a mockery of this case is no other than an absolute Twat.
    Fuming doesn’t even come close. Poor Molly. What’s beautiful Angel. She didn’t deserve this in any way shape or form.
    Go play with all the other doggies over rainbow bridge.

  6. I feel compelled to put this message: German shepherd dogs are one of the most loving, loyal and very highly intelligent breeds and the quickest breed to bond with new owners. Molly’s poor little mite’s life was ended in the most brutal way ever. She didn’t stand a chance and to think this evil evil Man worked in the NHS for 46 years!!!!! The German shepherd re-homing will always take a dog back if you’re not happy or it’s not working. There is no excuse for this Man to take to this brutal act!!! SO PLEASE PLEASE WHERE OH WHERE IS THE JUSTICE??

  7. Vile piece of shit, if he had done that to a human child we would be in prison for many years. Molly would have suffered just as much and felt as much pain as a human so why has he basically got away with it.
    His name is out there and where he lives, it wouldn’t be that difficult to track him down would it? I really hope someone does and deals out the punishment he so clearly deserves!!

  8. I am so disgusted by the actions of this man I can’t even keep calm. Why is it that so many evil people get away with cruelty to animals? There is NO difference between animals and humans. A life is a life no matter what form the life comes in. I believe any cruelty to animals should be looked at as the same as cruelty to children and carry the same sentence. We are the guardians of our pets just like our children and should keep them safe. This man deserves a very lengthy prison sentence. Despicable human being. I hope karma comes back on him 2 fold.

    1. We know, but I don’t think he’ll return there as the community have made it clear he’s not welcome.

  9. I wonder what he worked as in nhs! But just because he was also a magistrate does not mean he was a decent person..It makes me sick to think of the suffering of that poor dog.iff he didn.t want her Why the hell did he not just get her rehomed again! Hope he gets his JUST DESERTS.

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