Wallsend, Tyne and Wear: Clare Joyce

#TheList Clare Joyce, born 1993, of Station Road, Wallsend NE28 – left her husky puppy to fend for herself when she went into hospital

Irresponsible Clare Joyce from Wallsend told no one about her puppy when she went into hospital. The dog was left to fend for herself.
Irresponsible Clare Joyce left puppy Mishka to fend for herself when she went into hospital

Mother-of-two Clare-Louise Joyce was banned from keeping animals for just three years after puppy Mishka had to be rescued from her filthy home by the RSPCA

Joyce hadn’t told anyone about the dog but thankfully vigilant neighbours raised the alarm.

In court Joyce admitted failing to ensure the welfare of an animal.

Stewart Haywood, prosecuting, said: “The conditions inside were filthy.

“There were faeces strewn around and some of these faeces were mouldy.”

The court heard Mishka was “lean” when RSPCA inspectors found her and ate and drank ravenously.

Mr Haywood said: “It could have been much worse if Mishka had been left for longer.”

Dog abuser Clare Joyce
Dog abuser Clare Joyce

It was claimed the defendant had been battling with both her physical and mental health when the dog was left.

Mitigating, Mark Styles claimed a “perfect storm” of events unfolded in her personal life which led to the incident.

He said: “She’s utterly, utterly devastated Mishka was left,” claimed the solicitor, who said his client’s circumstances had resulted in her leaving her part-time job and moving onto Universal Credit.

However, thankfully, the court heard Mishka is now a “healthy” dog.

Chairman of the bench Paddy Watters assured Joyce: “She will go to a nice home.”

Sentencing: total of £630 costs, fines and charges. Banned from keeping animals for three years.

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