Wallisdown, Bournemouth: Gary Trevor

#TheList Gary Trevor, born c. 1964, of 85B Canford Avenue, Bournemouth BH11 8RG – let his two Rottweiler dogs starve and failed to take them to a vet

Dog abuser Gary Trevor from Bournemouth and his victims Star and Onyx
Rottweilers Star and Onyx died due to the neglect of their owner Gary Trevor

Trevor pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to his dogs, Onyx and Star.

When RSPCA inspectors visited Trevor’s home they found Onyx had already died, while Star, described by inspectors as affectionate and lovable, had lost almost half her body weight.

Victim of abuse: Rottweiler Star
Victim of abuse: Star initially put on weight but was in constant pain and had to be put to sleep

Although Star initially gained weight, she was found to be in continuous pain with enlarged joints and RSPCA vets were forced to put her to sleep to end her suffering.

Inspector Graham Hammond said: “This is a sad and preventable case of two dogs, Star and Onyx, suffering from Mr Trevor’s failure to act.

“Onyx was left to simply die in front of Mr Trevor, due to untreated medical conditions which any reasonable dog owner should have recognised.

“Onyx was emaciated when he died and Mr Trevor failed to seek any veterinary help, from the free vets he was already registered with at the PDSA.

“Star can only be described as close to death when the RSPCA became involved. She was collapsed, emaciated and passing clotted blood.

“Shortly before Onyx died, Mr Trevor’s neighbour told him that his dogs looked like whippets because they were so thin and still he didn’t seek veterinary help.

“Both dogs must have suffered massively, they lived in close proximity to Mr Trevor who still managed to eat and drink in front of them, whilst they went without.

“They were both between 21.65 – 25.5kg, nearly half of Star’s previous weight and Onyx had lost over 30% of his weight.

“When there is so much help and assistance available, I find these cases particularly sad and hard to deal with.

“Thankfully these animals are not suffering anymore.”

Sentencing: 80 hours of unpaid work. Total of £260 costs and charges. Banned from keeping animals for 10 years (expires February 2027)

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