A Crime Unpunished: Hartlepool Dog Killers Calum and Liam Blair

The following was originally posted on Pet Abuse UK’s (PAUK) Facebook page in April 2016. We have edited it to include the name of the second youth, who turned 18 in January 2020. We have removed information pertaining to addresses as this is no longer correct, but will add and update any new info on the pair as and when we receive it.

Dog killers Calum Blair (left) and younger brother Liam Blair and the dog they tortured to death, Kenzy
Dog killers Calum Blair (left) and younger brother Liam Blair and the dog they tortured to death, Kenzy

#JusticeforKenzy Last week we told you about a shocking act of gratuitous animal cruelty from 2014 involving a 7yo dog from Hartlepool named Kenzy, who was tortured to death by twisted teenage boys before being set alight.

Two youths aged 12 and 16 were soon arrested following multiple tip-offs from local people and later bailed, but three months later Cleveland Police said they were dropping the investigation.

Kenzy’s owner Michelle Remmer was left devastated while the perpetrators of one of the worst cases of animal cruelty in the UK in recent years were literally gloating that they got away with it.

Pet Abuse UK #JusticeforKenzy campaign poster featuring images of Kenzy and her killer Calum Blair
Pet Abuse UK #JusticeforKenzy campaign poster

Well, we now have confirmed names of those dangerous delinquents from a reliable source. We accept that no one was ever charged, but we’re not happy when animal abusers go unpunished and feel confident enough to go out on a limb. It’s only libel if it isn’t true and we are 100% sure of our facts.

While we cannot yet disclose the name of the younger of the pair because of his age [2020 edit – we can now – his name is Liam Blair, DoB 28/01/2020)], the elder brother turned 18 on 1 March 2016 and we feel the time is right to name and shame him. Step forward Calum Blair of [redacted as inaccurate], Hartlepool, you evil little shit. We hope you enjoy the limelight.

Blair and his younger sibling found sweet-natured Kenzy wandering after she escaped from her garden.

The trusting dog would have gone with the boys willingly, but that trust was to be betrayed in the most horrific way.

Rather than attempting to return her home to her worried family, the predatory brothers took the little dog to a nearby farmtrack where they proceeded to torment her before driving a sharp stick through her body, almost as if they were trying to spit-roast her, and then set her on fire.

The RSPCA believe that Kenzy was already dead before her body was burned. Local children found her still alight and tried to quench the flames with water from a nearby beck.

Police, the RSPCA and the local dog warden were all involved in the investigation that followed and distraught Michelle remained hopeful that her beloved dog’s killers would be brought to justice.

Michelle’s Facebook post about the incident was shared widely in the local community and within a few days she had two names, which she passed onto police.

The younger brother had boasted to classmates about his despicable actions and word quickly spread and the details corroborated by others. Michelle felt confident that Kenzy’s killers would be punished.

Sadly it was not to be and in September 2014 Cleveland Police delivered the devastating news that they would be taking no further action. No justice for Kenzy and an extremely sad outcome for Michelle who doted on the sweet and intelligent dog she had rescued from a hellish existence as a puppy.

Michelle and her family lived in the same neighbourhood as the dysfunctional Blair family – the behaviour of their feckless, inadequate mother Margaret Adams of [redacted], Hartlepool, has undoubtedly aggravated her children’s delinquency – and still saw the brothers regularly. Far from being remorseful, callous Calum Blair seemed to take great pleasure in smirking at them.

The younger brother was excluded from school for a time and the windows of the Blairs’ house were smashed by angry locals but that was nowhere near sufficient punishment for the evil crimes of the feral brothers.

Hopefully our exposure of these monsters and their brutal murder of a tiny defenceless dog will go some way to redressing that injustice. Share far and share wide.

Calum Blair is evil personified. He has shown himself capable of horrifying sadistic violence and will undoubtedly have turned into an extremely dangerous adult. As he could represent a serious risk to the public, we feel we have a duty to name and shame him.

Additional info:
Petition (now closed) to the Chief Constable of Cleveland Police by PAUK asking him to reopen the investigation into Kenzy’s death. This was their less than meaningful response:

Officers who were not involved in the original investigation in June 2014 have reviewed the investigation and have concluded that it was carried out effectively and appropriately based on the evidence available.

Two people were arrested on suspicion of the offence but were released with no further action. Any available evidence is taken into account before deciding to release, bail or charge.

We understand that Kenzy’s case is tragic and emotive, however it is important that individuals are not named as having committed a criminal offence, if they have not been found or pleaded guilty through the courts.

Social media users are advised to ensure that they are complying with the law when posting online.

Should any new information come to light in connection with this case, then this will be of course be appropriately investigated.

As of April 2020, Calum Blair is living with a partner and their child at an address in Brentwood Place, South Shields NE33 4NN.