Tycroes, Ammanford, Wales: Nigel Ward

#TheList Nigel Jeremy Nicholas Ward (aka Jeremy Ward), born c. 1957, of Ceidrim Court Farm, Penygarn Road, Ammanford SA19 3PH – for cruelty offences involving three horses, one of which died

Convicted horse abuser Nigel Ward

Ward admitted one offence of causing unnecessary suffering to three horses by failing to address their poor condition.

Horses neglected by Nigel Ward

The court heard that back in January 2019, in the Mountain Road area of Glanaman, concerns were raised about the welfare of three horses, with the defendant causing unnecessary suffering to them by failing to adequately explore and address their poor condition.

One of the three horses mistreated by Nigel Ward of Tycroes, Ammanford

RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben said: “It was very clear that these three horses’ needs were not being met.

“They were in a poor condition and were noticeably thin.

“The field they were being kept in was totally unsuitable and they were very exposed from the mountain side.”

The three horses were seen by a specialist vet at the location.

Horses neglected by Nigel Ward

Despite remaining under the care of the vet, one of the horses, a tri-coloured horse, was unable to be saved and died.

The court heard in mitigation that the horses had had foals which caused a drop in their condition and the defendant thought the field would be sufficient for them.

Horses neglected by Nigel Ward

He admitted this had been a bad decision and also accepted misjudging the weather.

The court also heard that he attended every day but after 14 days it became clear that they were losing condition.

The court heard that since the incident, Ward has been able to rehome half of the horses which were in his care.

Sentencing; 24-month community order with 25-day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement. Total of £607 fine and costs. Deprivation order on one horse. No ban.

South Wales Guardian

Update 22/07/2020:
Ward was back in court after a horse in his care was left suffering because she was so desperately thin.

Ward pleaded guilty and was handed a 28-week custodial sentence, suspended for 18 months.

RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben had previously found the equine – named Lily – in a field at the end of Llwyncelyn Road, in the Glanamman area of Ammanford, with her ribs, hips and spine all clearly visible.

Veterinary opinion confirmed that the horse was suffering, and Ward admitted at court this was a consequence of his failure to address the equine’s significant weight loss. Lily’s suffering took place between 12 March and 12 August 2019.

In addition to the suspended prison sentence and a three-year ban on keeping equines, he was also given a 35-day rehabilitation order, and told to pay £200 in costs and a £122 victim surcharge.

South Wales Guardian

Additional information 1 August 2020
There have now been three separate horse welfare cases against Nigel Jeremy Ward within one year. Of the horses rescued from him, several have died including two in the care of the RSPCA due to the extent of their emaciation. Another was found with a huge worm burden, but due to his emaciated state it was not safe to give him worming medication. Sadly this horse didn’t make it either.

Horses neglected by Nigel Ward

Despite his serial cruelty Ward has only received a three-year ban and has even had the audacity to appeal that. He has already been seen at an auction for stables and land about 15 miles from where he lives and the fear is that he will try to skirt around his ban by either hiding the horses or putting them in someone else’s name.

Nigel Jeremy Ward is also a lurcher puppy farmer, trading under the name Jeremy’s Lurchers & Long Dogs.

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