Truro, Cornwall: Paul Hamilton

#TheList Paul Hamilton, born 9/12/1958, formerly of Ennis Farm, Trispen, Truro, Cornwall TR4 and now of no fixed abode – almost starved a beautiful horse called Norma to death; Norma only survived due to interventions of concerned neighbours

Paul Hamilton from Truro failed to feed his horse for 3 months
Hamilton failed to feed Norma for 3 months and she only survived due to the kindness of neighbours

Hamilton, who formerly worked as a horse transporter, failed to supply food to Norma over a 3-month period between January and April 2018 despite warnings from concerned neighbours

Sentencing Hamilton, Justice Diana Baker said: “Norma was in your care and for such a long period of time was not properly looked after. She did not receive food and this caused real suffering and leaving her close to death.

“Because of this she lived with pain and discomfort for months and the vet said they found her curled up. So worried were vets they seized the horse straight away.

“You didn’t listen to neighbours who you may have thought were interfering. Even though they told you their concerns you didn’t do anything and they had to go out of their way to provide Norma with food.

“You say you were very busy at work. This is not an excuse. If you have a horse you have a responsibility. You said you had a lack of expenses. This is not an excuse. If you can’t afford to you don’t keep horses. They require food, veterinary care etc.”

Sentence: two-year community order with 240 hours of unpaid work; £385 costs; banned from keeping equines for just three years (expires August 2021)

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