Torry, Aberdeen: Kevin Goffin

#TheList Kevin Goffin, born 25/09/1981, of Crombie Road, Torry, Aberdeen AB11 – kicked a chihuahua into the air, causing her to yelp in pain

Convicted animal abuser Kevin Goffin from Aberdeen

Goffin, a drink and drug abuser with a long history of disorder and violence, booted the tiny dog two or three feet into the air during a street argument with his girlfriend.

The distressed chihuahua was taken to a vet and had to be given methadone before she could even be examined. While clearly in a great deal of pain, she had suffered no internal bleeding.

Convicted animal abuser Kevin Goffin from Aberdeen
Goffin has a valeting business called Mirror Finish Aberdeen Ltd

Goffin pleaded guilty to causing the animal unnecessary suffering by kicking her in the abdomen and also behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.

Depute fiscal Alan Townsend told the court that Goffin had gone to his partner’s home at around 10pm on April 20, 2019.

After being refused entry, the woman assumed he had left and took her dogs for a walk at around midnight.

Mr Townsend said: “The accused approached her as she was on this walk.

“A verbal argument then took place between the pair and neighbours, or other people in the vicinity, heard her say ‘can you leave me alone? I’m really scared’.”

The argument began to “escalate” and witnesses contacted police. Mr Townsend said: “A few minutes later, still arguing, police and witnesses see the accused kick the dog in the air.

“It’s described as travelling two or three feet. There was a yelp of pain.”

Police mugshot of convicted animal abuser and habitual criminal Kevin Goffin
Police mugshot of convicted animal abuser and habitual criminal Kevin Goffin

The depute fiscal described the woman “screaming” and going to the door of one of the witnesses in “distress and shock”.

He said: “The dog was in a lot of pain and would squeal whenever anyone touched it.”

Convicted animal abuser and habitual criminal Kevin Goffin pictured outside court
He has a chin to rival Desperate Dan’s, but Goffin has a girlfriend and she’s apparently standing by him despite his aggression towards her and her pets

Goffin’s lawyer said his client had got into an argument with people in the block of flats where he lived and been advised to leave by police.

He said: “He went on a bender, drink and drugs, then went to hers.

“What he did to the dog is something he’s very ashamed of.”

He said the pair were still a couple and said: “She wants him back.”

Jailing Goffin for six months, Sheriff Mark Stewart said: “It’s not just a criminal record that’s lengthy, it has a certain undertone to it which involves disorder and violence.

“I have to say, it’s troubling that the violence is directed, among other places, to a domestic setting and also to other individuals who have been targeted for particular reasons.”

Sentencing: six months in jail

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