Tonypandy, Rhondda Cynon Taf: Mathew Howell Jones

#TheList Mathew Howell Jones, born 30/05/1981, of Jones Street, Tonypandy CF40 2BY – for badger baiting and failing to take his injured dog to the vet

Mathew Howell Jones of Tonypandy, South Wales, was given a suspended jail term after interfering with a badger sett and failing to seek treatment for his badly injured dog
Mathew Howell Jones was given a suspended jail term after interfering with a badger sett and failing to seek treatment for his badly injured dog.

Mathew Howell Jones pleaded guilty to one Protection of Badgers Act 1992 offence and one Animal Welfare Act 2006 offence.

The court heard that the father-of-three was caught using dogs to interfere with a badger sett on January 20, 2019.

Jones also admitted failing to get urgent veterinary treatment for his dog, with the black terrier struggling with serious injuries.

The unnamed dog had alopecia and skin lesions, caused by sarcoptic mange – with a wound to the eye consistent with a tear injury to the lower lid. Despite these problems, Jones had not taken him to the vet.

A veterinary professional said such injuries are “commonly seen following fighting” and would be “consistent with a face-to-face encounter with another dog or a fox or a badger”.

One of badger baiter Mathew Howell Jones's dogs
One of badger baiter Mathew Howell Jones’s dogs

The dog – one of four initially seized as part of the investigation – was signed into the RSPCA’s care and ultimately put up for rehoming.

Police found blood-stained overalls in Jones’ van, though he denied ownership of the clothing. Testing of the blood confirmed it had come from a badger. RSPCA officers later found evidence of one large, freshly dug and back-filled hole at an active badger sett.

Mathew Howell Jones of Tonypandy, South Wales, was given a suspended jail term after interfering with a badger sett and failing to seek treatment for his badly injured dog

Chief inspector of the RSPCA’s special operations unit Ian Briggs said: “Interfering with a badger sett in this way is a very serious wildlife crime, and clearly had serious possible impacts both for the dogs involved and wildlife.

“One poor dog in this case was struggling with injuries that clearly needed urgent veterinary care. It’s very worrying that the injuries sustained by the dog are – according to veterinary opinion – consistent with fighting, and a face-to-face encounter with wildlife, such as a fox or a badger.

“This case is yet another example of the RSPCA’s efforts to tackle crimes against Wales’ wildlife.”

Sentencing: five-month prison sentence, suspended for 24 months; ordered to pay a total of £1,520. Disqualified from keeping all animals for four years.

Jones was also deprived by the court of all possessions related to the interference with a badger sett – including locating devices and netting.

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56 thoughts on “Tonypandy, Rhondda Cynon Taf: Mathew Howell Jones”

    1. I am the assailant Mathew Jones and you know nothing about me and the person I am, only what your reading on here, I’m not a bad person or a cruel person as they are trying to make out I am, i had to strike a deal to avoid prison so I could go home to my family, I was not badger digging and never have I wasn’t even on a badger set, and as far as the dogs eye it was caused by another dog attacking her and looks worse than what it was, this pic was taken days later when I handed the dog in, if I’d of had the dog back in my care she would never of looked this way, don’t judge a book by its cover.

      1. Why did you have netting and a locator device? How do you explain the badger blood on overalls found in your vehicle? Why were you there that day? You’ve had your day in court and were convicted as charged. I’m sorry, but your defence is simply not plausible. You did this and now you have to live with the consequences.

      2. If you weren’t interfering with a badger set, how do you explain the clothing soaked with badger blood found in your van? And the locating devices and netting confiscated by the court? Not your average kit you take out with you for an innocent dog-walk???

        1. Them overalls and netting were given to me by a man who was deceased back in December I do use nets for fox hunting and I use a gun for humanely dispatching I hunt foxes in places where their a pest to farmers, I would like to state that them overalls had been in that van for over a year and it’s been stated by a witness that them overalls weren’t even worn by me, I’ve never worn them. And I do not hunt no longer and never will again as I handed all my dogs into the RSPCA for rehoming. I took that charge of admittance because I was advised to do so so I would not be imprisoned for something I did not do. When I was caught near the set their was already 2 men there with hounds who I didn’t know but when sirens were heard them people ran and I approached the officers to plead my innocence, I didn’t run!!

          1. How very unfortunate!! I must make sure that I never allow any friends to leave any crowbars, balaclavas, wire cutters, etc in my car and drive around with them in my car for a year just in case one day I happen to stumble across 2 men breaking into a factory farm or research lab when I just happen to be there, because then when they run off when they hear sirens and i randomly feel the need to run up to the police and say “it wasn’t me” they might search my car, find incriminating evidence and not believe me, and I’ll also end up the poor innocent victim of such a terrible miscarriage of justice as you’ve suffered!!!

          2. Yet The Reality Is: You (Pleaded Guilty) To The Charges.
            Instead of: You should have Shopped Those Other Guys or Given Descriptions and Pointed Them Out, at Photo Shoots At The Police Station, you don’t mean to say, You Took The Wrap For Them Two Other Guys, and Let Them Off Scot Free.

          3. Don’t explain yourself mate fuck them all I know and everyone who knows you knows you ain’t a bad person

      3. You wouldn’t have had to strike a deal with the prosecution if you wasn’t guilty?!
        If the dogs eye was injured, priority should have been taking it to a vet, not waiting to hand it in. Scum mate. Pure and simple

      4. Shut up little boy your were abusing animals and killing them that’s why your guilty lying scumbag let’s hope you get treated the same

    1. How is this anything to do with his children or him being a dad you idiot, most of the time papers make things sound worse than it is!!! I never believe anything I read in the papers or Facebook because they get over dramatic idiots like yourself with half the facts writing the articles.

      1. So you Do Not think he is Mentally Disturbed, and the Fact that he has Pleaded Guilty To The Charges. It is obvious he has Mental Issues with this kind of Behaviour. Do you yourself think this is Normal Behaviour of Normal People. This is Barbaric Cruelty Pure and Simple. By the way: it is obvious who the Idiots are here, you are clearly just as bad, are you One Of His Associates, or One Of The Guys He States Ran Away.

  1. Yet again another piece of sick bloodthirsty scum escapes prison, yet anti bloodsports protesters are routinely jailed for criminal damage when they attack the property of pro bloodsports scum even though they don’t sink to the scum’s level and resort to physical violence. What chance do animals ever have with our fucked up justice system and a government that repeatedly attempts to overturn the foxhunting ban? (which is never enforced anyway, police always target the protesters, not the law breaking sickos blatantly still hunting foxes right in front of their noses) Too many bloodthirsty pro hunting scum within the government is a large part of the problem of the pathetically inadequate animal welfare laws.

  2. To the “assailant” as you call yourself .. even if by some very large mistake you weren’t involved in “digging” .. how do you explain this ? .. ” dog had alopecia and skin lesions, caused by sarcoptic mange – with a wound to the eye consistent with a tear injury to the lower lid. Despite these problems, Jones did not ensure appropriate veterinary care for the dog”

    1. Like I said you don’t know the full story, 2 vets inspected the dog and ruled out anything wrong with the dog but it was over ruled by the rspaca considering the dog had been seen by 2 vets previous and was said to be in good health

  3. You have no right to comment on me being a father on social media, keyboard warrior that’s all you are, I’m not a cruel or bad person at all, all your seeing is the bad stuff not the truth, if you continue to involve my children on here or any other site then I will take it to the police.

    1. You Are Obviously Not Thinking Of Your Children, They Will Be Bullied In School and On The Street, Because Of Your Horrific Cruelty.
      You Are Mentally Disturbed.
      (Social Services Have been Informed).

      1. Really!! Informing the social services, wasting their time, when some poor child could really need their help. Your entitled to your opinion but please this is going too far, by the way my children are older and have and will always be cared for and loved

      2. I don’t support what he has done. In fact I’ve shared the post stating that there are no excuses because there aren’t. I will always call a spade a spade but what I will also say is that he is a very loving good father to his kids. So stop the crap about reporting him to social services. Social workers have enough work to do dealing with children who are genuinely at risk.

        1. I understand what you are saying, and the Fact He States his children are now grown up. But like it or lump it. He Has Brought (Shame To His Family), and Yes if the children were going to school or playing out the street, they would be Bullied by others, because of their Fathers Actions, especially Due To The Fact: He Has Pleaded Guilty To His Charges. Also yes im sorry, but I personally believe, people of this Nature Are Mentally Disturbed, and – I am sure I am not alone.

          1. You stupid woman it’s nothing to do with the kids people like you cause the trouble to the kids by putting shit up like this your one sad lonelywoman , your the sick one ain’t you got anything better to do than try to break a good family up ,why don’t you go and find something else to get your kick

      3. I’m sorry but you have over stepped the mark here… Accusing someone of not being safe around their child and reporting them to social services because you have an issue with him hunting is not just pathetic but is actually quite crazy of you. Don’t you think if this had any relation to his parenting then maybe the police or the court would have already alerted social services. It seems to me you’re just looking for a way of handing out your own punishment and getting social services involved clearly gives you some sense of power when in reality you’re wasting their time, his time and tax payers money just to feed your own need to be important!! Get a life, you don’t get to decide who is able to look after their own kids.

        You’re entitled to your views on hunting but your views on him being a parent are disgusting!! I can’t wait for social services to tell you to go away. I have no idea how old you are but you come across very immature

        1. I am 54 Years Old. I personally, would Not be proud of my Dad, if he brought Shame such as this to his own Family, I am sure I am not the only one, who thinks these kind of people are Mentally Disturbed. Behaviour such as this is Not Normal, or to set this kind of Example to your Children. What the hell do you expect, as for wasting tax payers money, a bit of work he needs he wouldn’t have the energy to go digging as they call it, I don,t need my own power or to feel important. As for me getting a Life as you state: I am actually from Cynon Taff, grew up on a rough Council Estate, on Benefits, by a One Parent Family, I worked my guts out all my life, bought myself property, now own a Small Farm Personally, with a Small Animal Rescue, and I Can Prove Everything I Have Stated. So that’s how immature I am.

          1. Maria, you don’t have to prove anything to these defenders of wildlife murdering scum, please do not give them too much information about yourself, this kind of scum and their associates might come and attack your rescue animals to get at you.
            I’m not sure whether animal abusers are mentally disturbed or just pure evil, but please either way do not give them enough information to put your rescue animals at risk from the kind of scum we all regularly see exposed on here

  4. He is obviously Not Thinking Of His Children. Because of your Horrific Act of Cruelty, Your Children Will Be Bullied In School, And Also Bullied Out The Street. You have even clearly (Pleaded Guilty To Your Actions). You have Brought Shame to your Family.

  5. The children in question are grown up and not young, I’m certainly not disturbed in the head and I can assure you that, Wasting social services time, when children out there really need their help, your entitled to your opinion but you have it all wrong believe me. How dare you imply that my children are not cared for

    1. If they are grown up fair enough, I have Not Stated they are not cared for. What the hell do you expect.
      You have Brought Shame to your family.
      You also Stated: 2 vets inspected the dog and ruled out anything wrong with the dog.
      Then Photo the Receipts and Post them on here.

      1. Yes no problem I will get that information off my solicitor, and prove to you that 2 vets stated the dog was seen to be in good health and the loss of hair was down to diet (allergies)

      1. It’s sure looking that way!! Or maybe now he’s now banned from keeping dogs he stuck his own head down a badger sett, spouted yet more bullshit and got his karma from an angry badger!!!

  6. The reality is, we all have to take the consequences for our actions. Sooner or later Karma catches up with people. It also makes you think, what has he been up to previously before he got caught on this episode.

  7. Evil bastard , is your father proud of you ? Why do you still trade when u are not registered with Companies House ?, you can’t talk your way out of this, you are absolutely despicable

    1. I was talking to a man today he told me that he could remember your father bragging in the pub we’re he most of his time how is dogs killed a vixen and he cubs one lovely summers morning when you was a young child your father loved working the mountain with is dogs seeing what he could kill with them So don’t throw stones

  8. I’m sorry don’t normally comment on things but when it comes to animals we got to speak up as they don’t have a voice. I think it’s disgusting how this guy and other people who have hurt or killed animals have escaped prison! Animals feel things just as humans do so why don’t get people get charged with mulurder, attempted murder, manslaughter or ABH etc for this animal cruelty. Hope this man gets treated the way he has treated those poor animals! Scum!

  9. Looks like the “stick up for badger baiting scum” fan club have put in an appearance tonight telling us what a model citizen he is!!! So ok, he has a family, no evidence to suggest he’s a bad father but the fact remains HE WAS CONVICTED OF BADGER BAITING AND ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!!
    So if “everybody who knows him” shares Ian Williams’ opinion that there’s nothing wrong with illegally digging up badger setts, setting dogs on the badgers and then failing to seek vet treatment for injured dogs, then maybe by his and his pro-hunting scum friends’ standards he “ain’t a bad person”!!!
    But to quote Ian Williams’ “educated and intelligent” comment, fuck them all, we all know badger baiters and bloodsports enthusiasts are inadequate sick scum, and we will continue to fight all scum that take part in or support this barbaric practice until it is confined to the history books

  10. I accept that being a wildlife murderer does not necessarily mean that you also mistreat your children, but what a shit example to set them!!!
    Hopefully the children will grow up to decide for themselves that this kind of barbaric practice has no place in society and is totally unacceptable rather than go on to blindly follow their father’s appalling example

    1. How many more times do I have to tell you lot!! I’m not and will never again do any hunting and have t done for well over a year, stop mentioning my children as they are innocent in all this and like my wife are 100% animal lovers as I am believe it or not I do t really care what any of you think anymore, your all going to continue to persecute me but I am not biting to your pathetic opinions anymore, I’m putting it into the hands of the law

      1. Running to the law???
        What happened to “snitches get stitches”???
        Nobody has threatened your family, they have merely stated opinions on what kind of example you are setting with your badger baiting, so good luck with that one, last thing I knew there is no law against stating opinions online.
        If all this has taught you to leave wildlife alone in future and you are really going to stop hunting then great, one down, thousands to go, but that does not entitle you to now call yourself an animal lover!!
        If you are feeling persecuted because you can’t handle a few online comments, spare a thought for all the wildlife you have persecuted over the years and how they felt to have their family members ripped apart for sadistic pleasure and reflect on that.
        I sincerely hope that you stick to your word about never hunting again, if that’s true then everybody on here has done a good job and saved some wildlife

  11. He’s suddenly Developed A Fan Club,
    Maybe it’s the 2 That He States: Ran Away when the police turned up, the ones he took the wrap for, the ones he Did Not Shop or give their Descriptions to the Police or Pointed them out on Photo’s, down the police station.

      1. Snitches get stitches how mature of you lol….
        This man and his wife jade should be ashamed of themselves, obviously she knows what hes been doing….I hope that his kids are not bullied for their stupid fathers barbaric actions
        All hunters and murderers of wildlife are sick in the head, if you can watch a poor defenceless animal get torn apart alive then there is definitely with no question that there is something wrong with you in the head, people know where you both live so I hope that your poor kids aren’t the ones to get the brunt of your evil behaviour, I feel sorry for them but you and your wife deserve the backlash and comments against you
        You are evil through and through for what you have done and your poor dog must have suffered hugely by doing something it didnt want to do but has been made to do by you…you should have got bitten not the poor dog

        1. How do you know my wife’s name I’m sorry but my wife or children are innocent in all this, I’ve had enough of this towards myself and my family I am going to the police tomorrow with all of this as it’s getting out of hand, how dare you bring my children and wife into this bullshit, you can all comment all you want from now on Im not going to respond anymore, I’m putting it in the hands of the law as your continuing to threaten my family

        2. My wife has nothing to do with this I am a grown man and make my own bad decisions how can you involve my wife in this when she knew nothing as I never spoke with her about it so please do not involve my wife and family they have done nothing

  12. So now the “fan club” are on here bleating that it’s not fair to bring his family into it and accusing one lady of posting comments “for kicks” and telling her she should “get a life”
    Since when have hunting scum ever given a fuck about the families of THEIR victims??? They’re quite happy to take a life and watch a mother badger or fox get ripped apart JUST FOR KICKS!!! and don’t give a fuck if it leaves her orphaned cubs to slowly starve to death, that’s if they don’t get to the cubs first and feed them to the hounds while they watch and laugh and feel like such big men killing a creature a fraction of their size.
    So don’t you scum fucking dare to play the “think about the family” card and preach about how unfair it is to bring the family into it!!!
    The day you stop taking part in or supporting such sick vile shit and GET A LIFE instead of keep taking lives and get YOUR kicks somewhere else without murdering innocent creatures is the day we will take the pressure off you

  13. To the cunt that runs this site, because of the hunting ban more foxes and badgers and other animals have been murdered by gutless cowards with high powered rifles than any hunts have EVER killed fact. Reading the comments it looks like Dave wants to stick his cock up Maria’s arse. Or maybe up Misanthropics,lol. It would probably enjoy it. Most of you scum commenting about kids and stuff are bang out of order. SJW”s, nothing better to do, you probably believe everything the MSM tells you.
    You cunts don’t like the truth, how long will this comment stay up?

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