Tong, Bradford: Tracy Davis and Andrew Ward

#TheList Tracy Michelle Davis, born 03/06/1974, formerly of Beeston in Leeds, but as at April 2020 of 12 Melcombe Walk, Bradford BD4 9HE, and son Andrew Ward, born 07/05/1995 most recently of Hartland Road, Bradford BD4 0DZ – for the severe neglect of a dog found wandering the streets covered in scabs and sores.

Dog abusers Andrew Ward and Tracy Davis from Bradford
Andrew Ward and his mother, Tracy Davis, are banned from keeping dogs until 2029

Travellers Tracy Davis and Andrew Ward pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering by failing to seek appropriate veterinary care for their dog’s chronic skin condition, and failing to seek and address the causes of her poor bodily condition.

Neglected Saluki Lady
Neglected Saluki Lady was found wandering the streets in an atrocious condition. She went on to make a full recovery, however, and was rehomed

The Saluki-type dog, called Lady, was emaciated and almost completely bald due to a skin condition when she was found by a member of the public in September 2013.

Mr Andrew Davidson, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said: “It is no exaggeration to say she was close to death.”

RSPCA chief inspector Heidi Jenner said: “[Lady] weighed just 11kg when she should have weighed between 20kg and 30kg.

“Her skin was crusty and cracking and covered in sores.

“I hope the sentence will help ensure other animals do not suffer in their care in future.”

Lady made a full recovery and was rehomed

Davis – 12-month community order, £250 costs.
Ward – 12-month community order, 120 hours of unpaid work, £250 costs.
Both were banned from keeping dogs for 15 years (expires April 2029).

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