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#TheList Tomas ‘Evo’ Evison (DoB 24/01/1989) of 157 Woolley Wood Road, Sheffield S5 0UF – admitted  breeding, selling and possessing a number of fighting dogs, who the court ordered to be ‘destroyed’

Tomas Evison and two of his dogs
Backyard breeder Tomas Evison, whose banned breed dogs were destroyed.

Evison appeared before Sheffield Magistrates’ Court in March 2017 after admitting to two counts of possession of a fighting dog, one count of selling a fighting dog and one count of breeding fighting dogs. He was sentenced by the magistrates. An order was also made to destroy the dogs.

In July last year, officers from South Yorkshire Police executed a warrant at Evison’s address, where they found a male and female pit bull terrier – dogs which are banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act. The female pit bull terrier was found to be pregnant when officers seized the animals, but Evison disclaimed the litter.

Temporary Sergeant Matt Duffy from the Status Dogs team said: “Evison’s activities potentially put the lives of his family, friends and the wider community at risk by breeding and selling banned breeds.

“His actions could have led to the suffering of other dogs and animals, as well as the potential to cause significant distress to dog owners if their dogs have to be taken from them.

“We are committed to protecting our communities and will always investigate reports relating to the ownership, breeding and/or selling of banned breeds.”

Sentence: 80 hours of unpaid work, 25 days’ supervision, fined £145; banned from keeping, owning or participating in the keeping or selling dogs for five years (expires March 2022).

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