The case against backyard cat breeder Jane E from Southall, Middlesex

Recently the BBC’s consumer series Watchdog highlighted the case of a backyard cat breeder named Lizzie Scarrott from Bishop’s Cleeve in Gloucestershire, whose kittens had gone on to become very ill and die. We shared the programme’s findings on this site and with our Facebook followers and have since received several reports from concerned animal lovers of backyard cat breeders so unethical that they make Scarrott look like a saint in comparison.

The case against a backyard breeder from Southall

We would like to send details of one particular case involving a Southall-based cat breeder to Watchdog and various authorities and would like your help in building a case against her.

Photos taken from some of Jane E’s recent posts on freeads
Photos taken from some of Jane E's recent posts on freeads
Photos taken from some of Jane E’s recent posts on freeads

We won’t publish her full name and photo yet as we wouldn’t want to jeopardise any future prosecution case, but anyone that has bought a kitten from this woman will undoubtedly recognise her.

Jane E, as we will call her for now, specialises in Maine Coons, British short hairs and ultra-typed Persian cats.

In common with other backyard breeders, she uses a variety of aliases including the first name ‘Sarah Jane’.  She lives in Somerset Road, Southall UB1 2UD and is in her 60s.

She is a settled traveller who has retained links to the Irish travelling community.

She has grown-up children – as far as we can see three daughters and a son – who advertise online on her behalf as she “doesn’t do computers”.

Here are two of her recent for-sale posts on the website with her name and phone number pixellated out.

Case against a Southall backyard kitten breeder
Case against a Southall backyard kitten breeder

Phone numbers she’s used are 07036 211XXX and 07036 2003XX. One of those numbers is also linked to several online adverts for Airsoft guns. It has also been used by a pet trader from St Austell, Cornwall, named Rosie.

We have been unable to find any specific complaints about Jane E’s kittens so far, but have been contacted by a private pet rescue who are very familiar with this woman’s alleged neglect and cruelty.

Some of the allegations against her so far:

  • Rescued kittens have been found to be suffering from a condition called Cheyletiella (walking dandruff). This has been so bad that some of the kittens’ tails have dropped off.
    The case against Southall cat breeder Jane E
  • Some of the rescued kittens have been abused with one having an eye injury that appears to have been caused by a lit cigarette.
  • She keeps her breeding cats in a tiny outdoor shed.
  • When she’s bored with adult cats she dumps them in the park or outside shops.
  • When the kittens are in pain she hates the noise they make so when they die she throws them down the garden
  • She has an old wardrobe in the shed where the cats have kittens

Please send any information you have in confidence via our contact page or by email to