Telford, Shropshire: Samantha Jane Paisley

#TheList Samantha Jane Paisley, born 22/09/1986, of 3 Stonedale, Sutton Hill, Telford TF7 4AH  –  failed to take her dog to the vets after it had part of its face ripped off

Mother-of-three Paisley pleaded guilty to three animal welfare offences at Telford Magistrates Court.

The court heard how she left Mitzi in a cage with her other pet dog, Skye, knowing that they had fought before, while she left the house on March 11, 2018.

She said she only noticed the degloved injury – which is when the skin and surrounding tissue comes away from the bone – the following evening.

Paisley contacted the local vets who told her to take the dog straight to them. But she did not take the injured animal in until the Wednesday, leaving Mitzi in agonising pain for days.

The vet had to put Mitzi to sleep to end her suffering. Her mouth was completely degloved to the point where three of her lower front teeth had also become detached and she also had other bite wounds on her body.

Inspector Nayman Dunderdale investigated the case and said it was one of the worst he had come across in over 20 years of working for the RSPCA.

He said: “It was truly a horrific injury and the dog must have suffered immeasurably during those four days. It is a very callous person who would leave their pet with such a state without seeking medical attention. It is sickening.”

12-month community order; total fine and costs of £250. Banned from having any animal for 15 years (expires October 2033). 

Shropshire Star

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