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Northwich, Cheshire: Peter G Shaw

#TheList Peter G Shaw, born 19/10/1963, of 27 Dane Bank Road, Northwich CW9 5PL – shot his neighbour’s pet cat with an air rifle injuring her so seriously she had to be put to sleep

Roxy suffered a perforated bowel after being shot by cruel Peter Shaw and had to be put to sleep
Roxy suffered a perforated bowel after being shot by cruel Peter Shaw and had to be put to sleep

Peter Geoffrey Shaw, who runs a company called Shaws Fencing Ltd, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

The court heard how the cat, named Roxy, who belonged to Shaw’s neighbours, suffered after being shot and was subsequently put to sleep after sustaining a perforated bowel from the pellet.

Roxy’s owner, Isobel Cooper, contacted the RSCPA following the incident.

An investigation was then launched by the animal welfare charity.

RSPCA inspector Cara Challinor explained how Roxy had eaten tea in the kitchen and gone outside into the garden on Wednesday, June 20, 2018.

She then jumped onto the fence – which was between her own and Shaw’s gardens.

Isobel then heard a bang and ran outside.

Inspector Challinor said: “She saw Roxy had fallen off the fence, she was gasping for breath, her tail was all puffed up and she was crying.

“Isobel looked over the fence into Shaw’s garden and saw him going back inside the house.”

After rushing the beloved pet to the vets, an x-ray revealed that there was a pellet inside her.

Initially the vets thought they would be able to remove the pellet, however Roxy’s condition deteriorated and it was found that the pellet had perforated her bowel.

Sadly Roxy had to be put to sleep.

After the RSPCA and police were called, an airgun was seized from Shaw’s house.

Isobel said: “Roxy was only six. She was very timid and very loving. She stayed in our garden all the time and she loved to walk around the perimeter of the garden guarding it.

“I miss her, it’s been really difficult and the children were really upset. She was a perfectly healthy cat and very loyal.”

18-week custodial sentence suspended for 18 months; 200 hours of unpaid work; ordered to pay £2,347 costs. 10-year-ban on keeping animals.


Lydney, Gloucestershire: Farhad Khalil Ahmed

#TheList Farhad Khalil Ahmed of Lydney, Gloucestershire GL15 – carried out illegal slaughter of a male sheep

Ahmed, owner of Lydney Hand Car Wash, Newerne Street, Lydney GL15 5RF, was convicted under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 with causing unnecessary suffering to a ram.

Ahmed admitted to being filmed cutting a ram’s throat as an accomplice helped him restrain the animal. The video, originally obtained by Caerphilly Trading Standards officers in an unrelated investigation, was passed to Gloucestershire Trading Standards who interviewed Ahmed for offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Ahmed entered a guilty plea and was convicted of a single offence of causing unnecessary suffering to the ram under Section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Cllr Dave Norman, cabinet member for public protection said “I would like to congratulate our Trading Standards Animal Health Team for bringing this offender to justice. This animal clearly suffered a horrific death at the hand of this person and his accomplices.”

“Our Trading Standards team work to ensure the strict welfare standards for farm animals are followed at all times.”

Sentencing: 12-month community order with 150 hours of unpaid work. Ordered to pay the full prosecution costs of £1,700 and an £85 victim surcharge.

Punchline Gloucester

Newquay, Cornwall: Edward Mosley

#TheList Edward Mosley, aged 19, of 25 St Annes Road, Newquay TR7 2SA – shot and killed two nesting seagulls with an air rifle

Edward Mosley of Newquay shot and killed nesting seagulls with an air rifle.
Edward Mosley shot and killed nesting seagulls with an air rifle.

Mosley admitted shooting the two nesting herring gulls.

The RSPCA described the attack as “callous” and urged people to “be tolerant of the wildlife around them”.

RSPCA inspector Paul Kempson, who investigated the gull attacks for the charity, said: “Gulls have a particularly tough time of it and every year we see callous attacks like this, particularly in coastal areas.”

“We urge people to be tolerant of the wildlife living around them, and remember they are protected under law,” he said.

Gulls and their nests are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and it is illegal to intentionally kill, take or injure wild birds.

Curfew,  court costs of £385, weapon destroyed.

BBC News

Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire: Christopher Mason

#TheList Christopher Benjamin James Mason, born 24/11/1996, of 10 Cloverfield, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL7 1EG – pleaded guilty to possession of extreme pornographic images involving an animal, causing unnecessary suffering for an animal and conspiracy to destroy property.

Sick dog abuser Christopher Mason,from Welwyn Garden City
Dog abuser and sexual deviant Christopher Mason,from Welwyn Garden City. He and mother Kim Taylor, are allowed to keep their three rescue dogs and other animals.

The charges involved Mason punching and burning a dog’s stomach with hot blades, as well as destroying a load of signs and property all to do with animals.

Mason was given an 18-month community order, a rehabilitation order, an 18-month mental health treatment requirement and 50 hours of unpaid work.

Mason’s mother Kim Taylorwas also sentenced for causing damage to signs and property to do with animals. She was given a six-month community order, a 15-day rehabilitation requirement and a £50 fine.

Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield News

Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire: Kevin and Christine Howard

#TheList Kevin Charles Howard and wife Christine Anne Howard (nee Walker), Park Street, Kings Cliffe, Northamptonshire PE8 6XN – battered a border terrier puppy named Winston with a gun and strangled him to death supposedly as an act of self-defence

Puppy killer Kevin Charles Howard
Former company director Kevin Charles Howard killed a border terrier puppy in a brutal attack

Kevin Charles Howard, aged 57 (b. July 1961), faced magistrates in Northampton on Monday 20/8/18 with wife Christine, aged 71 (b. March 1947). Both were charged with causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

The court heard the Howards saw their neighbours’ border terrier puppy Winston with one of their chickens in his mouth on August 1, 2017 in a scene described as ‘carnage’.

Mrs Howard caught the dog and shouted at her husband to ‘get the gun’ before passing Winston to her husband as he bit him.

An eyewitness said she heard Mr Howard hit Winston with the barrel of his gun ‘eight or nine times’ as he sat on him, although Mr Howard said he only hit the dog three times.

Former company director Mr Howard held Winston by the scruff of his neck in an attempt to prise his jaw off him but strangled him in the process. He carried the dog out to the drive by his legs, covered in blood from a chicken, as the dog’s owner and his 10-year-old son arrived.

He then said: “I doubt it will survive.”

A vet said the dog died from strangulation.

In a victim statement read out in court, Winston’s owner described Howard’s actions as ‘unspeakable’ and a ‘cruel way to kill a puppy’.

The court heard the dog had previously killed 16 of the Howards’ chickens – which the dog’s owner had compensated them for – and chased a cat inside their house.

Mitigating, Andy Cave said the Howards were not animal abusers but animal lovers. He said: “They’ve spent years rescuing animals, looking after stray animals and cats and dogs at their own expense.

“Their chicken coup could be described as a five star chicken coup.”

Mr Howard reported the incident to the police himself and said he was distraught at what had happened. He told officers he had killed the dog with his bare hands but the court heard police initially told him he had done nothing wrong as he was protecting his livestock.

Mr Cave added: “They did not try to shoot the dog because that’s not in their nature.

“He had to try and get the dog off him. They’ve never done anything like this before and they will never do it again.”

The Howards denied the charges they faced but were found guilty after a day-long trial earlier this year. The court heard the trial placed such a strain on Mrs Howard she collapsed outside court and had to be resuscitated.

Sentence: Kevin Howard – 12-month community order with 10 days of rehabilitation requirements; ordered to pay compensation to the family of £212.50, £75 to the 10-year-old boy and a victim surcharge of £85. Christine Howard – fined £98 plus victim surcharge of £30. The pair must also pay trial court costs of £775 between them.

Northamptonshire Telegraph

Huyton, Liverpool: Peter Hillin

#TheList Peter Hillin, born c. 1971, of Ashbury Road, Huyton, Liverpool L14 8XA – attacked Staffordshire bull terrier Neo with an axe causing horrific head and shoulder injuries

Convicted dog abuser Peter Hillin of Huyton, Liverpool
Hillin attacked his pet dog Neo with this fearsome weapon

Hillin, who claimed to love dogs more than people,  was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal .

He had claimed he only used the handle of the fearsome weapon to strike Neo when the dog attacked his other Staffy, Santos.

But a vet dealing with Neo’s horrific injuries told a court he believed they were consistent with three or four blows with the sharp end of the axe.

Shocked neighbours called police after Neo was left covered in blood from cuts to his head and shoulder.

Convicted dog abuser Peter Hillin of Huyton, Liverpool

Armed officers arrested Hillin at his home  at around 4pm on Sunday, December 3 2017.

Jane Stacey, prosecuting, said: “The reports to police were that there was a man in that road striking a dog with an axe.

“Several neighbours had become involved in this and one lady said when she came out of her house she saw blood on the hands of this defendant and saw an injured dog.”

Ms Stacey said police arrived on the scene and immediately began giving first aid to Neo, who had severe lacerations on his back and head.

Hillin was arrested and was also found to have injuries to his hands, which he was later treated for in hospital.

He told officers he had tried to separate his dogs with his hands but when this failed had grabbed an axe, the “closest thing to hand” and hit Neo with the handle.

Convicted dog abuser Peter Hillin of Huyton, Liverpool

During a trial in April 2018 he told magistrates: “I was trying to stop them killing each other and I quite literally put myself in the way and when that didn’t work, I hit them.”

However the court found Hillin’s account of how the injuries were caused was “inconsistent” and convicted him on the basis he had used the sharp end of the axe.

Ms Stacey said Neo was treated by a vet, who performed surgery to repair a deep 4cm laceration to his head and another deep 4-5cm laceration to his right shoulder.

The vet also found puncture wounds consistent with bites from another dog.

Neo and Santos, who only received minor injuries, both made a full recovery and had been taken into police kennels – costing the taxpayer £2,000 per dog.

Keith Webster, defending, said his client accepted the decision of the court after his trial, said: “It is clear from having heard the evidence of the trial that Peter Hillin did not wake up that morning and decide to injure his dogs.

“What clearly happened, and was common ground through the puncture wounds, is that one dog attacked the other, that’s how this incident started.

“Mr Hillin became involved because he was fearful that one dog was going to kill the other. These were his pets and had been for a number of years.”

Mr Webster said Hillin lived a “rather solitary lifestyle” outside of his job and said: “He loves his dogs more than people, he’s not a people person.”

20 weeks in prison, suspended for two years;  200 hours of unpaid work; £1,100 prosecution costs. Banned from keeping animals for 10 years (expires May 2028).

Liverpool Echo

Dudley, West Midlands: David Owen

#TheList David Owen, born 20/10/1977, of Cole Street, Netherton, Dudley DY2 9PA – sliced his pet dog’s throat with a carving knife during an argument with his partner

Evil David Owen from Dudley sliced at Staffy Lexi's throat and ear with a carving knife during an argument with his girlfriend
Evil David Owen from Dudley sliced at Staffy Lexi’s throat and ear with a carving knife during an argument with his girlfriend

Staffordshire bull terrier Lexi was held by her muzzle as her owner David Owen took a smooth-bladed carving knife and sliced her throat.  It left a deep wound which would have been fatal had the blade gone just one millimetre deeper. Instead Lexi was left with the injury for four days, which had been hastily bandaged up, before the RSPCA was made aware.

Evil David Owen from Dudley sliced at Staffy Lexi's throat and ear with a carving knife during an argument with his girlfriend

Owen had also sliced at Lexi’s left ear leaving the tip hanging off.

Owen  was found guilty in his absence of causing unnecessary suffering to Lexi, in a case brought by the RSPCA.

Evil David Owen from Dudley sliced at Staffy Lexi's throat and ear with a carving knife during an argument with his girlfriend
Convicted dog abuser David Owen from Dudley

Amazingly Lexi has since made an excellent recovery and has now been rehomed to a loving new family.

Evil David Owen from Dudley sliced at Staffy Lexi's throat and ear with a carving knife during an argument with his girlfriend

RSPCA Inspector Steve Morrall said: “It really is amazing that Lexi has made such a fantastic recovery. The injury she had was serious but against the odds she pulled through. If the knife had gone just a tiny bit deeper I would have turned up at Owen’s house to find a dog who had bled to death.

“Instead, despite being severely injured and in a bad way, we managed to get her veterinary help in the nick of time.

“Thankfully she survived this horrific ordeal and I’m so pleased that she has been adopted into a very loving family who dote on her.

“It is difficult to imagine how terrified she would have been and how much pain and suffering she went through because of this callous act of violence.

“The most important thing now is that she has been given a second chance at life.”

Five months in jail. Lifetime ban on keeping animals.


Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne: David Rourke

#TheList David Rourke, born 04/12/1958, of 6 Farne Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 4BS – hit shih tsu Charlie over the head with a hammer and set fire to his body

Dog killer David Rourke from Walker in Newcastle upon Tyne

The body of three-year-old Charlie was found in woods behind Mead Walk in Walker, Newcastle, in March 2017.

SCENE: Charlie was found dead in a bag that had been set on fire

At a trial in November 2017, Charlie’s owner David Rourke was found guilty in his absence of failing to meet the needs of his dog by failing to meet his need to be euthanised in an appropriate and humane manner.

Image result for "david rourke" walker newcastle

He appeared before Newcastle Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 21/3/18  after being arrested on a warrant.

RSPCA Inspector Cathy Maddison said: “Poor Charlie was discovered when firefighters were called to extinguish a fire in the woods.

“He was inside a bin bag which had been set alight, presumably by a blow torch which was also found at the scene.”

Post mortem results found that Charlie died from a severe skull fracture as a result of blunt force trauma to the head, before being set alight.

It could not be determined whether he was struck once with immense force or several times in the same location.

Rourke gave no comment when interviewed and pleaded not guilty at the first hearing.

When he did not show up to court for the trial the case was heard without him and he was convicted.

In mitigation, the court heard that Rourke accepted hitting Charlie once with a hammer with the intention of killing him without causing unnecessary suffering.

He told officers he could no longer look after him.

He had tried rehoming him with family but it had not worked out, and he did not know what to do with him.

He had not attended the trial as he was working away.

Insp Maddison said: “Everyone involved in this case has found it upsetting to work on. I’d like to thank them all.

“We’ve been in the dark all the way through the investigation about what actually happened to Charlie and why as Rourke refused to give us any information.

“Whatever possesses someone to think this is an appropriate way to end a dog’s life is going to remain a mystery to me.”

12-month community order; 120 hours of unpaid work; £750 costs. Disqualified from keeping animals for ten years. 

Northern Echo

Ilford, London: Ade Akere

#TheList Ade Akere (DoB 10/02/1983) now of Newham –  brutally killed his wife’s cat and his neighbour’s cat hours later

Demented double cat killer Ade Akere
Demented double cat killer Ade Akere

Teaching assistant Akere strangled Louis at his home in Ilford on Christmas Day before stabbing him and putting him in a bucket of paint. He left the bucket outside a nearby school.

In the early hours of Boxing Day, Akere borrowed Tom, his neighbour’s four-year-old cat, so he could play with Louis. Once in his house he also killed Tom and decapitated him with a kitchen knife.

Shortly afterwards his wife alerted the police who recovered the bodies of both animals. In interviews Akere claimed he had carried out the killings because he thought cats were evil.

Sentence: 16 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months.  30-day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement. Ordered to pay £100 in compensation to each victim. A  restraining order not to contact either cat owner for three years was imposed. Banned from owning or looking after animals for five years (expires March 2023).

CPS News
Ilford Recorder

Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside: Paul Hands, Darren Barnfather, John McCarthy and Darren Bagnall

#TheList Paul Hands, 38; Darren Barnfather, 51; John McCarthy, 52; and Darren Bagnall, 51, all of Ashton-under-Lyne – brutally battered a dog and her owner

Violent thugs and animal abusers Paul Hands, Darren Barnfather, John McCarthy and Darren Bagnall all of Ashton-under-Lyne, Greater Manchester

The 46-year-old victim and his dog were set upon by four men – armed with a golf club, a pool cue and electrical wire – after they objected to him using one of their wheelie bins to dispose of bagged dog waste.

The horrific attack, which took place on Holebottom in Ashton-under-Lyne, Tameside , in July 2016, left the man with a fractured skull, a bleed on his brain and a fractured collar bone.

Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard that the victim disposed of the bag in a bin outside an address where Paul Hands was staying.

Hands flew into a rage and started hurling abuse at the man and threatening him.

The man walked away, but the next day the group spotted him while he was out walking his dog.

They armed themselves before surrounding him on a footpath and attacking him.

John McCarthy was seen swinging the crossbreed dog  around by her lead at shoulder height before Barnfather smashed a piece of wood over her back.

The badly injured victim managed to make his way home before collapsing and being rushed to hospital, where he underwent emergency surgery.

The dog survived the attack but the extent of her injuries has not been reported.

Darren Barnfather (born ca. 1966) of 7 Holebottom, Ashton-under-Lyne OL6 8SJ was jailed for 11 years for section 18 assaults

Paul Hands (born ca. 1979), of number 3 Holebottom, who in 2008 was imprisoned alongside brother Andrew Hands for viciously beating a priest, was convicted alongside  was jailed for 13 years for section 18 assault.

John McCarthy (born ca. 1965) of Holebottom, and Darren Bagnall (born ca. 1966) of Hindley Close were both jailed for two-and-a- half years for a section 20 assault.

Manchester Evening News
The Independent
Hands’ previous conviction: BBC News