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Torry, Aberdeen: Kevin Goffin

#TheList Kevin Goffin, born 25/09/1981, of Crombie Road, Torry, Aberdeen AB11 – kicked a chihuahua into the air, causing her to yelp in pain

Convicted animal abuser Kevin Goffin from Aberdeen

Goffin, a drink and drug abuser with a long history of disorder and violence, booted the tiny dog two or three feet into the air during a street argument with his girlfriend.

The distressed chihuahua was taken to a vet and had to be given methadone before she could even be examined. While clearly in a great deal of pain, she had suffered no internal bleeding.

Convicted animal abuser Kevin Goffin from Aberdeen
Goffin has a valeting business called Mirror Finish Aberdeen Ltd

Goffin pleaded guilty to causing the animal unnecessary suffering by kicking her in the abdomen and also behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.

Depute fiscal Alan Townsend told the court that Goffin had gone to his partner’s home at around 10pm on April 20, 2019.

After being refused entry, the woman assumed he had left and took her dogs for a walk at around midnight.

Mr Townsend said: “The accused approached her as she was on this walk.

“A verbal argument then took place between the pair and neighbours, or other people in the vicinity, heard her say ‘can you leave me alone? I’m really scared’.”

The argument began to “escalate” and witnesses contacted police. Mr Townsend said: “A few minutes later, still arguing, police and witnesses see the accused kick the dog in the air.

“It’s described as travelling two or three feet. There was a yelp of pain.”

Police mugshot of convicted animal abuser and habitual criminal Kevin Goffin
Police mugshot of convicted animal abuser and habitual criminal Kevin Goffin

The depute fiscal described the woman “screaming” and going to the door of one of the witnesses in “distress and shock”.

He said: “The dog was in a lot of pain and would squeal whenever anyone touched it.”

Convicted animal abuser and habitual criminal Kevin Goffin pictured outside court
He has a chin to rival Desperate Dan’s, but Goffin has a girlfriend and she’s apparently standing by him despite his aggression towards her and her pets

Goffin’s lawyer said his client had got into an argument with people in the block of flats where he lived and been advised to leave by police.

He said: “He went on a bender, drink and drugs, then went to hers.

“What he did to the dog is something he’s very ashamed of.”

He said the pair were still a couple and said: “She wants him back.”

Jailing Goffin for six months, Sheriff Mark Stewart said: “It’s not just a criminal record that’s lengthy, it has a certain undertone to it which involves disorder and violence.

“I have to say, it’s troubling that the violence is directed, among other places, to a domestic setting and also to other individuals who have been targeted for particular reasons.”

Sentencing: six months in jail

Evening Express

Wallasey, Wirral: Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo

#TheList Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo, born c. 1993, of The Chelsea, Tower Promenade, New Brighton, Wallasey CH45 2JY- left her puppy with ‘horrific and severe’ injuries to the ribs and jaw

Dog abuser Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo  of Wallasey
Puppy Darcey suffered a catalogue of injuries while in the care of her owner Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo from Wallasey, Wirral

Downie-Ntemo pleaded guilty to two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to her shih tzu type puppy called Darcey.

The court heard how Downie-Ntemo took Darcey to a local vets with three broken ribs down one side of her body and three dislocated ribs on her other side on October 24, 2018.

Darcey’s jaw was also broken in two places

Downie-Ntemo is banned from keeping animals for five years after her puppy suffered a series of injuries

Downie-Ntemo said that she had ‘thrown’ the puppy in the air and failed to catch her, with her landing on laminate flooring, claiming this is what caused the rib injuries.

She said that the jaw injuries happened a few hours later after she had found Darcey ‘frothing’ at the mouth and put her in the bath – she said the dog was ‘struggling’ in the bath and ‘fell’ causing the jaw to break in two places.

An expert witness disputed that the injuries could have been caused in this way – the RSPCA were later alerted and Inspector Naomi Morris went to investigate.

She said that Darcey was injured on October 23 but vet treatment had not been sought by Downie-Ntemo until the following day, so she was left suffering overnight.

In mitigation the court heard how Downie-Ntemo is being treated for depression.

Darcey, victim of dog abuser Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo  from Wallasey
Puppy Darcey is recovering well in spite of her ordeal at the hands of her cruel previous owner

Inspector Norris said: “It was heartbreaking to see this tiny puppy with such horrific and severe injuries.

“Darcey was admitted to the vets in a very severe condition she was clearly in a lot of pain and because of her rib injuries she was struggling to breathe.

“I cannot believe how she has coped with her injuries at such a young age but thankfully she has made great progress and is recovering well.

“It is always sad when animals have been injured and neglected but this particular puppy is a little miracle because she was so small and vulnerable.

“The RSPCA cannot investigate these situations without the support and generosity of the public and we are always grateful for this help.”

Darcey is now in a foster home where she is said to be making a remarkable recovery.

Sentencing: community order of 60 hours of unpaid work. Costs and charges totalling £685. Banned from keeping animals for five years.

Wirral Globe

Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury: Christopher Bound

#TheList Christopher Edward Bound, born 17/12/1993, of Rothley Drive, Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury SY3 5BB – subjected a two-year-old pug to a prolonged violent beating, eventually killing her

Dog killer Christopher Bound from Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Face of evil: While Christopher Bound’s lawyer told the court that he was troubled and in need of help, locals have described him as violent and dangerous.

Cocaine user Bound punched, kicked and threw the black pug named Shelby against a wall as she screeched in pain, before police arrived and found him with his T-shirt covered in blood.

Black pug Shelby: victim of dog killer Christopher Bound from Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Victim Shelby (right)

Neighbours alerted police immediately after hearing and witnessing the beating on February 24, 2019.

Bound, who is originally from Newtown in Shropshire, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

Kate Price, prosecuting, told Telford Magistrates Court: “At around 10.30pm to 10.45pm the neighbour heard a loud screeching sound and the defendant shout ‘get back in your bed’.

“They looked out of the window and saw him kicking something. Every time he kicked there was a screeching sound.

“The neighbour went back into their house and the defendant carried on hurting the dog. They continued to watch and he saw him throw the dog at the patio door.

“Then he picked it up and threw it against a wall. Bound kicked it a few more times before washing his hands. The neighbour was too distressed to carry on watching and called police.”

Bound was then seen taking his top off and continued to kick and punch the dog. “The screeching was getting quieter and quieter each time,” added Mrs Price. “Officers arrived and saw the blood on his T-shirt and found the dog in its bed. They established it had severe injuries.”

Shelby was taken to a vet for an emergency appointment, but could not be saved and died from internal bleeding.

Defence agent Adrian Roberts said: “He had a normal life until his brother died of cancer in 2013. Before that happened he was a reasonably successful sportsman, playing for local rugby and cricket teams in Newport, and he had a good job with Laura Ashley.

“He turned to cocaine to numb his feelings.”

Shrewsbury dog killer Christopher Bound's girlfriend Georgia O'Keefe is standing by him
Georgia O’Keefe is standing by her violent sadistic bastard of a man.

Mr Roberts described Bound’s girlfriend, Georgia O’Keefe, who is standing by him despite the killing and was in court with his father, as a “stable influence”, and added that Bound had suffered with depression and anxiety.

Evil Chris Bound with girlfriend Georgia O’Keefe

“Clearly he’s a man who needs help,” he said.

After the case, Simon Paulo from the Crown Prosecution Service said: “As a nation of dog lovers this was a sad case to prosecute.

“Domestic animals are protected in England and Wales. Owners have a responsibility towards the welfare of their pets.

“I would like to commend the neighbours for calling the police when they witnessed this brutality taking place. I urge anyone who may witness any form of animal cruelty to report it as a criminal offence so that justice can be served.”

Sentencing: 12 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 12 months; 35 rehabilitation days. Costs and charges totalling £1,200. Banned from owning animals for life.

Shropshire Star
BBC News

Hinstock/Newport, Shropshire: Ashley Longhurst and Jessica Smith

#TheList Ashley Longhurst born c. 1995, of Roman Way, Hinstock, near Market Drayton TF9 2SL and Jessica Smith, born c. 1995, of Greenacres Way, Newport TF10 – banned from keeping animals after their pet cat suffered unexplained injuries on three occasions and was eventually put to sleep.

Convicted animal abusers Jessica Smith and Ashley Longhurst are banned from keeping animals after their pet cat suffered a series of unexplained injuries
Convicted animal abusers Jessica Smith and Ashley Longhurst are banned from keeping animals after their pet cat suffered a series of unexplained injuries

Ashley Longhurst and Jessica Smith both admitted causing unnecessary suffering to one-year-old cat Belle (pictured).

Belle suffered unexplained injuries on three occasions in under a year and the pair were told by magistrates that they could have faced jail.

However, the court heard that there was not enough evidence to say that the injuries were “non-accidental” after experts were unable to agree on the possible causes

At her last trip to Tern Vets in Newport on September 4, ,2018, Belle had large swelling on the back of her head, two bruise-like marks on her ear and a swollen nose. Metalwork installed to treat a previous leg injury had also been displaced.

She was taken into RSPCA care and initially improved, but her health deteriorated and she was euthanised in October 2018.

Smith had previously taken Belle to the vet with a fractured hip in April 2018, and again that July with a broken leg. The couple blamed Belle’s hip injury after she fell off a lizard tank, and her head injuries on getting caught in a cage.

However, for the broken leg they had no explanation. After the third trip in September, police opened an investigation.

Judge Kevin Grego said: “Between April and September last year this cat suffered, at separate times, three serious injuries. It does look suspiciously like these were non-accidental injuries but we haven’t heard evidence of that and that is not what they are in court for.”

He said that if prosecutors had been able to prove either or both of the pair were responsible for the “more serious matters” of deliberately causing the cat’s injuries, they would have faced prison.

Representing Longhurst, Jemma Gordon said that he had been unemployed for more than a year in part due to depression and anxiety, and that he “essentially lives off his mother”.

For Smith, Alex Barber said his client had been “traumatised” by her experience with Belle and did not want to keep animals again.

Longhurst – 150 hours of unpaid work; £900 towards the RSPCA’s costs. Banned from owning or looking after animals for 10 years
Smith – £300 in costs. Five-year ban on owning or looking after animals.

Shropshire Star

Waterlooville, Hampshire: Andrew Cook

#TheList Andrew Cook, born 14 May 1990, of Grebe Close, Waterlooville PO8 – left his ex-girlfriend’s six-month-old puppy ‘lifeless’ with a fractured skull and hip after kicking him in a fit of rage

Thug Andrew Cook of Waterlooville, Hampshire, subjected a helpless six-month-old puppy to a violent attack causing im to suffer multiple injuries
Thug Andrew Cook of Waterlooville, Hampshire, subjected a helpless six-month-old puppy to a violent attack causing im to suffer multiple injuries

Bricklayer Cook admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal following a violent assault on the defenceless Staffy puppy named Bronson.

The court heard Cook attacked the dog, who belonged to his former partner Paige Bowden, after returning home to find the dog had pooed and urinated inside.

Dog abuser Andrew Cook from Waterlooville in Hampshire

Bronson was kicked with such force by Cook he suffered multiple injuries. He suffered a brain injury, internal bleeding, at least two broken bones, severe bruising around his left eye and even in his mouth.

When Ms Bowden came home and questioned Cook about the injuries, he said Bronson was ‘just sulking’ after being hurt by another dog owner on a walk.

Thug Andrew Cook of Waterlooville, Hampshire, subjected a helpless six-month-old puppy to a violent attack causing im to suffer multiple injuries
Dog abuser Andrew Cook pictured outside court. According to his idiot lawyer, he “couldn’t cope” after a puppy messed up the house

Prosecuting for the RSPCA, Sarah Huck said Cook’s temper flared and he later threatened to stamp on the dog’s head to ‘finish him off so there was no vets’ bills to pay’.

An estimated £5,000 has so far been spent on treating Bronson after he was assessed by staff at Vets 4 Pets, Sanctuary Vets and the RSPCA-owned Stubbington Ark in Fareham.

Bronson is now recovering back in the care of Ms Bowden, who dumped Cook – the father of her young son – after the dog attack.

Mitigating, lawyer Howard Barrington-Clark said Cook ‘couldn’t cope’ when he found the mess and kicked out in anger as if the puppy was an ‘inanimate object’, like a ‘door’.

Andrew Cook's lawyer Howard Barrington-Clark tried to excuse his client's violence saying he confused the dog with an inanimate object
According to idiot lawyer Howard Barrington-Clark we have all confused a living breathing creature with an inanimate object, like a door …

‘We have probably all done it, or come perilously close to doing it,’ he said.

‘It’s as if that puppy, for a split-second, turned into an inanimate object.

‘The defendant wasn’t thinking straight and accepts it was completely wrong – he accepts complete guilt.’

He said Cook’s previous criminal record was a ‘lousy’ one but contained no similar incidents.

Thug Andrew Cook of Waterlooville, Hampshire, subjected a helpless six-month-old puppy to a violent attack causing im to suffer multiple injuries
Dog abuser Andrew Cook

Speaking after the sentencing, RSPCA inspector Charlotte Coggins said ‘justice has been done’ – but the case was among the ‘worst the group has seen in a long time’.

‘The injuries are absolutely awful,’ she said.

‘Thankfully [the dog] is recovering absolutely fine and he is back with his owner where, undoubtedly, he will be getting all the love he needs.’

Sentencing: 12-week prison sentence suspended for 18 months;100 hours of unpaid work; rehabilitation activity requirement comprising 21 sessions geared at reducing violent behaviour and 20 hours of activities. Total of £515 costs and charges. Disqualified from keeping animals for life.

The News

Port Glasgow, Inverclyde: Sean Ward

#TheList Sean Ward, born c. 1991, originally from Greenock and more recently of Dougliehill Terrace, Port Glasgow PA14 – kept fighting dogs for killing wildlife including badgers, deer and foxes

Sean Ward from Port Glasgow kept fighting dogs for killing wildlife including badgers, deer and foxes.
Sheriff Craig Harris described Ward’s behaviour ”evil and sadistic” as he jailed Ward for seven months and banned him from keeping dogs for 20 years.

Violent career criminal and wildlife persecutor Sean Ward was jailed for seven months after Scottish SPCA investigators uncovered evidence of his appalling animal cruelty. This included text messages in which Ward described setting dogs on a fox as “some buzz” as well as a sick video showing a live deer being restrained by it hind legs as voices urged dogs to attack it.

Photographs of Ward smiling beside the dead animal later emerged.

Sean Ward from Port Glasgow kept fighting dogs for killing wildlife including badgers, deer and foxes.

The habitual thug, who has multiple previous convictions for weapons offences and violence, pleaded guilty to two charges under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act on summary complaint.

Sean Ward from Port Glasgow kept fighting dogs for killing wildlife including badgers, deer and foxes.

Ward was caught after a dog walker spotted him out with an injured dog in Port Glasgow in April 2018.

The black and white Jack Russell terrier was limping, had cuts and blood on her limbs and chest as well as a severe injury to her face.

The dog walker filmed the injured dog and sent footage to the Scottish SPCA.

Sean Ward from Port Glasgow kept fighting dogs for killing wildlife including badgers, deer and foxes.

The court heard police officers and Scottish SPCA investigators carried out a series of raids at Ward’s home after receiving the video from the concerned dog walker.

On one occasion, they found a Patterdale Terrier with scars on her face.

Sean Ward from Port Glasgow kept fighting dogs for killing wildlife including badgers, deer and foxes.

The animal was taken to a Scottish SPCA facility where she was examined by a vet. He found that the injuries were consistent with face-to-face fighting with a badger.

The vet viewed the film taken of the Jack Russell. In his opinion, the dog’s injuries were also consistent with face-to-face fighting with a badger.

A mobile phone seized during a search of Ward’s home was examined and a number of images and video were found.

One of the photographs showed Ward with a dead deer, a white lurcher and a Jack Russell.

Sean Ward from Port Glasgow kept fighting dogs for killing wildlife including badgers, deer and foxes.

A video of three dogs savaging a deer was also found where people were heard urging the dogs to attack.

Sara Shaw, head of the Wildlife and Environmental Crime Unit at the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS), welcomed the sentence.

She said: “These dogs caused terrible and unnecessary suffering with numerous wounds and scars.

“COPFS will continue to work to ensure those who participate in this barbaric practice are prosecuted and would encourage anyone who may have information on dog fighting to contact the police or Scottish SPCA.”

Sentencing: Jailed for seven months. Banned from keeping animals for 20 years.

BBC News
The Sun

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire: Darren Walker

#TheList Darren Walker, age unknown, of Southcourt, Aylesbury – stabbed a dog multiple times; despite attempts by vets to save her, the dog died from her injuries

Kai, who has been described as "a sweet gentle soul" was knifed to death by her evil owner Darren Walker from Aylesbury. He's now been jailed for 12 weeks and banned from keeping dogs for just five years.
Kai, who has been described as “a sweet gentle soul” was knifed to death by her evil owner Darren Walker from Aylesbury. He’s now been jailed for 12 weeks and banned from keeping dogs for just five years.

Walker was sent to prison for causing unnecessary suffering to the female dog, named Kai, who was stabbed multiple times at a property in Aylesbury.

He received a further charge of using threatening or abusive words or behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

Dog killer Darren Walker from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

While Kai’s condition was initially described as ‘stable’, we understand that she has since died from her injuries, which included a throat wound.

A post on Thames Valley Police Aylesbury Vale’s Facebook page read:

“On Tuesday 23rd April 2019 officers from #TEAM2 #ARV and #NHPT arrested a male on suspicion of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and using threatening abusive words or behaviour likely to cause harassment ,alarm or distress.

“Officers were called to an address in Aylesbury where a male had stabbed a dog multiple times resulting in emergency surgery and treatment with a local vet. On arrest the male was abusive to attending officers and members of the public.

“Yesterday at High Wycombe Magistrates’ court he pleaded guilty to these offences and has been imprisoned for 12 weeks. As well as this he has also been given a ban for 5 years from owning any other dog.”

Dog killer Darren Walker from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

Police decided for reasons unknown not to release Walker’s name and the local press haven’t published it either. It’s a sad day when the monsters living in our communities are allowed to remain anonymous despite their despicable acts.

Sentencing: 12 weeks in jail. Five-year ban on owning a dog.

Bucks Herald

Southwick, Sunderland: Arron Crighton

#TheList poacher Arron Crighton, born c. 1997, of Kismet Street, Sunderland SR5 2LG – made shocking videos of his dogs brutally killing foxes; posted graphic photos and videos online showing horrific injuries suffered by both dogs and foxes

Arron Crighton from Sunderland set his whippet on wild foxes 'for sport'
Arron Crighton from Sunderland set his whippet on wild foxes ‘for sport’ and bragged on social media about it

Arron Crighton admitted offences under the 2001 Animal Welfare Act and 2004 Hunting Act after using his black whippet, Jet, to attack and kill foxes.

Whippet Jet suffered a catalogue of painful injuries after being forced to fight foxes by his sadistic owner Arron Crighton
Whippet Jet suffered a catalogue of painful injuries after being forced to fight foxes by his sadistic owner Arron Crighton

Police were alerted to a number of videos made by Crighton, which included footage of a dog fighting with a fox and a person appearing to hold the fox down with their foot.

Police mugshot of animal abuser Arron Crighton from Sunderland

A second video showed two dogs with their jaws locked around the fox’s neck and body, while a picture was also taken showing Crighton and others holding a dog which had a bloodied fox in his mouth.

After being made aware of the social media posts, police executed a warrant at an address on Kismet Street, Sunderland, and seized a mobile phone belonging to Crighton.

Arron Crighton from Sunderland set his whippet on wild foxes 'for sport'
Arron Crighton

Investigators discovered hundreds of shocking photos and videos showing the attacks and subsequent injuries of the animals saved on the phone.

Asked why he’d initiated the illegal activity in interview, Crighton responded “for sport”. He also claimed that if one dog was injured by the fox, he would “put another dog on”.

PC Peter Baker, of Northumbria Police, said: “The photographs and videos that Arron Crighton made are incredibly distressing and showed a total disregard for the welfare of these animals.

“Crighton took a great deal of satisfaction out of filming this barbaric and criminal activity and then posted the trophy pictures online.

“It is blatantly clear that he cannot be trusted to own an animal and ensure it is adequately protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease. On this occasion, both Crighton’s own dog and the foxes suffered horrific injuries.

“This investigation was launched following information provided to police by a member of the public who saw the videos online and were rightly disgusted by them. I would urge anyone who sees poaching offences and cruelty of this type online to get in touch.

“This case should act as a reminder to all pet owners that anybody who fails to ensure an animal’s welfare is met could face criminal action. We would always ask anybody who witnesses cruelty or an animal in distress to contact the RSPCA direct or call 101.”

Jet– who was frightened but gentle in nature when officers located him– has been rehomed.

Sentencing: Jailed for 18 weeks. Banned from owning any animal for 10 years.

Sunderland Echo

Clowne, Chesterfield: David Walker

#TheList David Walker, born c. 1988, of no fixed address – smashed and killed a pet ferret with a marble slab and threw another at a fence in front of horrified children.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard how David Walker had been babysitting his ex-partner’s children in Clowne when he threw one of the ferrets called Jack and killed another called Joe after he said they had attacked pet guinea pigs.

Prosecuting solicitor Andy Cash, representing the RSPCA, said: “He went on to say he was not thinking and he had acted like an animal and made a conscious decision to kill Joe after he lost control and lost his temper.”

Mr Cash added Walker’s ex had arranged for him to look after the children and their friends but she got a call from him with the children screaming saying the guinea pigs were dead. Walker’s ex returned, according to Mr Cash, and the children said Walker had killed the ferrets and one had been thrown against a fence.

The defendant admitted he had been making drinks and heard screaming and said one of the guinea pigs was dead so he had picked up the ferret Jack and thrown him out of frustration. He added that he lost his temper and grabbed the other ferret Joe and twisted its neck. Walker claimed he did not want Joe to suffer so he put a towel over the ferret’s head and when he realised the animal was still alive he struck Joe with a marble slab.

The court heard Walker’s ex found the pet ferrets in plastic bags in the bin with Jack still breathing but Joe was dead. She stated Walker told her the pet ferrets had killed the guinea pigs and he had killed the ferrets.

Walker pleaded guilty to two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal after the attacks in October 2018.

Karl Meakin, defending, said: “It is an extremely unpleasant sequence of events and one which Mr Walker is deeply ashamed and remorseful for.”

Sentencing: 18 month community order with thinking skills and rehabilitation programmes and 200 hours of unpaid work. Total of £485 costs and charges. Banned from keeping animals for ten years.

The Star

Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire: Unnamed Minors

#TheList minors aged 16 and 17 years from Milford Haven – stole a tame pet chicken from her owner and tortured her to death.

Chicken Daisy was subjected to a prolonged and brutal attack at the hands of two teens from Milford Haven, Wales
Victim Daisy

Chicken Daisy was subjected to a prolonged and brutal attack at the hands of two sadistic savages and others, during which she was chased, set alight and had her neck hacked at with garden shears. She was finally killed with a pitchfork. The pet’s agonising ordeal was filmed for Snapchat and shared with other feral yobs in the group for their sick entertainment.

Daisy’s ordeal took place at the home of a third youth who was investigated but not charged.

In court a veterinary surgeon described the youths’ actions as “gratuitous torture”.

Daisy’s owner Michelle Owen wrote a victim impact statement which was read to the court.

“When I discovered Daisy was gone I blamed myself, I thought I hadn’t secured the coop. My youngest two children were devastated when Daisy had gone, they were crying over her,” she said.

“Daisy was very tame and friendly, it’s not the same going to the coop. I always thought my garden was safe and secure, now I don’t leave my dogs out in case they disappear.

“When I think about what happened that night and the way Daisy suffered, it goes beyond cruelty.

“She was a part of the family, more than just a chicken.”

Defending the youths in court, Mike Kelleher said that the pair were facing the consequence of their “reprehensible” actions.

He said: “This was a cruel and nasty horrible incident. However it started it went horribly, horribly wrong. They are here today to face the consequences.”

RSPCA Cymru has described the incident as “horrifying” and expressed concern at the age of those responsible.

“This poor chicken was subject to the most horrendous treatment – taken, beaten, stabbed and set alight,” said RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben.

“I shudder to think what the poor animal went through.

“The offences were horrifying, and it is always deeply worrying when young people commit such crimes. They will now be subject to our Breaking the Chain programme – which highlights the impact acts like this have on animals and their welfare standards.

“RSPCA Cymru wants to inspire a future generation of animal ambassadors – who share our compassion and empathy for our fellow living creatures. Hopefully, this prosecution sets a clear statement that behaviours like this are totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

David Allen, head of education at RSPCA , said: “Clearly, these were disgusting offences and it is particularly worrying that young people are committing such acts. Fortunately, we know most young people will be horrified by what happened in Milford Haven.

“Our new Generation Kind scheme brings together a series of initiatives – including those in the classroom, support for teachers, programmes to support vulnerable looked-after and disadvantaged young people, and those targeted at youth offenders.

“It is hoped that Generation Kind will help create a generation of individuals who are kind, compassionate and caring towards animals.”

The youths pleaded guilty to an Animal Welfare Act offence, namely causing the chicken to suffer unnecessarily.

Sentencing: 12-month referral order, which includes the RSPCA intervention initiative mentioned above. The older youth was ordered to pay £380 in compensation, costs and charges and the younger one was ordered to pay courts and charges totalling £400. They were both banned from keeping any animal for a period of 12 months.