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Brixham, Torbay, Devon: Craig Dolling

#TheList Craig Anthony Dolling, born 21/04/1993, of 24A Briseham Road, Brixham, Torbay, Devon TQ5 9NS – subjected his pet dog to a savage beating, causing him to lose a leg

Violent dog abuser Craig Dolling from Devon

Rocco, a young Staffordshire bull terrier, suffered a catalogue of horrific injuries at the hands of his owner Craig Dolling.

The pet was left bloodied with cuts, a broken leg, fractured ribs, cheek bone and skull. Dolling and his girlfriend, Natasha Hilson, 25, then let the animal suffer by not taking him to a vet.

Abused dog Rocco suffered an appalling catalogue of injuries

When asked to explain the injuries Dolling told his partner: “I just went mad on him earlier. You know what I get.”

The RSPCA said Dolling’s behaviour was ‘tantamount to torture’.

Father-of-one Dolling, who has previous convictions for violence, admitted two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to Rocco when he appeared in court.

Lindi Meyer, prosecuting, said the defendant lived with Rocco and his partner Hilson. Both accepted responsibility for the pet.

The RSPCA and police went to the house on September 2, 2019, after reports of an injured dog. Initially the pair did not answer but Hilson let them in just as police were about to force entry.

The dog had obvious leg and head injuries, said the prosecutor.

Hilson said Rocco had hurt his leg trying to get over a gate almost a month before. She confirmed he had not seen a vet.

“There was a strong smell of ammonia and faeces on the floor,” added Ms Meyer.

A police officer said the injured state of the dog was ‘heartbreaking’ and he had never seen such a badly injured animal before.

Rocco had multiple cuts, dislocated femur, swelling, two large head wounds that were so severe vets were unable to examine his right eye, a fractured tooth, cheek, three fractured ribs, and a fracture to the right hock which was several weeks old and so severe the leg had to be amputated.

Abused dog Rocco suffered an appalling catalogue of injuries

There were stains on the carpets which Hilson said Rocco had left after he injured his head trying to escape from his cage.

Dolling said the injury to Rocco’s leg happened about one and a half months before when he tried to jump over a door. Both denied mistreating him and Dolling said he didn’t take him for treatment because he thought the vet might think he had beaten him. He couldn’t explain the fracture to the dog’s eye and denied beating him. He said he thought the animal would die without vet attention.

Texts between the two revealed more of what really happened to the dog.

Hilson demanded to know what had happened to Rocco’s face. Dolling replied: “I just went mad on him earlier. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I’m f****d.”

Hilson said the dog was ‘only a baby’ and hadn’t done anything to deserve such treatment.

Dolling answered: “You know what I get. I get what you’re saying. I’m sorry, I’m a nasty c**t.”

Hilson said there was a history of domestic violence in the relationship. Dolling now accepted responsibility for what he had done.

Violent dog abuser Craig Dolling from Devon

Nobody was present at the time Dolling injured the dog and the court was not told what triggered his violence. A vet found the injuries had been sustained by blunt force trauma on at least two occasions. They would have caused considerable pain for Rocco for at least six weeks. The skull fracture was caused by being struck with a ‘heavy linear object’ not consistent with Dolling’s explanation about the door. Injuries to the ribs were caused by kicks, stamps, or throwing against an object, said the vet.

Ms Meyer said Dolling’s actions had been ‘deliberate, gratuitous and caused suffering and pain on a number of occasions’. There had been prolonged neglect over months and no vet treatment despite both being aware of the injuries.

Abused dog Rocco with his sister Lyla
Rocco with his sister Lyla

The court was played a video of Rocco in the care of the RSPCA, running and chasing a ball. “He’s doing really well,” after learning to walk again, said the prosecutor.

Hilson has yet to sign him over to the RSPCA’s care and has stated she wants him back.

Ben Darby, defending, said Dolling accepted full responsibility for the injuries and was ‘tearful’ and sorry for what he had done. He wanted help for his anger management issues and was motivated to change.

“These are pretty horrendous offences,” said Mr Darby. But he said Dolling had held his hands up and admitted his crime, even though nobody saw him cause the injuries and for that he should be given credit.

Hilson, who did not cause injuries to Rocco, admits a lesser charge under the Animal Welfare Act. She will be sentenced at a later date.

Sentencing: suspended four-month jail sentence. He was told to do up to 10 days anger management with probation and 60 hours of unpaid work. He was banned from keeping all animals for life but can appeal after just five years.


Update 06/03/2020:

Natasha Rose Hilson, born 10/08/1994, also of 24A Briseham Road, Brixham, Torbay, Devon TQ5 9NS, has been sentenced for failing to seek veterinary care for Rocco while he was suffering from his injuries.

Natasha 'Tasha' Hilson and Craig Dolling who both faced charges in relation to the cruelty and neglect of Rocco
Natasha ‘Tasha’ Hilson and Craig Dolling who both faced charges in relation to the cruelty and neglect of Rocco

She must carry out 10 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days and 240 hours’ unpaid work.

She was also disqualified from owning any animal for 15 years, with no application to lift this for five years, and must pay £200 costs.

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Torquay, Devon: Daniel Challis and Cheryl Stevens

#TheList Daniel Challis, born c. 1992, of Westhill Road, Torquay, and Cheryl Stevens, born c. 1989, of Brecon Close, Paignton – handed suspended prison sentences after a goldfish was swallowed for a drinking challenge

Daniel Challis from Torquay swallowed a live goldfish in a drinking challenge while his friend Cheryl Stevens filmed him
Daniel Challis from Torquay swallowed a live goldfish in a drinking challenge while his friend Cheryl Stevens filmed him

Timber merchant Daniel Challis was convicted of animal cruelty after gulping down the fish as a “neknominate” stunt.

Challis’ friend Cheryl Stevens filmed the stunt and posted a clip on Facebook, which was spotted by the RSPCA.

The pair were both charged with causing unnecessary suffering to the animal and failing in their duty of care.

The neknominate drinking craze, which was popular on social media in 2014, involves posting a video of someone downing drinks in an extreme manner and then nominating others to do the same.

Challis and Stevens both denied the charges, insisting they believed the fish was dead.

But Kevin Withey, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said the video showed it was “crystal clear” the fish was alive, describing the incident as a “bravado exercise”.

He told the court: “You can see the fish moving in the pint glass and you can see it moving in the accused’s hand.

“His hand is rock steady and the fish is moving.”

They were found guilty of cruelty but cleared of the further charge of failing in their duty to protect the fish.

Speaking after the case, RSPCA inspector Jo Pearson said: “The goldfish was clearly alive in the footage and would have suffered an unpleasant death.

“Hopefully the outcome of this case demonstrates to people who think that such stunts might be funny that they’re actually acts of cruelty, and the courts clearly take a dim view of them.”

Sentencing: 18 weeks in jail, suspended for 12 months; 200 hours of unpaid work; £1,085.25 in costs plus £115 victim surcharge. The pair were banned from keeping fish for five years.

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Torquay, Devon: Hayley Perry

#TheList Hayley Perry, born 13/07/1966, of Teignmouth Road, Torquay TQ1 4RS – eight severely underweight dogs rescued from her two-bedroom flat

Convicted animal abuser Hayley Perry from Torquay Devon and two of the dogs rescued from her care

Perry, a former breeder of Akitas, Huskies and Eurasiers operating under the name Saxonike who previously lived in Marldon Road, Shiphay, was disqualified from keeping dogs after eight animals in her care were found to be seriously underweight.

Screenshot of former breeder Perry's Facebook business page
Screenshot of former breeder Perry’s Facebook business page
Convicted dog abuser Hayley Perry from Torquay

The court heard that between March 7, and April 4, 2016, Perry failed to explore the cause of weight loss in eight dogs in her care contrary to Section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.Perry was found guilty of failing to meet the needs of five of the dogs by not providing a suitable environment contrary to Section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Convicted dog abuser and former breeder Hayley Perry from Torquay
Hayley Perry changes her appearance frequently

RSPCA inspector Jim Farr said: “People have a responsibility to look after their animals properly and to make sure all their needs are met and need to ensure they receive the proper veterinary treatment and care when they need it.”

We understand that Perry appealed against the sentence but this was unsuccessful.

Three dogs that remained in Perry’s care after conviction were confiscated. Five other dogs that were previously signed over to the RSPCA were rehabilitated and found new homes.

£1,000 costs; banned from keeping dogs for 10 years (expires January 2027).

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Brixham, Devon: Lance Elgar

#TheList Lance Cameron Elgar, aka Lance Giles, born 21/03/1995 of 99 Ranscombe Road, Brixham TQ5 9UW – kicked and burned a cat to death.

Cat killer Lance Elgar who now resides in Brixham Devon

Elgar, who at the time was living on a farm run by Christian group the Jesus Army in Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire, kicked the animal three times with steel toe-capped boots.

While the cat lay paralysed from the vicious assault, the then 19-year-old picked her up and threw her on a fire.

The animal, which belonged to the owners of a farm where Elgar was living, died after suffering broken bones, fractures, internal bleeding and a severed spinal cord.

The court heard the cat died after enduring ‘extreme pain and suffering’.

District Judge Tim Daber told Elgar it was ‘completely incredible’ someone would take their anger out on ‘a defenceless animal’.

He said: ‘Neither arguments, drinking or scratches are any excuse whatsoever. It shows incredible cruelty.

‘It is a very close call but your age, remorse and record for making positive contributions to the community have persuaded me to just keep you out of prison on this occasion.’

Sentencing: 12-week prison sentence suspended for two years. Ordered to pay a total of £2,433. Banned from owning animals for 10 years (expires February 2025).

Daily Mail

Additional information: following his animal cruelty conviction, Lance Elgar left the Jesus Army headquarters in Nether Heyford, Northamptonshire. While the group originally stood by Elgar and allegedly paid some of his legal costs, it appears that they expelled him after several witnesses came forward to say they had seen him hurting other animals on the farm. One man said he saw Elgar using pliers to pull out and sever the tongues of live chickens.

Elgar has been something of a drifter in the years since his conviction. He has lived in Portsmouth, Rugby and Chichester and also spent some time in prison (crime unknown) but appears to have settled in Brixham in Devon.

Convicted animal abuser Lance Elgar with girlfriend Holli Peplow
Convicted animal abuser Lance Elgar with girlfriend Holli Peplow

He is dating single mother Holli Peplow, née Mascilo. We contacted Ms Peplow to warn her about her boyfriend’s past. This is a screenshot of our conversation.

As Ms Peplow has three young children, we expected her to be grateful for the warning. We were wrong. And yes social services will be notified.

Torquay, Devon: Gina Robins

#TheList Gina Marie Robins, born 16/09/1980 of 29 Collaton Road, Torquay TQ2 7HH – microwaved a neighbour’s kitten to death in revenge for her boyfriend being reported to police

Kitten killer Gina Robins

Gina Robins shut the 10-week-old kitten in the microwave oven and switched it on. The kitten’s owner, Robins’ neighbour Sarah Knutton, heard a loud popping sound like an exploding bag of crisps before a ‘horrendous screeching noise’.

Miss Knutton went into the kitchen and found the black and white kitten dead in the microwave.

She said: ‘I was in a state of shock. Gina stared at me. She didn’t say anything. She just stared at me.’

The next day Robins sent Miss Knutton a text which read: ‘Remember the saying “what goes around comes around?” It has started already to bite you in the ****. The cat? Karma.’

Robins had denied a charge of causing unnecessary suffering. She claimed the kitten jumped up onto a worktop and other cats started fighting and shut the kitten in the microwave which then started up.

But prosecutor Iain O’Donnell, for the RSPCA, said it was ‘implausible’ the kitten had crawled into the oven and another cat had knocked the door shut, activating the appliance.

Vet Robert Cameron said the ‘kitten would have suffered prior to death’. He said its claws and ears – where there was no fur – were both reddened and its claws were clenched in fear. A post-mortem examination concluded that the kitten died from microwave radiation and there were ‘no other potential causes of death’.

Robins was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to the kitten and sent to prison for 168 days.

Magistrates noted her complete lack of remorse as they sentenced her.

Sentencing: 168 days in jail. Banned from keeping animals for 10 years (expires December 2021).

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Paignton, Devon: James Noon and son Hamish Noon

#TheList puppy dealers James Gordon Noon, born 17/01/1953, of Waterleat Court, Waterleat Road, Paignton TQ3 3EA and Hamish Noon, born 17/07/1983, of Soper House, Dart View Road,  Galmpton, Brixham TQ5 0BQ

James and Hamish Noon callous puppy dealers based in Paignton, Devon
James and Hamish Noon callous puppy dealers based in Paignton, Devon

In February 2010 a total of 14 dogs and puppies were seized from the Noons’ then home in Blagdon Road by the RSPCA.  A further 12 dogs were taken at a later date when conditions hadn’t improved.

James Noon bought and sold dogs via a website on which he boasted that he had 39 years of experience with the Doberman breed. He would go to Ireland to buy puppies which he would bring back into the UK and sell for between £650 and £1,000.  He would arrange to meet buyers in locations such as car parks and motorway service stations.On one occasion police found nine puppies in his car.

The dogs were kept at Blagdon Road in conditions so disgusting that even hardened vets and RSPCA investigators found them distressing.  Every floor and even mattresses within the “haphazard and untidy” property were covered in faecal matter, some of which was decomposing.

The dogs had limited access to fresh water and little veterinary care had been sought. Many of the animals were suffering from infections and/or covered in excrement.

Most distressingly, a dead dog was found decomposing on the stairs.  A  rescued Jack Russell puppy was severely underweight and in such poor condition that he had to be put to sleep.

Hamish Noon initially claimed that his involvement was limited to looking after his father and that he had no interest in the puppy farming business.  However, in March 2011 he pleaded guilty to failing to protect two puppies and failing to provide a suitable environment for 23 dogs.  He also admitted possessing cannabis with a street value of £35.

Hamish Noon was disqualified from keeping dogs for two years, given a  six-month community order and ordered to pay £100. On 28.10.11 he appealed, unsuccessfully, against the sentence and his ban was increased to five years.

James Noon pleaded guilty to failing to protect a Jack Russell and Doberman puppy from suffering and failing to provide a suitable environment for 39 dogs.  He was ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work as part of a 12-month community order and pay £500 in costs. The ten-year ban on keeping animals was reduced to five years on appeal on 28.10.11.

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