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Kessingland, Lowestoft: Brian Medler

#TheList Brian Medler, born c. 1944, of London Road, Kessingland, near Lowestoft NR33 7PN – failed to treat his dog’s aggressive tumour.

Medler pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal after his border collie, known as Leo, developed an aggressive tumour which was not properly treated for four months. The pensioner claimed to have mistaken a cancerous ulcer on the dog’s back for a tick bite.

The court heard the RSPCA had been contacted by a concerned member of the public and following two unsuccessful attempts to visit Medler’s home eventually saw Leo in June 2019. The stricken pet had a lump the size of a hand on his back which was clearly “infected and weeping”. There were also fly eggs in the centre of the wound.

Leo was taken to a vet for further examination where it was concluded that he had been caused unnecessary suffering.

Medler claimed to have taken the dog to a vet in Ireland but could provide no record of this. He also claimed that he was given cream to apply to the dog’s tumour twice a day but as the ulcer was cancerous this was not effective.

Calvin Saker, for Medler, said the 75-year-old had been looking after dogs since the age of 10 and was “hugely remorseful” about the incident.

Mr Saker said: “He saw the injury, took his pet to the vet and followed the advice he was given.”

Medler hoped his dog’s condition would improve and planned to take it to the vets two weeks after the RSPCA inspectors became involved.

Mr Saker said Medler had learnt “a very harsh lesson” but highlighted that he looked after another dog which was in a good condition.

Following the intervention of the inspectors, Leo had the tumour removed and is recovering well.

Sentencing: total of £625 in fines and costs. Deprivation order on Leo.

Eastern Daily Press

Ipswich, Suffolk: Stacy Humphrys

#TheList Stacy Humphrys (aka Boogile Lee), born c. 1987, of West Meadows Travellers Site, Ipswich IP1 5NU – kept 17 dogs, 23 poultry and a young pony in terrible conditions

Serial animal abuser Stacy Humphrys from Ipswich
Serial animal abuser Stacy Humphrys from Ipswich is now banned indefinitely from keeping animals.

Humphrys admitted seven offences under the Animal Welfare Act. These included four counts of causing unnecessary suffering to a filly and seven dogs, and three of failing to meet the welfare needs of 17 dogs, 23 poultry and the filly pony.

Some of the neglected animals found at the travellers site where Humphrys resides
Some of the neglected animals found at the travellers site where Humphrys resides

The RSPCA were called to Humphrys’ home at the West Meadows travellers encampment in April 2019, following reports of an underweight whippet.

When Inspector Jason Finch arrived he discovered another dog with fur loss and two dogs in a room covered in old and fresh faeces.

After being shown around the rest of the location, Inspector Finch was concerned and alarmed for a number of animals he saw.
He then contacted police, a vet and other RSPCA offers for assistance.

Serial animal abuser and gypsy Stacy Humphrys

Speaking after the case, Inspector Finch said: “It was extremely disturbing to see so many animals living in such terrible conditions.

“As we proceeded round the property more and more dogs were found in runs that were too small. All were filthy with faeces, and had little or no water.

“Some of the dogs, particularly those with long coats, were also filthy with faeces, some dogs had fur loss, and live fleas could be seen on many of the dogs. Two dogs which were extremely thin, nervous and covered in faeces frantically drank a bowl dry when they were given fresh water at the vets.

“We and other organisations have tried to work with this defendant in the past in a bid to help him improve the welfare of all his animals.

“But despite the help and advice he has been given in the past, he failed to do what was right for these animals which led them to suffer.”

All the animals taken from the property were signed over by the defendant and have made a good recovery with many already in loving new homes.

Julie Harding, senior field officer of horse sanctuary Redwings, said: “We were hugely shocked and appalled to discover the unnecessary suffering of the little black filly, as we have previously worked with the owner in a bid to help him improve the welfare of his horses.

“When the young filly arrived at the sanctuary she was so weak and underweight that she couldn’t stand up without our help. Luckily, thanks to the dedication of our vets and care team, she has gone on to make a full recovery and she is guaranteed a safe home in Redwings’ care for the rest of her life.”

Sentencing: 16 weeks in prison. Total costs and charges of £989. Banned for an indefinite period from keeping all animals – with a right to appeal after five years. In November 2019 the indefinite banning order was reduced to five years with the right of appeal after one year.

Ipswich Star

In March 2014 Stacy Humphrys was jailed for two years after his horses wandered onto the A14 at Sproughton in Suffolk, causing the death of a driver when four vehicles ploughed into them.

Three horses were killed and 23-year-old Thomas Allen of Soham, Cambridgeshire, died a couple of days later.

Newton, Sudbury, Suffolk: Matthew Lowe

#TheList Matthew Lowe, born 26/03/1979, previously of Newton, Sudbury, Suffolk and more recently 4 Gantry Close, Colchester CO1 2ZP – prosecuted for eight offences for neglect of poultry, pigs and rabbits on his smallholding.

Adam Pearson, prosecuting on behalf of Trading Standards at Suffolk County Council, said inspectors had attended Lowe’s smallholding at land off the Street in Assington, Suffolk, on December 19, 2017 after receiving a tip-off from a neighbour.

The pigs and poultry present on the site were found with no food and inadequate shelter. Piglets were in an unsuitable rearing environment, sows were underweight, and both pigs and poultry had parasites present.  Lowe also failed to correctly register to keep pigs.

Mr Pearson described four rabbits which were in such poor health they had to be euthanised.

He said officers found a one large white rabbit lying on its side in an enclosure suffering from breathing problems.

One of the rabbits found on a smallholding operated by Matthew Lowe near Sudbury. The rabbit was later put down Picture: SUFFOLK TRADING STANDARDS

A brown rabbit was discovered with swollen eyes and symptoms of myxomatosis while a second white rabbit was found with a badly injured back leg which had set at an angle, affecting the animal’s movement.

A fourth rabbit was discovered unresponsive with a sore ‘the size of a 50p piece’ on its back.

He added there were signs that rats had infested the rabbit enclosures and that officers also discovered a rubbish bin with four rabbit carcasses inside.

Following the prosecution, Suffolk Trading Standards are now working with Lowe to arrange the safe rehoming of the animals which he owns.

Lowe was given an eight week prison sentence suspended for 18 months, 25 day’s rehabilitation activity requirement; 100 hours of unpaid work, costs of £4,899 and a £115 victim surcharge. He was disqualified from keeping any farmed animal for five years (expires October 2023).

Suffolk County Council
East Anglian Daily Times


Lowestoft, Suffolk: Shaun Garrett and Kirsty Emma Spalding

#TheList Shaun Garrett, born c. 1967, and Kirsty Emma Spalding, born 02/07/1987, of Flat 44 Harry Chamberlain Court, Hollingsworth Road, Lowestoft NR32 4UG – left a cat and dog to suffer a variety of ailments including a broken leg

Convicted animal abusers Kirsty Spalding and step-dad Shaun Garrett plus the cat and dog they refused to take to the vet.
Irresponsible pet owners Kirsty Spalding and Shaun Garrett are now banned from keeping animals for 10 years after refusing to take their suffering pets to the vet.

Shaun Garrett and step-daughter Kirsty Emma Spalding failed to provide veterinary care for their cat’s broken leg, the cause of which wasn’t given, and their dog’s painful skin condition.

The court heard that the pair, then of Florence Terrace, Lowestoft, caused unnecessary suffering to the animals by not providing treatment between July and September 2017.

Gizzy, a white male tabby, was found to have a fracture of his hind left leg and a subsequent bone infection.

Gizzy and their elderly labrador had a flea infestation and an associated chronic skin disease.

The pair signed over the animals to the RSPCA and they have since made a reasonable recovery.

Neither Garrett or Spalding appeared for sentencing in Great Yarmouth Magistrates today, but both previously said they could not afford veterinary fees.

Sentencing: two-year conditional discharge; total of £95 costs and charges. Ten-year ban on keeping animals (expires June 2028).

Lowestoft Journal

Harleston, Suffolk: Robin Hayward

#TheList farmer Robin Hayward, born c. 1972, of Withersdale Hall Farm, Metfield, Harleston IP20 0JR – allowed 56 cattle to die in disgusting conditions

Underfed cattle at Robin Hayward's farm in Metfield, Suffolk
Underfed cattle at Robin Hayward’s farm in Metfield, Suffolk

Farmer Robin Hayward pleaded guilty to nine offences relating to the health and welfare of cattle on his farm, as well as the non-disposal of dead cattle.

In March 2017 vets found the carcasses of 38 cattle in various stages of decomposition in a muck heap and others were found rotting in slurry near malnourished animals.

Sentencing Robin Hayward, Judge Martyn Levett described his treatment of the cattle as “incompetent and inhumane” and said they had suffered over a prolonged period of more than six weeks.

He rejected defence claims that the offences were the result of a financial crisis and said Hayward had access to funding which could have prevented unnecessary suffering to the cattle.

“As a consequence of your failings cattle died and were left to rot away in knee-deep slurry with live cattle trampling over the dead carcasses to compete for inadequate feed,” said the judge.

He described the conditions the animals were living in as “disgusting” and said Hayward was solely responsible for what happened to them.

Hayward admitted eight offences including causing unnecessary suffering to cattle, failing to have carcasses identified and collected without delay, failing to notify the death of cattle and offences relating to the welfare of the cattle.

Sentencing: 44-week prison sentence suspended for two years; 120 hours of unpaid work in the community. Fined £16,200 and ordered to pay costs of £12,900. Banned from keeping or owning farm animals.

East Anglian Daily Times
Diss Express

Ipswich, Suffolk: Gussie Lee

#TheList Gussie Lee, born c. 1956, of Woodland Way, Ipswich IP1 5PE – caused suffering to a large group of horses based in Paper Mill Lane in north Ipswich

Gypsy Gussie Lee from Ipswich is banned from keeping animals after causing suffering to a large group of horses
Gypsy Gussie Lee is banned from keeping animals after causing suffering to a large group of horses

Gussie Lee was banned from keeping animals after horses he owned were found hungry, dehydrated and diseased.

Lee pleaded guilty to failing to meet the needs of 10 horses and causing unnecessary suffering to six of them.

RSPCA inspectors visited the horses in Paper Mill Lane, north Ipswich, after concerns were raised about their condition.

Gypsy Gussie Lee is banned from keeping animals after causing suffering to a large group of horses

Prosecuting, Hugh Rowland, said that on January 5, 2017, five horses were found “very underweight” and Lee was issued with a warning notice, requiring him to ensure the animals were fed and wormed and to call a vet if their condition deteriorated further.

Returning on January 12 with a vet, Mr Rowlnad said the horses’ condition was found to have worsened. Blood tests found some of the horses were suffering liver disease from eating a toxic plant.

Gypsy Gussie Lee is banned from keeping animals after causing suffering to a large group of horses

The horses were found with matted hair, ingrown hooves, lice infestations and some were suffering from anaemia or dehydration. They were seized by police, handed over to the RSPCA and taken to a horse sanctuary.

Mr Rowland said the vet “was of the view” it would have taken more than four weeks for the worst affected to reach that state.

In mitigation, David Allan, defending, said Lee had expressed “genuine shame” about what had happened. He said Lee was in ill health, having suffered several heart attacks. Most significantly, Mr Allan said, he had been affected by the “extremely fraught” situation that followed two killings on West Meadows travellers’ site.

Chairman of the magistrates’ bench, Anne Tyler, said the offences fell into the category of “high culpability”. “It’s so serious that only custodial options are appropriate,” she added.

The RSPCA said the horses had since undergone an “amazing transformation” thanks to the RSPCA and Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

Sentencing: 16-week custodial sentence suspended for 24 months for causing unnecessary suffering to six horses and 12 weeks suspended for two years for failing to meet the needs of 10 horses, to run concurrently. He was ordered to pay £500 costs and £115 victim surcharge to be taken from his benefits. He was also banned from keeping animals and told he could not appeal for 10 years.

Ipswich Star

Ipswich: Tyler Perkins

#TheList Tyler Perkins of Wherstead Road, Ipswich IP2 – stabbed hedgehog to death

Twisted Tyler Perkins stabbed a defenceless hedgehog to death
Twisted Tyler Perkins stabbed a defenceless hedgehog to death

A support worker saw Perkins stab the hedgehog three times in his back garden in the early hours of September 9, 2016.

At 2am Perkins went outside for a cigarette with his support worker but a rustling noise caused by the hedgehog disturbed him.

He went back inside and grabbed something from the kitchen work surface before running into the garden again.

The worker said she then saw Perkins stab the hedgehog once with a knife, before stabbing it twice more with a frenzied action.

He then attempted to throw the hedgehog over his neighbour’s fence.

The teenager, who had been drinking, had become angry with the animal after he saw it going near his bike.

RSPCA inspector Jason Finch, who was called to Perkins’ flat after the attack, said when he saw what had happened he was horrified.

“The hedgehog would have suffered horrendously before it died,” he said.

“Hedgehogs are in decline and acts like this do not help”.

Sentence:  18-month community order with a 15 day rehabilitation activity requirement; total £385 costs and charges; banned from keeping animals for 10 years (expires January 2027).

Ipswich Star

Ipswich, Suffolk: Cy and Millie Whitham

#TheList Cy Whitham, born 13/06/1992, most recently (2018) of Blenheim Road, Ipswich and his mother Millie Geraldine Whitham, born c. 1965, of Defoe Road, Ipswich – abandoned a dog to starve to death in her own filth; two dead dogs found in a shed at the property

Dog killer Cy Whitham of Ipswich and victim KD later renamed Lottie.
Cy Whitham was jailed for 18 weeks and banned from keeping animals for 15 years for leaving three dogs to starve to death. Only Lottie (pictured) survived.

Cy and Millie Whitham were jailed after their flea-infested dog was found in an Ipswich flat starving to death in her own filth. The young Staffie weighed half her recommended weight. Minimal food and water were available to her.

Dog killer Cy Whitham of Ipswich
Staffy KD, later renamed Lottie, survived her ordeal and later recovered in the care of the RSPCA. Two other dogs were starved to death by Cy Whitham and his mother Millie Whitham before they could be saved.

The dog, known as KD at the time, was found by a pest controller at the flat surrounded by excrement.

Speaking after the hearing, RSPCA Inspector Jason Finch said: “When I saw her I couldn’t believe she was still alive.

Dog killer Cy Whitham of Ipswich

“When the pest controller opened the door, the dog came out and immediately started trying to scavenge for food or anything that she could eat and he gave her a couple of biscuits.

“I’ve not seen a dog that thin for at least 10 years – the poor girl looked like a bag of bones.”

The dog, who was later renamed Lottie, gained weight in the care of the RSPCA,

The bodies of two other decomposed dogs were also discovered in a shed at the property.

RSPCA Inspector Jason Finch estimated the dogs’ corpses could have been rotting for one month and said they were too decomposed to identify their breed or their cause of death.

Dog killer Cy Whitham of Ipswich

But the Whithams both denied any involvement with the dead dogs found at their former home.

Police mugshot of Ipswich dog killer Cy Whitham from February 2018
Police mugshot of Cy Whitham from February 2018

In September 2014 violent thug Whitham was sent to jail for eight months for beating up an ex girlfriend. Then in February 2018 he was given 28 months in custody for dealing heroin and cannabis.

Cy Whitham – 18 weeks in jail;
Millie Whitham – 12 weeks in jail.
Both were banned from keeping animals for 15 years (expires January 2028).

Daily Mail

Exning, Suffolk: Craig Curtis

#TheList Craig  Lee Andrew Curtis, born 06/10/1984, formerly of Chapel Street, Newmarket and as at December 2019 of Dawes Lane, West Mersea, Colchester, Essex CO5 8HJ – strung up a Staffy puppy named Bruno by his collar and beat him to death with a baseball bat

Violent drunk and dog killer Craig Curtis, currently believed to be in Basildon, Essex
Violent drunk, woman beater, dog killer Craig Curtis

Curtis strung 6mo Bruno from his weightlifting bench after the pup urinated on the floor.

Curtis apparently ‘went ballistic’ and battered the tiny dog with a bat, then put his lifeless body in his freezer before dumping him later in nearby woodland.

A dog-walker found Bruno’s battered body wrapped in blood-stained sheets inside a black bin bag with blood around his nose and mouth and called the RSPCA.

A post mortem revealed the puppy had suffered fractures to his skull and died after being struck around the head with a blunt instrument.

Shockingly tests also revealed that Bruno was alive for a long period while the attack on him took place.

Inspector Richard Lithgoe, who investigated the case, said: “This was easily the most shocking  case of cruelty I have ever seen. This is a horrendously violent man – I was so shocked at how the ferocious and brutal this attack was.

“This poor young dog was victim to a senseless brutality and would have been in an extreme amount of pain. The worst part is he was alive when this attack took place and so would have suffered for a long, lingering, gruesome death.”

Just weeks after attacking Bruno, Curtis stabbed his then partner during a drunken row and was jailed for 32 months in October 2012.

Sentence:  jailed for 18 weeks for cruelty and banned from keeping dogs for life.

Daily Mail
Ipswich Star

Newmarket, Suffolk: Dustin Yandell

#TheList US Airforce serviceman Dustin Matthew Yandell, born 13 October 1984, at the time of offence of Mill Reef Close, Newmarket, Suffolk, and as at November 2019 of Edison in Georgia, USA – ripped his golden retriever’s throat apart with a military knife

Dog killer Dustin Yandell now of Edison in Georgia was discharged from the American Airforce after slashing his golden retriever's throat with a military knife.
Dog killer Dustin Yandell was discharged from the American Airforce after slashing his golden retriever’s throat with a military knife.

Yandell, from RAF Lakenheath, put his golden retriever, Goldie, in the bathtub before slitting her throat from one side to the other, causing the animal to suffer “severe pain and distress” in the moments leading up to her death.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Mark Thompson said it was one of the worst cases of animal abuse he had ever seen.

“This was a very, very serious act of premeditated, wanton cruelty,” he said.

“Mr Yandell knew what he was going to do. He took the dog upstairs on a lead, put it into the bath, sat with it for a moment and then slashed its throat.

“The animal’s suffering would have been untold in the few minutes while it was dying.”

Dog killer Dustin Yandell now of Edison in Georgia was discharged from the American Airforce after slashing his golden retriever's throat with a military knife.

Yandell, who served in the Iraq war as a combat medic, initially denied the offence, but later admitted killing the animal at his home in Mill Reef Close, Newmarket, in March 2005.

He said in a police interview: “I do not know what was going through my mind at the time. I put the knife in the dog’s throat, and it went from right to left.

“The next thing I remember was cleaning the bath and putting the dog in the trash bin.”

The bin containing the golden retriever was found by a Forest Heath District Council refuse collector, who was left “extremely upset and distressed” by the gruesome discovery.

Dog killer Dustin Yandell now of Edison in Georgia was discharged from the American Airforce after slashing his golden retriever's throat with a military knife.

Yandell admitted the killing could possibly have been carried out to get back at his wife, who had called him from America to say she would not be returning home and that he would not see their son again.

Defence solicitor, Jeremy Kendall, told the court Yandell had suffered a number of traumas, including the stillbirth of his second child in April last year.

“This was a one-off offence,” he said. “He is still a very young man who has out-of-the-blue committed this savage act.”

Mr Kendall said Yandell would undoubtedly be discharged from the USAF as a result of his conviction.

Chairman of the bench, Colin Reeve, said: “We are dealing with one very serious matter of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

“We consider this matter is so serious that no other sentencing is appropriate.”

Sentencing: 18 weeks in prison. Banned from keeping animals for life.

East Anglian Daily Times

In January 2007 Yandell was discharged from the US Airforce. Originally from Clinton, Maryland, USA, he is currently living in Edison in Georgia and, according to his Facebook profile, is employed as a technician with Southern Plastics. He appears to have at least one dog.