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Rotherham, South Yorkshire: Robert Evans

#TheList Robert ‘Bobby’ Evans, born c. 1984, of 9 Thompson Close, Rawmarsh, Rotherham S62 7LY – illegally kept 10 unringed goldfinches and neglected their needs

Wild bird trapper Bobby Evans from Rotherham
Wild bird trapper Bobby Evans

Gypsy traveller Bobby Evans, whose numerous previous convictions include cannabis farming and making threats of violence towards a female, admitted one offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act and one offence under the Animal Welfare Act relating to 10 unringed goldfinches in his possession. He also admitted a further offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act of possessing a wild bird trap.

The RSPCA, which brought the case, revealed that one of its inspectors visited Evans’ home with the local police wildlife crime officer in October 2019 following reports of bird trapping in local hedgerows.

Wild-caught goldfinches were kept in filthy conditions by cruel Bobby Evans
Wild-caught goldfinches were kept in inhumane conditions by cruel Bobby Evans

RSPCA inspector and wildlife officer Sandra Dransfield said: “Evans had a legally ringed male bullfinch, two canaries and 10 unringed goldfinches in a small, dirty cage in a shed. The ten goldfinches, a cage trap – which wasn’t set – and other bird trapping paraphernalia were seized.

“The expert’s opinion was that the 10 goldfinches were wild-caught. Some of the birds had injuries from flying at the bars trying to get out, so after a short rehabilitation the birds were successfully released back to the wild, where they belong.”

Goldfinch in the possession of Bobby Evans

In mitigation, the court heard that Evans had pleaded guilty and was a long-time breeder of birds.

Ms Dransfield added: “It is illegal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act to trap or attempt to trap wild birds and this type of trapping causes immense distress and suffering to them.

“The illegal trapping and trading in wild birds has long been a problem. Taking a wild bird from its natural habitat and shutting it in a tiny cage is cruel.

“These birds can suffer immeasurably, not only physically but also mentally, and they often die shortly after being captured.”

Sentencing: community order with a two-month curfew; ordered to pay £292. Disqualified from keeping birds for three years,

The Star

Shirecliffe, Sheffield: Nisar Hussain

#TheList Nisar Hussain, born 12/10/1984, formerly of 70 Morgan Road, Sheffield S5 8QT and more recently 203 Emerson Crescent, Sheffield S5 7SY – left a dog to starve to death in his back yard

Nisar Hussain is finally behind bars – more than four years after first appearing in court after evading capture.

Hussain, who has links to St David’s in Pembrokeshire, Wales, pleaded guilty to two offences relating to a Bully Kutta dog called Bella in August 2016.

The case was adjourned for sentencing but he didn’t show up and a warrant had been out for his arrest since.

RSPCA chief inspector Lynsey Harris said: “It has been almost four years since Hussain failed to appear for sentencing in relation to what happened to this dog, the previous September.

“Bella’s body was discovered in the backyard of Hussain’s then Sheffield address (his foreign-born wife and mother of his children, Saiqa Nisar, still lives there) by the dog warden, who had been called the previous night under the guise that Hussain had taken the dog in as a stray.

“She was emaciated, covered in dirt, her face was in a pool of vomit and she was surrounded by mud, faeces and a large number of dog biscuits.

“However several witnesses, including myself, had seen the dog at the property going back to August 10 tethered in the yard, and had given advice on her care.”

Bully Kutta are a very large breed originating in Pakistan and not commonly kept in the UK.

Nisar Hussain was implicated in a 2013 high-profile ‘crash for cash’ case alongside others, but was ultimately acquitted

Sentencing: jailed for 18 weeks with a further 14 days for non-RSPCA related matters, plus 21 days for failing to surrender but to run concurrently. Ordered to pay £615 in costs and charges. Disqualified from keeping animals for life.

Doncaster Free Press

Doncaster, South Yorkshire: Scott Hayes and Christopher Darwin

#TheList Scott Hayes, born 16/02/1989 of Blakewood Drive, Blaxton, Doncaster DN9 3GX and Christopher Darwin, born 15/10/1991 of Laycock Avenue, Gringley-on-the-Hill, Doncaster DN10 4SA – used lurcher dogs to hunt and kill a deer on Christmas Eve

Poachers Scott Hayes and Christopher Darwin from Doncaster

Scott Hayes and Chris Darwin were found guilty of poaching offences.

The pair were spotted by police coming off private land with lurcher dogs in the village of Haxey, North Lincolnshire, on December 24, 2019. The body of a freshly killed male Roe deer was discovered nearby and further investigations revealed its injuries were consistent with it being killed by dogs.

Chief Inspector Paul Butler said, “This court result should send out a very clear message to those who commit wildlife offences that we take these offences seriously and will seek other sanctions available to the courts.

“The obtaining of [Criminal Behaviour Orders] in this case provides other police forces with a straight forward tool to deal with these men if they choose to commit wildlife offences with the use of the type of dog involved. I would like to thank the Wildlife Crime Officers involved in bringing this case before the court, the CPS Prosecutors involved and also the court for taking such offences seriously”.

Scott Hayes
Vicious bloodthirsty predator Scott Hayes

Deer poaching is a problem in many areas across the UK. It can involve extreme cruelty to the deer targeted, especially when dogs are used to chase and drag them down. Many offenders operate across several counties, travelling long distances to target specific hdilocations.

Christopher Darwin
Chris Darwin

The use of lurcher type dogs features in most poaching offences committed during both the day and night.

Chief Inspector Butler added: “Poaching activity is a blight on the countryside and many of those involved are linked to other offending. Members of rural communities often feel vulnerable and intimidated by poachers who can be aggressive or offer violence if challenged.

“If you witness suspected poaching offences taking place, particularly where lurcher type dogs are being used please report it to the police via 999.”

Sentencing: 12-month community order of 300 hours of unpaid work; ordered to pay £350 court costs; made subject to a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) preventing them from entering the Humberside Police area.

Yorkshire Post

Hillfoot, Sheffield: Carolyn Ashton

#TheList Carolyn Ashton, born 14/03/1971, of 40 Otley Walk, Sheffield S6 3PX – kicked and dragged a terrified dog leaving him frightened and crying

Ashton admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a dog after she was caught kicking and dragging him in the street.

Sheffield Magistrates’ Court heard how Ashton was seen mistreating the dog near McDonald’s restaurant, on Penistone Road, Sheffield.

Rob Coyne, prosecuting, said: “On July 20, in the early hours of the morning, police were called to an incident at McDonald’s on Penistone Road, Sheffield, to assist security with an aggressive female who was this defendant.

“The defendant was seen by others repeatedly kicking a dog which was with her and she was described as drunk and behaving in a disorderly manner.

“The dog was seized from the defendant and appeared in poor condition and was frightened and crying.”

Mr Coyne added the dog was examined by a veterinary surgeon and the dog was found to be in a poor condition covered in fleas and the vet stated the dog’s condition was among the worst cases for fleas he had ever seen.

Ashton pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal by kicking and dragging the dog by his lead and admitted a further count of causing unnecessary suffering to a dog by failing to obtain veterinary care and treatment.

She also pleaded guilty to being drunk-and-disorderly in a pubic place outside McDonald’s.

Sentencing: community order to last until September 2020, with a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement. Fined £25 and ordered to pay £90 victim surcharge and £85 costs. It is not known if she was banned from keeping animals or if the dog was returned to her.

The Star

Doncaster, South Yorkshire: Lianne Dunn

#TheList Lianne Dunn, born c. 1987, of Copley Road, Doncaster DN1 – failed to provide veterinary care for her pet dog’s skin condition

Animal abuser Lianne Dunn from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK

An order was made for the dog, known as Codey, to be rehomed. Dunn is allowed to keep her cats.

Sentencing: £120 fine, £300 costs. Disqualified for having custody of a dog for two years.

Doncaster Free Press

Dinnington, South Yorkshire: Anne Louise Moffatt

#TheList Anne Louise Moffatt aka Anne Louise Pearce, born c. 1971, of Scarsdale Street, Dinnington S25 2RN

Animal abuser Anne Louise Moffatt from Dinnington, South Yorkshire
Anne Louise Moffatt is banned from keeping animals until November 2029

Caused unnecessary suffering to a protected animal (species and nature of abuse not specified). Did not take steps to ensure that the needs of an animal for which she was responsible were met.

Sentencing: £120 fine, £200 costs. 10-year ban on keeping animals.

The Star

Firth Park, Sheffield: Ali El-Aridi

#TheList Ali El-Aridi, born c. 1996, of 89 Stubbins Lane, Sheffield S5 6QJ – kidnapped a sheep from a beauty spot and abandoned her in a suburban street; caught with extreme animal porn on his mobile phone

Pervert Ali El-Aridi from Sheffield kept animal porn and filmed himself on Snapchat stealing a sheep from a beauty spot

Ali El-Aridi filmed himself chasing a sheep along the banks of Ladybower Reservoir. When he eventually caught her, El-Aridi directed an expletive-filled rant at the animal, which he recorded on his phone.

He then drove the sheep to his home city and released her into a suburban area, again filming it all as he went.

The theft, in August 2018, came to the attention of Derbyshire Rural Crime Team after members of the public who witnessed the theft from the other side of the reservoir posted what they had seen on Facebook.

Within a day the sheep had been reunited with her owner, having been rescued from the Wincobank area of Sheffield by some of the local community, and El-Aridi was identified.

Officers examined El Aridi’s phone and found the evidence he had filmed, as well as two extreme pornographic material, specifically a collage picture of images of a dead cat in various sexual acts with a man, and a video of a horse involved in oral sex with a man.

El-Aridi admitted theft and was found guilty of possessing extreme pornography.

Pervert Ali El-Aridi from Sheffield kept animal porn and filmed himself on Snapchat stealing a sheep from a beauty spot

Speaking about the case PC Andy Shaw, Derbyshire Police’s Rural Crime Team, noted El-Aridi’s “sheer disregard” for the welfare of the sheep and that “he seemed to care significantly more about the mess it had made to his boot lining.”

Sentencing: 12-month community order of 100 hours of unpaid work. Ordered to pay £620 in costs.

Yorkshire Evening Post
BBC News

Belton, Doncaster: Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker

#TheList hoarders Simon Hallgarth, born c. 1971, and partner Paul Walker, born c. 1976, both of 2 Holland Close Villas, Woodhouse, Belton, Doncaster DN9 1QJ – for cruelty towards 52 dogs and three goats

Hoarders Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker of Doncaster were jailed and given lifetime animal ban for neglecting dozens of dogs and three goats
Simon Hallgarth (right) and Paul Walker of Belton, Doncaster, were jailed and have been banned from keeping animals for life after admitting cruelty to dozens of dogs and three goats

Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker pleaded guilty to 11 offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Hoarders Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker of Doncaster were jailed and given lifetime animal ban for neglecting dozens of dogs and three goats

The RSPCA were alerted to the plight of the pair’s animals after receiving a call to its cruelty line about three abandoned goats, who were found living in a poor environment with no access to water.

As RSPCA Inspector Tamsin Drysdale spoke to Walker, a number of dogs could be heard barking from inside a garage nearby so she asked if she could see them.

Hoarders Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker of Doncaster were jailed and given lifetime animal ban for neglecting dozens of dogs and three goats

She said: ““As the garage door was opened the smell of faeces and urine was overwhelming. There were four pens with various breeds of dogs living in them.

“Their food and water bowls were filthy and empty and the dogs were pungent, their coats in various stages of matting.

“The three dogs in the last pen were in such a poor condition I wasn’t sure what breed they were. Two of the dogs were moving, albeit very slowly, but the third dog, a Bichon Frise called Peggy, appeared to be dead.

“I went into the pen and gently shook her and I was shocked when she moved slightly.

“At the vets she was found to be very thin, in respiratory distress and hypothermic. She was initially unable to be examined because of the extent of the matting, which had to be cut away.

“She had a fractured wrist and wounds on her back legs so badly infected that they were down to the bone. The damage was irreparable and she was put to sleep on humane grounds.

“A large number of dogs were also living in the house, and though these were in better condition than those in the garage, many of these were also suffering.”

Hoarders Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker of Doncaster were jailed and given lifetime animal ban for neglecting dozens of dogs and three goats

Three other dogs were also put to sleep on veterinary advice, including a 17-year-old Shih Tzu called Daisy who was in severe respiratory distress and had two blind shrunken eyes that were discharging green pus and her ears were also discharging pus.

Another dog, Cookie, had to have a leg amputated.

Seven of the 52 dogs removed from the property were suffering with severe dental disease, four of them with ear infections, two of them with eye infections and one with overgrown nails that had penetrated the pads of the dog’s feet.

Thirteen of the dogs and the three goats did not have their needs met due to the environment they were living in and/or a lack of fresh clean drinking water.

In mitigation, the court heard that Hallgarth had bought the dogs as a way of coping after the death of his mother in 2013, with whom he had bought the property, lived and owned dogs previously.

He accepted that he had caused very high suffering and was remorseful.

Hoarders Paul Walker (left) and Simon Hallgarth from Doncaster have been banned from keeping animals for life
Hoarders Paul Walker (left) and Simon Hallgarth from Doncaster have been banned from keeping animals for life

In respect of Walker, the court heard that the offences had been borne out of concern and care for his husband.

The court heard that both defendants were overwhelmed financially and by the level of care the animals needed. They were of previous good character and had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

Sentencing: 14 weeks in prison; post-sentence supervision orders of 12 months, less the time served in prison. Lifetime ban on keeping animals.

The Star

Thurcroft, Rotherham: Wayne and Joanne Glasby

#TheList backyard breeders Wayne Glasby, born 01/12/1981, and Joanne Glasby, born c. 1968, of Cedric Crescent, Thurcroft S66 – illegally docked their dogs’ tails causing them pain

Joanne and Wayne Glasby subjected tiny puppies to a painful and illegal tail docking procedure
Joanne and Wayne Glasby subjected tiny puppies to a painful and illegal tail docking procedure

Former butcher Wayne Glasby, who is originally from Worksop, and wife Joanne Glasby pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and removing whole or part of a dog’s tail.

The pair used docking rings to remove four terriers’ tails when they were around six-weeks-old.

Andy Cash, for the RSPCA, told the court that the couple’s offending came to light when they advertised three terriers for sale online.

“By chance, a person who was looking at these photographs [in the advert] had a history as a vet and she thought she could see a docking ring and referred the matter to the RSPCA,” said Mr Cash.

The RSPCA visited the Glasbys on November 30, 2018, and found four puppies, aged around six to seven weeks, with docked tails.

Mr Cash said a vet who inspected the dogs assessed that the operation had not been carried out by a qualified practitioner and took the view that it had been an “act of mutilation”.

“It was likely to have caused unnecessary pain which is anticipated to have lasted a few days,” said Mr Cash.

When Wayne Glasby was interviewed by police he admitted owning the puppies but denied docking their tails.

He said the operation had been carried out by a vet, but when efforts were made to trace the practitioner, it was discovered no such vet existed.

Joanne Glasby told officers she was also responsible for the puppies and denied knowing who was responsible for docking their tails.

“She thought it was just what was done to terriers,” said Mr Cash.

The Glasbys’ lawyer told the court her clients had rehomed all of their terriers ahead of the court hearing but still had a 12-year-old lurcher whom they were hoping to rehome within their family. She said the proceedings had had a traumatic effect on the couple.

The pair also have a smallholding where they keep a pony, sheep and lambs and the presiding judge expressed concern over the welfare of those animals.

Sentencing: 150 hours of unpaid work; £600 costs each. Banned from keeping dogs for five years.

Rotherham Advertiser

Rotherham, South Yorkshire: Reece West

#TheList Reece Kevin Tommy West, born 25/10/1996, of St John’s Road, Rotherham* – beat a tiny chihuahua so badly he had to be put to sleep

Dog killer Reece West and his tiny victim, Mac the chihuahua
Dog killer Reece West and his tiny victim, Mac the chihuahua

The chihuahua, Mac, suffered severe head injuries resulting in him having to be put to sleep on humane grounds whilst in the care of his owner’s then boyfriend Reece West.

Dog killer Reece West from Rotherham

West was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to the dog by subjecting him to non-accidental injury on April 12, 2018.

After the case, RSPCA Inspector Paula Clemence said: “This was a very upsetting case to deal with. The owner of Mac is devastated – as you’d imagine.

“She left for work, and everything was fine, then she got a text from her boyfriend at the time – West – saying something was wrong with Mac and she needed to come back.

“She went straight home and found Mac collapsed, bleeding from his eye and ear and turning blue. She rushed him to a vet where he was placed on oxygen and examined and found to have severe head trauma.

“Extremely sadly, the decision was made to put him to sleep on humane grounds.”

Dog killer Reece West from Rotherham
West is now banned from keeping animals for life

Vet evidence stated that Mac had a large swelling around his left eye, bruising to his ear and across his body including his chest, toes and legs, and had a number of scratches and small abrasions.

A post mortem examination confirmed that Mac had a fractured skull and haemorrhaging to his head and neck consistent with large magnitude blunt force trauma to the area.

West maintained that he had assumed Mac had gone downstairs whilst he was lying in bed, and woke up some time later to find the dog on the bed crying and collapsed.

Both vets who gave evidence felt it was impossible that the dog had sustained the injuries himself, and that a fall from a small height like a bed or sofa or even down the stairs wouldn’t have resulted in head injuries so severe.

RSPCA Inspector Clemence added: “This incident caused a great deal of suffering to Mac, and his death, as well as an enormous amount of upset to his owner whose grief over what happened goes on.”

Sentence: 26 weeks in jail; total of £915 costs and charges. Disqualified from keeping all animals for life.

Rotherham Advertiser

*additional addresses for Reece West: Coleridge Rd S65 1LG or Larch Mews S65 1NQ