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Shepperton, Surrey: Maurice Smith

#TheList traveller and habitual criminal Maurice Smith, born c. 1988, of Hawthorn Way, Shepperton TW1 – subjected a horse to prolonged neglect and mistreatment

Traveller Maurice Smith from Shepperton, Surrey, subjected horse April to neglect and ill-treatment

Maurice Smith, who has a previous conviction for conning a 92-year-old woman out of her life savings, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Gypsy traveller Smith, formerly of Littleton Lane Caravan Park in Shepperton and a drug and alcohol abuser, was charged under the Animal Welfare Act after evidence emerged of how he had subjected the horse, named April, to prolonged neglect and ill-treatment, which had left her in extreme distress.

A number of witnesses initially contacted police in April 2018 to report that the horse was in distress. She had been left double rugged in temperatures of 24 degrees without shade and was sweating profusely.

Police attended the location and decided that April needed immediate medical care and seized her under the Animal Welfare Act.

After a full medical examination by a vet, April was found to be undernourished, with multiple sores, was wearing ill-fitting handmade shoes which were causing her foot pain, and was suffering from worms or a viral infection. The vet said that she had been subjected to poor management and undue suffering.

Smith was identified as April’s owner but initially denied that she belonged to him when he was interviewed. However, he later admitted that she was his and said that he had asked a vet to examine April and that she was being treated with antibiotics. However, he could not provide any details in relation to the treatment April received.

The court heard evidence from a number of witnesses in relation to the lack of care given to April, to which Smith was also unable to provide any explanation.

Investigating officer PC Chloe Hodgkinson said: “This was a complex investigation which took many months to bring to fruition.

“I was called to deal with the incident and was shocked by the pitiful state April was in. Due to her condition, I decided to seize her under the Animal Welfare Act so that she could immediately begin receiving the medical treatment that she needed.

“From speaking to a number of witnesses, it soon became apparent that April had been suffering over a prolonged period. I put a case together against her owner, Maurice Smith, which resulted in him being charged with causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and being brought before the court last week.”

PC Hodgkinson added: “April has since received the care and treatment that she needed and is making a good recovery. I hope that this case will deter other owners from neglecting their animals and send a strong message that if you are caught, you will be dealt with.”

Sentencing: 12 month community order involving 120 hours of unpaid work; total of £485 costs and charges.

Surrey Police
Eagle Radio

Gosport, Hampshire: Jason Bowditch and Samantha Rees-Bowditch

#TheList Jason Bowditch, born 16/09/1975, and Samantha Rees-Bowditch, born c. 1974, of 38 Whitworth Road, Gosport PO12 3NN – for starving two dogs until their bones were visible

‘Skeletal’ starved dogs Sazzle and Leggs were rescued from the Gosport of Jason Bowditch and Samantha Rees-Bowditch
‘Skeletal’ starved dogs Sazzle and Leggs were rescued from the Gosport of Jason Bowditch and Samantha Rees-Bowditch

RSPCA inspectors rescued emaciated cross-breed Sazzle and a terrier called Leggs from the home of Jason Bowditch and Samantha Rees-Bowditch, after being alerted by a concerned member of the public.

Such was the ‘shocking state’ of Sazzle inspectors said it was ‘hard to believe’ he is a Staffordshire bull terrier crossed with a Labrador.

The poor dog had ‘every bone showing’ when the charity found the animals in August 2018.

Video footage shows Sazzle wolfing down a bowl full of food at speed after being rescued.

The defendants admitted failing to maintain the needs of the two dogs.

RSPCA inspector Charlotte Coggins, who investigated the case, said: ‘This was a frustrating and saddening case where these two dogs were left without the care they desperately needed.

‘Sazzle was in a shocking condition when we first saw him with every bone showing. It was hard to believe he is a Staffordshire bull terrier crossed with a Labrador.

‘Veterinary examination found no medical reason for the weight loss and they increased in weight simply from being provided with an adequate diet.

‘It would have been obvious to anyone looking at both these dogs that they were desperately thin and in urgent need.

Sazzle and Leggs have recovered from their ordeal. Photo shows Sazzle as he is now.
Sazzle and Leggs have recovered from their ordeal. Photo shows Sazzle as he is now.

‘Thankfully, both Sazzle and Leggs have recovered and are now happy and healthy after gaining weight and condition.’

Sentencing: banned from keeping any animal for three years.

The News

Chichester, West Sussex: John Henry Brazil

#TheList Gypsy John Henry Brazil, born 24/06/1998, of The Hawthornes, Clayton Lane, Chichester PO20 8JQ – failed to look after a bay mare

Convicted animal abuser John Henry Brazil, is banned from keeping horses for three years

Brazil admitted causing unnecessary suffering by failing to address the cause of the horse’s “poor bodily condition”.

160 hours of unpaid work; 20 rehabilitation sessions; total of £385 in costs and charges. Banned from keeping horses for three years.

The Argus

Fareham, Hampshire: James Goddard

#TheList: gypsy traveller James ‘Jimmy’ Goddard, born 06/06/1991, of 1 Mayles Close, Fareham PO17 5NF – beat a cockerel to death with a metal skewer as others filmed him

Filth: Gypsy Jimmy Goddard from Fareham was filmed by others beating a helpless cockerel to death with a metal skewer
Filth: Gypsy Jimmy Goddard from Fareham was filmed by others beating a helpless cockerel to death with a metal skewer

In a horrendous attack against a defenceless animal, Goddard chased the cockerel around a fenced area with a metal kebab skewer. As the cockerel attempts to run away, Goddard lunges at him, picks him up and beats him to death. As the bird dies Goddard celebrates with his arms in the air.

Police uncovered the video while carrying out a separate investigation.

Convicted animal abuser: gypsy Jimmy Goddard
A scan of convicted animal abuser Jimmy Goddard’s Facebook profile shows that his cruelty towards a helpless cockerel was not a one-off.

RSPCA Chief Inspector Will Mitchell described the violent footage: ‘Mr Goddard chases the bird around taking swipes with the 3ft-long metal skewer like a baseball bat.

‘He then grabs hold of the cockerel, holds him upside down by his feet and, while the bird frantically flaps around and tries to escape his clutches, he beats his head with the pole.

‘He swings at the poor bird again and again, hitting him in the head like a pinata.

‘He then throws the bird’s body onto the ground and celebrates the vicious kill.

‘It’s absolutely shocking to watch. His violent behaviour and the savage cruelty he shows towards this bird is difficult to comprehend.”

Sergeant Andy Williams from Hampshire Constabulary’s Country Watch team said: ‘We are pleased that Goddard has finally been punished for what really was a shocking and cowardly act against the animal.

‘We work closely with our partners from the RSPCA on a variety of rural and animal welfare matters.

‘Offences such as this have no place in modern society. When information is received about such offences, the Country Watch team is only too pleased to assist in investigating them and bringing offenders to justice.’

Sentencing: 18-week custodial sentence; total of £865 costs and charges. Banned from keeping any animal for five years.

The News
The London Economic

Britwell, Slough: Emma-Louise Welland

#TheList Emma Welland, born c. 1971, of 19 Wavell Gardens, Slough SL2 2EJ – lied that she had found a badly neglected dog dumped in woodland, but in reality the pet was hers

Callous Emma Welland and the poorly dog she claimed to have rescued when in reality Rasher was her own neglected pet
Callous Emma Welland and the poorly dog she claimed to have rescued when in reality Rasher was her own neglected pet

Welland claimed to have found the abandoned animal in Britwell’s Bluebell Woods on June 12, 2018, when she called to tell Slough Borough Council’s neighbourhood enforcement team she had taken him home to care for him.

The elderly dog, called Rasher, had been severely neglected over a significant period. He was seriously malnourished and could barely walk. He was rushed to an emergency vet but nothing could be done for him and he was put down a week later.

The vet found Rasher was suffering serious muscle wastage, malnutrition, dangerous weight loss and a nasty skin condition.

Elderly Staffy Rasher was badly neglected by his owner Emma Welland from Slough, Berkshire
Elderly Staffy Rasher had to be put to sleep due to his poor condition

An appeal was launched to find the callous owner and several people identified Welland as the person actually responsible for Rasher.

Welland admitted a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal under Section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Ian Blake, the council’s neighbourhood manager, said: “This was a very difficult case due to the original reports from Emma Welland frustrating the investigation.

“She claimed to have found Rasher when she was actually the dog’s owner and person responsible for his terrible condition.

“She had fabricated the entire story of the abandoned dog in the wood and tried to pass her responsibility as an owner over to Slough Borough Council.

“Extensive efforts were made by vets and the kennels to support and rehabilitate Rasher however, he had deteriorated to such a poor state there was little more that could be done.

“Everyone involved in this case found it difficult to come to terms with what happened to Rasher. The actual facts of the matter would never have come to light if people had not come forward with information during the council’s publicity campaign and I would like to thank those who did.”

Councillor Pavitar K Mann, cabinet member for regulation and consumer protection, said: “Emma Welland was identified after Slough Borough Council launched a search to find Rasher’s owner when we thought he had been abandoned.

“To find out his owner was the woman who tried to claim to be the hero in this scenario was just so sad.

“As the council we will always endeavour to gather as much information as possible which could lead to prosecution through the justice system.”

Sentencing: 40 hours of unpaid work; 12-month community order; 15 days of a rehabilitation activity; costs and charges totalling £145. Banned from owning or keeping any animal for five years.

Slough Observer

Boxley, Kent: Langley Beck

#TheList Langley Beck, born c. 1963, or Bell Lane, Boxley, Maidstone, Kent ME14 39G – kept seven dogs and three ducks without water inside his home

Langley Beck from Boxley, Kent, has been banned for life from keeping animals after housing dogs and ducks in appalling conditions
Langley Beck has been banned for life from keeping animals after housing dogs and ducks in appalling conditions

Reclusive Langley Beck is said to own 80 acres of property but kept dogs in rooms with surfaces and furniture covered in excrement. Three ducks were found in a ‘hot’ caravan where all the doors and windows were closed. It is believed they had been left without water for 12 hours and had to be euthanised.

Beck, who is believed to live alone at the bleak property in Boxley, is the last member of the area’s oldest farming family.

Medway Magistrates Court heard police and an RSPCA investigator visited his home in July 2017.

Langley Beck has been banned for life from keeping animals after housing dogs and ducks in appalling conditions

RSPCA head investigator Ellie Burtcor entered one portacabin containing four dogs and said her eyes began to water from the stench.

She said: ‘It was absolutely disgusting, my eyes were watering with the urine smell that was coming from there.

‘There was an overwhelming smell of faeces and it was very damp and stagnant.

Langley Beck has been banned for life from keeping animals after housing dogs and ducks in appalling conditions

‘There were piles of faeces everywhere, faeces scraped along the floor, rubbish boxes, there were broken china ornaments.

‘Just everything that was completely unsuitable for a dog to be running around in.’

Giving evidence, Beck said the dogs had all been fed and given water that day and he would have been able to tend to the ducks if he hadn’t been occupied with the police arriving.

When asked about his routine of cleaning the areas the dogs lived in, he remained silent.

Despite the conditions, a vet who inspected the dogs said they were healthy.

A post mortem examination of the ducks concluded that they had gone at least 12 hours without water.

One was in such a bad state it was immediately put down while the other two were euthanised later.

Beck says his family have lived in Boxley for more than 100 years, making them the longest running residents of the village.

Sentencing: 20 days of rehabilitation activities, 100 hours of unpaid work; £1,800 in costs plus an £85 victim surcharge. Banned from keeping animals for life.


Paulsgrove, Portsmouth: Joshua Pedelty

#TheList Joshua ‘Josh’ Pedelty, born c. 1988, of Allaway Avenue, Paulsgrove, Portsmouth PO6 – left pregnant mares and a stallion to fend for themselves at a ‘dumping ground’

Horse abuser Joshua Pedelty pleaded not guilty to cruelty charges but was convicted at Portsmouth Magistrates Court and banned from keeping horses for just three years.

A black stallion Friesian named Eli and two bay thoroughbred pregnant mares, Sophia and Duchess, were so under-fed their ribs were clearly visible and their bodies skinny.

Both Eli and Sophia had misshapen and overgrown broken hooves. The mares both gave birth but one foal was stillborn, leaving only foal Zazoo.

Sophia was later put down after an independent vet found she had contracted incurable colic.

All three had been left on land to fly graze on the Causeway, off Sussex Road in Petersfield by notorious horse abuser Joshua Pedelty, who has finally been convicted of neglect following an RSPCA prosecution.

Sadly Joshua Pedelty has reproduced …

Speaking about the prosecution case against Josh Pedelty, RSPCA deputy chief inspector Sandy Barlow, who investigated for the animal welfare charity and worked alongside field officers from World Horse Welfare to rescue the horses, said: ‘Fly-grazing of horses is a big issue, and can lead to welfare problems. Often the land used for fly-grazing is unsuitable for horses.

‘In this instance the area where they had been left had become a dumping ground for horses, and is totally unsuitable.

‘This case is a reminder that owning horses is a huge responsibility and owners have to make sure they can assure the welfare of the animals dependent on them.

‘Keeping horses in good condition and meeting their welfare needs can be difficult if an owner is moving them from place to place in this way without always guaranteeing the appropriate environment, such as suitable grazing, access to water and shelter, so we believe fly-grazing horses often experience welfare problems.’

Eli, Duchess, and Zazoo the foal, have fully recovered and will soon be rehomed.

Sentencing: total of £1,300 fines and costs. Three-year ban on keeping any type of horse. His ban was suspended for 28 days.

The News


We understand that Pedelty and his girlfriend Hannah Outen also keep around 20 horses in a run-down yard in Frogmore Lane in Horndean, Waterlooville. The horses are said to be in poor condition with overgrown, cracked hooves.

Pedelty and Outen, who apparently have a less than harmonious relationship are also prolific dog breeders. Again, animal welfare ranks low on their list of priorities and their main concern is always making money. Outen insists she is an animal lover but this FB post from January 2018 would appear to contradict that:

St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex: Carla French

#TheList Carla French, born c. 1980, of 22 Jameson Crescent, St Leonards-on-Sea TN38 9JA – failed to take injured dog to the vet

Photo of dog abuser Carla French of Jameson Crescent, St Leonards-on-Sea, who has been banned from keeping animals for seven years
Carla French of Jameson Crescent, St Leonards, East Sussex, has been banned from keeping any animal for seven years

French pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a male brindle and white Staffordshire bull terrier by failing to provide proper and necessary veterinary care and attention for a tail injury. The offence took place at St Leonards between July 2 and July 7, 2018.

She was fined £80 and ordered to pay £300 in prosecution costs. Magistrates banned her from keeping an animal for seven years, recording that the reason was ‘an inability to care for animals’.

Hastings Observer

Tenterden, Ashford, Kent: Liam Jones

#TheList for illegally docking the tail of a 15wo spaniel puppy Liam Jones, born c 1993, of Shrubcote, Tenterden, Ashford TN30

Liam Jones of Tenterden, Ashford, Kent left cocker spaniel Max in agony after tying an elastic band around his tail in an attempt to dock it.
Liam Jones of Tenterden, Ashford, Kent left cocker spaniel Max in agony after tying an elastic band around his tail in an attempt to dock it.

Cocker spaniel Max was discovered in High Halden with an elastic band wrapped at the top of his tail that had been tightened with the aid of crimping pliers, leaving the end to become “withered”.

His owner Liam Jones pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a puppy by attempting to dock his tail, when he appeared before Maidstone Magistrates.

RSPCA Inspector Dave Grant said that Max had been rescued in July 2018: “When we removed Max from the home he had an orange elastic band wrapped tightly around his tail.

“It was 1.5ins from the base of his tail and the remainder of the tail was withered almost to the point of falling off. I touched his tail and he yelped; he was obviously in pain.”

He added: “Mr Jones was used to docking lambs’ tails and didn’t see any different in applying the same method to his 15-week-old cocker spaniel puppy, Max.

“He claimed his previous dog had suffered a de-gloving tail injury, which is when the skin is torn away, and he wanted to prevent Max going through the same.

Tail docking is illegal under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, except for medical purposes or for certain types of certified working dogs, when the procedure must be carried out by a vet before the puppy is five days old.

“While Mr Jones told us that Max was intended to be a working dog, he was not registered with any groups.”

Insp Grant said. “He also admitted that he was unaware of the laws around tail docking and had used crimping pliers to apply the rubber band to Max’s tail.

“Tail docking is illegal under the Animal Welfare Act. It is a painful process, can impact on how dogs communicate and is often wholly unnecessary.

“We do not believe any animals should be mutilated for cosmetic purposes and that removing part or all of the tail should only be done for medical reasons.”

Max has been rehomed by the RSPCA.

Sentencing: community order of 200 hours of unpaid work and 20-days of rehabilitation activity, to include attending the RSPCA’s pilot intervention programme aimed at stopping re-offending. Total of £385 costs and charges. Disqualified from keeping dogs for two years.

Kent Online

Swaythling, Southampton: Dalton Wills

#TheList Dalton Wills, born c. 1997, of Harrison Road, Swaythling, Southampton SO14 – left his dog to suffer for months with chronic skin problems

Convicted dog abuser Dalton Wills and German Shepherd Chase, whom he left to suffer with a horrific skin condition

Dalton Wills pleaded guilty to an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, following a prosecution by the RSPCA.

Wills left German Shepherd Chase to suffer with chronic skin problems with evidence of severe chronic self trauma and marked secondary skin infection.

Officers from the RSPCA were contacted with concerns about Chase in August 2018 and found the dog with hair loss over his rump and down his thighs.

Dalton Wills' dog Chase had significant hair loss on his rump, which was also inflamed and scabbed
Dalton Wills’ dog Chase had significant hair loss on his rump, which was also inflamed and scabbed

A veterinary inspection later confirmed that Wills failure to ensure necessary treatment, care and attention for his dog’s skin disease caused suffering unnecessarily for between two and three months.

Chase was later put to sleep due to his suffering.

Dog abuser Dalton Wills from Southampton
Cruel Dalton Wills is now banned from keeping animals for five years.

RSPCA Inspector Tina Ward said: “Chase was in an horrendous condition and had been left without the care he needed and deserved for a significant period of time.

“Pets are reliant on owners to ensure that their needs are met, and it’s never acceptable to ignore an animal when they are in pain and distress.

“Wills did take responsibility and was remorseful and said it was never his intention to do nothing but he did.

“Chase was sadly put to sleep because he was suffering. He was given intensive treatment by vet which didn’t bring his pain and discomfort under control.”

12-week prison sentence, suspended for 18 months; 220 hours of unpaid work. Total of £215 cost and charges. Five year disqualification from keeping any animal.

Daily Echo