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South Herefordshire Hunt: Paul Oliver, Hannah Rose, Paul Reece and Julie Elmore

#TheList Paul Oliver, born c. 1978, and Hannah Rose, born c. 1988, both of Sutton Crosses, Long Sutton, Spalding PE12, Paul Reece, born c. 1970, of Grove View, Usk Road, Chepstow NP16 6SA and Julie Elmore, born c. 1963, of 6 Brynarw Estate, Abergavenny NP7 7ND – convicted of animal cruelty after fox cubs were fed to hounds

Fox cub killers Paul Oliver, Hannah Rose, Paul Reece and Julie Elmore - all involved with now defunct South Herefordshire Hunt
Fox cub killers Paul Oliver, Paul Reece, Hannah Rose and Julie Elmore

Footage obtained by a group called the Hunt Investigation Team (HIT) was instrumental in the successful prosecution of Paul Oliver, master of hounds with the now disbanded South Herefordshire Hunt.

South Herefordshire Hunt cruelty case. Fox cub killer Paul Oliver, former huntsman with the now defunct hunt.
Disgraced Master and Huntsman of the now defunct South Herefordshire Hunt, Paul Oliver

Oliver was convicted of four counts of animal cruelty for allowing his hounds to kill four fox cubs and was handed a 16-week suspended jail sentence for causing their “painful, terrifying” deaths.

District Judge Joanna Dickens, sitting at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court, also imposed a 12-week suspended sentence on Oliver’s partner, Hannah Rose, the hunt’s kennel maid.

South Herefordshire Hunt kennel maid Hannah Rose pictured outside court
South Herefordshire Hunt kennel maid Hannah Rose pictured outside court

The pair were ordered to pay £300 in costs and a £115 victim surcharge after being convicted of causing unnecessary suffering.

South Herefordshire Hunt cruelty case. Hannah Rose and Paul Oliver pictured outside court.
Hannah Rose and Paul Oliver pictured outside court.

HIT, a relatively new group whose members include ex-services personnel, received training in covert investigative methods.

They fixed a device to Oliver’s Land Rover following a tip-off and tracked him to a site where they suspected he was catching fox cubs in May 2016.

They also set up cameras at the hunt’s kennels and obtained footage they said proved Oliver was catching cubs and taking them back to his hounds to “blood” them.

South Herefordshire Hunt cruelty case. Paul Oliver was filmed taking live fox cubs  from a crate into a kennel block. A short time later he was captured disposing of the cubs' mutilated bodies.
Paul Oliver was filmed taking live fox cubs from a crate into a kennel block at the South Herefordshire Hunt. A short time later he was captured disposing of the cubs’ mutilated bodies.
South Herefordshire Hunt cruelty case. Paul Oliver's girlfriend Hannah Rose looks on as he  handles the fox cubs.  Photo credit: Hunt Investigation Team.
Paul Oliver’s girlfriend Hannah Rose looks on as he handles the fox cubs. Photo credit: Hunt Investigation Team.

The court heard that one camera recorded Oliver dumping the bodies of two cubs in a wheelie bin.

The activists are said to have taken legal advice from lawyers and animal welfare organisations who told them they could not recover the cubs as this would amount to theft.

They said they did not pass the case to the police because they did not believe officers would have the resources to follow it up.

HIT members, who are involved in several ongoing investigations, are so worried about reprisals that one was allowed to give evidence during the seven-day trial from behind a screen.

Fox cub killers Julie Elmore and Paul Reece
Terrierman Paul Reece was filmed delivering a fox cub to the crate. Nathan Parry, who unbelievably was acquitted, was also present along with his girlfriend Julie Elmore (pictured)

Julie Elmore and Paul Reece admitted two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to cubs which were distressed by being transported to the kennels.

Elmore and Reece were given conditional discharges and ordered to pay costs of £50 after the judge said both had been “motivated by consideration” for two fox cubs.

A fifth defendant, Nathan Parry, born c. 1978, also of Brynarw estate, was cleared of all charges.

Acquitted of any involvement in live fox cubs being fed to hounds: Nathan Parry
Unbelievably Nathan Parry was acquitted with judges believing his implausible account

Parry took foxes to kennels but was found not guilty after the judge accepted he believed they would be relocated in the wild.

Martin Sims, director of investigations at the League Against Cruel Sports and former head of the police’s National Wildlife Crime Unit, said: “We believe the incidents show that hunts are clearly still hunting as the poor fox cubs were thrown into the kennels to give the hounds a taste for blood.

“The barbarity of these incidents is sickening and will horrify the vast majority of the British public who are overwhelmingly opposed to fox hunting.”

Deborah Marshall, HIT spokeswoman, said: “This case has taken far too long to come to court and we have faced false allegations against investigators and obstruction throughout. We are glad that justice has finally taken its course.

“The capture of fox cubs to be used to train hounds is nothing new and is widespread across Britain, as is the mass destruction of healthy hounds to make way for younger ones. We will continue to expose cruelty and wildlife crime.”

The Masters of Foxhounds Association suspended the South Herefordshire Hunt after the footage emerged and it has since disbanded.

A spokesperson for the association said Oliver’s actions were “completely disgraceful” and had no place in hunting.


Fulham, South-West London: Jibriel Guled

#TheList Jibriel Guled, born c. 1994, of Barclay Close, Cassidy Road, Fulham SW6 – kicked a four-month puppy to death

Dog killer Jibriel Guled is from Somalia but now lives in Fulham, South-West London
Jibriel Guled had subjected Bibi to previous attacks but this time she died from the injuries the Somali national inflicted on her

Guled was jailed and banned from keeping animals for life after he was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a Staffordshire bull terrier called Bibi by the infliction of physical abuse, namely blunt force trauma.

The RSPCA and police attended the property on 23 June, 2018, following a call to 999.

Bibi was sadly already dead and RSPCA Inspector Mike Beaman, who investigated, collected her body which had been placed in a wicker basket and wrapped in blankets.

Inspector Beaman said, “This was an extremely sad case involving a young dog whose life was cut short far too soon. Myself and the police attended the property in June last year after the police received an emotional 999 call from someone claiming Guled had kicked his dog.

“Poor Bibi would have experienced extreme pain and suffering from this physical abuse which we now believe was inflicted on her over a period of months.”

Dog killer Jibriel Guled is from Somalia but now lives in Fulham, South-West London
Dog killer Jibriel Guled is from Somalia but now lives in Fulham, South-West London

Somali national Guled said in court that the bed inside the property had collapsed on top of Bibi and this had caused her injuries and killed her.

A post-mortem examination of the dog’s body revealed that there were also three historical injuries of blunt force trauma to the dog’s body which occurred between May and June before the final incident which led to her death.

Sentencing: 26-week custodial sentence; £1000 in costs. Banned from keeping all animals for life.

BBC News

Wood Farm, Oxford: Callum Gerken

#TheList Callum Lee Gerken, born 6 January 1992, of Wood Farm, Oxford – beat a Labrador puppy to death with a slipper

Dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford and his victim, Shadow
Puppy Shadow suffered a laceration to her liver, a broken jaw and fractured ribs in the vicious attack by evil Callum Gerken

Shadow, a 17-week old black Labrador puppy, suffered a laceration to her liver, a broken jaw and fractured ribs in the vicious attack by Callum Gerken.

Dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford

Gerken also sent malicious voice clip messages to Shadow’s owner, claiming ‘I have just beat it from one side of the room to the other.’

On Wednesday April 3, police were called to an address in Saunders Road, Oxford, where Gerken had caused serious injuries to the puppy.

Gerken was arrested on April 4 before being charged the following day.

The court heard that Gerken had become angry with the puppy for defecating inside and ruining items in the house by tearing them.

Shadow suffered a laceration to her liver, a broken jaw and fractured ribs in the vicious attack by Callum Gerken

He started repeatedly hitting the dog with a slipper.

When the animal was struggling to breathe, Gerken refused to get medical help.

Instagram post by dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford and his victim, Shadow
Gerken Instagram post shows him petting a puppy that doted on him

Gerken sent voice clips to Shadow’s owner which amounted to malicious communications.

In the messages, he said the puppy had ‘sh*t everywhere. I have just beat it from one side of the room to the other.

‘I don’t give a fuck. That is how it will be with me. She ain’t gonna do that again because she cannot fucking walk.’

Dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford

Gerken had previously denied the charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and sending malicious communications. But he changed his plea to guilty at the last minute.

Footage of Gerken with Shadow during which he calls her his “best friend”

Sentencing Gerken, magistrates told him: ‘The dog died as a result of what was done to her.

‘You were determined to cause harm and you made threats that you would cause further harm to the dog.

‘You were in a position of responsibility. You used a slipper as a weapon.

‘You did not call or take the dog to the vet or seek advice even though you were aware she was unwell.’

Dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford

Supporters shouted ‘love you Cal, see you next week’ as he was taken away from the dock.

Sentencing: 23 weeks in prison; ordered to pay £250 compensation and £1,000 in court costs. Banned from keeping dogs for 10 years.

Daily Mail
Oxford Mail

Wallasey, Wirral: Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo

#TheList Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo, born c. 1993, of The Chelsea, Tower Promenade, New Brighton, Wallasey CH45 2JY- left her puppy with ‘horrific and severe’ injuries to the ribs and jaw

Dog abuser Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo  of Wallasey
Puppy Darcey suffered a catalogue of injuries while in the care of her owner Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo from Wallasey, Wirral

Downie-Ntemo pleaded guilty to two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to her shih tzu type puppy called Darcey.

The court heard how Downie-Ntemo took Darcey to a local vets with three broken ribs down one side of her body and three dislocated ribs on her other side on October 24, 2018.

Darcey’s jaw was also broken in two places

Downie-Ntemo is banned from keeping animals for five years after her puppy suffered a series of injuries

Downie-Ntemo said that she had ‘thrown’ the puppy in the air and failed to catch her, with her landing on laminate flooring, claiming this is what caused the rib injuries.

She said that the jaw injuries happened a few hours later after she had found Darcey ‘frothing’ at the mouth and put her in the bath – she said the dog was ‘struggling’ in the bath and ‘fell’ causing the jaw to break in two places.

An expert witness disputed that the injuries could have been caused in this way – the RSPCA were later alerted and Inspector Naomi Morris went to investigate.

She said that Darcey was injured on October 23 but vet treatment had not been sought by Downie-Ntemo until the following day, so she was left suffering overnight.

In mitigation the court heard how Downie-Ntemo is being treated for depression.

Darcey, victim of dog abuser Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo  from Wallasey
Puppy Darcey is recovering well in spite of her ordeal at the hands of her cruel previous owner

Inspector Norris said: “It was heartbreaking to see this tiny puppy with such horrific and severe injuries.

“Darcey was admitted to the vets in a very severe condition she was clearly in a lot of pain and because of her rib injuries she was struggling to breathe.

“I cannot believe how she has coped with her injuries at such a young age but thankfully she has made great progress and is recovering well.

“It is always sad when animals have been injured and neglected but this particular puppy is a little miracle because she was so small and vulnerable.

“The RSPCA cannot investigate these situations without the support and generosity of the public and we are always grateful for this help.”

Darcey is now in a foster home where she is said to be making a remarkable recovery.

Sentencing: community order of 60 hours of unpaid work. Costs and charges totalling £685. Banned from keeping animals for five years.

Wirral Globe

Great Horton, Bradford: Raja Zulqarnain

#TheList Raja Q Zulqarnain, born c. 1982, of Southmere Oval, Great Horton, Bradford BD7 – left his pet kitten’s horrendous eye infection untreated – causing the eyeball to rupture and burst.

Kitten neglected by Raja Zulqarnain of Great Horton, Bradford, who has now been sent to jail for 4 months.
Vile kitten abuser Raja Zulqarnain of Great Horton, Bradford, hadn’t even given his abandoned pet a name

Zulqarnain pleaded guilty to an offence of causing unnecessary suffering to his kitten, who was aged just eight weeks old at the time.

Bradford Magistrates’ Court heard on Tuesday how the RSPCA was called to reports of a suffering kitten at the address after a resident saw the poorly pet’s eye on August 22, 2017.

Inspector Emma Dingley was sent to investigate and found the suffering kitten cowering in a nearby garage and was shocked by the severity of his eye infection.

She said: “The resident told me the kitten was in the garage as she had been trying to feed it.

“It was 10pm and pitch black when I went inside to try find the kitten and although I couldn’t see him I could smell the infection it was so bad.

“Then when I brought him out and held my torch up to him I could see the severity of the infection, which had caused his eyeball to rupture and burst.

“The kitten, who had sadly not even been given a name, was also severely underweight.

“I rushed him to a nearby vets who also found the kitten was infested with fleas causing flea anemia – which is when the fleas drain so much blood it causes the body to shut down.

“The vet said if the kitten had been healthy he could have had the eye removed but because of his medical problems he wouldn’t survive the anaesthetic and the kindest thing to do was put him to sleep to end his suffering.”

Inspector Dingley later interviewed Zulqarnain and he admitted the kitten was his but said he had no money to seek veterinary treatment for him.

She added: “He said didn’t know the kitten was living in the cold garage and also said he had no name for the cat.

“The magistrate was disgusted by the photographs of the eye injury which were shown in court – and said he couldn’t bring himself to look at them.

“It is so sad that the kitten was only a few weeks old and during that time suffered terribly. It is such a shame because he was such a friendly little guy and when I picked him up that night he was enjoying cuddles and attention. It was an extremely upsetting case.”

Sentencing: jailed for four months. No indication of a ban.

Telegraph and Argus

Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury: Christopher Bound

#TheList Christopher Edward Bound, born 17/12/1993, of Rothley Drive, Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury SY3 5BB – subjected a two-year-old pug to a prolonged violent beating, eventually killing her

Dog killer Christopher Bound from Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Face of evil: While Christopher Bound’s lawyer told the court that he was troubled and in need of help, locals have described him as violent and dangerous.

Cocaine user Bound punched, kicked and threw the black pug named Shelby against a wall as she screeched in pain, before police arrived and found him with his T-shirt covered in blood.

Black pug Shelby: victim of dog killer Christopher Bound from Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Victim Shelby (right)

Neighbours alerted police immediately after hearing and witnessing the beating on February 24, 2019.

Bound, who is originally from Newtown in Shropshire, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

Kate Price, prosecuting, told Telford Magistrates Court: “At around 10.30pm to 10.45pm the neighbour heard a loud screeching sound and the defendant shout ‘get back in your bed’.

“They looked out of the window and saw him kicking something. Every time he kicked there was a screeching sound.

“The neighbour went back into their house and the defendant carried on hurting the dog. They continued to watch and he saw him throw the dog at the patio door.

“Then he picked it up and threw it against a wall. Bound kicked it a few more times before washing his hands. The neighbour was too distressed to carry on watching and called police.”

Bound was then seen taking his top off and continued to kick and punch the dog. “The screeching was getting quieter and quieter each time,” added Mrs Price. “Officers arrived and saw the blood on his T-shirt and found the dog in its bed. They established it had severe injuries.”

Shelby was taken to a vet for an emergency appointment, but could not be saved and died from internal bleeding.

Defence agent Adrian Roberts said: “He had a normal life until his brother died of cancer in 2013. Before that happened he was a reasonably successful sportsman, playing for local rugby and cricket teams in Newport, and he had a good job with Laura Ashley.

“He turned to cocaine to numb his feelings.”

Shrewsbury dog killer Christopher Bound's girlfriend Georgia O'Keefe is standing by him
Georgia O’Keefe is standing by her violent sadistic bastard of a man.

Mr Roberts described Bound’s girlfriend, Georgia O’Keefe, who is standing by him despite the killing and was in court with his father, as a “stable influence”, and added that Bound had suffered with depression and anxiety.

Evil Chris Bound with girlfriend Georgia O’Keefe

“Clearly he’s a man who needs help,” he said.

After the case, Simon Paulo from the Crown Prosecution Service said: “As a nation of dog lovers this was a sad case to prosecute.

“Domestic animals are protected in England and Wales. Owners have a responsibility towards the welfare of their pets.

“I would like to commend the neighbours for calling the police when they witnessed this brutality taking place. I urge anyone who may witness any form of animal cruelty to report it as a criminal offence so that justice can be served.”

Sentencing: 12 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 12 months; 35 rehabilitation days. Costs and charges totalling £1,200. Banned from owning animals for life.

Shropshire Star
BBC News

Waterlooville, Hampshire: Andrew Cook

#TheList Andrew Cook, born 14 May 1990, of Grebe Close, Waterlooville PO8 – left his ex-girlfriend’s six-month-old puppy ‘lifeless’ with a fractured skull and hip after kicking him in a fit of rage

Thug Andrew Cook of Waterlooville, Hampshire, subjected a helpless six-month-old puppy to a violent attack causing im to suffer multiple injuries
Thug Andrew Cook of Waterlooville, Hampshire, subjected a helpless six-month-old puppy to a violent attack causing im to suffer multiple injuries

Bricklayer Cook admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal following a violent assault on the defenceless Staffy puppy named Bronson.

The court heard Cook attacked the dog, who belonged to his former partner Paige Bowden, after returning home to find the dog had pooed and urinated inside.

Dog abuser Andrew Cook from Waterlooville in Hampshire

Bronson was kicked with such force by Cook he suffered multiple injuries. He suffered a brain injury, internal bleeding, at least two broken bones, severe bruising around his left eye and even in his mouth.

When Ms Bowden came home and questioned Cook about the injuries, he said Bronson was ‘just sulking’ after being hurt by another dog owner on a walk.

Thug Andrew Cook of Waterlooville, Hampshire, subjected a helpless six-month-old puppy to a violent attack causing im to suffer multiple injuries
Dog abuser Andrew Cook pictured outside court. According to his idiot lawyer, he “couldn’t cope” after a puppy messed up the house

Prosecuting for the RSPCA, Sarah Huck said Cook’s temper flared and he later threatened to stamp on the dog’s head to ‘finish him off so there was no vets’ bills to pay’.

An estimated £5,000 has so far been spent on treating Bronson after he was assessed by staff at Vets 4 Pets, Sanctuary Vets and the RSPCA-owned Stubbington Ark in Fareham.

Bronson is now recovering back in the care of Ms Bowden, who dumped Cook – the father of her young son – after the dog attack.

Mitigating, lawyer Howard Barrington-Clark said Cook ‘couldn’t cope’ when he found the mess and kicked out in anger as if the puppy was an ‘inanimate object’, like a ‘door’.

Andrew Cook's lawyer Howard Barrington-Clark tried to excuse his client's violence saying he confused the dog with an inanimate object
According to idiot lawyer Howard Barrington-Clark we have all confused a living breathing creature with an inanimate object, like a door …

‘We have probably all done it, or come perilously close to doing it,’ he said.

‘It’s as if that puppy, for a split-second, turned into an inanimate object.

‘The defendant wasn’t thinking straight and accepts it was completely wrong – he accepts complete guilt.’

He said Cook’s previous criminal record was a ‘lousy’ one but contained no similar incidents.

Thug Andrew Cook of Waterlooville, Hampshire, subjected a helpless six-month-old puppy to a violent attack causing im to suffer multiple injuries
Dog abuser Andrew Cook

Speaking after the sentencing, RSPCA inspector Charlotte Coggins said ‘justice has been done’ – but the case was among the ‘worst the group has seen in a long time’.

‘The injuries are absolutely awful,’ she said.

‘Thankfully [the dog] is recovering absolutely fine and he is back with his owner where, undoubtedly, he will be getting all the love he needs.’

Sentencing: 12-week prison sentence suspended for 18 months;100 hours of unpaid work; rehabilitation activity requirement comprising 21 sessions geared at reducing violent behaviour and 20 hours of activities. Total of £515 costs and charges. Disqualified from keeping animals for life.

The News

Hatfield, Hertfordshire: Daniel Stasik

#TheList Daniel Stasik, born c. 1988, of 6 Walker Grove, Hatfield AL10 9PL – allowed his banned-breed ‘fighting’ dog to savage a pet cat and failed to get help for the stricken animal

Shelly, a cat that was fatally injured by a dog in Hatfield, just before she died.
Pet cat Shelly suffered horrific injuries in a dog attack from which she would never recover

At around 11am on June 23, 2018, a pitbull-type dog owned by Daniel Stasik chased a cat named Shelly into an alleyway in Walker Grove and attacked her. Stasik grabbed the dog, but was unable to keep control of him.

He did not attempt to assist the cat or find her owners to get medical assistance.

Around 1am the following morning, Shelly was found by her owner in a nearby garden covered in blood and faeces and unable to place any weight on her hind legs.

Due to the length of time she had been left, there were maggots around her wounds.

Over the next few days, Shelly’s condition deteriorated and following multiple treatments and attempts at resuscitation, she died from her injuries on July 1, 2018.

On July 20, officers from the Welwyn Hatfield Safer Neighbourhood Team and the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Dog Unit attended Stasik’s address to execute a warrant to seize his dog.

The dog was examined and confirmed to be substantially a pit bull-type.

Stasik was reported to court for possessing a fighting dog under Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal under Section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act.

At court, Stasik pleaded guilty to possessing a fighting dog and, while initially pleading not guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Shelly, was found guilty of that offence.

PC Gavin Richardson, from the Welwyn Hatfield West Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “Pit bulls are banned in the UK and Stasik’s dog posed a very serious danger to public safety.

“Not only did Stasik have possession of a banned dog breed, but he made no attempts to help save the cat and instead simply left her to die.

“This was extremely distressing for her owners who found their beloved pet in an incredibly distressed state with horrendous injuries.

“I hope that this sentence provides some justice for the victims and that the public feel safe knowing that Stasik will not be allowed to have dog for another decade.”

Sentencing: 240 hours of unpaid community work. Ordered to pay compensation to Shelly’s owners for vet costs and to the police for kenneling costs. Banned from having custody of a dog for 10 years. Stasik’s dog was ordered to be put down, unless an appeal is lodged within 21 days.

Welwyn Hatfield Times

We’re building quite a profile on this piece of filth. He is from Poland. He came to the UK in 2009 to work as a painter/decorator but is now living on benefits. He showed no remorse in court and he and his friend seemed to find the proceedings amusing. He freely admitted in court that he beat his dog. Another cat belonging to Shelly’s heartbroken owner died after being deliberately poisoned. This happened just after Stasik was charged. Coincidence? Stasik has another address in Prayle Grove, London NW2 1BD 

Upton-upon-Severn, Worcester – Joe Purvis

#TheList Joe Purvis, born c. 1993, of William Tennant Way, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcester WR8 OLP – broke his kitten’s jaw and caused what are believed to be burns to her head; kitten also lost a leg

Kitten Indico suffered a catalogue of injuries while in the care of her owner Joe Purvis . Now he's been banned from keeping animals for 10 years.
Kitten Indico suffered a catalogue of injuries while in the care of her owner Joe Purvis . Now he’s been banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

Purvis took his 12-week-old Maine Coon cat, named Indico, to a vet in November 2018 where she was found to have three fractures to her head.

The pet, bought for £50 several months earlier on Facebook, also had an open wound on the top of her head, and lost a leg while in Purvis’ care.

Animal abuser Joe Purvis of Upton-upon-Severn
Animal abuser Joe Purvis of Upton-upon-Severn

Purvis admitted to giving Indica a “back-hander”, claiming she had bitten him, but did not accept that the marks were caused by a burn. Instead, he claimed she hit her head on a tap while he was trying to wash her.

The former student at Heart of Worcestershire College accepted a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal when he appeared before magistrates.

Sara Pratt, prosecuting, said the defendant had taken the kitten to vets in September 2018 and she had such severe injuries to her leg that they had no choice but to amputate it.

On November 9, 2018, Purvis then took her again to Coldicott & Kingsway Veterinary Clinic in Tewkesbury and was described by staff as smelling “overwhelmingly of cannabis”.

Mrs Pratt said he told vets he believed the cat had suffered a broken jaw due to him giving her a “back-hander the night before” after she’d defecated on his bed and bit him.

He also told them the open sore on her head was caused by her hitting her head while he washed faeces off her.

Purvis said to vets he “couldn’t cope with such a demanding animal” and that she was the “first and last” pet he would ever own.

Mrs Pratt said the defendant had been unable to sleep the night of the incident and had toyed with the idea of taking her somewhere to “let her go as a stray” but decided to take her to Coldicott clinic instead.

The vets told him Indico needed an X-ray, but he said he didn’t have any money and “did not want the cat” before becoming “verbally aggressive”.

When veterinary staff wouldn’t agree to take the kitten off him, he told them there was “no proof” he owned her anyway.

He added that if he was forced to take her home he would “let her go” and described the vets as “money grabbing” despite them offering to give some treatment for free.

The court heard Purvis then agreed to sign over the cat to the practice and started to fill out a document but then “screwed it up” and exited.

The cat was left at the vets where she was examined, and it was determined she had fractures to the eye and jaw.

The wound to the head appeared to be a burn rather than a graze, as Purvis described it.

Mrs Pratt said vets said there was a “crunching of the bones” on the right-hand jaw bone.

The kitten’s general demeanour was said to be “nervous” in contrast to most young cats who are usually “bold and active” when going to the vets.

An RSPCA inspector went to Purvis’ home later the same day. Purvis agreed to sign over Indico to them and was later interviewed at a local police station.

Mrs Pratt said “there was significant intervention in terms of operations to put right the injuries” which had proved costly to the vets as Purvis hadn’t paid any money.

Defending Purvis Judith Kenney, of Judith Kenney Solicitors in Worcester, said she had seen pictures of the cat while she was living with her client and she was “happy and contented”.

A cat owner herself, Kenney said it is often the case that once a young cat goes through such trauma as a major operation and re-adjustment to life, they are “never the same”.

“The reality is, then she couldn’t defecate properly in her litter tray anymore,” she explained, and went on to say she believes Purvis was not properly told how to look after her after the amputation and “struggled with her”.

Referring to the day in November in which he struck the cat, Kenney said: “Only he knows the truth of the matter.”

“Why would he take the kitten to the vets and admit what he had done if he didn’t have some compassion towards her?”

She said he became agitated at the vets because he “couldn’t afford to pay anymore” fees and had a hospital appointment later that morning.

She said he is often “impulsive” and “that’s part of his difficulties”.

At the last hearing in February, Kenney had said her client suffers from mental health problems.

Joker: Judith Kenney of Worcester solicitor firm Judith Kenney Ltd told the court her cat-abusing client was "an animal lover",
Joker: Judith Kenney of Worcester solicitor firm Judith Kenney Ltd , which is based in the city’s Foregate Street, told the court her cat-abusing client was “an animal lover”,

Kenney said: “He wants me to ensure that you are aware that he did the right thing. He took the cat to the vets. He didn’t do the right thing in hitting her and breaking her jaw.”

She added: “There has been absolute vilification of him in the press. When I read some of the comments, I just couldn’t believe some individuals can’t see that there’s two sides to a story.”

He is an animal lover,” she continued. “He accepts what he did on that day was not right and if he could put the clock back, he would.”

The court heard the cat has now been rehomed.

Sentencing: 14 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months. Costs and charges totalling £515. Banned from owning any animals for 10 years.

Hereford Times

Aberdeen: Yasmin Doherty and Frankie Kane

#TheList Frankie Jane Kane, born 03/07/99 of Printfield Walk, Woodside, Aberdeen AB24, and Yasmin Doherty (aka Yasmin Walker), born circa 2000, of Marischal Court, Castlehill, Aberdeen AB11 – filmed themselves abusing an escaped boa constrictor in the street

Yasmin Doherty (left) and Frankie Kane

Vile Frankie Kane and Yasmin Doherty shared twisted videos of themselves mistreating the snake, named Esmerelda, on social media site Snapchat.

Kane hurled the escape animal 10ft across an Aberdeen street and Doherty swung her above her head.

The disturbing footage which they captured in the early hours of July 4, 2018, showed Esmerelda “writhing in pain” and sparked widespread outrage on social media.

Kane later confessed to causing the animal unnecessary suffering and throwing her, while Doherty admitted the same but also pleaded guilty to “spinning the snake around” and causing her to suffer injury.

Fiscal depute Rebecca Clark said: “The snake’s owner, who had it for three years, kept it in an enclosure in his bedroom and noticed it was missing – but thought it was elsewhere in the property.

“It was 3am when the two accused were outside the Marischal Court block of flats and found it.

“Both were under the influence of alcohol at the time, and Doherty began filming the snake on her mobile phone and posting it on Snapchat.

“Kane then picked it up and threw it several feet across the road.

“The snake appeared to be moving in a distressed state and Doherty said ‘it’s real’ before before picking it up, spinning it around above her head and throwing it.”

A passer-by intervened at that point and handed Esmerelda in to the police, who gave her to the Scottish SPCA.

Ms Clark added that the 4ft snake was “regurgitating blood”, and “appeared to be convulsing in pain”.

She said: “The chief inspector described the animal as writhing about in agony, coughing up blood and clearly dying.

“The decision was made to humanely destroy the snake, which had severe internal injuries.”

Kane’s solicitor maintained that his client did not realise Esmerelda was a live animal at first.

He said: “She though it was a fake snake, but quickly became aware it was real after picking it up and hearing it hiss at her.

“She should have placed it on the ground but she threw the snake through the air.”

Defence agent Tony Burgess said Doherty had lost her job as a result of the incident and is now “struggling to find her way back into employment”.

He added: “She accepts that her behaviour was completely reprehensible.”

Mr Burgess said the snake may have suffered some of her injuries when she escaped from her home and fell “from quite high up” on the multi-storey block.

Sheriff Aitken said he had “limited sympathy” for the teenagers, whose troubles he said were “nobody’s fault but their own”.

He added: “I hope it was drunken stupidity that led to this, rather than an underlying defect in your character. People do not like those who abuse animals.”

The Scottish SPCA welcomed the sentencing of Kane and Doherty but expressed disappointment that no order was imposed preventing them from keeping pets.

Scottish SPCA chief inspector John Carle said: “Although we are pleased to hear this sentence has been passed down we are disappointed a ban was not also imposed.

“Doherty and Kane caused cruel and unnecessary suffering to Esmerelda the snake.

“Treating any animal this way is despicable behaviour and the injuries caused ultimately contributed to the death of the poor snake.”

Sentencing: Kane was ordered to perform 80 hours of unpaid work in the next six months, and Doherty 120 hours. No ban on keeping animals was imposed on either of them.

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