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Ashington, Northumberland: Connor McMillan

#TheList Connor McMillan, born c. 1996, of Aln Street, Ashington NE63 – stabbed his family’s dog in the neck after flying into a rage

Connor McMillan from Ashington stabbed a dog in the neck
Connor McMillan plunged a neck into family pet Bella’s neck after she became protective

McMillan stabbed the dog, named Bella, in the neck after flying into a rage when his girlfriend accused him of seeing someone else.

Bella was left with a three-inch wound and needed a £500 operation.

Prosecutor Claire Anderson told Newcastle Crown Court McMillan had smashed property inside the house and waved a knife around after losing his temper.

Police mugshot of violent thug Connor McMillan
Police mugshot of violent thug Connor McMillan

Miss Anderson said McMillan’s father suffered a slash to his forearm during the violence and had to restrain his son.

The prosecutor told the court: “The family dog Bella became protective. The dog was barking and jumping up.

“The defendant reacted by stabbing the dog in the neck, leaving a three inch wound.”

Miss Anderson said the animal was left with a “serious injury” and endured a “high level of suffering”.

Social media image of convicted animal abuser Connor McMillan, who stabbed a dog in the neck

McMillan admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, assault, and criminal damage.

Judge Jeremy Freedman said it was a “terrifying incident” and that the father could have suffered serious injury when the blade was waved around.

Judge Freedman told McMillan: “What you did do was use that knife to stab the family dog.

“That is a particularly aggravating feature in this offending.

“I trust you are thoroughly ashamed of your actions.

“You could easily have killed the dog. As it was, you caused a serious laceration and the dog had to have surgery.

“I am told, thankfully, the dog fully recovered.”

Judge Freedman said McMillan is in need of help to “contain and control” his anger.

Sentencing: 28 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, with rehabilitation requirements.

Chronicle Live

Basildon, Essex: Arnold Dawson and Kerry Lee Dowson

#TheList Arnold Dawson, born c. 1989, and Kerry Lee Dowson, born c. 1984, both of 36 Armada Close, Basildon SS15 5GP – for cruelty towards a kitten who was injured six times in eight weeks

Convicted pet abusers Arnold Dawson and Kerry Dowson were banned from keeping animals for 10 years.
Convicted pet abusers Arnold Dawson and Kerry Dowson were banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

Dawson and Dowson admitted failing to meet the welfare needs of a black male kitten called Binx by not protecting him from recurrent injury.

The court heard Binx had been taken to the vet six times in eight weeks with injuries consistent with blunt force trauma particularly to the head.

An expert witness report found that Binx had a number of injuries and some were very severe causing large swellings to the head, fracture of the skull, a rib fracture and internal bleeding within the eyes.

The injuries to the kitten’s eyes resulted in eventual blindness.

Photo of convicted pet abuser Arnold Dawson.
A dog in the care of Arnold Dawson and Kerry Dawson had also sustained serious unexplained injuries, resulting in her being put to sleep.
Kerry Dowson
Vision of loveliness: animal abuser Kerry Dowson

The explanations given by Dawson and Dowson for the possible cause of injuries suffered by Binx were not consistent with their severity and the expert concluded that Binx had been subject to repeated incidents of intentional injury.

The court was also told the couple’s previous pet, a dog called Honey, had a similar pattern of unexplained injuries in her medical history which sadly resulted in Honey being put down.

Speaking after the case RSPCA Inspector Adam Jones said: “Binx was taken to a vet by the owner on six occasions over an eight week period, with injuries consistent with blunt force trauma.

“A deprivation order was made and Binx has now been signed over into the care of the RSPCA. We will now look to find him a new home.

“He really is the sweetest boy, despite the injuries he has suffered. He is now blind as a result of the cataracts, but this doesn’t seem to restrict him and he is still just the loveliest cat you could meet. I am certain he will make someone a wonderful addition to their family.”

Despite initially denying the charge, both Dawson and Dowson admitted one count each of failing to protect Binx from recurrent injury.

Dawson – 12-month community order, 200 hours of unpaid work, a 10-day rehabilitation activity requirement and ordered to take part in a thinking skills programme.

Dowson – 12-month community order, a 30-day rehabilitation activity requirement and a six-month curfew between the hours of 7pm and 7am.

Both were disqualified from keeping all animals for 10 years and each ordered to pay £600 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

Southend Standard

Kirkmuirhill, South Lanarkshire: Stefan Zelan

#TheList Stefan Zelan, born c. 1983, of Hope Road, Kirkmuirhill, South Lanarkshire ML11 – failed to seek veterinary treatment for his cat’s broken leg

Mistreated cat Bonnie had to have her leg amputated

Zelan pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide veterinary treatment for his cat’s broken leg under the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006, Section 19(2)(a)(b).

Commenting on the investigation and court case, inspector Emma Sergeant said, “The charge was dealt as Zelan failed to provide veterinary treatment to his cat, Bonnie.

“Bonnie, a black and white domestic long haired type cat, was found to be suffering from a broken leg that had been left untreated by her owner.

“Upon veterinary examination, x-rays showed that the fracture had started to heal and was unfortunately not able to be fixed. The decision was taken for her leg to be amputated.

“Thankfully, she made a full recovery, is pain free and is coping well on three legs.

“She will be transferred to one of our rescue centres where she will stay until she finds her new, loving forever home.

“I am happy that the courts have dealt with this case and the sentence passed down. Bans send an important message that owning an animal is a privilege rather than a right.”

Sentencing: 18-month community payback order. Three-year ban from owning or keeping animals.

Scottish SPCA News

Skelmersdale, Lancashire: Gary Chadwick

#TheList Gary Chadwick, born 1999, of 29 Hartshead, Skelmersdale WN8 6PZ – battered a 20-week-old kitten and left her to suffer an agonising death

Kitten killer Gary Chadwick outside court.

Gary Chadwick pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court.

He killed the grey and white kitten, named Smokey, after he hit her so hard that he caused multiple fractures, kidney damage and significant bruising.

The kitten likely suffered for “many hours” according to the vet who carried out the post-mortem.

A carer for Chadwick, who has autism and had also previously been on medication for schizophrenia , discovered the kitten after she saw her struggling to use her front legs and heard her wailing in pain before she died.

She said Chadwick was acting “shifty”, claiming the cat always made those noises when it used the litter tray.

The carer left the house and called the RSPCA to report Chadwick for animal cruelty.

When interviewed, Chadwick claimed he had only ever slapped Smokey once during her short life but said he never threw or kicked her.

David Lloyd, defending, told Liverpool Magistrates’ Court: “I don’t think he intended to deliberately hurt the kitten.”

Adding: “He has asked me to inform the court, to say he was fond of the kitten.”

Inspector Joanne McDonald said: “We will never know the exact details of how the kitten came to have these injuries but from what the expert witnesses told the court it must have been terrible.

“Smokey was only 20 weeks old and the suffering she must have endured after the attack must have been terrible.”

Sentencing: two-year conditional discharge. Banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

Liverpool Echo

Wolverhampton: Archie Spencer and Rebecca Guy

#TheList Archie Spencer, born 11/12/1998, and Rebecca Guy, born 11/11/1999, both of Goodwood Drive, Wolverhampton WV10 6GH – for  cruelty to a four-month-old kitten, who had to be put to sleep due to the severity of his injuries

Archie Spencer was jailed for fracturing kitten Wolfie’s skull during two months of horrific abuse
Archie Spencer was jailed for fracturing kitten Wolfie’s skull during two months of horrific abuse

Archie Spencer, a man with a temper as short as his height (5ft 2in apparently), abused helpless kitten Wolfie over two months, resulting in broken ribs and a fractured skull.

The kitten finally had to be put to sleep when he was taken to the vets with the skull injury.

The injuries were so severe that the RSPCA was alerted and Spencer was prosecuted.

Spencer pleaded guilty to two animal welfare offences when he appeared at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court.

His partner Rebecca Guy pleaded guilty to one animal welfare offence of failing to protect the cat from pain and suffering.

Archie Spencer was jailed for fracturing kitten Wolfie’s skull during two months of horrific abuse
Kitten abusers Rebecca Guy and Archie Spencer from Wolverhampton

The court heard how between January 25 and March 28, 2018, Wolfie suffered numerous injuries while living  with the pair, who are parents to a three-year-old child.

Guy first took the kitten to a vets with a head injury. Weeks later Wolfie had five broken ribs and on the third occasion, he had a horrific skull fracture that went from one side of his head to the other.

The final injury was so serious the vet decided the kindest thing was to put the kitten to sleep and, believing the injuries had been caused deliberately,  alerted the RSPCA.

Inspector Kate Parker said: “The pair had always denied harming the cat, however in court Spencer took responsibility for the injuries to Wolfie – although we will never know what actually happened.

“What we do know is on three occasions Guy took the cat to the vets with serious injuries, each time claiming they were accidental.

“On the third and final occasion the cat was clearly badly injured. The vet took some video showing poor Wolfie who looks barely alive and when she touched him he reacts, which demonstrates he would have felt pain.

“That is when the decision was made to end his suffering and later an X-ray revealed his horrific skull fracture.

Archie Spencer was jailed for fracturing kitten Wolfie’s skull during two months of horrific abuse
Four-month-old Wolfie was subjected to two months of callous abuse at the hands of Arche Spencer

“Poor Wolfie was only four months old and in that short life enjoyed so much suffering and pain – it is horrendous to think what he went through. In the end he was barely alive and breathing in his own blood, it was truly awful.”

Archie Spencer: jailed for 12 weeks. Banned from keeping animals for life.

Rebecca Guy: eight weeks in jail, suspended for a year. Banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

Both: total of £524 costs and charges. 

Express and Star

Retford, Nottinghamshire: Reece Donohue

#TheList Reece Donohue, born c. 1993, of Wharton Street, Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 7EH – kicked his housemate’s beloved cat to death

Cat killer Reece Donohue of Retford, Nottinghamshire
Reece Donohue and cats Marley (left) and Milo

Former special constable Reece Donohue eventually admitted kicking two-year-old cat Marley to death, after initially claiming he had been attacked by another cat in the house.  That cat, named Milo, was found hiding in the property.

Marley’s owner Amanda Attwood discovered blood splattered on the walls and furnishings after she returned to the home she shared with Donohue.

Cat killer Reece Donohue of Retford, Nottinghamshire
Marley’s owner was horrified to find blood splattered on walls and furniture

She was then horrified to discover her pet’s dead body lying on the floor.

A post-mortem carried out on Marley showed he had been kicked multiple times in the head and had suffered a brain haemorrhage.

He also suffered a broken jaw and had been kicked in the stomach and lungs.

His kidneys and intestines had also haemorrhaged.

Cat killer Reece Donohue of Retford, Nottinghamshire
A post-mortem on Marley’s body showed he had suffered multiple injuries

Amanda had only lived with Donohue for a few weeks, having moved in at the end of March 2018. She left straight after the incident.

Amanda said: “Marley was such a loving cat, he would always want to get everyone’s attention when people would see him.”

Amanda Attwood with her beloved pet cat Marley, who was brutally killed by former special constable Reece Donohue
Amanda Attwood with her beloved pet cat Marley, who was brutally killed by former special constable Reece Donohue

Donohue pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a cat by subjecting him to unnecessary physical violence which led to his death.

Reece Donohue from Retford has received a suspended prison sentence after admitting kicking his former housemate's cat to death.

The court heard the offence happened after  Donohue had been drinking and that he had tried to cover up the offence.

Sentencing:12-week prison term, suspended for 12 months. 150 hours of unpaid work. Banned from owning or keeping animals for life.


Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire: Thomas McKnight

#TheList Thomas McKnight, born c.1965, of St Andrews Walk, Kilmarnock KA1 3HQ – failed to take dog that had been injured by boiling water to the vet for five days

Thomas McKnight from Kilmarnock was banned from keeping animals after dog his was found covered in burn wounds
Thomas McKnight from Kilmarnock was banned from keeping animals after his dog was found covered in burn wounds

The court heard how, on July 16, 2018, McKnight called the Scottish SPCA helpline to request assistance.

He told operators he had spilled boiling water on Springer spaniel Bobby five days earlier, and – because he couldn’t afford vet fees – he had tried to treat the dog’s wounds at home.

He also told the call handler Bobby’s situation was “getting worse” as the wounds had blistered and become infected, with the dog said to be “in pain”.

Wounds: The neglected dog's burns were matted with hair and heavily infected.

McKnight was looking for the SSPCA to treat the dog and said he would give up ownership of Bobby.

The SSPCA inspector visited McKnight’s home later that afternoon where he found the dog to be “subdued, weak and lethargic.”

Bobby had bandages covering his torso and most of his back. The inspector tried to remove the bandages to see the wound, but was only able to remove one as the other was stuck to the dog’s skin and this was causing him pain.

Neglect: Dog was found covered in blistering burn wounds.

Bobby was taken to a local vet where he was given pain relief, general anaesthetic and antibiotics.

It was stated that the wounds would likely take “some time” to heal.

It was the SSPCA inspector’s view that the dog was subject of “unnecessary suffering” and McKnight was cautioned and charged.

Defending, Gillian Swanney told how the dog had now been treated, made a full recovery and been re-homed.

Ms Swanney told how McKnight had been cooking in the kitchen on the day of the incident, and the dog came in and “startled” him whilst he had the kettle in his hand.

She added, McKnight immediately took the dog outside and poured water over him. He then bought bandages and antiseptic powder to try to treat the dog’s wounds.

However, over the days, the condition deteriorated.

Swanney confirmed McKnight had “no intention to get another dog.”

Sheriff Michael Hanlon said: “I’ll take into account that this incident began by an accident.”

Sentencing: fined £300 to be paid at £10 per fortnight, Banned from owning any animal for three years.

Daily Record
STV News

Pool, Redruth, Cornwall: David Owen

#TheList David Owen, aged 30, of  South Crofty Way, Pool, Redruth TR15 3FS – savagely beat his pet lurcher before asking vets to put him down

David Owen from Redruth launched a prolonged and forceful assault on the defenceless dog
David Owen launched a prolonged and forceful assault on the defenceless dog

David Owen landed a number of forceful blows leaving lurcher Archie with serious injuries including a suspected ruptured ear canal, severe facial swelling, blood in his urine and a compound fracture to one of his vertebrae.

Owen pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary to an animal and failing to meet the needs of an animal.

Prosecuting the case for the RSPCA, Lindi Meyer said that on April 16, 2018, Owen, who had owned Archie for two years, rang vets to say the pet had bitten him and needed to be put to sleep. But vets at Cornwall Animal Hospital in Redruth said Archie showed no signs of aggression when being treated and refused.

Ms Meyer said Archie suffered heavy blows to his neck, face and thorax but on examination a vet concluded that Archie presented no more risk of aggression than any other pet dog.

When interviewed Owen said Archie lunged for his face and neck and that he had acted in self-defence, describing the force he used as “appropriate but not excessive”.

The court was then showed a series of images depicting the serious nature of Archie’s injuries.

Ms Meyer said: “This was a sustained attack during which the defendant acted in anger. It was an inappropriate method of discipline and instead of asking for help, he asked for the dog to be killed. The RSPCA fears for any animal in his possession.”

Defending Owen, Neil Lewin said the defendant is still a young man who has had a troubled upbringing.

He said: “He has a complex background and was in a long-term relationship for six years. When the relationship broke down it caused a lot of emotional distress. He didn’t cope well whatsoever.

“Around the time of this breakdown he got Archie and it appears the time wasn’t right for him to have a pet. Mr Owen has anger management problems and difficulty dealing with traumatic experiences.”

Sentencing Owen, district judge Diane Baker said he “showed no remorse at all during interview” and “gave a lot of excuses”.

She said: “It was a deliberate and sustained unprovoked attack on a dog in your care.

“The attack caused significant and serious injuries and you tried to argue it was discipline.”

Archie has since recovered and been rehomed.

Sentencing:  18-week prison sentence; £500 in costs. Banned from keeping animals for life.


Smiths Wood, Birmingham: Daniel Cheslin and Jade Bellingham

#TheList Daniel Cheslin, aged 22, of no fixed abode, Smiths Wood, Birmingham, smashed his dog’s teeth in lift attack as girlfriend Jade Bellingham, born 13/10/1996, of Bedford House, Sanda Croft, Birmingham, laughed

Dog abusers Daniel Cheslin and Jade Bellingham from Smiths Wood, Birmingham

This video footage captures the the shocking moment Daniel Cheslin pulled his dog Rudy into a lift so hard that the dog’s front teeth were smashed.

After the vicious attack Cheslin’s girlfriend Jade Bellingham was seen smiling and laughing on CCTV.

Dog abusers Daniel Cheslin and Jade Bellingham of Smiths Wood, Birmingham
Jade Bellingham of Bedford House, Sanda Croft, Birmingham

The camera also recorded other acts of cruelty inflicted on Rudy.

Dog abusers Daniel Cheslin and Jade Bellingham of Smiths Wood, Birmingham
Victim of cruelty: Staffy Rudy smashed two teeth

A CCTV operator alerted the RSPCA to the lift attack in a block of flats.

There were three clips from the lift’s CCTV.

The first showed Cheslin and Bellingham going into the lift and the defendant kicking and slapping Rudy, before punching him on the back.

Further footage from July 9 show the couple in the lift with another man.

“Cheslin then pulls the dog so that he seems to lift off from the floor,” said Sarah Pratt, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court.

“He hits the back of the lift with such force it causes the CCTV camera to shake,”

Other clips show the defendant pushing hard down on Rudy’s hind quarters and repeatedly tapping his nose.

Cheslin was also captured punching Rudy on the top of his head.

Miss Pratt said when Rudy was later examined a veterinary surgeon found he had lost two of her front teeth, which was consistent with what happened in the lift.

The animal also had an injury to his head and a blood-shot eye likely to have been caused by a strike or a punch.

Dog abusers Daniel Cheslin and Jade Bellingham of Smiths Wood, Birmingham
Rudy has thankfully recovered from her ordeal at the hands of her cruel owner Daniel Cheslin and his gormless idiot girlfriend

The court heard that Cheslin had also carried out acts of cruelty to a bull mastiff puppy called John, whom he and Bellingham had been looking after.

A couple living in the block had heard John yelp”when Cheslin and Bellingham argued. They had also seen Cheslin pick the puppy up by the skin of his neck before dropping him on the ground and then rubbing his face in urine.

Cheslin would also make John sit on a chair and not allow him to move and had punched the dog in the ribs.

In passing sentence on Cheslin, Judge Jonathan Gosling said: “This dog was gratuitously ill treated by the defendant. He accepted assaulting it on numerous occasions.

“Rudy was a passive and even tempered dog and despite that the defendant was wantonly cruel.”

Ian Gold, for, Cheslin, said: “He has a number of personal problems not the least of which are depression and anxiety as well as anger management.”

Sentencing: Cheslin was jailed for 12 months and banned from keeping any animal for 15 years (expires October 2033). Bellingham was given a 12-month community order after admitting failing to intervene to stop Cheslin injuring a bull mastiff puppy.


Bridgwater, Somerset: Scott Ayres

#TheList Scott Ayres (also known as Scott Pope), born 09/06/1992, and partner Leanne Hodge, born 11/05/1995, both of Haygrove Park Road, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 7BT – failed to seek veterinary treatment for a dog’s wounds

Dog abuser Scott Ayres/Pope from Bridgwater, Somerset, and an image of a 'working' dog taken from his FB profile
Dog abuser Scott Ayres/Pope and an image of a ‘working’ dog taken from his FB profile

Scott Ayres and his partner in pet abuse Leanne Hodge

Ayres and Hodge were found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a Patterdale terrier named Archie after not seeking veterinary care for wounds to his head, body and injured jaw.

Archie has made a full recovery since being rescued by RSPCA officers

Patterdale terrier Archie was discovered with his lower jaw degloved and puncture wounds to his face and body when he was rescued by the RSPCA in October 2017.

Archie was discovered with his lower jaw degloved and puncture wounds to his face and body when he was rescued by the RSPCA in October 2017.

Whilst no explanation for Archie’s injuries is given or even appears to have been investigated, there is evidence from Ayres’ Facebook profile that he enjoys inflicting suffering on wild animals such as foxes or badgers. The photo of the black lurcher and the shovels is taken from Ayres’ profile and he is a member of several ‘working dogs’ groups.

Archie has since recovered from his injuries during his time in the care of the RSPCA.

Ayres – suspended 12-week prison sentence. Community work. Total costs and charges of £415. Hodge – 16-week curfew order. Both were disqualified from keeping dogs for ten years (expires September 2028).