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Dewsbury, West Yorkshire: Rachel Louise Goodwin

#TheList Rachel Louise Goodwin, aged 29, from Broomer Street, Dewsbury WF13 –  found guilty in her absence of five cases of animal abuse after four rabbits and two guinea pigs were found dead at her home.

Convicted pet abuser Rachel Louise Goodwin from Dewsbury
Rachel Louise Goodwin starved rabbits and guinea pigs to death and didn’t even have the decency to turn up for her court hearing

Single mother-of-seven Goodwin was convicted after four rabbits and two guinea pigs kept at her home were found dead. She was due to appear before Kirklees Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 15/8/18 but failed to attend so the case was heard in her absence.

Goodwin was found guilty of one count of causing unnecessary suffering and four counts of failing to meet the needs of the animals under the Animal Welfare Act.

The animals were discovered when a fifth rabbit, named Ginger, was found sitting under a car on Broomer Street on 2nd January 2018 and was picked up by an RSPCA officer.

Further enquiries led the officer to Goodwin’s address. Kris Walker, RSPCA Inspector, said: “My colleague went to Goodwin’s house to see if the rabbit belonged to her but soon became concerned and I and the police attended.

“We were faced with an absolutely heartbreaking scene; the dead rabbits and guinea pigs were in hutches in the garden, some were much more decomposed than others so clearly some of them had been living there alongside the bodies.

“Veterinary evidence suggested one of the rabbits, called Spike, had been dead for around three days, while rabbits Rihanna and Selena had been dead for as little as 24 hours.

“Half of guinea pig Tinkerbell’s body was missing so it was impossible to say how long Tinkerbell had been dead.”

Inspector Walker added: “The hutches were absolutely filthy and there was no food or water.”

“We presume that Ginger was loose and therefore had access to grass which is probably the reason for this rabbit’s survival.”

Ginger was signed over to the RSPCA and has since been rehomed.

Yorkshire Evening Post

Yate, Gloucestershire: Stephen D Bowes

#TheList Stephen D Bowes, born 1971, of 48 Cranleigh Court Road, Yate, Bristol BS37 5DJ – possessed images showing human intercourse with reptiles, horses, goats, donkeys and dogs

Between 8/12/16 and 3/11/17 made category A, B and C images of children and possessed a pornographic image which portrayed, in an explicit and realistic way, persons performing an act of intercourse with live animals or reptiles namely snakes, horses, goats, donkeys and dogs.

Sentencing: Bowes was due to be sentenced on 29/08/18 but the outcome was not reported.

Bristol Live

Lazenby, Middlesbrough: Raymond and Sarah-Louise Carmody

#TheList Raymond C Carmody, born c. 1949, and Sarah-Louise Carmody, born c. 1970, of Pasture Lane, Lazenby, Middlesbrough TS6 – failed to treat  their elderly dog’s tumour

Raymond Carmody and Sarah Carmody and their elderly pet dog Jack.
Raymond Carmody and Sarah Carmody of Lazenby, Middlesbrough, and their elderly pet dog Jack.

Raymond and Sarah-Louise Carmody admitted causing unnecessary suffering to their 16-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier Jack.

The Staffordshire bull terrier developed an ulcerated tumour on his foot in June 2017, leaving him in pain and unable to walk.

He was denied veterinary treatment for two months as the tumour grew bigger and bigger.

The court heard the Carmodys could not afford medical care after their flat was repossessed, and bandaged the wound instead.

The pair failed to seek vet care for a large, ulcerated tumour on Jack’s right foot.

The incident was described as a “blip” by their defence solicitor, who said the dog was otherwise healthy, well fed and regularly walked.

The Carmodys had asked that Jack be returned to them to die, but their request was denied and he will remain in the care of the RSPCA.

The animal charity said it was a “sad case” and representatives of the charity told the court: “It’s not usual for the RSPCA to prosecute people who are in difficulty.

“The reality is Mr Carmody didn’t realise he had done anything wrong.

“Unless the prosecution was brought, Jack would have to go back to a home that didn’t have enough money to care for it.”


Sentence: deprivation order. No other details available.

Eastbourne, East Sussex: Natalie Botham

#TheList Natalie Botham (aka Natalie Western), born c. 1978, Berkshire Court, Leslie Street, Eastbourne BN22 8JE – neglect of two Staffies named Princess and Smooch

Convicted dog abuser Natalie Botham from Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Botham was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog Princess, by failing to address the causes of poor body condition and weight loss, which resulted in her emaciated, collapsed and unconscious state.

She was also found guilty of failing to take steps to meet the needs of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog Smooch.

Convicted dog abuser Natalie Botham from Eastbourne, East Sussex.

The cases were brought by the RSPCA and the verdicts were proved in her absence.

Sentencing was adjourned until March 15 2018 for reports to be prepared; however no details are available.

Eastbourne Herald

Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham: Jordan Malpas

#TheList Jordan Malpas, born around 1990, most recent known address (March 2018) St Pauls Street, Stockton-on-Tees TS19 0AQ – left an elderly chihuahua in his filthy home with syringes on the floor

Persistent criminal and junkie Jordan Malpas who failed to properly care for his 10-year-old dog
An arrest warrant was issued for persistent criminal and junkie Jordan Malpas who failed to properly care for his 10-year-old dog

Heroin junkie and career criminal Jordan Malpas failed to properly care for 10-year-old chihuahua Frodo whom he left in his squalid flat which was strewn with needles. Malpas hadn’t even provided clean water for the pet.

Chihuahua Frodo recovered from his ordeal and was rehomed
Chihuahua Frodo was suffering from a litany of health problems but recovered and was rehomed

Images supplied by the RSPCA show tablets and cigarette butts discarded on a scruffy carpet next to the needles.

RSPCA officer Clare Wilson was at Teesside Magistrates’ Court to see justice served for Frodo following his ordeal.

She said when he was found, he had discharge in his eye and his teeth were in a shocking state.

However, his story had a happy ending.

“He’s doing great now and has been rehomed with another Chihuahua,” she said.

“He really is a different dog now he’s being looked after properly.”

An arrest warrant was issued by the court for Malpas after he did not attend the hearing.

Conditions inside Jordan Malpas's flat where the elderly chihuahua was found
Conditions inside Jordan Malpas’s flat where the elderly chihuahua was found

District Judge Kristina Harrison warned that Malpas faced a ban from owning animals after convicting him of three offences in his absence. Unfortunately, we can find no details of the sentencing.

The court heard Malpas made “full admissions” in interview that he had failed to properly care for the dog.

Persistent criminal and junkie Jordan Malpas who failed to properly care for his 10-year-old dog

And he was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering and failing to ensure Frodo’s welfare.

His latest crimes add to his lengthy criminal record, which the court heard consisted of 18 convictions.

Teesside Live

Sefton Park, Liverpool: Gavin Doolan

#TheList Gavin Peter Doolan, born c. 1960, of Flat 1, 21 Waverley Road, Sefton Park, Liverpool L17 8TZ – kicked a Jack Russell/Corgi crossbreed so hard the little dog flew into the air

Gavin Doolan attacked this dog in the street
Habitual criminal Gavin Doolan showed no remorse for his violent attack on this dog

Horrifying footage filmed by a concerned passer-by shows the tiny dog being kicked in the face while being walked by Doolan down a busy street in Dingle on August 16, 2017.

Such was the force of the attack, the dog was lifted into the air before flinching every time Doolan lashed out at concerned members of the public trying to protect the animal.

In court, Doolan admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and using threatening words or behaviour likely to cause alarm or distress.

Dog abuser Gavin Doolan from Liverpool
Man without charm: Gavin Doolan is a career criminal with dozens of convictions to his name

After leaving court, local newspaper the ECHO confronted Doolan to ask if he’d like to comment on the incident, but he showed very little remorse and claimed he beat the dog because it had bitten him and his brother.

He told our reporter: “I didn’t beat up a dog, go away … I didn’t beat up a dog. I kicked a dog, so what?

“I kicked a dog, it f*g ripped the end of my finger off so I kicked it.

“Listen, the dog was biting him [Gavin’s brother] for months. I’m sat on the bus and it started chewing on my finger. I apologise, I pleaded guilty, You’re hounding me now.”

Visibly angry, Doolan then went on to claim people “shouldn’t be concerned about animals”.

He added: “I am remorseful. I shouldn’t have kicked the dog okay, what more do you want me to do? When a dog is hanging off your finger you might think differently.

“There was a six month old baby killed by a dog because the father was p****d on the couch. Not my dog, but people shouldn’t be concerned about animals.

“Animals are like secondary, you should consider children more than animals.

“I’ve been threatened and everything over that dog. People on Facebook saying we’re going to this that and the other, so whatever.“

The court heard that Doolan had 31 previous convictions for unrelated offences and was last convicted in March 2017 of theft and battery.

Doolan was handed a 12-month community order and a home curfew on that occasion, meaning he was in breach of the order at the time of this incident.

Doolan told the court he had mental health issues and had been “unwell”, so had not seen the probation service since August or completed a thinking skills course.

Ms Fletcher requested further information from the probation service and an adjournment for a pre-sentence report, which was granted by magistrates.

Doolan was due to be sentenced in 22 January 2018 but no details were ever published in the press.

The dog, initially renamed Sconehead then Buster, recovered from his ordeal and was rehomed.

Liverpool ECHO
Daily Mail

Sunderland, Tyne and Wear: Kayleigh Laybourn

#TheList Kayleigh Laybourn (also uses surname Fenwick), born c. 1990, of Londonderry Terrace, Sunderland SR3 2EE – allowed her lurcher dog Margot to starve

Convicted dog abuser Kayleigh Laybourn from Sunderland and victim Margot

Margot the lurcher was described as ’emaciated’ when RSPCA inspectors acted on a tip-off from a member of the public, Sunderland magistrates heard.

But the court heard owner Laybourn did not appear to accept she should have fed the dog,

John Ellwood, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said an inspector visited the home Laybourn shared with her two children after a complaint was made about her in June 2017.

The charity made three separate visits, but Laybourn failed to respond.

Mr Ellwood said: “This case concerns a dog – Margot. She was emaciated.

“Margot was in a small, cramped utility area. She was extremely skinny, with prominent hips, ribs and spine. All the ridges on the spine were visible.

“Margot weighed 25.3kg, she should have weighed 30kg. She was in poor body condition, with a poor quality coat.

“Bloods were taken which showed she had a low red cell count and other problems, either as a result of starvation or liver problems.

When Margo returned to the vet a few weeks later after being fed a proper diet she had gained  6lbs.

Mr Ellwood went on:  “I can safely say that Margot was suffering from emaciation from lack of food.

“Since emaciation is the lowest stage of starvation that a dog can reach before death, this case must have involved a prolonged period of suffering.

“Whilst the defendant accepts she should have taken the dog to the vet, she doesn’t appear to accept that she should have fed it.

“Margot has now been fed back to full health.”

Laybourn pleaded guilty to two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.  She was due to be sentenced on 7 December 2017 but no details are available.

Sunderland Echo

Dunfermline: Amanda Hunter and Anthony Paton

#The List Amanda ‘Mandy’ Hunter and Anthony ‘Tony’ Paton both of 89 Macbeth Road, Dunfermline KY11 4EE – left their dog Rocco to suffer with multiple ailments including a hole on the side of his face caused by infection

Dog abusers Mandy Hunter and Tony Paton from Dunfermline
Mandy Hunter and Tony Paton left their dog Rocco to suffer in agony.

Hunter and Paton admitted causing their pet unnecessary suffering between July 15 and September 2, 2016.

Depute fiscal Azrah Yousaf told the court the Scottish SPCA received a report about the condition of Rocco.

The dog was being neglected and had an ear infection which was not being treated, leading to the skin opening up so the jaw was visible.

Paton told them the dog had been taken to a vet at end August 2016. They had been told by the vet that the dog should be put down but this was not done.

“It had a gaping and weeping hole on the side of its face,” said the depute.

The dog was removed from the house and the pair were told they were going to be charged.

Rocco’s weight was 24.8 kg when it should have been 30 to 35 kg. He also had a flea infestation and was suffering from hair loss.

Rocco was euthanised because of its condition. The SSPCA had noted that there were other animals in the house including a dog, rabbits and frogs.

Sentence: not reported but a motion to ban the couple from keeping animals for two years was denied by the court after opposition from their solicitors.

The Courier


Dudley, West Midlands: David and Dianne Roberts and Naomi G Heydon

#TheList David Roberts, Dianne Roberts (born c. 1965) and Naomi G Heydon (born c. 1992) all of 12 Turls Street, Sedgley, Dudley DY3 1HH – kept four dogs in appalling conditions and failed to take a poorly fifth dog to the vet

Irresponsible Naomi Heydon, whose dog Honey was put to sleep on welfare grounds
Irresponsible Naomi Heydon, whose dog Honey was put to sleep on welfare grounds

RSPCA officers found the pets in ‘appalling’ conditions when they raided the property shared by married couple David and Dianne Roberts and Dianne’s daughter Naomi Heydon.

Two German shepherds and two German shepherd husky crosses were kept outside in pens filled with urine and faeces and at the time had no access to water.

A Jack Russell called Honey, who lived inside the house was found to have gnawed away at a tumour and had not been taken to the vets.

When the dog was rescued it was decided she was in such a bad condition she should be put to sleep.

The trio admitted nine charges each relating to causing unnecessary suffering to animals and failing to meet their needs at Birmingham Magistrates Court.

Mr Rafe Turner, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, told how the dogs suffered with a range of problems, including dental disease, ear infections, and skin conditions.

On a scale of one to nine, with one being emaciated, one of the dogs scored two and another 2.5, Mr Turner said.

Mr Turner said: “At the time of intervention there was no evidence the dogs (outside) had access to fresh water.

“They weren’t able to display normal behaviour patterns simply because they were kept for so long in these pens.

“They were not taken out on a regular basis for exercise.

“Six dogs were neglected in various ways. They were kept in appalling conditions. Four were kept outside in squalid conditions.”

When questioned, Mrs Roberts said the dogs in the pens were mostly the responsibility of her husband as she struggled to get outside due to mobility problems and the ‘decking was slippy’.

Mr Roberts said he let the dogs out for 15 minutes a day and said the dogs weren’t taken to the vets because it was ‘too expensive’.

Heydon, who owned Honey, claimed she was ‘going to do something about it’ but that the RSPCA came before she could.

Mr Turner said: “It is quite obvious the dogs should have received veterinary care.

“The environment was wholly unsuitable and sadly one dog had to be put to sleep.”

The trio were due to be sentenced on 31 May 2017 but the newspaper failed to report on the outcome and our Freedom of Information request to the court was refused on data protection grounds.

Express and Star

Condover, Shrewsbury, Shropshire: Ben and Alexandra Evans

#TheList Ben and Alexandra Evans from the Pigeon Door travellers site, Condover, near Shrewbury – for leaving a badly injured dog in the boot of a car

Gypsies Ben and Alexandra Evans of Shrewsbury left lurcher Chico in agony with a broken leg in the boot of a car
Gypsies Ben and Alexandra Evans of Shrewsbury left lurcher Chico in agony with a broken leg in the boot of a car

Gypsy travellers Ben and Alexandra Evans, who are both around 18 years old, failed to turn up at Telford Magistrates Court and the case was proved in their absence.

Mr Roger Price, prosecuting, said the RSPCA received calls from members of the public who said they suspected an injured dog was at the Evans’ address.

An inspector visited the property on November 26, 2016, and the lurcher dog, Chico, was found in the boot of a car.

Mr Price said the dog was ‘trembling’, appeared to be in pain and had wounds to his leg.

He said faeces and urine were also found in the boot along with some dog food and a washing-up bowl with water inside.

Alexandra Evans told the inspector that the dog belonged to her and her husband and they had only owned the animal since the previous day.

However, Mr Price said Alexandra Evans had reported a dog missing on November 12 2016 and the RSPCA believed it was the same animal.

After the report was made, the dog warden received numerous calls from people who believed they had seen the animal and noticed it looked thin and was limping.

Ben and Alexandra Evans left their dog Chico with a broken leg in the boot of a car

Mr Price said Alexandra Evans allowed the inspector to take the dog to see a vet and signed the animal over to the RSPCA on November 30, 2016, despite initially refusing to do so.

When the vet saw Chico, he said the animal was in poor body condition.

Mr Price said: “The dog yelped, cried and moved away during the examination.”

He said X-rays showed the dog had a broken elbow and a tension pin had to be fitted in surgery.

Chico also had a deep laceration to his leg.

Dog abusing traveller Alexandra Evans from Shropshire
Alexandra Evans

Mr Price told the court: “This is a charge that relates to a lurcher type dog.

“It is a case of unnecessary suffering being caused to the dog.

“The dog plainly should have been taken to a vet because it had a broken leg and infected wounds.

“The vet indicated in his report that the animal was clearly suffering.”

He said an inspector from the RSPCA had called the couple in December 2016 to request that they come in for an interview, but the pair refused.

Despite their non-attendance at court, magistrates found the defendants had each caused unnecessary suffering to the dog by failing to provide veterinary treatment for a broken leg.

They issued a warrant for the couple, who will have to come to Telford Magistrates Court on a future date to be sentenced.

Shropshire Star

Update June 2017: Ben and Alexandra Evans has their convictions quashed and were to face a retrial in November 2017. No further updates found.