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Longformacus, Duns, Scottish Borders: Alan Wilson

#TheList gamekeeper Alan P Wilson, born c. 1958, of Henlaw Cottage, Longformacus, Duns TD11 3NT – killing dozens of wildlife on Longformacus Estate

Gamekeeper Alan Wilson from Duns in the Scottish Borders killed dozens of wildlife including protected species
Gamekeeper Alan Wilson from Duns in the Scottish Borders kept a kill list and dumped 1000 animals into a stink pit designed to attract birds of prey and other animals, which Wilson is suspected of shooting.

Wilson admitted nine charges including killing goshawks, buzzards, badgers and an otter.

The offences were committed on the Longformacus Estate in the Borders between March 2016 and June 2017.

Gamekeeper Alan Wilson from Duns in the Scottish Borders killed dozens of wildlife including protected species
One source said that Alan Wilson was hellbent on killing anything that moved

The court ruled Wilson was responsible for the deaths of numerous wildlife, including protected species. Investigators found animal corpses including otters, badgers, foxes, birds of prey and more when they searched Henlaw Wood in 2017.

A captive eagle owl which the Scottish SPCA suspects was being used as a live lure on birds of prey who were subsequently shot and killed was also discovered at Wilson’s residence. In 2018, Wilson was fined £400 and banned from keeping birds of prey for ten years for failing to ensure the welfare of the eagle owl.

After an investigation which involved experts from the Scottish SPCA’s special investigation unit (SIU), RSPB and Police Scotland, Wilson was found to have used techniques including illegally set snares and unlawful items such as banned pesticides and gin traps to trap and kill wildlife.

A land inspection also found ‘stink pits’, where dead animal carcasses are left to attract other wildlife. These ‘stink pits’ were surrounded by illegally set snares. Animal remains, including mammal skulls, were recovered.

investigators believe Wilson slaughtered thousands more animals.

One source claimed he was hell-bent on killing “everything that moved” except game birds on the estate that were being bred to be shot by wealthy clients.

One kill list found in Wilson’s home catalogued 1,071 dead animals – including cats, foxes, hedgehogs and stoats.

Gamekeeper Alan Wilson from Duns in the Scottish Borders killed dozens of wildlife including protected species

Sheriff Peter Paterson said the offences merited a jail term but he felt he was unable to impose one due to guidelines against short-term sentences.

“The sentencing options open to me at the moment do not reflect society’s views,” he added.

The court was told Wilson had pledged to no longer work as a gamekeeper and was now employed cutting trees.

Police welcomed the sentencing at Jedburgh Sheriff Court at the end of what they called a “complex inquiry” which had been a “large-scale” investigation.

“The illegal killing of birds of prey and protected species cannot, and will not, be tolerated, nor will the inhumane use of illegal traps and pesticides,” said Det Con Andy Loughlin.

An undercover Scottish SPCA investigator described it as a “despicable case of serious and systematic crimes to indiscriminately remove wildlife from an estate”.

“The sheer volume of dead wildlife discovered is truly shocking,” the investigator added.

“We will never know the total number of animals which perished due to Mr Wilson, though had it not been for the robust intervention of Police Scotland, the Scottish SPCA and our other partner agencies, many more would have suffered and perished.”

Sara Shaw, head of the Crown Office’s wildlife and environmental crime unit, said Wilson’s actions amounted to a “campaign of deliberate criminality”.

Duncan Orr-Ewing of RSPB Scotland called it an “absolutely appalling incident involving the illegal killing of a range of protected wildlife.”

Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture wildlife forensic scientist Dr Lucy Webster said the investigation had been an “excellent example” of partnership working to “bring a prolific wildlife criminal to justice”.

Robbie Marsland, director of the League Against Cruel Sports, described it as “one of the worst wildlife crime incidents in recent years”.

A spokesman for the Scottish Gamekeepers Association said Wilson’s actions were “unacceptable” and “entirely out of step” with conduct it expected from its members.

He said Wilson’s SGA membership would be terminated immediately.

Sentencing: ordered to carry out 225 hours of unpaid work and given a restriction of liberty order.

Scottish SPCA
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Daily Record

Greenock, Inverclyde: Patrick Carter

#TheList Patrick Carter, born c. 2000, of Lansbury Street, Greenock PA15 – filmed his brutalised dogs ripping wild animals apart in a series of horrific animal fighting videos

Carter has been branded ‘barbaric’ after admitting to training his three dogs to attack and kill foxes and badgers and taking them on sickening hunts.

The thug’s vile cruelty — which took place over at least six months — was finally exposed after concern for the dogs was reported to the Scottish SPCA.

Investigators found multiple videos on Carter’s phone showing him and others goading their dogs to fight with foxes and drag badgers from their setts.

One piece of footage showed faceless individuals using spades to hit a doomed badger, as other participants in the barbaric “sport” urged them to allow the dogs to finish it off.

In another sickening video, a badger is pinned in place while dogs attack it.

Carter refused to seek vet treatment for his injured pets despite them suffering serious injuries in battles with badgers.

An undercover Scottish SPCA special investigations unit officer said: “The footage and pictures we uncovered are gut-wrenching.

“The animals he set his dogs on would have endured terrible suffering before they were killed.”

Carter’s dogs, a Patterdale/Jack Russell cross called Laddie, and lurchers Max and Murphy, have now been successfully rehomed.

During the investigation officers uncovered conversations between Carter and a pal discussing animal fighting as well as the result of a recent hunt.

Items associated with animal fighting, including a hunting lamp and used nets, were seized in a raid on his home.

The probe revealed that callous Carter regularly made Laddie, Max and Murphy fight wild animals and the dogs had also suffered severe injuries.

The undercover officer said: “Whilst his dogs appeared to be in good general health when we searched his property, Laddie had severe facial injuries consistent with animal fighting and Max had scarring to the jaw area and his leg.

“On further examination, Laddie and Max were found to have scarring and deformities within the mouth and nose consistent with previous severe traumatic injuries.

“Multiple videos of animal fighting were found on Carter’s personal devices, featuring two lurchers matching Max and Murphy’s description. All of the videos found were incredibly disturbing to view and the animals involved were clearly in great distress and suffered the most horrific end to their lives.

“Over the animals’ screams, voices can be heard in the footage goading and encouraging the dogs to tear the animals apart.”

The investigator said: “Badger baiting and animal fighting are far more common than people would think and anyone engaging in this barbaric activity is inflicting unimaginable pain on the animals involved.”

Carter is a known associate of Sean Ward, who was jailed for seven months in 2018 and banned from keeping animals for 20 years after his activities were discovered by the Scottish SPCA.

Carter pleaded guilty to keeping or training dogs for the purpose of an animal fight between February 6 and July 3 last year, contrary to the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.

Sentencing will follow at Greenock Sheriff Court on September 11, 2019.

Greenock Telegraph
Daily Record

Bradford Halal Slaughterhouse Cruelty: Dale Valley Rossendale Ltd and Employees

#TheList for cruelty to sheep at a halal abattoir – Dale Valley Rossendale Ltd (Malik Foods), Malik Halls, 47 Great Horton Road, Bradford BD7 1AZ (director Junaid Imtiaz Malik, born April 1979 and recent ex-director and previous offender Stephen Lee Riley, born July 1980, of Dunnockshaw Farm, Burnley BB11 5PP), employees Imdad Ali of 31 Park Road, Accrington BB4 1SU, Joseph Bell of Carr Bank Farm, Crawshawbooth, Rossendale BB4 8UE, David Hargreaves of Adelaide Street, Crawshawbooth, and Elizabeth Bennett of 26 Humber Street, Preston PR3 3WD

Faces of cruelty: director of Dale Valley Rossendale Ltd Junaid Malik and three of the four employees prosecuted for animal abuse

The brutal treatment of sheep at a halal non-stun abattoir was caught on covert CCTV installed by animal welfare charity, Animal Aid.

Blackburn magistrates heard how it showed animals having their throats hacked at repeatedly by a slaughterman responsible for ‘sticking’ them.

Animals were not correctly restrained or loaded during the slaughter process causing greater distress.

The court was told when the overseeing vet was present all procedures were carried out correctly.

Howard Shaw, prosecuting, said: “It is not that they were ignorant of the regulations, these were deliberate breaches.”

Abattoir operator Dale Valley Rossendale Limited pleaded guilty to eight offences under Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing Regulations for England and was fined £5,000 plus £2,000 costs.

Imdad Ali, aged 47, pleaded guilty to failing to ensure sheep were not moved, shacked or hoisted after they had been stuck and before it was unconscious, failing to ensure a sheep was killed by severance of its carotid arteries and jugular veins by rapid, uninterrupted movements of a knife, excessive flexing of the neck of a sheep during sticking, failing to ensure sheep were moved with care, and sticking a sheep while it was not properly restrained causing it to fall to the floor while being bled.

He was sentenced to eight weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work and pay £200 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

Joseph Bell and girlfriend Elizabeth Bennett were both prosecuted for their part in the cruelty at the Dunnockshaw Farm halal slaughterhouse
Joseph Bell and girlfriend Elizabeth Bennett were both prosecuted for their part in the cruelty at the Dunnockshaw Farm halal slaughterhouse

Joseph ‘Joe’ Bell, born 09/06/96, pleaded guilty to four charges relating to the improper handling of the sheep prior to slaughter. He was given a community order for 12 months with 120 hours’ unpaid work and ordered to pay £150 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

David Hargreaves, 35, pleaded guilty to failing to ensure that every animal was moved with care by lifting ten sheep by their fleeces and/or tails when loading them into restrainers. He was fined £200 and ordered to pay £130 costs.

Joseph Bell and girlfriend Elizabeth Bennett were both prosecuted for their part in the cruelty at the Dunnockshaw Farm halal slaughterhouse

Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Bennett, 21, pleaded guilty to offences under the Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing Regulations. She was fined £120 and ordered to pay £100 costs.

Mr Shaw said the prosecution case was that a large number of sheep were caused to suffer unnecessarily during slaughter operations at the Dunnockshaw Farm abattoir on two days in March 2017.

Animal Aid commissioned two freelance investigators to install covert cameras in the killing room.

The investigators secretly entered the premises at night and installed the cameras which eventually provided the evidence on which the Foods Standards Agency based the prosecution.

Mr Shaw said over two days of filming 94 per cent of the sheep killed by non-stun halal methods were not slaughtered in compliance with the welfare requirements.

He said sheep were thrown into restraints and roughly handled prior to slaughter.

Ali failed to carry out the slaughter in the approved manner – a single rapid cut – and animals were moved after the cut before they had lost consciousness.

A Food Standards Agency spokesperson said: “The Food Standards Agency takes animal welfare at slaughterhouses very seriously and we investigate all reported breaches. We welcome that the business and individuals have been convicted and sentenced for their actions.

“Where abattoirs fail to uphold animal welfare standards, the FSA will investigate and seek to have prosecutions brought against those responsible.”

An Animal Aid spokeswoman said:‘While it is positive that this long-running case has finally concluded, we certainly do not feel that justice has been adequately served. These lenient sentences in no way reflect the gravity of the terrible suffering that was inflicted on gentle animals at the most vulnerable time of their short lives.

“It is important to emphasise the shocking scenes we filmed at this slaughterhouse were by no means unique. We have filmed inside 15 slaughterhouses, and found law-breaking in almost every case. Incidents filmed at other slaughterhouses include animals being beaten, kicked and burnt with cigarettes.

“But even when the law is followed to the letter, slaughter can never be cruelty-free. Slaughterhouses are merciless places, where animals’ lives are brutally taken from them.

“We would urge anyone who is shocked by this case to try a cruelty-free diet. Going vegan is the single best thing we can all do to help animals.”

Lancashire Telegraph
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Animal Aid investigation
Britain’s Failing Slaughterhouses published by Animal Aid

Sterte, Poole: Jon-Luc McLoughlin

#TheList Jon-Luc McLoughlin, born 30/07/1992, of Lagland Court, Poole BH15 1RS – punched and kicked his German Shepherd puppy to death

Dog killer Jon Luc McLoughlin of Poole, Dorset, UK

McLoughlin subjected 11-month-old Lexi, whom he had only owned for a month, to a barbaric beating. When the pet died, he attempted to cover his tracks by leaving her body in the woods near his home where she was found by a group of schoolchildren.

Lexi was beaten to death by her owner Jon Luc McLoughlin of Poole, Dorset, UK
Lexi was beaten to death by her owner Jon Luc McLoughlin of Poole, Dorset, UK

The death was reported to the RSPCA, which led the prosecution against the defendant.

In court McLoughlin admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

Dog killer Jon Luc McLoughlin of Poole, Dorset, UK

The court heard that a post-mortem carried out on Lexi’s body found she had suffered ‘blunt force trauma’, including a laceration to its liver.

She also had blood in her abdomen and a stomach tear.

During a police interview McLaughlin initially tried to put the injuries down to a road traffic collision.

Dog killer Jon Luc McLoughlin of Poole, Dorset, UK

However, he later confessed to the killing, telling officers: “I get very angry and I don’t know what came over me.”

Matthew Knight, prosecuting, said: “He punched or kicked the dog to death and dumped the body in some trees near his home.

“It was found by locals and upset local children who saw it.

“She had a laceration to her liver, blood in her abdomen and a stomach tear.

“It is likely that the dog did not survive for long.”

Dog killer Jon Luc McLoughlin of Poole, Dorset, UK

James Moore, mitigating for McLoughlin, said the defendant was under “significant stress” as he was acting as a carer for his ill father at the time of the incident.

“This episode of blind rage is where stress has got the better of him,” Moore said.

“This is not just some violent thug who thinks it is okay to treat his own pet poorly.”

During the hearing magistrate Martin Arthur told McLoughlin that sentencing options were “completely open” and that custody was “not off the table”.

Sentencing: to follow on September 5, 2019.

Dorset Echo

Hartlepool, County Durham: Clint Dodd, Michael Dodd, Daniel Joyce and Connor Pounder

#TheList badger baiters Clint Dodd, born 09/04/1996, and Michael Dodd, born 1991, both of 43 Thornhill Gardens, Hartlepool TS26 0JF, Connor Pounder, born c. 1996, of 31 Speeding Drive, Hartlepool TS24 9QE and Daniel Joyce, born c. 1990, of 70 Granville Avenue, Hartlepool TS26 8NA

Badger baiters from Hartlepool, County Durham: Clint Dodd, Michael Dodd, Daniel Joyce, Connor Pounder
Badger baiters from Hartlepool, Co Durham

Brothers Clint and Michael Dodd and accomplices Daniel Joyce and Connor Pounder, all of Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to offences under the Badger Act 1992 and Animal Welfare Act 2006 after they were found interfering with a known badger sett in the village of Hovingham, North Yorkshire.

Jagd terrier Brock suffered horrific facial injuries after being forced into a badger sett by his cruel owners
Jagd terrier Brock suffered horrific facial injuries after being forced into a badger sett by his cruel owners

The gang admitted digging for badgers, interfering with a badger sett and causing unnecessary suffering to a Jagd Terrier named Brock who they were using to send down the badger sett.

A fifth defendant, Shaun Brown, 28, of Runciman Road, Hartlepool, failed to attend court and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Badger baiting brothers Clint and Michael Dodd from Hartlepool, Co Durham
Badger baiting brothers Clint and Michael Dodd from Hartlepool, Co Durham

A member of the public spotted a group of men close to a known badger sett in Hovingham on 11 January 2019 and immediately reported it to North Yorkshire Police. When officers arrived, they found four of the men digging the sett and scanning the ground with a tracker locator device trying to trace a dog which was currently in the sett.

The terrier dog, Brock, was underweight and found with serious injuries to his face and muzzle as well as painful ulcerations to his eyes and an untreated eye infection. He was treated by local vets and will now be rehomed.

The Jagd Terrier is a German breed, renowned for their hunting abilities so will often be used to engage in illegal activities such as badger baiting. The name ‘Brock’ is also a colloquialism for badger.

Badger baiter Connor Pounder from Hartlepool, Co Durham
Connor Pounder

North Yorkshire Police’s Inspector Kevin Kelly is Head of the national Badger Persecution Priority Delivery Group (BPPDG). He said: “I took on this role because I’m serious about badger crime and I hope this sentencing result sends a clear message that badger persecution will not be tolerated. You interfere with badger sets, you receive a custodial sentence – it’s as simple as that.

“Wildlife crime can often be contested and hard fought in the court room so it’s positive to see the defendants in this case plead guilty on first appearance. It demonstrates the importance of the partnership working that we have championed in the BPPDG – using the skills and knowledge of key partners, former wildlife crime officers and expert witnesses to present a strong case to the Crown Prosecution Service.

“This case has been led by one of North Yorkshire Police’s new Wildlife Crime Officers, PC Rory Sadler and it’s great to see such a positive result. I’d also like to praise the actions of the member of the public who reported the sett disturbance. It’s really important that people are vigilant to wildlife crime and we start working on our legacy now to develop the next generation.”

Badger baiter Michael Dodd from Hartlepool, Co Durham
Michael Dodd

RSPCA Inspector and National Wildlife Officer Coordinator, Geoff Edmond, said: “The RSPCA works very closely with North Yorkshire Police to achieve best practice when investigating rural and wildlife crime. Significant results are now being seen in the courts.

Brock has recovered from his ordeal and will be rehomed

“This case highlights the skills and expertise being achieved which sends a strong message that crimes like this involving cruelty to badgers and injuries to the dogs involved will be investigated and dealt with seriously at court. Badger related crime is horrific, unnecessary and will not be tolerated.”

Sentencing: Clint Dodd, Joyce and Pounder were each given a 10-week suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay costs. . They were ordered not to enter North Yorkshire for 12 months. Michael Dodd was already in receipt of a suspended sentence for driving whilst disqualified and was consequently jailed for 14 weeks. All four were disqualified from keeping dogs for five years.

North Yorkshire Police

Update 17 August 2019: the fifth member of the gang Shaun Brown was given a suspended sentence.

Badger baiter Shaun Brown from Hartlepool

He was not banned from keeping animals as his dog was seemingly injured with the judge taking from this he had not been used for badger baiting.

Wishaw, North Lanarkshire: Sean McGinnes

#TheList Sean McGinnes, born 04/05/1984, of Faskally Walk, Newmains, Wishaw ML2 9LD – strangled his sister’s pet rottweiler and dumped his body in a wheelie bin

Sean McGinnes from Wishaw strangled rottweiler Tyson to death
Sean McGinnes from Wishaw strangled rottweiler Tyson to death

Sean McGinnes was convicted of causing the three-year-old dog, named Tyson, unnecessary suffering and asphyxiating him by an unknown method causing him to die.

The court heard that McGinnes choked Tyson to death after a row with his sibling AnneMarie McGinnes.

The pair had been in Miss McGinnes’ home in Newmains, Lanarkshire, when they had a minor argument about the dog.

Tyson was strangled to death by evil Sean McGinnes from Newmains, Wishaw
Tyson was strangled to death by evil Sean McGinnes from Newmains, Wishaw

McGinnes left the house but the three-year-old pet was later discovered lying in the bin with a jumper tied to his collar.

Police were called in and McGinnes was arrested.

He went on trial at Hamilton Sheriff Court and insisted he had nothing to do with the animal’s death.

But he was convicted by Sheriff Linda Nicolson who told the thug he faces jail for the horrific incident of January 2018.

Miss McGinnes said she was traumatised by her ordeal and has called on her brother to be put behind bars.

Tyson was strangled to death by evil Sean McGinnes from Newmains, Wishaw

She said: “Sean and me had a daft argument after he took Tyson without permission. He brought him back to my back door in a bin already passed away with his jumper tied around Tyson’s collar.

“I was distraught and still am. I can’t bear to think what poor Tyson endured at that monster’s hands.

“I really don’t know who he is anymore, even if I did at all. I wouldn’t give him time of day again because of the evil crime he has committed.

“What I went through in court was horrible, distressing and sad but I had to see justice done for my boy. All the lies he told were disgusting and at times it was uncomfortable to sit through.

“He should be jailed. Anyone who harms pets or animals should all receive jail because I think Scottish law is far too light on people who are cruel to animals.

“I have been looking after another dog called Marley which helped me because I was depressed by what had happened but no other dog could ever replace Tyson, I loved him to bits.”

Dog killer Sean McGinnes from Newmains, Wishaw
Dog killer Sean McGinnes from Newmains, Wishaw

McGinnes was jailed for 15 months for killing Tyson and was hit with another eight-month term after he admitted threatening his former partner. The terms will run consecutively.

Sentencing: jailed for a total 23 months. Banned from keeping animals for life.

Scottish Sun

Lurgan, Co Armagh: Kyle Keegan

#TheList Kyle Keegan, born c. 1994, of 7 Gilpins Manor, Lurgan BT66 8AG – filmed himself bludgeoning a 12-week-old puppy to death with a hammer; broadcast the killing on social media

Puppy killer Kyle Keegan of Gilpins Manor, Lurgan, Northern Ireland
Kyle Keegan pictured outside court and his victim, 12-week-old crossbreed puppy Sparky

In a case that dragged on for several months evil puppy killer Kyle Keegan finally confessed to his evil crime on 4 June 2019.

Puppy killer Kyle Keegan of Gilpins Manor, Lurgan, Northern Ireland

Sparky’s body was found in a bin in Ailsbury Park, Lurgan in February 2018.

A post-mortem examination confirmed the dog sustained fractures as well as severe brain trauma.

Prosecuting counsel Nicola Auret outlined how Sparky’s body lay undiscovered in a bin, wrapped in a plastic bag, for two days before owner Ellen Hoy found him having been sent a tip off that “the dog was dead.”

Ms Hoy had a party at her home that weekend and she fed Sparky that Saturday morning before going to her father’s house later on, leaving Sparky in his crate in the front hallway.

A “really drunk” Keegan and a “number of other young people” had been at the party, said Ms Auret, adding that when Ms Hoy came home, Sparky was gone.

“She was told that he had got out,” the lawyer told the court, leading her to search the area and put out an appeal on Facebook.

Ms Hoy again searched for Sparky the following day, Sunday 4 February, but received text messages that evening “that the dog was dead and in the bin.”

The following morning, she found her dog in a bin wrapped in a plastic bag.

Puppy killer Kyle Keegan of Gilpins Manor, Lurgan, Northern Ireland

Ms Auret told the court a hammer and a t-shirt, both spattered with blood, were found beside the washing machine in Ms Hoy’s home and there was also spots of blood in the hallway where Sparky’s crate was.

When Ms Hoy asked Keegan if he had killed Sparky he claimed he was “drunk” and couldn’t remember.

She showed Keegan his blood-spattered top but he told her “he didn’t know how the blood got on it.”

Swabs from the hammer, the top and from the blood spattered wall were sent for forensic analysis and the results provided “extremely strong support that the DNA had come from the dog.

Puppy killer Kyle Keegan of Gilpins Manor, Lurgan, Northern Ireland

Arrested and interviewed, Keegan admitted the top was his but claimed he had “no memory of anything which occurred over the weekend.”

At one stage there had also been allegations that Sparky’s body had been put into a microwave and tissue samples were sent to Scotland for expert analysis but to date, no evidence of that has been forthcoming.

Defence counsel Barry McKenna conceded at the very start of his plea in mitigation that “it is difficult to say that this case is anything other than appalling.”

“It is difficult to rationalise the defendant’s conduct…it is completely inexplicable when one considers that the defendant himself describes himself as an animal lover.

“He is deeply sorry – it’s completely out of character,” declared Mr McKenna.

Puppy killer Kyle Keegan of Gilpins Manor, Lurgan, Northern Ireland

Jailing Keegan, Judge Rafferty said the fact that he had no memory of the incident, coupled with his lack of criminal convictions for violence caused him “very grave concerns” given the lack of explanation for the attack.

“Quite frankly, your actions towards this pup were vile, disgusting and savage,” declared the judge, telling Keegan it would be “absolutely patently clear to anyone such an animal would be entirely defenceless.”

Previous courts have also heard how police conducted enquiries with social media outlets after the incident was broadcast online.

Sentencing: 15 months in jail; banned from owning any animal for 30 years.

Irish News

Wallsend, Tyne and Wear: Melvyn Hall

#TheList Melvyn Hall, born 02/04/1948, of Ashfield Mews, Wallsend NE28 7RG – hit German Shepherd rescue dog over the head with a hammer and strangled her with a piece of washing line, before dumping her body in the River Tyne

Dog killer Melvyn Hall from Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, is banned for life after brutally killing a rescue dog
Dog killer Melvyn Hall from Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, is banned for life after brutally killing a rescue dog named Molly
Twisted Melvyn Hall from Wallsend killed rescue dog Molly by hitting her over the head with a hammer and strangling her.
Hall killed six -year-old German Shepherd Molly by hitting her over the head with a hammer and strangling her.

Melvyn Hall struck six-year-old German Shepherd Molly on the head before strangling her with a piece of washing line.

He then dumped her into the River Tyne. She was found washed up on December 6 2018 and the RSPCA were alerted.

RSPCA inspector Rowena Proctor said: “When the rescue called Hall he told them that Molly had died of a ruptured aneurysm and had been seen by a local vet but he couldn’t remember the name, which he re-iterated when I visited him the next day.

“However, in the interview that followed he said he had gone to the shop and come home to find her dead before going on to admit hitting Holly on the head with a hammer, strangling her with the washing line that was around her neck when her body was found and dumping her in the River Tyne.

“He said he did it because she was following him around and getting on his nerves and he lashed out.

“He showed me where he had done it, in his garden shed, and gave me the hammer he had used.”

Dog killer Melvyn Hall from Wallsend

Hall admitted two offences of causing unnecessary suffering to Molly under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Inspector Proctor said: “A post-mortem found that Molly had several fractures to skull and evidence of haemorrhaging however it was unlikely these injuries would have caused immediate death.

“The vet said that the attack on Molly from the person who cared for her would have caused immediate distress, which would have quickly passed into suffering when she received the blow from the hammer.

“The pain of a fracturing skull would be intense but the period of suffering wasn’t possible to establish from the post-mortem due to the decomposition of her body.

“They went on to say that the presence of the washing line and injuries to her neck, which were consistent with having been strangled, indicate that the owner was uncertain of the state of consciousness of Molly after she had been hit with the hammer.”

Sentencing: 18 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months; £1,000 costs. Lifetime disqualification on all animals.

ITV News

Caldicot/Blaina/Brecon, Wales: Ryan Harrison, Tomas Young and Cyle Jones

#TheList Ryan Harrison, born c. 1994, of Masefield Road, Caldicot, Monmouthshire NP26 4JY, Tomas Young, born c. 1993, of East Pentwyn, Blaina, Abertillery, Monmouthshire NP13, and Cyle Jones, born 09/11/1987, of Cwrt Tarrell, Newgate Street, Brecon, Powys LD3 8ED – for the barbaric persecution of wildlife, which included skinning alive a baby badger, and cruelty including violence to dogs

Welsh badger baiters Tomas Young, Cyle Jones and Ryan Harrison
Clockwise from the left Tomas Young, Cyle Jones and Ryan Harrison

Ryan Harrison, Cyle Jones and Tomas Young were jailed for badger baiting and animal cruelty following a probe by a BBC Wales TV programme.

Welsh badger baiter Cyle Jones
Cyle Jones

The court was told that an RSPCA inquiry was launched following an undercover investigation by BBC Wales Investigates. The programme entitled The Secret World of Badger Baiters was shown in May 2018 and is currently available to watch on YouTube.

Following the programme’s broadcast warrants were executed at the addresses of the three individuals identified, being Young, Harrison and Jones

Welsh badger baiter Ryan Harrison
Ryan Harrison

A phone seized from Harrison contained numerous videos, text messages and images depicting hunting and animal cruelty offences. Video clips alone amounted to 447 with the majority of the material extreme in its nature.

The animal cruelty footage showed wildlife being killed and dogs with extensive injuries from being used to hunt animals. The voice of Harrison was heard and there were videos and pictures showing Young.

The RSPCA special operations unit also were able to view footage obtained by the BBC.

One particular horrific incident involved a baby badger which had been skinned alive by dogs.

The badger’s skin was split down the middle and pulled back from the body.

Shortly after the baby badger is seen to be still alive and is killed by Young hitting it with a shovel.

District Judge Neil Thomas described the trio’s offences as “medieval barbarity”.

Welsh badger baiter Ryan Harrison
Ryan Harrison

Harrison and Young pleaded guilty to six joint offences in that they did wilfully kill, injure or take a badger on four different occasions.

They also admitted attempting to take or kill a deer in the Forest of Dean, and causing unnecessary suffering to a boar by letting it be attacked by dogs and by stabbing the animal with a knife.

Harrison also pleaded guilty to another nine offences.These were:

  • Attempting to take or kill a deer
  • Attempting to wilfully kill, injure or take a badger on two occasions
  • Causing unnecessary suffering to a terrier dog called Ted by failing to obtain professional veterinary care for injuries to the dog’s lip and chin
  • Causing unnecessary suffering to a terrier by failing to obtain professional veterinary care for injuries to the dog’s chin area
  • Causing unnecessary suffering to a boar by causing the said animal to be attacked by dogs and by stabbing the said animal with a knife
  • Causing unnecessary suffering to terrier called Brock by failing to obtain professional veterinary care for injuries to the dog’s neck area
  • Two other charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a boar, by causing the animal to be attacked by dogs
Welsh badger baiter Cyle Jones
Cyle Jones

Jones admitted two charges of unnecessary cruelty to animals, relating to two dogs that were injured.

He was given a custodial sentence because he was not allowed to keep dogs, having been previously convicted of having a dog dangerously out of control.

Welsh badger baiter Tomas Young
Tomas Young

In their defence, the men said they had grown up with countryside pursuits.

There was no mitigation, said the judge, as far as he could see.

“The absence of remorse was obvious,” he said.

Chief inspector Ian Briggs, from the RSPCA’s special operations unit, said: “The RSPCA’s special operations unit has to investigate some truly gruesome acts on animals. But the prolific nature of these horrific crimes are some of the worst I – and my inspectors – have ever had the displeasure of witnessing.

“This barbaric, deliberate and calculated torture has caused wildlife and dogs to suffer immeasurably, solely for the sadistic pleasure of a handful of depraved individuals.

“BBC Wales’ initial work on this case was very important, and firmly in the public interest – paving the way for the RSPCA to undertake this investigation and bring these perpetrators to justice.

“Sadly, people who enjoy inflicting such pain and suffering on wildlife continue to offend in Wales. The RSPCA will not rest in bringing people like these to justice.

“As well as BBC Wales, we’d also like to thank the police forces who assisted us on this case – Gwent Police, South Wales Police, Dyfed Powys and Gloucestershire Police.”

Sentencing: Ryan Harrison was jailed for 22 weeks, Thomas Young got 20 weeks and Cyle Jones was given 18 weeks. All three defendants were banned from keeping dogs for life.

BBC News
South Wales Argus

Cowbridge, South Glamorgan: Molly Rose

#TheList Molly Rose (aka Molly Price or Molly Rees), born c. 2001, of Ystradowen, Cowbridge, South Glamorgan, Wales CF71 – exposed for illegally hunting badgers and foxes with dogs in a 2018 BBC documentary

Teenager Molly Rose of Cowbridge in Wales glorifies illegal hunting with dogs on social media and participates in it herself
Teenager Molly Rose of Cowbridge in Wales glorifies illegal hunting with dogs on social media and participates in it herself

In May 2018 current affairs programme BBC Wales Investigates exposed the brutal reality of illegal hunting with dogs. ‘The Secret World of Badger Baiters‘ showed undercover reporters infiltrating two gangs: one led by Christian Latcham of Tonypandy, who had already been successfully prosecuted for the crime in 2011 and banned from keeping dogs indefinitely, and the other by Tomas Young of Blaina, Abertillery who was convicted alongside Ryan Harrison of Caldicot and Cyle Jones of Brecon in June 2019.

Teenager Molly Rose of Cowbridge in Wales glorifies illegal hunting with dogs on social media and participates in it herself

A reporter posing as someone wanting to get into digging spoke on the telephone with self-proclaimed “Terrier Queen” Molly Rose. Rose, who has links to the travelling community, runs two Facebook groups dedicated to terrier-work and regularly posts photos and videos of her own pack of working dogs to her thousands of followers.

Molly Rose's dog Stan displays injuries typically caused in badger fights
Molly Rose’s dog Stan displays injuries typically caused in badger fights

One of Rose’s dogs – Patterdale terrier Stan – whom she claims has been on 35 digs, has injuries to his lower jaw that are typically seen on a dog that has been in a fight with a badger.

Using the name ‘Aaron’ the reporter asks Rose for advice on the best type of dog to get for digging work. It’s not long before she starts talking about illegal hunting, telling Aaron that the choice of dog depends on whether he’s going to be digging for foxes or badgers.

Teenager Molly Rose of Cowbridge in Wales glorifies illegal hunting with dogs on social media and participates in it herself

She talks about the possibility of “digging a dog dead” and admits that she has “dug two dogs dead this season” [we think this means the dog becomes trapped underground and suffocates].

Molly Rose's dog Stan displays injuries typically caused in badger fights

At this point she admits that a badger had ‘scrammed’ the front of her dog’s face, causing him to lose his jaw.

Rose then goes on to advise the reporter on how not to get caught when illegally digging with dogs, telling him that setts can be protected and to watch out for cameras. She advises him to go out digging with men who know what they’re doing.

The reporter does this and witnesses scenes of appalling cruelty to a deer, a boar and a badger cub who is skinned alive by dogs.

When the BBC put their evidence to Molly Rose, she refused to be interviewed and denied that she was involved in badger or fox digging or had ever given advice to anyone on how to do it. She also backtracked on the cause of her dog Stan’s injuries, claiming he’d been caught on barbed wire as a puppy.

Teenager Molly Rose of Cowbridge in Wales glorifies illegal hunting with dogs on social media and participates in it herself

A year after The Secret Life of Badger Baiters was aired Molly Rose has not yet been prosecuted and continues undeterred. The evidence obtained by BBC Wales investigators that this callous young woman participates in a bloodsport that causes unthinkable cruelty to wildlife and dogs alike is very strong. It’s time to throw the book at her.

Update 29/06/19
We are advised that “traveller wannabe” Molly Rose is a horse trader and also breeds puppies from her grandmother’s yard. Our contact told us the following:

That Molly Rees aka Molly Rose aka Molly Price is a bad egg. She’s breeding puppies like they’re going out of fashion. So does her mother and grandmother. She lives in her grandmother’s yard in a static caravan. The place is filthy and her nan runs a grooming business from there. It’s dreadful. There’s filthy matted dogs loose everywhere there and she breeds from them now.

The RSPCA went there but Molly kicked off big time on them and refused to unlock the gate so they left and by the time they went back with the police Molly and her nan moved all the dogs apart from 3 out of the 12.

Molly also deals horses none of their animals are cared for. It’s a disgrace.

Molly’s been hunting since.13/14 when she hit puberty. She was a talented rider as a child, went to Horse of the Year Show etc, then she discovered the travellers sold cheap horses.

She started dealing when she was 14. Been a traveller wannabe since.