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Grimsby, Lincolnshire: Aaron Williamson

#TheList Aaron James Williamson, born 12/08/1999, of 33B Westerdale Way, Grimsby DN37 9BY – subjected a kitten to regular beatings and bit off his ear

Kitten abuser Aaron James Williamson from Grimsby and his victim, Litten

Aaron Williamson was banned from owning animals for life after a court heard about his sickening catalogue of abuse against the young cat, known as Litten.

The thug admitted he had lost count of how many times he had punched Litten, and said he did so whenever he was angry. He also bit the kitten’s ear multiple times, removing most of it.

Williamson admitted one offence of causing unnecessary suffering to a kitten. Sentencing William, the judge described his actions as “sickening”.

The RSPCA confirmed three kittens were rescued from Williamson’s home on September 11, 2019, following a tip-off.

Kitten abuser Aaron James Williamson from Grimsby

RSPCA inspector Kate Burris said: “Williamson tortured this kitten. He admitted repeatedly biting Litten’s ear, which resulted in the loss of most of it, and that he had lost count of the times he had punched Litten. He said he did it when he was angry.

Kitten abuser Aaron James Williamson from Grimsby

“District Judge Curtis said his daily abuse of small, defenceless animals who were unable to harm him and were at his mercy was sickening.

“He said that Williamson had called himself a monster in interview, and that was accurate as to how he behaved.

“We are extremely grateful to the witnesses who contacted us, and got these kittens out of this situation despite the position that put them in. It was very brave.

“I was surprised how friendly Litten was when I first met him given the abuse he had suffered, he was so affectionate and loving and was rubbing his face against mine during his veterinary examination.

“I just knew he was going to make a perfect addition to any family.

Abused kitten Litten, renamed Oreo
The abused kitten’s new family have said that he is doing ‘fantastic’ and is ‘absolutely adorable and really good-natured’.

“I am so happy that he has found a fantastic new home, with people who love him and are caring for him in the way he always should have been cared for. It could have been a very different outcome for him if we hadn’t been able to intervene when we did.”

Williamson’s two other kittens found a new home together in Derbyshire.

Sentencing: 12 weeks in jail. Ordered to pay £250 costs and a £120 victim surcharge. Lifetime ban on keeping animals.

BBC News

Duston, Northampton: Brendan Gaughan

#TheList Brendan Gaughan, born c. 1986, most recently of Mendip Road, Duston, Northampton NN5 – dismembered seven pet cats and left remains in plastic bags on their owners’ driveways

Northampton cat killer Brendan Gaughan and one of his victims, Rusty.
Northampton cat killer and one of his victims, Rusty. A serial arsonist, Gaughan also harboured thoughts of raping and murdering women but the Judge did not label him as ‘dangerous’ ..

Serial arsonist and cat mutilator Brendan Gaughan was sentenced at Northampton Crown Court for a campaign of attacks across the town in the past two years.

Gaughan was caught after an overnight arson spree in June 2018 in which he caused at least £375,000 of damage that destroyed family cafe The Arc, three rough sleepers’ tents and a disused office.

But when he came to court, he asked that 15 other offences were taken into account when he was jailed – namely, a debauched series of cat mutilations and a string of arson attacks in Duston.

The court heard how between August and November 2017 Gaughan targeted and killed seven family pets across Northampton.

He claims the first two were out of ‘spite’ for the owners – but he found the attacks left him ‘satisfied’ and he went on to kill four more in the space of just 10 days.

Nearly every time, Gaughan would set out between 1am and 2am searching for cats, before encouraging them to come near.

He then strangled them, dismembered the bodies and left them on their owner’s driveways or front gardens in plastic bags for them to find.

Cat Deaths

  • The body of Rusty was left in a bag on the owner’s doorstep in Northampton
  • Cat Topsy was left outside the owner’s home in the Kingsley area
  • Dead cat in a plastic bag was found in a garden in Chewton Close Duston
  • Mutilated body of a cat was found in Duston
  • Dismembered cat was discovered in Duston
  • Dismembered cat was found in a plastic bag on a doorstep in Mendip Road
  • Cat mutilated and left on car roof in Northampton

Prosecutor Matthew Rowcliffe QC said: “After doing it, he would feel satisfied for hurting [the families].

“But in November 2017, he ‘got bored of harming animals’ and turned his interests to starting fires.”

During an arson spree, Gaughan destroyed three tents, damaged the Outpost Café and its recycling bins and The Ark floating restaurant, both on Bedford Road, set fire to wheelie bins at the Edward Green Shoe Factory, a Vauxhall van and the Bray Learning and Development Centre at St Andrews Hospital.

In court today, the prosecutor shared something Gaughan said during a psychiatric assessment while he was in custody.

Mr Rowcliffe QC said: “[Gaughan] told his psychiatrist he had had thoughts of other kinds of offending, like entering women’s houses, raping them and killing them. He has never done this, but had had thoughts of doing it.”

Gaughan’s defence barrister, Mr Guy Williamson QC, told the judge: “He has expressed extreme regret and is ashamed of his actions, and understands the psychological, financial and physical harm and distress he has caused.

“This is a case of a man with mental health issues that feels isolated and vulnerable in the community in which he lives.

“He felt nothing towards the cats he was killing and he denies feeling any pleasure derived from these crimes.”

But His Honour Judge Roger Tregilgas-Davey said: “The starting of fires by you was deliberate. And in every case, you did nothing but watch. You failed to help extinguish them or alert emergency services.

“These were deliberate and persistent. When a fire did not take, you would make more effort to relight it.”

However, at sentencing, the judge did not rule Gaughan as ‘dangerous’ – and could only add three months to his jail term for the cat killings.

Judge Tregilgas-Davey said: “Any violence has been towards animals and not towards humans.

“In regard to the cat mutilations… I want to make it clear they are they are distasteful. They are distressing. I do not lose sight of that. But any sentence I can impose is limited no matter how many [you killed].”

Jailed for 44 months including just 3 months for killing the seven cats. 

Northamptonshire Chronicle
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Birkenhead, Merseyside: Kieran HAynes

#TheList Kieran Haynes, born 19/01/1998, of Devon Gardens, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead CH42 4RF – beat an 11-week-old kitten, suffocated him with a duvet and then hanged him from outside a block of flats.

Kitten killer Kieran Haynes and the battered body of 11-week-old Niko, his victim.

Haynes pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the kitten named Niko.

RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes investigated the case after Niko’s body was found hanging outside flats where Hayne’s ex-partner lived on November 23, 2017.

Evil kitten killer Kieran Haynes
Evil kitten killer Kieran Haynes from Rock Ferry, Birkenhead.

Inspector Joynes said: “This poor kitten was found hanging from a piece of rope outside the block of flats, clearly having suffered a horrific injury.

“The kitten was recognised as belonging to Haynes, as he had posted photos of the kitten on social media pages before the incident.

“When I interviewed Haynes, he admitted that he had hit Niko with the back of his hand after Niko scratched him.

“He said that afterwards, Niko’s face became swollen and he became wobbly – at which point Haynes went out for seven hours.

“When he returned, Niko was in the same spot and was lying in his own faeces.

“He was clearly severely injured with a broken eye socket and was suffering from swelling to the brain.

“Haynes said that as he approached Niko to check on him and attempt to stroke him that the kitten had attacked him. At this point he has then covered Niko with a duvet and held it there until the kitten stopped moving.

“Afterwards, Haynes took Niko’s dead body and hanged him from a piece of rope outside a block of flats where his ex-partner lived.”

A post-mortem examination found that Niko had suffered from a broken eye socket and that he had been smothered so hard that he had lacerations on his lip from his teeth.

He also had a large bruise on his skull.

He added: “When I joined this job nine years ago I knew I’d be dealing with difficult situations and seeing heartbreaking sights.

“Nothing however can fully prepare you for dealing with cases such as this one, where the animal is already deceased when you arrive.

“This case involved the purposeful infliction of immense pain and suffering by way of physical violence on a completely defenceless and vulnerable 11-week-old kitten.

“Animals can’t choose their owners and unfortunately poor little Niko found himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time and in the care of the wrong individual.

“This case will stay with me for a very long time and I’m just glad that through our investigation we have at least not allowed Niko’s suffering to go completely unanswered.”

16-week prison sentence; £115 victim surcharge. Disqualified from keeping animals for life.

Wirral Globe
Liverpool Echo

Alfreton, Derbyshire: Keane Mitchell Thorpe, Ethan Lewis, Mitch Smith and Seif Naili

#TheList Keane Mitchell Thorpe, Ethan Lewis, Mitch Smith and Seif Naili all of Riddings, nr Alfreton, Derbyshire – mutilated the body of a pet cat named Leo after he had been killed by a dog

Twisted youths from Riddings near Alfreton filmed themselves mutilating the body of much loved family cat Leo
Twisted youths from Riddings near Alfreton filmed themselves mutilating the body of much loved family cat Leo

The four cowardly teenagers named above carried out and filmed a disgusting attack on the body of a much-loved family cat in Riddings Park. The boys, who at the time were aged 15, 15, 16 and 17,  ‘egged’ each other on as they smashed a rock on the head of the three-year-old cat, hit him with a stick, tied him up with rope before filming and boasting about it on Snapchat.

Leo’s badly mutilated body was found on a path by a dog walker at about 2.30pm on August 11, 2016, in the park with multiple injuries and rope tied around its waist.

A post-mortem examination concluded that Leo was already dead before the attack after bite wounds believed to have been inflicted by a ‘large breed dog’ were found. He had suffered horrific injuries to his abdomen, back, head and chest.

The youths all pleaded guilty to carrying out an act of outraging public decency by behaving in an indecent manner, namely beating a cat. They all appeared in court together with their parents.

The court heard the youths and their families had been subjected to threats after the sickening attack. Windows of their homes had been smashed and they’d been forced to fit panic alarms and live in hotels [gutted for them].

The teens each received a 12-month youth referral order and were ordered to  pay costs and compensation to the cat’s owner 

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