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Cefn Hengoed, Caerphilly: Ieuan Batten

#TheList Ieuan Batten, born 23/10/1996, of Forest Avenue, Cefn Hengoed, near Ystrad Mynach CF82 – beat up his mother after she intervened to stop his savage attack on a dog

Pictured is violent thug Ieuan Batten from Cefn Hengoed in Caerphilly, Wales, who has numerous previous convictions for violence.
At just 23 years of age Ieuan Batten, who goes by the nickname Skins Citroen, has racked up 20 convictions for 49 offences. These included previous assaults on his own mother.

Prosecutor Leah Pollard told the court that 23-year-old Batten had a history of violence against his mother, with previous assault convictions recorded against him.

She said this latest attack happened just before Christmas 2019 when Batten came home “under the influence and in an aggressive mood”.

Pictured is violent thug Ieuan Batten from Cefn Hengoed in Caerphilly, Wales, who has numerous previous convictions for violence.

Judge Daniel Williams was told of how Batten’s mother and two women, one of whom was pregnant with his child, were in her house when he went “completely mad”.

After two dogs began fighting, he took one of them into the kitchen and repeatedly punched and kicked him.

Batten’s mother covered the animal to protect him before her son turned his attention to her.

Miss Pollard said: “He was in a complete rage. He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the living room.

“He started punching her and stamping on her all over her body.”

One of the women told police: “It lasted for about half an hour. I have never seen such violence in my life and I was shocked – especially when it was carried out by someone against their own mother.”

The victim was taken to hospital with her face “totally swollen and black and her body covered in bruises”.

Batten pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

The court was told he had 20 previous convictions for 49 offences.

Nik Strobl, mitigating, said: “The defendant wishes to express his remorse and he can’t believe what he has done to his own mother.

“He has little recollection of what happened.”

Judge Williams told Batten, who was high on alcohol and drugs during the attack, that: “This was a savage assault. You used dreadful violence.”

Sentencing: jailed for two years and given a five-year restraining order preventing him from contacting his mother. He must pay a victim surcharge upon his release from custody. He was not banned from keeping animals.

South Wales Argus

Eastbourne, East Sussex: Gerard O’Connor

#TheList Gerard ‘Jezz’ Patrick O’Connor, born 21/03/1977, of South Street, Eastbourne BN21 – killed two kittens by stamping on them during a domestic violence incident

Kitten killer Gerard O'Connor is based in Bootle, Liverpool, but he killed the kittens and assaulted a woman in Eastbourne
Career criminal Gerard O’Connor is based in Bootle, Liverpool, but his animal cruelty offence took place in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Gerard O’Connor, who has a history of violence and previous criminal convictions, pleaded guilty to assaulting a woman by beating her. The offence took place at Eastbourne on September 19, 2019.

Kitten killer Gerard O'Connor is based in Bootle, Liverpool, but he killed the kittens and assaulted a woman in Eastbourne

The lifelong loser also pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to an animal by stamping on two kittens with such force that it resulted in their deaths, at Eastbourne on the same date.

Magistrates described O’Connor’s attack on the kittens as “prolonged and vicious”.

Sentencing: total of 24 weeks in prison. £389 in compensation. Restraining order. Banned from keeping cats for ten years.

Eastbourne Herald

Additional information: O’Connor, who is known to his friends as Jez or Jezz, is originally from Northern Ireland but has lived in the Bootle area of Liverpool for several years.

Kitten killer Gerard O'Connor is based in Bootle, Liverpool, but he killed the kittens and assaulted a woman in Eastbourne

He has an adult son from a previous relationship.

Criminal history:


Shefford, Bedfordshire: Ethan Andrews

#TheList Ethan Andrews, born c. 2000, of 212 Shefford Road, Shefford, Clifton SG17 5QS – set fire to ex girlfriend’s home resulting in the deaths of a rabbit, degu and dog

Evil Ethan Andrews  and the rabbit he burned to death in an act of revenge against his ex
Evil Ethan Andrews and the rabbit he burned to death in an act of revenge against his ex. Two other innocent pets – a degu and later a dog – died from smoke inhalation.

“Controlling and abusive” Andrews poured petrol over the rabbit hutch that he knew housed the victim’s much loved pet ‘Spice’. When he lit the accelerant, the resulting explosion blew in patio doors to the property.

There was nothing left of the rabbit hutch containing Spice and a second pet – a degu – later died as a result of smoke inhalation.

On 11 June 2019 the Sun reported that the family dog had also died some months later from smoke inhalation.

Andrews’ attack followed the break-up of his brief relationship with the victim.

She had complained that Andrews had been controlling and abusive. When she broke up with him he tried to pressurise her back into a relationship, making threats against her and to harm her pets.

In July 2018 he acted upon those threats.

Andrews admitted arson ‘reckless as to whether life was endangered’ and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

The case was investigated by Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Domestic Abuse Investigation and Safeguarding Unit.

Detective Constable Colin Workman said: “It is clear from the fire investigation that numerous lives were put at risk by Andrews’ actions, including the life of an unborn baby.
“Andrews planned this attack to get back at the victim. It was an act of pure callousness to target a rabbit in order to achieve this goal. His deliberate actions caused immense distress and harm to the victim and her family. I hope this sentence today allows them to start putting these terrible events behind them.”

Sentencing: 32 months’ imprisonment – 13 in prison and 19 out on licence – and a further three months to run concurrently for killing the rabbit. He was also given an indefinite restraining order.

BBC News
The Sun

Milnsbridge, Huddersfield: Steven James Allen

#TheList Steven James Allen, born 1979, of Tintern Avenue, Milnsbridge, Huddersfield HD3 4PX –  attacked wheelchair-bound partner and killed her ten pet fish

Photograph of violent drunk Steven James Allen from Huddersfield.

Allen, described as a carer for Tina Butler, pleaded guilty to assault and criminal damage.

He also admitted to a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal after smashing a tank containing ten fish.

Shamaila Qureshi, prosecuting, described Miss Butler as vulnerable as she is wheelchair bound with mobility and balance issues.

Allen suddenly became aggressive towards her and accused her of having an affair.

Mrs Qureshi said: “He’s pushed her out of her wheelchair, causing her to fall out and bang her head.

“He has then kicked the fish tank, causing it to smash. There were 10 fish in there and they came out the fish tank and died.

“He’s dragged the complainant across the room by her arms, causing her pyjama bottoms to come down.

“The defendant has then slapped her buttocks hard and slapped her face.”

Allen then took Miss Butler’s phone and threw it against the wall, causing it to smash.

He suddenly changed, becoming nice to her and helping her back into her wheelchair.

Allen said he couldn’t recall the incident due to his drinking.

Magistrates were told that he was dependant on alcohol and would consume four litres of cider daily.

Prior to the attack he had drunk vodka instead which he claimed affected him.

He claimed his last memory was watching football before waking up the following morning and being told by Miss Butler what he had done.

Sentencing: 22-week jail term, suspended for 15 months. Alcohol treatment. £85 court costs and £250 compensation to Miss Butler. Two-year restraining order.