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Plymouth: Kieran Mitchell

#TheList Kieran John Jerome Mitchell, born 27/05/1995, of Keswick Crescent, Plymouth PL6 – punched and slapped his pet dog 36 times causing him to suffer wounds to his head and ears

Dog abuser Kieran Mitchell from Plymouth and his victim, Hugo
Kieran Mitchell beat and taunted his pet dog, Hugo

Convicted cannabis dealer Mitchell, formerly of Penrose Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth, was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to the bull terrier Hugo in November 2017. He was convicted in his absence back in July 2018 and a warrant issued for his arrest the following month.

Mitchell surrendered to custody in March 2020. He was released on bail but failed to turn up at the next hearing. Magistrates have now issued a further arrest warrant.

Dog abuser Kieran Mitchell from Plymouth

The RSPCA, which brought the case, said concerns were raised about the welfare of Hugo, after they were sent an anonymous audio recording of him being beaten and taunted by Mitchell.

RSPCA prosecutor Lindi Meyer told the court it was a “nasty sustained attack” with a total of 36 hits, punches or slaps heard on the recording.

As Mitchell attacked the dog he can be overheard goading him, asking him: “Are you crying now? Whimpering?”

The RSPCA seized Hugo from Mitchell and took him to a vet for examination. The vet found three lesions on his face, one of which was near an eye. The vet said that the beating would have been a traumatic experience for Hugo, causing him to feel “terror, fear, pain and anxiety”.

Dog abuser Kieran Mitchell from Plymouth

Mitchell admitted in his interview that he smacked Hugo and would rub his nose in it if he fouled on the floor.

The presiding magistrate told Mitchell: “You acted in anger against an innocent animal.”

Sentencing: 24 weeks in prison. £115 victim surcharge. Banned from owning animals for ten years.

Plymouth Live

Additional information:

  • Kieran Mitchell has links to Barnstaple and Ilfracombe.
  • He has lived in Wilton Street, Plymouth PL1 5LT
  • We understand that Hugo was put to sleep by police for being a banned breed

Wavertree, Liverpool: Kharled Radman

#TheList Kharled Radman (aka Carl Khalid Radman), born 01/06/1980, of Smithdown Road, Liverpool L15 2HD – caught on camera terrorising a dog with a stick to show he was “head of the pack”

Mastiff Achilles was terrorised by his owner, Liverpool businessman Kharled Radman.
The footage showed Kharled Radman deliberately pushing a wooden stick towards his terrified dog, Achilles.

Company director Radman pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering by inflicting intimidating and abusive behaviour on a Mastiff-type dog named Achilles.

The father-of-two was filmed banging on his dog’s kennel on March 11 , 2018 in an upsetting video clip captured by a neighbour.

Radman claimed he was trying to get Achilles, to drop a dead rat, but the footage shows him terrorising the dog by hammering his kennel.

After the incident, which took place at Radman’s partner’s house on Manor Road in Wallasey, the RSPCA attended and found Achilles outside in a small paved area at the rear of the property surrounded by one or two days of faeces. There were two bowls containing dry food with a brown liquid in it.

Achilles was 5 kg underweight when he was seized and had pressure sores on his body from laying down for long periods in his outside kennel – which was not weatherproof.

The court heard that Radman had owned Achilles for eight years after taking him in as a puppy.

Mastiff Achilles was terrorised by his owner, Liverpool businessman Kharled Radman.
Mastiff Achilles was living in grim conditions and found to be underweight. He was taken into the care of the RSPCA for his own welfare.

Pleading with the magistrates to let him have Achilles back, Radman said: “I’ve had that dog since it was born and I’ve never hit that dog. Even as a baby I never slapped his nose. I was trying to get a rat off my dog.

“I do accept that at one point I was getting aggressive and frustrated but I was never aggressive to my dog.”

He added: “It would have been wrong of me to leave him chewing on a rat and my missus would have killed me if I left him chewing on it.”

“If you are going to take Achilles away from me there’s nothing else that matters to me. I will do anything you say please just don’t take him off me.”

However, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, Chris Murphy described the chain of events that led to Achilles being taken away.

Mr Murphy said: “On March 11 a witness, Miss Kay, woke up at 8.30am and heard what sounded like shouting from her neighbour’s yard.

“She looked out from her toilet to the rear yard and saw the defendant slinging things around the garden, shouting and swearing aggressively.

“He then picked up a stick and started hitting down on the floor, saying ‘I’m going to rip your head off, get out here now. I’m going to kill you.’

“She saw him poking the stick in the kennel then went back to the bedroom to get her phone to record what she saw.”

When he was interviewed by police on March 13, Radman was quizzed over the video his neighbour filmed of the incident.

Mr Murphy said: “[He told officers] He wanted to get the dog to drop the rat so he was hitting the kennel to make him drop it. He said he was trying to assert himself as head of the pack.”

A local vet who examined Achilles after he was seized said the incident would have caused “psychological fear and distress”.

Sentencing: fines and costs totalling £995, which he will pay off in £50 monthly installments. Banned from keeping animals for just two years.

Liverpool Echo
Wirral Globe

Preston, Lancashire: John Bunting

#TheList John Chris Joshua Bunting (DoB 24/03/1995) of Garstang Road North, Wesham, Preston PR4 – caught on camera beating his pet dog.

Disco was filmed being beaten by her cruel owner John Bunting from Preston, Lancashire, UK
Abused dog Disco

Bunting pleaded guilty to one offence of causing unnecessary suffering to the dog, known as Disco, under the Animal Welfare Act.

The RSPCA was called by police on 8 September 2018 after they had arrested Bunting, seized the dog, and taken him to a vet practice.

RSPCA inspector Alison Fletcher said: “I met Disco before I saw the footage, which is distressing to watch.

“He was brought into the room by a male vet and he was extremely frightened. He had no obvious injuries but it was impossible to touch him without causing him distress.

“When I attempted to pick him up to place him in the kennel at the rear of my van and take him to the animal centre he went into blind panic. I did eventually manage to coax him inside after around 20 minutes of sitting with him and calmly reassuring him.”

In the first of three video clips Bunting can be seen entering the rear garden of a property on Garstang Road North, Wesham and walk over a grassed area partially out of view. A dog can be heard to cry out. He then appears at the corner of the house holding Disco in his left hand, by the scruff of the neck. He strikes the dog with his right hand a number of times while carrying him into the house. Disco can be heard to cry out again a number of times.

A second clip shows shadowy figures behind the frosted glass of the rear house door. Noises consistent with a slap and a dog vocalising can be heard. The door opens, a man’s voice can be heard to shout “Get out” and Disco runs out into the garden followed by Bunting. The dog runs onto the grassy area and sits down with his back to the garden wall and facing the house. The dog remains in the garden and Bunting returns back into the house.

A third clip shows Bunting standing over Disco before picking him up by the neck. Bunting carries Disco over to a brick-built outhouse within which the dog is placed. Bunting picks up a long piece of polystyrene and repeatedly hits something inside the outhouse. It is not clear whether he is striking Disco, though this was admitted by Bunting in interview.

The court heard that Bunting handled Disco in the manner seen in the footage because Disco wouldn’t go to the toilet, and would sit on the grass and not want to come in, then when he came back into the house he would urinate and defecate there. He said that he was trying to move Disco from behind the door to mop the floor.

Disco was filmed being beaten by her cruel owner John Bunting from Preston, Lancashire, UK

Veterinary opinion was that it was likely that Disco had been subjected to shouting or violence when urinating and defecating, which caused him to become anxious when performing these bodily functions. It continued that this had led to him associating the garden with a place in which he experienced anxiety. In a similar way, when Disco urinated or defecated in the house and he was punished, there would be an association with an unpleasant experience in the house.

“This poor dog was in turmoil, caused to suffer physically and mentally,” said Inspector Fletcher.

“It has taken a great deal of love, patience and training from the wonderful staff caring for him at RSPCA Southport, Ormskirk and District Branch Animal Centre, but I saw him today and he’s like a different dog.

“I’m very happy to say that he’ll be looking for a new home soon.”

Sentence: 18-month community order, 15 rehabilitation action requirement days, 300 hours of unpaid work, ordered to pay £500 costs and £85 victim surcharge. Disqualified from keeping animals for four years


Uckfield, East Sussex: Daniel McCreedy

#TheList Daniel McCreedy, born 11/05/1984, of 46 Selby Rise, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 5EE

Dog beater Daniel McCreedy from Brighton, East Sussex
Inadequate Daniel McCreedy is banned from keeping animals until further notice

McCreedy, then of Campbell Road in Brighton, was caught on CCTV carrying out the beating on his friend’s Staffordshire bull terrier cross at the Royal Oak pub in Lewes, East Sussex, on April 13, 2017.

He pleaded guilty to subjecting the dog, known as Babe, to unreasonable violence and causing him unnecessary suffering.

The court was shown a 20-minute video of the attack, in which McCreedy punches Babe 36 times, kicks him four times, chokes him twice with a lead and proceeds to pour a beer over his head.

Dog beater Daniel McCreedy from Brighton, East Sussex

RSPCA Inspector Tony Woodley, who led the investigation said: “Watching this video is just heart-breaking and stomach-churning. This dog is completely subordinate and this prolonged period of abuse is totally unwarranted and frankly disturbing.

“The poor dog is just absolutely terrified and also confused. One minute McCreedy is hitting him repeatedly in the head, the next minute he is cuddling the dog in a bid to pretend he is a caring animal owner. It is just horrific to see and a vet who watched this said that in their opinion there is no doubt this dog was caused pain and suffering during this sustained attack.

“It is perhaps lucky that the poor dog did not suffer any lasting physical injuries as a result of this attack, but he would clearly have been severely traumatised by McCreedy’s actions.

“I would like to thank everyone who has helped to bring this case to court including the witnesses who gave statements and of course the landlady who provided us with the CCTV which quickly led to McCreedy’s identification.”

Stills from the horrific CCTV footage showing Daniel McCreedy's prolonged vicious attack on a helpless dog
Stills from the horrific CCTV footage showing Daniel McCreedy’s prolonged vicious attack on a helpless dog

Speaking after the sentencing, Babe’s owner, James Hardaker, from Moulsecoomb, said: “Babe was always very friendly to people, but now barks at them because he is scared. I’ve been advised to have him put down.

“I am going to try and re-train him as a pup to get him back to how he was.”

Sentencing: 12-month community order, 20 days of rehabilitation for mental health illness, and an eight-week curfew. Ordered to pay £300 in costs and an £85 government surcharge. Disqualified from having any contact with animals until further notice.

Dog Magazine

Chorley, Lancs: Christopher Dennett

#TheList  Christopher Dennett, aged 30, of 6 Anderton Crescent, Chorley PR7 8BB – filmed chasing Dogue de Bordeaux puppy Narla around garden with a plank of wood, causing her to be traumatised and terrified of men

Christopher Dennett traumatised poor Dogue de Bourdeau Narla with his cruel training techniques
Christopher Dennett traumatised poor Dogue de Bourdeau Narla with his cruel training techniques

A horrified neighbour caught the attack on video and rang police and sent it to the RSPCA, sparking an investigation.

Unremorseful Dennett, an HGV driver who transports livestock, laughed off the investigation telling RSPCA workers he was trying to train the dog for close-quarters protection for his girlfriend.

The court watched the 47-second video in which the frightened dog is heard barking and seen running away as Dennett swings at her with the wood.

RSPCA Inspector Helen Smith said the one-year-old puppy has been left terrified of men as a result of its treatment. She said: “Mr Dennett showed no remorse when interviewed and didn’t seem to understand what he had done wrong.

“As you can see from the video, Narla is terrified, and has been caused unnecessary suffering, fear and distress.

“She is now terrified of men and although we could find no significant physical harm, emotionally she is not in a good way”.

The court heard Dennett was trying to emulate a training video he had seen on Youtube. But Insp Smith said: “He said he was training the dog to protect his partner for when he was away but this is no way to train a dog.

“You can hear the dog growling and then yelping, although it is not clear if Narla was struck in the video.

“Mr Dennett has now signed Narla into the care of the RSPCA and we will look after her and then try to re-home her.”

Dennett admitted one offence under the Animal Welfare Act of causing unnecessary suffering by using threatening or abusive behaviour towards the dog.

Sentence: total of £726 costs and charges; disqualified from keeping dogs for 12 months (expires March 2019).

Lancashire Post

Malvern, Worcestershire: Leyton Harford

#TheList Leyton Charles Harford, born 29/07/1983, of 135 Elgar Avenue, Malvern WR14 2HA – beat his 10-week-old puppy over the head repeatedly causing it to swell like a tennis ball

Dog abuser Leyton Harford from Malvern in  Worcestershire, UK, and victim Riddle

Harford was convicted of two counts of causing unnecessary harm to an animal.

In November 2013 the RSPCA were called to Harford’s flat after complaints a puppy had been hit 15 times over the head with a chew toy and also ‘kicked until it collapsed’.

When inspector Pippa Boyd approached the young Staffy, called Riddick, she said he was very subdued with noticeable swelling on his head.

Harford claimed the injury had been caused after Riddick went out to the toilet and disappeared around a corner only to yelp moments later when he heard the sound of a car driving away.

Dog abuser Leyton Harford from Malvern in  Worcestershire, UK,

But Rafe Turner, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said Harford’s story changed three times during questioning adding it was ‘blindingly obvious’ he had beat the dog.

A vet called as an expert witness said it would be nearly impossible for that type of injury to be caused by a car without there being other cuts and grazes. He also said it was unlikely it was caused by a kick either.

Pictures were shown to the court of Riddick with the ‘half-tennis ball sized’ lump on his forehead, which Harford had claimed were taken by a relative on the night of the accident.

But the vet witness said the swelling would have taken up to 18 hours to get that bad.

Harford did admit to the charge of causing further unnecessary harm to the puppy by failing to take him for treatment after the injury claiming it would have cost him a ‘fortune’ and he was already ‘on the sick’ with Christmas approaching.

During the investigation, he said: “I know I did wrong, I made a mistake but I have been a good owner and I have put time and effort into him.”

While Riddick was in temporary foster care he hid under the table for half an hour after weeing by the back door, the court heard. The vet said this was a result of him being ‘extremely scared’ of the repercussions.

Sarah Brady, for Harford, said her client was “in rather poor health, he’s been having investigations for months in relation to chronic vomiting.”

Brady added: “This is a matter that’s caused him difficulties at home, he’s struggled to leave his house. His family have received threats.”

Addressing the court magistrate John Taylor said: “The defendant showed total disregard for the welfare of this dog. He could not give a credible explanation as to what happened, when it happened and how.”

RSPCA inspector Boyd said: “I am very pleased with the outcome of this case, which reflects the seriousness of Mr Harford’s actions against Riddick, the puppy.

“Riddick, who was an extremely subdued and non-interactive pup, has now developed into a lively, playful dog. He has been found a new home where he has settled in well and he is enjoying his new life.”

Sentencing: Curfew. Total of £1,860 costs and charges. Lifetime ban on keeping animals with no leave to appeal for ten years.

Worcester News

Colwyn Bay, North Wales: James Nicholson

#TheList James David Nicholson, born 22/04/1984, at the time of conviction of Station Road, Colwyn Bay, but as at March 2020 living at 67 Pocket Nook Street, St Helens WA9 1NQ – repeatedly beat his dog and hung him from a lamp-post

Dog abuser James David Nicholson

Nicholson, who works as a part-time DJ under the name N-Tyce, was caught on camera hanging Jack Russell terrier Sweep from a lamp-post as he waited for a takeaway.

Magistrates watched CCTV footage showing Sweep cowering as his owner repeatedly beat him. Nicholson then hung the terrified dog from a lamp-post, before flinging him across a pavement.

Nicholson, who sobbed as he watched the footage in court, was told the attack had caused Sweep “physiological trauma”.

He admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Chris Dawson, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said: “He left the dog hanging off the windowsill. When asked why he had done that, he said ‘He kept barking.’

“He said he’d had a bad night, but he hadn’t meant to take it out on the dog.”

Nicholson cried heavily while the footage was played to magistrates, and often shielded his eyes away from the screen.

Magistrates’ chairman Howie Roberts told Nicholson: “Quite frankly, we were disgusted by what we saw on the video.

“We hope you show a lot more respect for the animals in your care.”

Nicholson, a part-time DJ from Station Road, was caught on film outside the Bay Grill takeaway on Seaview Road, Colwyn Bay, just after midnight on 4 September 2005.

He was told he could not take the dog into the shop, but became increasingly angry at the pet barking while he was waiting outside.
It was then the brown and white dog’s ordeal started.

The CCTV footage shows the pet being whipped with the handle of the lead several times, flinching at every sudden blow.

Sweep tried to flee the attack, but was stopped from running away because of his lead.

Nicholson then lifted up the dog by the lead, with the Jack Russell hanging in mid-air. His owner tied the top of the lead to a lamppost, and hung the pet there for a few seconds.

But Nicholson seemed to realise the upset he caused Sweep, and took him into his arms. He held the dog close, and peppered him with kisses.

On the walk home, with a petrified Sweep dragging behind on the lead, Nicholson violently yanked the lead, flinging his pet over several feet.

He then kicked Sweep in the side of his body.

An RSPCA report said: “The persistent nature of the behaviour has caused the dog unnecessary suffering, primarily physiological trauma.”

It adds: “The body language of the dog clearly showed that the dog was afraid and repeatedly tried to get away, but was restricted by the lead.”

Gwyndaf Pari, defending, said: “It was a one-off offence, one at the lower end of the scale, perhaps one that was impulsive and one after which he has shown genuine remorse.

“Since then, he has looked after the dog well.

“It is an animal clearly loved by Mr Nicholson.

“He has certainly learned his lesson since, and was dealing with the stress a relatively new job brought. It is something that worried him.”

Sentencing: fined £250 with £262 court costs. He was not banned from keeping animals and was allowed to keep Sweep.

Daily Post