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Llangefni, Anglesey, North Wales: Leonard Evans and Emma Roberts

#TheList Leonard Edward Evans, born c. 1981, and partner Emma Louise Roberts, born c. 1985, both of Fron Heulog, Llangefni LL77 – stole a French bulldog from a garden and tried to sell him on

Dog thieves Leonard Evans and Emma Roberts, from Llangefni, Anglesey
Dog thieves Leonard ‘Len’ Evans and Emma Roberts, from Llangefni, Anglesey

Evans and Roberts were found guilty of theft after a trial. The pair had denied stealing Bruce, a black French bulldog belonging to Catrin Tudor, at Pwllheli in August 2019. Both maintained their innocence and showed no remorse, said a probation officer.

Dog thief Leonard Evans of Llangefni, North Wales

Diane Williams, prosecuting, said Bruce was in the garden of his owner’s home in Pwllheli at about 2.30pm on August 25, 2019. She was in the house with the front door open and Bruce was running in and out. The court heard that she found the garden gate slightly open and said Bruce could not have opened it.

Realising the dog was missing, she began a search and later reported the matter to police.

Dog thief Emma Louise Roberts of Llangefni, North Wales

Family members posted messages about the dog’s disappearance on social media and there were sightings of Bruce in the company of two men and a woman in the street and on a beach. The following morning, Roberts was seen waiting for a bus with the dog and was arrested in Porthmadog .

Stolen French bulldog Bruce was found in a distressed state and was very thirsty
Stolen French bulldog Bruce was found in a distressed state and was very thirsty

Evans was arrested at his brother’s home the same morning.

A police officer said the two-year-old dog, who was valued at £1,500, was in a distressed state and very thirsty.

When Ms Tudor arrived at the police station, Bruce’s demeanour changed completely and he greeted her excitedly, said Ms Williams.

Dog thieves Leonard Evans and Emma Roberts, from Llangefni, Anglesey
Thieving Evans and Roberts pictured outside court

During the trial, Evans said he had been for a walk in the Abersoch area with Roberts and his brother Ben.

Passing Ms Tudor’s house, they had seen a dog which began following them, he said.

Evans said he had ignored the dog at first but had asked an elderly couple if they knew who owned him.

He said they had also knocked on several doors in the area but got no reply. They had taken the dog with them to his brother’s flat and later went to the beach with the animal, he said.

Ben Evans told the court he had recognised the animal and told the others who owned it and to return it.

Both Evans and Roberts denied intending to sell the dog for £1,000

Evans – 26-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months; 180 hours of unpaid work; ordered to pay Bruce’s owner £50 compensation and £712 costs; 35-day probation service course. The court heard the offence took place just days after Evans was made the subject of a community order.

Roberts – 12-month community order; 150 hours of unpaid work; 10-day rehabilitation activity requirement. Ordered to pay £50 compensation and £680 costs.

North Wales Live

Brenzett, Kent: Mark Burgess

#TheList puppy farmer Mark Burgess, born 22/05/1980, of Paddock View, Brenzett, Romney Marsh TN29 0BE – for multiple animal welfare offences.

Puppy farmer Mark Burgess of Brenzett, Romney Marsh, Kent, UK, and some of the animals he allowed to suffer.
Puppy farmer Mark Burgess of Brenzett, Romney Marsh, Kent and some of the animals he allowed to suffer.

A raid on a pet farm – during which inspectors found a puppy frozen in a freezer – led to a conviction for traveller Mark Burgess on eight animal welfare offences.

RSPCA inspectors descended on the Old Ashford Road in Brenzett, near Ashford, following complaints by four members of the public.

The complainants had purchased puppies from Burgess between December 2017 and February 2018, with all of the animals quickly falling ill and dying.

Footage captured during the early morning raid showed soaked bedding, shelters with bare, rotten floorboards and dogs chained to kennels.

In the bodycam video a range of concerns were highlighted, including a cat that was found shivering in a turned-off freezer.

RSPCA inspectors noted incidents of skin disease, claws growing into toepads and cat flu amongst the animals on the farm.

Among the more shocking discoveries caught on camera was the charred corpse of a small animal discovered in a “burner drum”.

Puppy farmer Mark Burgess of Brenzett, Romney Marsh, Kent, UK, and some of the animals he allowed to suffer.

Lead RSPCA Inspector Carroll Lamport said: “We found a mix of different breeds at the site including beagles, Dalmatians, spaniels and dachshund crosses.

“Some were pregnant, others had litters of tiny puppies while some had clear signs that they’d been used for breeding previously.

“Some of the dogs were extremely frightened and shut down. Some were living in almost complete darkness and others were huddled at the back of their runs.

“One beagle was sitting uncomfortably in a filthy, wet kennel. She looked so depressed.

“When we searched a freezer on-site we made a horrifying discovery; a small, four-week-old puppy.

“The body was frozen rigid and dumped in the bottom of a blood-soaked freezer.”

In total, 20 dogs were found living in unsuitable conditions and were seized by police and placed into RSPCA care – 12 adults and eight puppies.

Two cats and three kittens suffering from cat flu were also seized and later signed over.

An elderly German Shepherd - which it's believed was Burgess' personal pet - was showing signs of skin disease, muscle wastage and weak back legs after being found living outside, tethered to an old wooden kennel.

An elderly German Shepherd – which it’s believed was Burgess’ personal pet – was showing signs of skin disease, muscle wastage and weak back legs after being found living outside, tethered to an old wooden kennel.

The German Shepherd was put to sleep but the remaining dogs were all signed over into RSPCA care and rehomed.

Eight infringements of the Animal Welfare Act were levelled at the 39-year-old, including causing unnecessary suffering to puppies by failing to investigate and address the cause of the animal’s ill health and by selling the animal in an unfit state.

Other convictions include failing to provide veterinary care in respect of a beagle’s eye condition and failing to provide a number of dogs with a suitable environment and diet.

At the sentencing hearing, Burgess’s lawyer Gordon Crow read a letter written by his client.

It said: “You’ve found me guilty of selling three puppies that I should have realised were ill and should’ve taken to the vet.

“I accept your decision and I apologise to all concerned.

“I’ve been brought up around animals and love being around them more than people.

“Since being found guilty it’s been a nightmare.

“I’ve even been shunned by my own traveller community.

“It’s my animals that have given me strength recently.

“I’ve always said I’ll pay the money back to the buyers and I’m sorry for what they’ve gone through.”

District Judge Justin Barron told Burgess: “I found your behaviour negligent in the sense that you sold these puppies and should have further investigated the cause of their illness, identified that illness and not going on to sell them.

“The animals should not have been sold in the condition that they were in.”

He said Mr Burgess’s “standards fell short”.

The RSPCA had requested Burgess should be banned from keeping dogs.

The judge responded: “From the latest evidence I have seen the dogs you are now keeping are well cared for and I do not see there is a need to ban you from keeping dogs.”

The judge described a press release issued after Burgess’s conviction at Canterbury Crown Court in August as being an “emotional statement not appropriately balanced”.

“It led to the impression he had been found guilty of deliberately and gratuitously causing suffering to animals which wasn’t my finding.”

He said the case had led him to consider “whether the RSPCA should continue to conduct its own prosecution”.

Sentencing: two-year community order, 30 days probation, a six-month curfew and a ban on the selling of dogs for two years.

BBC News
Kent Online 23/09/19
Kent Online 13/08/19

Greenock, Inverclyde: Patrick Carter

#TheList Patrick Carter, born 17/11/1999, of 30 Lansbury Street, Greenock PA15 2NR – filmed his brutalised dogs ripping wild animals apart in a series of horrific animal fighting videos

Sick urban hunter Patrick Carter filmed his dogs ripping apart badgers and foxes.
Sick urban hunter Patrick Carter filmed his dogs ripping apart badgers and foxes.

Carter has been branded ‘barbaric’ after admitting to training his three dogs to attack and kill foxes and badgers and taking them on sickening hunts.

The thug’s vile cruelty — which took place over at least six months — was finally exposed after concern for the dogs was reported to the Scottish SPCA.

Investigators found multiple videos on Carter’s phone showing him and others goading their dogs to fight with foxes and drag badgers from their setts.

One piece of footage showed faceless individuals using spades to hit a doomed badger, as other participants in the barbaric “sport” urged them to allow the dogs to finish it off.

In another sickening video, a badger is pinned in place while dogs attack it.

Sick urban hunter Patrick Carter filmed his dogs ripping apart badgers and foxes.
Patrick Carter refused to seek vet treatment for his pets’ shocking injuries and instead proudly showed them off.

Carter refused to seek vet treatment for his injured pets despite them suffering serious injuries in battles with badgers.

An undercover Scottish SPCA special investigations unit officer said: “The footage and pictures we uncovered are gut-wrenching.

“The animals he set his dogs on would have endured terrible suffering before they were killed.”

Carter’s dogs, a Patterdale/Jack Russell cross called Laddie, and lurchers Max and Murphy, have now been successfully rehomed.

During the investigation officers uncovered conversations between Carter and a pal discussing animal fighting as well as the result of a recent hunt.

Items associated with animal fighting, including a hunting lamp and used nets, were seized in a raid on his home.

The probe revealed that callous Carter regularly made Laddie, Max and Murphy fight wild animals and the dogs had also suffered severe injuries.

The undercover officer said: “Whilst his dogs appeared to be in good general health when we searched his property, Laddie had severe facial injuries consistent with animal fighting and Max had scarring to the jaw area and his leg.

“On further examination, Laddie and Max were found to have scarring and deformities within the mouth and nose consistent with previous severe traumatic injuries.

“Multiple videos of animal fighting were found on Carter’s personal devices, featuring two lurchers matching Max and Murphy’s description. All of the videos found were incredibly disturbing to view and the animals involved were clearly in great distress and suffered the most horrific end to their lives.

“Over the animals’ screams, voices can be heard in the footage goading and encouraging the dogs to tear the animals apart.”

The investigator said: “Badger baiting and animal fighting are far more common than people would think and anyone engaging in this barbaric activity is inflicting unimaginable pain on the animals involved.”

Sick urban hunter Patrick Carter filmed his dogs ripping apart badgers and foxes.

Carter is a known associate of Sean Ward, who was jailed for seven months in 2018 and banned from keeping animals for 20 years after his activities were discovered by the Scottish SPCA.

Carter pleaded guilty to keeping or training dogs for the purpose of an animal fight between February 6 and July 3 last year, contrary to the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.

Sentencing: 225-hour community payback order; 6-month curfew; one-year’s supervision. Banned from keeping animals for 20 years.

Daily Record

Alternative address for Patrick Carter: 80 Mackie Avenue, Port Glasgow PA14 5AY.

Gedling, Nottinghamshire: Lisa Featherstone

#TheList Lisa Featherstone, born c. 1978, of Perlethorpe Avenue, Gedling NG4 4GG – kept starving dogs in horrific conditions

Lisa Featherstone was banned from keeping dogs for an astounding six months after neglecting Diesel and Rocky and leaving them to starve
Lisa Featherstone was banned from keeping dogs for an astounding six months after neglecting Diesel and Rocky and leaving them to starve

Featherstone admitted cruelty to her pet dogs Diesel and Rocky, one of whom was found close to death.

The court heard RSPCA inspector Dave MacAdam visited Featherstone’s home on December 6, 2018.

He had been told of problems faced by German Shepherd Rocky, who was kept in the muddy back garden.

Paul Wright, prosecuting, said: “The dog was in such a bad state that there was a risk of dying.”

Featherstone allowed the inspector into the house where he found Staffordshire bull terrier Diesel inside a wire cage.

“It was immediately seen to be in a poor condition. Its ribs and spine were prominent through a short coat,” said Mr Wright.

The dogs were taken to a vet who assessed them on a scale of one to five, with one being regarded as “emaciated” and three the normal standard for a healthy dog. Rocky was classed as “emaciated” and Diesel was one level better.

“This was down to malnutrition, an inadequate diet for at least one month,” Mr Wright told the court.

But in another month, both dogs had made a good recovery and their condition was normal. Rocky’s weight had risen by 60 per cent and Diesel’s had increased by 25 per cent.

Matthew Smith, mitigating, said: “In many ways, this is a sad case and there is no excuse from Miss Featherstone, simply an explanation.

“This is born out of an inability to cope with financial hardship rather than deliberate neglect of those dogs.

“She cut corners with feeding them and she accepts that. Whilst the dogs were fed, they were not fed enough and not given food of sufficient quality.

“Both have been loved family pets,” added Mr Smith, who applied for their return to her home.

He said Featherstone “rescued” Diesel nine years ago from a pub where she worked. She had Rocky for two years.

But District Judge Tim Spruce refused to allow the dogs to go back, telling Featherstone: “I can’t take the risk against the background of your current situation that the dogs would not be neglected again.”
As part of the probation order, she will get help in “problem solving, finances, relationships and emotions”.

Sentencing: one year’s probation; total of £235 costs and charges. Banned from keeping any dog for six months.

Nottingham Post

We understand that Lisa Featherstone works in the cafe at the Netherfield branch of Morrisons. We hope her employer is aware of her animal cruelty conviction and reconsidering whether she is a suitable employee.

Bradford, West Yorkshire: Lee Mark Aveyard

#TheList Lee Mark Aveyard, born 06/06/1991, of Broadstone Way, Holme Wood, Bradford BD4 – kept a husky in a filthy cupboard; deprived him of food and water

Lee Aveyard from Bradford was given a ten-year animal ban after his husky collapsed in his own filth
Lee Aveyard from Bradford was given a ten-year animal ban after his husky collapsed in his own filth

The emaciated dog, called Kenz, was found collapsed in his own filth inside the cupboard, which had been turned into a dog pen.

Kenz’s owner Lee Aveyard pleaded guilty to one offence of failing to meet the needs of Kenz by failing to provide a suitable environment and one of causing unnecessary suffering to him by failing to explore and address his poor body condition under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Lee Aveyard from Bradford was given a ten-year animal ban after his husky collapsed in his own filth
Convicted dog abuser Lee Mark Aveyard from Bradford

The RSPCA attended Aveyard’s home on 11 October, 2018.

RSPCA chief inspector Heidi Jenner said: “As soon as the inspector walked through the door to the property there was a strong smell of ammonia.

Lee Aveyard from Bradford was given a ten-year animal ban after his husky collapsed in his own filth
Aveyard kept husky Kenz in a filthy cupboard he’d converted into a dog pen

“She was stunned to see where Kenz was living. He was in a cupboard at the top of the stairs that had been turned into a dog pen with chicken wire and bits of wood, wedged in place with a cricket bat.

“Kenz was collapsed in a pool of urine with his back legs sprawled out to the side and surrounded by faeces. There was no evidence of food or water.

“The smell was horrendous and even through his thick coat, which was stained yellow, you could see how skinny he was.

“He was unable to stand, and the inspector said that when she lifted him up by his harness it was like holding a shopping bag, he just hung there.”

Lee Aveyard from Bradford was given a ten-year animal ban after his husky collapsed in his own filth
Neglected husky Kenz was skin and bone

He was taken straight to a vets where he was found to be emaciated with his ribs, spine and pelvis all clearly visible.

Lee Aveyard from Bradford was given a ten-year animal ban after his husky collapsed in his own filth
A painful pressure sore on one of Kenz;s legs

He had pressure sores on his legs, the biggest one on his left hind leg measuring 2.5cm in diameter and 1cm deep.

He was also anaemic. He weighed just 13.7kgs, gaining 2.4kgs in three days. In four weeks he gained 8.8kgs taking him to 22.5kgs – a 64% increase in body weight. Today he weighs in at 34.4kg.

Kenz is in the care of RSPCA Lancashire East Branch – where he has been since November – and staff continue to work with him to prepare him for a forever home.

Stunning: Kenz is recovering in the care of the RSPCA and will soon be available for rehoming

Animal Centre Manager Jeanette Ainscough said: “Seeing Kenz now, it’s hard to believe that he is the same dog.

“His transformation has been absolutely amazing.

“Unfortunately, it hasn’t been without some big setbacks though and as a result Kenz isn’t ready to be adopted just yet.

“It was discovered that some metalwork that must have been put in his leg as a puppy had moved, causing Kenz to be in a lot of pain, so an operation was needed to repair that. We thought he might have to have it amputated but daily physiotherapy and weekly hydrotherapy from the brilliant people at My Vet Hydro has meant we’ve been able to avoid that. My Vet Hydro donate their services to us for free and we can’t thank them enough for everything they’ve done to help Kenz, and others.”

Sentencing: 12-month probation order, with 15 rehabilitation activity requirement days; five-month curfew order; costs and charges totalling £385. Disqualified from keeping animals for 10 years. A deprivation order was also placed on Kenz.

Telegraph and Argus

Chorley, Lancashire: Ryan Alexander Oldfield

#TheList Ryan Alexander Oldfield, born 11/03/1992, of Baker Close, Buckshaw Village, Chorley, Lancashire PR7 7BX – threw a pet dog 20 feet over a stream

Dog abuser and woman beater Ryan Oldfield currently of Chorley, Lancashire
Dog abuser and woman beater Ryan Oldfield currently of Chorley, Lancashire

Oldfield, who’s originally from Morecambe and has something of a shady past, admitted a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to the animal during an incident in Chorley on August 12, 2018.

A regular participant in ‘strong man’ competitions, Oldfield also pleaded guilty to assaulting a woman by beating her on the same day. He admitted his role in both offences during a hearing before Preston Magistrates’ Court.

The magistrates’ bench also imposed a rehabilitation activity requirement, and Oldfield must take part in a Building Better Relationships probation programme.

Total costs and charges of £170. Rehabilitation.

Source: Lancashire Evening Post (article removed)

Coleraine, County Londonderry: Anthony O’Hara

#TheList Anthony O’Hara, aged 21, of Killowen Street, Coleraine BT51 – kicked and injured a pet dog in a cowardly attack

O’Hara, previously of Churchlands Road, Coleraine, has been put on probation for 18 months after admitting causing unnecessary suffering to the animal and possessing cannabis.

He must undertake 100 hours of community service “so that every time he picks up a piece of litter or paints a wall” he remembers his crime.

A prosecutor told Coleraine Magistrates Court yesterday that on July 20 2018 a heavily pregnant neighbour said O’Hara had been kicking a bin and then gave her the “middle finger” and swore at her.

The woman locked her door and put an ironing board across it in case O’Hara would try to get in.

The defendant was again verbally abusive to her and she feared that he was “going to stab” her.

A charge of common assault was withdrawn.

The woman then heard the defendant’s dog yelping for 10 to 15 minutes, and it stopped following “a very loud thud”.

Fearing for the safety of the animal, the woman called police, who found the dog bleeding from the nose.

There was also a strong smell of cannabis in O’Hara’s home and £20 of the drug was seized.

The prosecutor said the dog was taken to a vet and had trauma to an eye, a haemorrhage to its mouth, was withdrawn and nervous and was underweight for its age.

When interviewed by police, O’Hara said he had no recollection of the events with the neighbour.

He said the dog had a “bloodshot” eye as he was out jogging with this pet and a lead caught around a lamppost.

Regarding the other injury, he admitted to police he must have “clipped the dog too hard when he barked”.

He said he was feeding the dog but it was underweight because of “worms”.

Defence barrister Ben Thompson said the dog has now been rehomed to live with a friend of O’Hara’s.

The lawyer said there was “no one more upset or ashamed” of what he had done to the dog than the defendant.

His client, he said, had been living a chaotic lifestyle at the time and his behaviour was “extremely erratic” because of substance misuse which involved “risk taking” amid a relationship with alcohol.

The defendant, who had a record, works for a manufacturing company but Mr Thompson said the offences happened when he had been at his “absolute lowest ebb”.

He said a “thoroughly ashamed” O’Hara had not breached any bail conditions, which had involved an alcohol condition.

Mr Thompson added that “he knows how this case will change the public perception of him” and that there would be “consequences”.

District Judge Liam McNally said the defendant had committed a “cowardly act of kicking a dog” and causing injury, and said it was well-known courts treated that type of offence seriously.

In passing down the probation sentence and the community service, the judge also banned O’Hara from having the pet, or any dog, for the next 10 years.

He warned the defendant if there were any slip-ups he would be re-sentenced to four months in jail.

Community service; 18-month probation; 10-year ban on keeping dogs

Belfast Telegraph

St Ann’s, Nottingham: Son Van Huynh and Hai Huynh

#TheList Son Van Huynh, born 20/08/1965, and Hai Huynh, born 02/02/1996, both of 11 Kildare Road, Nottingham NG3 3AF – for the severe neglect of three dogs, all of whom had to be euthanised

Vietnamese nationals Son Van Huynh and his son Hai Huynh pleaded guilty to eight Animal Welfare Act offences between them, relating to the neglect of three dogs.

The court heard that the RSPCA became involved in August 2017 after a neighbour contacted the animal welfare charity about a “high-pitched whining” which was coming from the garden of the house.

When RSPCA inspector Susan Hammond arrived at the house, she found that the high-pitched whining was coming from a Japanese Akita dog, named Skye, who had collapsed and was covered in maggots.

There was a second dog also in the garden, a German Shepherd called Gino, and a third dog, a shih tzu called Miko, was inside the house living in a poor environment. None of the dogs had access to an adequate supply of fresh water.

Close-up of one of Skye's maggot-infested wounds.
Skye’s multiple wounds were infested with maggots.

Inspector Hammond said: “Skye was in such a poor condition and had collapsed, she wasn’t able to stand at all. Her high-pitched crying was evident that she was suffering a great deal. She had open wounds on her body which were covered in maggots – her skin was rotting away and she was being eaten alive.

Skye as found in the back yard of the property in St Ann's, ,Nottingham.
Unforgivable neglect: Skye had to be immediately put to sleep on welfare grounds.

“Myself and the vet who accompanied me on the visit to the house were really saddened by Skye’s state and she was put to sleep on humane grounds.”

Gino and Miko were taken to a vets, where examination showed that Gino was suffering from tumours on his foot and anus. The vet made the difficult decision to put him to sleep on welfare grounds.

Sadly, Miko was put to sleep by a vet after he was aggressive and attacked a member of staff at an RSPCA centre.

“This is a very sad case which was the result of a long period of neglect. Hai was responsible for the dogs’ welfare while his dad was away, but they had already been suffering prior to this,” added Inspector Hammond.

Hai Huynh
Warehouse worker Hai Huynh’s excuse for his callous cruelty towards three helpless dogs was that he was working on a dissertation as part of a degree course at Nottingham Trent University.

Presiding magistrate Caroline Exton told the pair: “We find there was greater harm and higher culpability because of the death and suffering caused to the three animals over a very prolonged period of neglect.

“You were both in a position of responsibility of care for these dogs. Both of you omitted to obtain veterinary care. You are equally culpable.”

Although the animal ban was imposed without a finishing date, they could return to court and ask for it to be lifted.

Sentencing: prison terms of 12 weeks, suspended for a year. They must each pay £150 towards the RSPCA’s costs as well as £115 government tax. The two men must spend 12 days of training with probation officers. Lifetime ban on keeping animals.

West Bridgford Wire

Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottingham: Yvette Dove

#TheList Yvette Dove (DoB 26/10/1986) of Felley Avenue, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottingham NG17 9FS – left her Dogue de Bordeaux Buster to starve to death

Photo of dog killer Yvette Dove
Heartless single mother Yvette Dove from Kirkby-in-Ashfield left her pet dog to starve to death

Single mother-of-four Dove’s pet Dogue de Bordeaux, Buster, was found dead four months after the RSPCA offered to find him a new home when worries surfaced and an officer paid a visit.

Sentence: one year’s probation; 5-year ban on keeping animals (expires March 2022).

[Nottingham Post article removed]


Wrexham, North Wales: Christopher Matthew Griffiths

#TheList Christopher Matthew Griffiths, born 11/08/1981, of 13 Bridge Street, Southsea, Wrexham LL11 5PF – cut off his dog’s ears with pliers

Christopher Griffith and his victim Victor
Drug-crazed dog abuser Christopher Griffith from Wrexham

Staffy Victor was found to have cocaine in his system when vets treated his horrific injuries. His bone-idle owner, Christopher Matthew Griffiths, who has never worked a day in his shitty life, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering and carrying out a prohibited procedure to his dog following the September 2015 incident.

Griffiths – a man who must thank the Lord every day that steroids were invented despite the obvious side effects he has suffered including a stinky attitude, baldness and cock shrinkage – had denied the charges and said he had been the victim of an assault.

He claimed his alleged attacker cut the dog’s ears off when he was unconscious but the court didn’t buy his nonsense.

Dog abuser Christopher Matthew Griffiths from Southsea, Wrexham

RSPCA inspector Kia Thomas said: “When I first saw Victor I was just so shocked as his ears were gaping open wounds. I had never seen anything quite like it before.

“It must have been so painful for him. It was just so heartbreaking. It is awful to imagine what poor Victor went through. It was totally unnecessary.”

Inspector Thomas added: “Since Victor has been in our care he has been doing so well. He is an adorable dog with a lot of love to give. He loves nothing more than to be in your company and loves a cwtch [cuddle] on the sofa.” RSPCA Cymru said:

“We are delighted to say he recovered and is now looking for a home.”

Sentence: 24-week prison sentence; 12-month probation order; disqualified from keeping dogs for 10 years (expires September 2026)

Wales Online