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Wherstead, Ipswich: Niall Martin

#TheList lifelong loser Niall Martin, born c. 1990, previously of Speedwell Road, Colchester and now the Strand in Ipswich – threw a police dog against a car, tried to choke her and wrenched her jaw open

Pictured is Niall Martin from Ipswich, UK, who attacked a police dog

Police were called after a row broke out between Niall Martin and his partner in Colchester and officers attended along with police dog, Ivy.

Pictured is the police dog attacked by Niall Martin
The police dog, Ivy, has since been retired

Martin was hiding and when the highly trained German Shepherd bit him. He reacted by hurling her against the car, choking her and pulling apart her jaws.

In a statement read out in court, Ivy’s dog handler said she genuinely feared for the animal’s life.

She said: “She bit him on the arm and then Martin threw Ivy against a parked car.

“I heard Ivy yelp with pain, he was trying to choke her.

“I punched him to the back of the head with all my force to try to get her free.

“I have never heard her make a noise like that before.

“I genuinely believe he was trying to kill or seriously injure her.”

Martin was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal following a trial. He admitted a charge of possessing cannabis.

Pictured is Niall Martin from Ipswich, UK, who attacked a police dog

Katie Armstrong-Mason, mitigating said: “On this particular day he had consumed alcohol and had an argument with his partner.

“The dog runs after him and bites him on the leg.

“The only reason he grabs the dog’s mouth is because he had been bitten and was in a lot of pain.

“He didn’t want to be arrested – the last time he was he got a four-week prison sentence.

“He has a borderline personality disorder and alcohol exacerbates his mental health problems – he gets in trouble when he drinks.”

Pictured is Niall Martin from Ipswich, UK, who attacked a police dog

In October 2014, Martin has jailed for nine months for his part in an assault on a deaf-blind man and his brother.

Police dog Ivy retired from active duty earlier in January 2020. She was not badly hurt in the incident with Martin.

Chairman of the bench Don Wicks said: “This is a crossroads for you.

“It is a last chance scenario to change your life for the better.”

Sentencing: ten-week prison term suspended for a year. He must attend an accredited programme and 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days. Ordered to pay £300 costs, and £50 to the dog handler who suffered back pain during the incident.

Daily Gazette

Aigburth, Liverpool: David Bennett

#TheList David Bennett, born c. 1978, of Livingston Avenue, Liverpool L17 – attacked a police dog

David Bennett
David Bennett

Career criminal and drug addict David Bennett was convicted on two charges for assaulting police officers and a further charge for causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

This was the first conviction in Merseyside under Finn’s Law, an amendment made to the Animal Welfare Act, which makes it illegal to harm service animals.

The law was named after Police Dog Finn who was almost killed protecting his handler from a teenager with a knife.

As at November 2019 Bennett had 33 previous convictions for 72 offences, beginning in 1996, which include 46 thefts and similar offences.

Since he was a youth, he has been locked up for burglary, motoring offences and handling stolen goods.

Bennett was jailed for 12 months for wounding in 2008, and for eight years for dealing heroin and robbery in 2010.

PD Deema is due to receive a commendation for her hard work today.

PD Deema
PD Deema recovered from an attack by drug abuser and persistent criminal David Bennett from Aigburth in Liverpool

Chief Constable Andy Cooke said: “We are so proud of our police dogs and their handlers, and all the hard work they do to protect our communities.

“The commendation Deema will receive is so well deserved and we hope this will help people recognise all our dogs do to help prevent crime.”

Eight-week custodial sentence consecutive to a 20-month sentence he is already serving for violently assaulting a shop worker.

ITV News

Ringwood, Hampshire: William Sheen

#TheList career criminal William Sheen, born 1996, of no fixed abode, but originally from the Merryweather Estate in Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 1UL and with links to Bournemouth and Salisbury – hit a police dog with a large tin of baked beans

Career criminal William Sheen from Ringwood in Hampshire
Career criminal, lifelong loser, animal abuser: William Sheen from Ringwood in Hampshire

Sheen admitted arson, assaulting an emergency worker and causing unnecessary suffering to a service dog.

The court was told he had been causing a disturbance at the pub on Old Christchurch Road when staff called the police.

Officers from Dorset Police said they found him in a dry storage area of the kitchen shouting “Let me out” before waving a metal object at them and refusing to leave.

A fire was seen coming from the store and Sheen was heard to say “Go away – this place is going to go up”.

The fire service was called to extinguish the flames and a police dog, called Gus, was also sent to the scene.

Injured police dog Gus
PD Gus recovered and is now back on duty

In a statement, Dorset Police said: “Sheen began to throw items at the officers, including bags of flour and commercial-sized tins of baked beans.

“One of the tins struck PD Gus on the head, stunning him and causing him to back away.”

Police then used a Taser to subdue Sheen and he was arrested.

Ch Insp Heather Dixey confirmed Gus and the police officers involved did not sustain any lasting injuries and are back on active duty.

She added: “This case yet again demonstrates the danger that can be faced by officers and police dogs while dealing with hostile and volatile incidents.”

Sentencing: jailed for six months.

BBC News

Reading, Berkshire: Martin Sama

#TheList career criminal Martin A Sama, born 1987, of Faringdon Walk, Reading RG30 3LD – attacked a police dog during a pursuit

Persistent criminal Martin Sama from Reading, UK, attacked PD Caesar during a pursuit.
Persistent criminal Martin Sama attacked PD Caesar during a pursuit. Fortunately Caesar recovered from his injuries and is back on duty while Sama was sent to jail.

Sama, who is originally from Sierra Leone, was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, assaulting a constable, possessing an offensive weapon in a public place, possessing cannabis, driving dangerously and driving while disqualified and without insurance.

The court heard that PD Caesar, a Dutch Shepherd, pursued Sama, who then attacked the dog and bit his handler.

It came after police constable Christopher Bushnell spotted a shredded back tyre on a Lexus, being driven by the persistent offender.

The officer pursued Sama, who drove through two red lights and swerved across multiple lanes.

The court heard how Sama then jumped out of the out of the moving car and sprinted down an alley. This prompted the policeman to release Caeser.

Giving evidence, PC Bushnell said: “Caesar chased the male down the alley way and I followed.

“I heard the male scream. Caesar had bit him in the buttock. The man was lashing out and swinging Caesar’s body. The man was striking the dog.

“Caesar released his grip and dropped off.”

Aware that Caesar, who had been working with him for nearly four years, could be in trouble, PC Bushnell called for backup and swung a punch at Sama.

Persistent criminal Martin Sama from Reading, UK, attacked PD Caesar during a pursuit.
2010 police mugshot of Sama

Sama bit the policeman’s fingers whilst he was being restrained, the court heard.

When more officers arrived minutes later they found Sama to be in possession of a small amount of cannabis and a 20-inch machete.

Limping Caesar was taken to a vets the following day and had to take four days off the beat.

Persistent criminal Martin Sama from Reading, UK, attacked PD Caesar during a pursuit.
Sama pictured outside court

Despite admitting he was driving the car, Sama denied the drugs were his.

“That cannabis was found in a cigarette packet on the alley floor,” he told District Judge Susan Cooper.

“It had nothing to do with me.”

He also claimed the machete was brought into the car by a mystery man he was giving a lift to and whose name he did not know, and that he did not hit the dog or bite PC Bushnell.

He continued: “I did not strike the dog at all. I wouldn’t do that to a dog.

“I also didn’t bite the officers finger’s. I was beaten so badly I even lost my shoes.”

However Judge Cooper was not convinced by Sama, who has previous dangerous driving and drug convictions.

The judge added: “It seems ludicrous to suggest the cigarette packet wasn’t on you.

“Two officers could see it was. I also believe you were travelling at speed.

“You have come to court today and told many lies.”

Sentencing: 27 months in jail.

Reading Chronicle