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Littlemore, Oxford: Martin Edwards

#TheList Martin Edwards, born 14/11/1971, of Falcon Close, Oxford OX4 6EY – for failing to treat his dog’s chronic skin condition

Callous Martin Edwards from Oxford failed to get his pet dog the treatment he needed for his painful skin condition.
Callous Martin Edwards failed to get his pet dog the treatment he needed for his painful skin condition.

Edwards was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to his Labrador-Staffie cross called Terror by failing to treat his painful allergic dermatitis between 20 February and 20 March 2019.

RSPCA inspector Andy Eddy investigated Edwards after receiving a report of a neglected dog.

When Inspector Eddy arrived at Edwards’ home he noticed Terror was chewing on his back leg and there were bald patches in his fur.

Inspector Eddy advised Edwards to take his dog to the vet and gave him a voucher towards the costs. He failed to do so despite repeated advice and on 20 March Inspector Eddy took Terror to the vet himself.

Later that day an order was issued by Thames Valley Police to seize the dog.

Terror was found to be unwell, and the vet who later examined him said his body looked sore with lesions on his legs and an abdomen that looked infected. The vet also found mites in his skin.

During interview Edwards said how upset he was with himself he was for letting it get to the point where Terror was taken from him.

Edwards also revealed he had recently lost his mother and had been made redundant from BMW just before Christmas and as a result was struggling financially.

Terror went on to make a full recovery in the care of the RSPCA.

Sentencing: 18-month community order; total of £125 costs and charges. Banned from keeping animals for two years.

Oxford Mail

Banbury, Oxfordshire: Emily Payne

#TheList Emily Patricia Payne, who is also known as Emily Farmer, born c. 1985, of Manor Court, Banbury OX16 3JA – neglected two horses in her care

Emily Payne of Banbury, Oxfordshire, is banned from keeping equines for five years after neglecting two horses in her care
Emily Payne of Banbury, Oxfordshire, is banned from keeping equines for five years after neglecting two horses in her care

The RSPCA investigated the long-term neglect of a thoroughbred mare named Esp and a failure to meet the needs of a Welsh pony named Ruby.

A specialist equine vet performed a clinical examination of Esp and reported no clinical abnormalities, other than her having a very poor body condition. After being taken into care and given an appropriate diet, the horse’s weight rose from 454kg on August 31 to 482kg by September 12, leading the vet to conclude that the significant rise in body weight over such a short period of time, with no treatment other than dietary change, showed lack of food over several weeks was the cause of Esp’s emaciated state.

Ruby, a chestnut Welsh cross pony mare, was also rescued after being found to have overgrown hooves and untreated laminitis. Radiographs were taken and revealed excessive length of toe and rotation of the pedal bone, with chronic changes evident at the tip of the pedal bones.

The vet concluded that the pony’s needs were not being met due to pain from changes caused by laminitis, which should have been aided by remedial farriery.

Both horses were in a field that was bare with minimal grass, and empty hay troughs and water buckets.

RSPCA inspector Susan Haywood, who investigated for the animal welfare charity, said: “Cases like this are very sad as they could so easily be avoided. We hope it is a reminder that caring for horses is a huge responsibility and highlights the importance of ensuring their welfare.

“Wherever possible we offer advice and assistance to improve animal welfare, including giving people time to make improvements to their standards of care, however, despite advice from ourselves and vets, Payne continued to fail to provide appropriate care.”

Both horses have recovered while in care since they were rescued.

Payne had pleaded not guilty to offences last month but was convicted.

Sentencing: 18-week custodial sentence, suspended for 18 months; ordered to pay total of £1115. Disqualified from keeping equines for five years.

Oxford Mail

Forest Hill, Oxford: Callum Gerken

#TheList Callum Lee Gerken, born 6 January 1992, of Stanton Road, Oxford OX33 1DT – beat a Labrador puppy to death with a slipper

Dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford and his victim, Shadow
Puppy Shadow suffered a laceration to her liver, a broken jaw and fractured ribs in the vicious attack by evil Callum Gerken

Shadow, a 17-week old black Labrador puppy, suffered a laceration to her liver, a broken jaw and fractured ribs in the vicious attack by Callum Gerken.

Dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford

Gerken also sent malicious voice clip messages to Shadow’s owner, claiming ‘I have just beat it from one side of the room to the other.’

On Wednesday April 3, police were called to an address in Saunders Road, Oxford, where Gerken had caused serious injuries to the puppy.

Gerken was arrested on April 4 before being charged the following day.

The court heard that Gerken had become angry with the puppy for defecating inside and ruining items in the house by tearing them.

Shadow suffered a laceration to her liver, a broken jaw and fractured ribs in the vicious attack by Callum Gerken

He started repeatedly hitting the dog with a slipper.

When the animal was struggling to breathe, Gerken refused to get medical help.

Instagram post by dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford and his victim, Shadow
Gerken Instagram post shows him petting a puppy that doted on him

Gerken sent voice clips to Shadow’s owner which amounted to malicious communications.

In the messages, he said the puppy had ‘sh*t everywhere. I have just beat it from one side of the room to the other.

‘I don’t give a fuck. That is how it will be with me. She ain’t gonna do that again because she cannot fucking walk.’

Dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford

Gerken had previously denied the charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and sending malicious communications. But he changed his plea to guilty at the last minute.

Footage of Gerken with Shadow during which he calls her his “best friend”

Sentencing Gerken, magistrates told him: ‘The dog died as a result of what was done to her.

‘You were determined to cause harm and you made threats that you would cause further harm to the dog.

‘You were in a position of responsibility. You used a slipper as a weapon.

‘You did not call or take the dog to the vet or seek advice even though you were aware she was unwell.’

Dog killer Callum Gerken of Wood Farm in Oxford

Supporters shouted ‘love you Cal, see you next week’ as he was taken away from the dock.

Sentencing: 23 weeks in prison; ordered to pay £250 compensation and £1,000 in court costs. Banned from keeping dogs for 10 years.

Daily Mail
Oxford Mail

Wolverhampton: Athena Nicholle Keene

#TheList Athena Nicholle Keene, born c. 1990, previously of Danesmoor, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 and currently of Wolverhampton – left a puppy to suffer with an untreated injury

Athena Nicholle Keene and puppy Lola
Athena Keene left puppy Lola to suffer in agony with a broken leg

Athena Nicholle Keene was sentenced for causing unnecessary suffering to a puppy, named Lola, when she appeared before Banbury magistrates.  Keene had failed to appear at a previous sentencing hearing at Banbury magistrates in November 7.

Lola was rescued by the RSPCA after concerns were raised about Keene’s failure to provide treatment for the severe injury for five days in April 2018.

Keene, who was living in Banbury when the offence took place, had taken Lola to a vet on April 20 where it was discovered she had a broken leg, which Keene claimed had been caused by something falling on her.

Lola was given painkillers but her owner failed to heed veterinary advice and took her away with no further treatment.

Keene remained non-contactable for the next five days until concerned people contacted the RSPCA on April 26 who then visited Keene and discovered Lola was being left to suffer without the medical care she desperately needed.

RSPCA inspector Herchy Boal, who investigated for the animal welfare charity, said: “It is incredible to think that Lola was left to suffer and struggling in pain and that this agony was prolonged by the neglectful lack of action by Keene.

“There is never an excuse for leaving an animal to suffer needlessly where there is clearly an urgent need for veterinary treatment. Our pets are reliant on us and when an animal is injured it’s an owner’s duty to ensure they receive the veterinary care they need.”

She added: “There was no evidence to prove that the injury was deliberately inflicted but it is clear that there has been a failure to protect Lola from injury, and a huge failure in not providing appropriate treatment at the time of her injuries.”

Lola has since recovered and found a loving new home.

100 hours of unpaid work; £385 in costs. Disqualified from keeping dogs for eight years, which cannot be appealed for five years.

Banbury Guardian

Witney, Oxfordshire: Serena Reynoldson

#TheList Serena Ferguson, born 27/03/1983, of 5 Sealham Road, Witney OX29 7XU – filmed herself pouring thick bleach into her partner’s tropical fish tank and goaded him as the fish died


Serena Reynoldson killed the tropical fish to get back at her boyfriend
Serena Reynoldson killed the tropical fish to get back at her boyfriend

Mother-of-five Reynoldson was furious that boyfriend Jonathan Fitzpatrick had left her to deal with their children and family pets after an alleged affair.

She filmed herself pouring the poisonous substance into a tank belonging to Mr Fitzpatrick on 9 January 2018 and sent him the video as a WhatsApp message.

In the video Reynoldson can be seen holding an open bottle labelled thick bleach.

She says: “Seeing as it’s okay for you to have your hobbies but I can’t have mine, bleach right in there.”

She then pours the bleach into the tank, saying “eat it, drink it, good” as the fish swim towards the chemical adding: “die, die, die.”

Reynoldson continued: “If I can’t have no hobbies or a life you can’t have them and I’m not paying for it.”

She proceeds to taunt her ex-boyfriend as the fish start to float to the surface of the water calling him ‘selfish’ as she continues to add bleach from a second bottle.

Mr Fitzpatrick called police after the incident and the RSPCA were called in.

Reynoldson admitted a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to protected animals.

Tropical fish killer Serena Reynoldson from Witney
Twisted Serena Reynoldson, who has five children under the age of 10.

Investigating RSPCA inspector Andy Eddy said: “It’s shocking that the fish were killed during this deliberate vengeful intentional act.

“These fish would have suffered needlessly because of the levels of chlorine and ammonia being poured in the water by Serena Reynoldson.

“There is never an excuse for such heartless and unpleasant behaviour, or for showing such a lack of empathy towards any animal by behaving in this way.”

18-week suspended prison sentence; £415 in court costs; banned from keeping fish for life.

Oxford Mail
Daily Mail
BBC News

Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire: Russell Winstone

#TheList Russell ‘Rus’ Winstone, born 5/11/1979, of Church Road, Long Hanborough, Witney, Oxfordshire OX29 – launched two separate violent attacks on a Staffy named Bella; thew her across a room and slammed a door on her.

Violent dog abuser Russell Winstone
Violent dog abuser Russell Winstone and his victim Bella

Winstone, a footballer with local side Hailey FC, admitted two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

The court heard how he had been looking after Bella for his cousin during two incidents of violence.On each incident Bella suffered blunt force trauma causing injuries to her skull as well as an oral hematoma and a number of lacerations.

The court viewed footage in which Winstone hurled Bella across the room in a rage. He later slammed a door into her.Winstone was arrested after the incident and told police, the court heard, that he had thrown the dog across the room because he was angry that she had weed on his sofa.

Winstone explained that he had shut the door on the animal because he was ‘frustrated’, the court heard.

Magistrates heard a written report from the national probation service who interviewed Winstone ahead of the sentencing which claimed he had shown ‘no remorse’ at what he had done.

Sentence: 200 hours of unpaid work within the community; 20-day rehabilitation activity requirement; total costs and charges of £285. Banned from keeping any animal for 10 years (expires August 2028).

Oxford Mail

Worton, Cassington, Oxfordshire: David and Anneke Blake plus Jenejio Marques Fidel

#TheList David K Blake and Anneke Maria Blake, owners of the Worton Organic Garden, Worton, near Cassington OX29 4SU and their employee, Jenejio Marques Fidel – for the illegal and inhumane slaughter of a ten-week-old piglet

Photo shows David and Anneke Blake and their employee Jenejio Marques Fidel
David and Anneke Blake trading as Worton Organic Garden and their employee Jenejio Marques Fidel

The piglet had its feet bound before being illegally slaughtered in a way that inspectors said would cause a ‘prolonged death’.

The business owners David and Anneke Blake appeared alongside their employee Jenejio Marques Fidel, who carried out the unusual slaughter.

The court heard how officers from Oxfordshire Trading Standards first visited the farm in May 2017 after getting a complaint about illegal slaughter of animals.

When asked about the slaughtering of pigs, the Blakes admitted to the slaughtering of a 10-week-old piglet by Marques.

The court was shown the knife which Marques used to kill the pig.

They revealed the method of slaughter was by binding the feet of the pig then stabbing it through the heart.

This method of slaughter was identified by a Defra veterinary officer as leading to a ‘prolonged death’ and causing ‘distress and unnecessary suffering’.

The meat from the pig was then sold and eaten at the farm cafe, despite not complying with UK food safety legislation.

When officers went back for a second visit, they discovered evidence of medicines being used to treat pigs for worms.

But when questioned, Mr Blake admitted he did not keep any records on administering the medicines – a requirement under the Veterinary Medicines Regulations.

Again, the regulations are intended to ‘ensure the integrity’ and safety of food destined for human consumption.

The Blakes and Marques all pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and were apologetic for their actions, which they said was out of ignorance of the law.

They also gave assurances that they would follow the legal requirements in future.

David and Anneke Blake and their employee all admitted failing to comply with regulations relating to the welfare of animals at the time of killing. David Blake also admitted to failing to record details of veterinary medicinal products.

Oxfordshire County Council cabinet member for trading standards Judith Heathcoat said: “Rules are in place around the slaughter of animals and the keeping of livestock records for very good reasons, ensuring the safety and integrity of our food chain, not forgetting the need to prevent unnecessary suffering to animals.

“The vast majority of livestock keepers maintain very good farming standards and we will not tolerate those who undermine the system.”

David Blake – fined a total of £664 and ordered to pay £2,000 court costs and a £38 victim surcharge.

Anneke Blake – fined £230 and ordered to pay £1,000 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

Marques, who gave his address as Rectory Cottage, Worton,  was fined £150 and ordered to pay a £30 victim surcharge.

Oxford Mail

Faringdon, Oxfordshire: Hywel Clay

#TheList Hywel “Howie” Clay, born 14/11/1969, of 1 Radnor Court, Faringdon SN7 7TB – dangled 3yo dog Roxy by her lead and kicked her, prompting a passing couple to rescue the animal.

Roxie was subjected to a violent attack by her violent owner, Hywel Clay.
Roxy was subjected to a violent attack by her drunken owner, Hywel Clay.

Clay had denied causing unnecessary suffering to an animal but was found guilty in his absence.

Prosecutor Pauline Lambert said a couple passed Clay outside Tesco in Ocotal Way on November 5, 2016, and saw him yanking the dog’s lead as he stumbled along the pavement.

As they watched they saw him take the lead in both hands and lift the dog off the floor.

He was also seen kicking her.

Stopping their car they intervened. A tussle followed as one witness grabbed the distressed dog to take the weight from her neck.

Clay grabbed the dog round the neck and tried to take her back as a crowd gathered around them.

The witness let the dog go and put his hands on Clay’s shoulders to prevent him leaving. Clay threw himself backwards, landing on the ground.

The dog tried to get back to the witness and a struggle followed.

She said: “Clay was eventually restrained by Tesco security staff.

“When police arrived they found him struggling to sit and drooling and he was abusive as they questioned him.

Clay was also found guilty of being drunk and disorderly and failing to surrender to Chippenham magistrates. He had denied both allegations.

Alex Daymond, defending, said Clay still disputed the allegations but understood the court had made up its mind. However he did agree that he had a problem with alcohol.

Until the last couple of years he had worked as a panel beater for a classic car restoration business. But his life had spiralled out of control with the death of his brother.

He recognised he had an alcohol problem and had got his GP to refer him to alcohol counselling services.

“He is very keen to sort his life out and get back into work,” said Mr Daymond.

Clay was almost £20,000 in arrears with his mortgage and was facing repossession.

He had owned dogs since he was five years old and until the incident in November there had been no suggestion of him maltreating his pets.

“He loves dogs and is appalled that he has been accused of this,” he said.

“In fact Clay had chosen to be a vegetarian because of his concern for animal welfare.

“Bearing in mind that he has had dogs for so long, this would appear to be a one-off incident in all the circumstances, suggested Mr Daymond. Clay lived alone and relied on his dog for company.

“I would urge the court not to remove that from him.”

Sentence: 12-month community order, £200 prosecution costs and an £85 victim surcharge. Banned from keeping pets for five years (expires April 2022). Deprivation order on Roxy.

Swindon Advertiser

Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire: Elizabeth Richmond-Watson

#TheList Elizabeth Richmond-Watson, born 02/06/1960, owner of Owlsdene Bengals, of Halfacre, Henley-on-Thames RG9 6DB – neglected 64 Bengal cats

Cat breeder Elizabeth Richmond-Watson from Henley on Thames was banned from keeping animals after ‘extreme neglect’
Cat breeder Elizabeth Richmond-Watson from Henley on Thames was banned from keeping animals after ‘extreme neglect’

Richmond-Watson was found guilty of offences under the Animal Welfare Act of failing to protect 64 Bengal cats in her care because of a lack of disease control programme and appropriate hygiene provisions to prevent the spread of disease.

Cruel cat breeder Elizabeth Richmond-Watson

The RSPCA visited Richmond-Watson’s address in February 2016 after concerns were raised about the welfare of a number of cats bred to sell.

Inspectors found the property in a sordid state with cats roaming the “unhygienic” house and outbuildings.

Food had been left lying around and many of the animals were suffering from illnesses including cat flu and eye infections.

Three animals had to be put down at the scene and another four in the days afterwards due to health and behavioural issues.

RSPCA inspector Rachel Smith said: “When we arrived there were lots and lots of cats just roaming the house and the outbuildings, which had been built for breeding in completely unhygienic conditions.

“It was chaotic with clutter and rubbish and there was food lying around — a totally unsuitable environment for these cats to be living in.

“Sadly, the owner was just not providing proper care for these cats, leading to some extreme neglect.

“She may have had the best of intentions but the reality was the animals were suffering and we had to act to ensure there was no further suffering.”

Richmond-Watson will be able to appeal for her ban to be lifted after one year.

Sentence: 12-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months; 60 hours’ unpaid work; ordered to pay £10,000 costs plus victim surcharge; disqualified from keeping animals for three years (expires December 2019 but she could appeal in December 2017).


Oxford: Nora and Sonny Mannion

#TheList Nora Christine Mannion, born 22/12/1965, of 9 Denmark Street, Oxford OX4 1QS and son Sonny Christian Mannion, born 09/08/1990, of 86 Percy Street, Oxford OX4 3AD – allowed one of their five injured bull terriers to attack a stranger’s dog in the street

Sonny Mannion and one of the five dogs rescued from his home.
Convicted drug dealer and career criminal Sonny Mannion was only banned from keeping animals for five years despite evidence of severe abuse towards his dogs. All five dogs, some of whom ha cigarette burns as well as fighting wounds, were destroyed.

On May 26. 2011, the police, along with RSPCA inspectors, executed a search warrant at Nora Mannion’s home in Denmark Street, Oxford where they found the dogs alone. The crossbreed bull terriers – named Yao, Billy, Marley, Cannon and Blingers – were taken by the RSPCA to kennels and examined by a vet.

Dog abuser Nora Mannion

Vets said the dogs had numerous small injuries, some of which had been caused by fighting. Some wounds were consistent with cigarette burns.

All five dogs had to be destroyed because they were too aggressive to be rehomed.

Nora Mannion was charged with being the owner of a dog and allowing it to be dangerously out of control in a public place and cause injury.

She also admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal by failing to arrange veterinary care for Yao.

Dog abuser Sonny Mannion

Career criminal Sonny Mannion, who has a string of previous convictions including three robberies, criminal damage, battery, shoplifting and dealing in Class A drugs, pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the welfare of an animal.

Dog abuser Sonny Mannion

Senior RSPCA inspector Kirsty Wignall said: “I am pleased with the sentencing, particularly with the disqualification.”

She said it had not been possible to prove who was responsible for the burns on the dogs.

The animals also had wounds indicative of fighting with other dogs or each other, she said.

Nora Mannion – six-week jail term, suspended for 12 months; three-month curfew; £500 costs and £500 compensation. Banned from owning animals for 10 years (expires March 2022)
Sonny Mannion – three-month curfew; £500 costs. Banned from owning animals for five years (expired March 2017).

BBC News
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