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Bacup, Lancashire: Eleanor Marsh and Amy Youll

#The List Eleanor (Ellie) Rose Marsh, born c. 1992, and Amy Elizabeth Youll, born 17/02/1992, both of Todmorden Road, Bacup OL3 – both pleaded guilty to not taking reasonable steps to ensure the needs of the eight dogs and three cats were met.

Convicted animal abusers Amy Youll and Ellie Marsh from Bacup, Lancashire, UK
Amy Youll (left) and partner Ellie Marsh failed to look after eight dogs and three cats and have now been banned from keeping animals for just 12 months.

Both women were ordered to pay a total of £180 and banned from keeping animals for just 12 months.
Deprivation order on all of the animals.


Bellshill, North Lanarkshire: Allan King

#TheList Allan King, born 05/04/1985, of 3 St Andrew’s Court, Bellshill ML4 1FD – swung a dog by the ears before kicking her repeatedly because she wouldn’t “walk properly”

Dog abuser Allan King of Bellshill, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

King grabbed the mongrel before dropping her on the ground. He then struck her back with his knee and repeatedly kicked her. The attack left a shocked eyewitness ‘physically sick’ after she watched him repeatedly strike the ‘cowering and trembling’ animal in Bellshill, Lanarkshire.

The dog was heard whimpering and was seen shaking with her tail between her legs as King attacked her.

When he was asked to stop his attack, the thug shouted ‘Fuck off’ at the woman. Passing police intervened and King was caught after fleeing the scene.

The thug, who was supposed to be looking after the dog, said he hit the animal because she would not walk properly.

King admitted causing the dog unnecessary suffering and acting in a threatening or abusive manner in June 2019.

Depute fiscal Morag McClintock said: “At around 11.15am the witness was on the main street in Bellshill where the accused had the dog off the ground with its ears and was swinging the dog with them.

“He then dropped the dog on the ground.

“The witness asked the accused to stop and leave the dog alone but he shouted ‘fuck off’ and while this was going on police in uniform could hear the shouting.

“The police saw him walking towards them and kept a watch on him and observed the accused strike the dog three times with considerable force.

“It was seen cowering from the accused, sinking lower to the ground and trembling.

“When the accused saw the police he let go of the lead and ran off.

“He was asked to stop but continued running and a foot chase took place with other officers eventually finding him.

“The accused said ‘look I’m sorry I kicked my dog. I’m sorry but the dog was not walking’.

“The civilian witness advised she had never seen anything like it and that his actions had made her physically sick.”

The dog was later handed into Bellshill police station.

Jack Grant, defending, said: “This wasn’t his dog but his partner’s who had been away on a long weekend and he had been given the dog to look after and this took place on the last day he had it.

“His actions on that day were deplorable but he says he was frustrated and embarrassed by the dog and did what he did and for that he is extremely remorseful.

“He is prepared to accept that a custodial sentence may well be in the court’s mind but I ask that there is some sort of alternative imposed.”

Sheriff Vincent Smith said: “In all of the circumstances I’m going to deal with this by way of a community payback order with a requirement you carry out unpaid work.”

Sentencing: ordered to carry out 210 hours of unpaid work. Banned from keeping any animals for 12 months.

Scottish Sun

St Helens, Merseyside: James Price

#TheList James ‘Jimboy’ Price, born 25/04/1983, of the Caravan Park, Sherdley Road, St Helens WA9 5DH – dragged a French bulldog behind a trailer for 13 miles after supposedly “failing to realise” she was trapped

Gypsy James Price's carelessness caused a helpless dog to suffer a horrific death

Price claimed in court that he had not realised his dog’s lead was attached to his vehicle’s trailer as he set off from his home at the travellers’ site in Sherdley Road, St Helens. He then drove for 13 miles before the lead snapped leaving the dog’s mangled body lying on Brasenose Road in Bootle.

The following morning the RSPCA were alerted by a member of the public who had discovered the dog’s remains.

Inspectors tracked down Price via the dog’s microchip.

Dog killer James Price and partner Lisa Walker
Dog killer James Price and partner Lisa Walker.

Price pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal on the basis he “ought to have known the animal was not entangled in a vehicle.”

James Price sold Pepper's puppies on Facebook.
Price and his partner regularly advertise litters on Facebook

The court heard that Price had “never intended” to harm the dog, named Pepper, whom he and his partner Lisa Walker had used for producing multiple litters of puppies, which they then sold on Facebook for around £1,300 each.

Daniel Kenyon, representing Price, told the court the loss of a family pet had been “punishment enough.”

Presiding magistrate Frank Dainty, passing sentence, said: “I do not believe you intended to harm the animal, but in future you need to check every corner of your vehicle before you set off.”

Sentencing: ordered to pay £1,238 in fines and costs. Banned from keeping animals for 12 months.

Liverpool Echo

Basingstoke, Hampshire: Michael Hammond

#TheList Michael Henry Hammond, born 21/10/1992, of 18 Westray Close, South View, Basingstoke RG21 4HY – for neglect/starvation of his Staffordshire bull terrier

Staffy Bowser was underweight and living in foul conditions
Michael Hammond’s starving and neglected dog was living in foul conditions

Hammond was found guilty of three animal welfare offences in relation to two-year-old Bowser, who was in poor body condition and living in an unhygienic, hazardous environment.

The dog weighed just 13kg – which rose to 16.3kg in just two weeks, after he was given an appropriate diet.

The court heard that between April 1, 2019, and May 1, 2019, Hammond failed to take steps which were deemed reasonable in all the circumstances to ensure that the needs of an animal we met.

RSPCA Inspector Jan Edwards, who investigated for the animal welfare charity, said: “Bowser was severely underweight, I could see his ribs and hip bones through the skin, he was not the weight he should be for his age or breed type, and when I touched him I could feel his bones easily under his skin.”

Bowser was rescued from a flat which had a large amount of dog faeces over the floor.

Sentencing: ordered to pay £275. Banned from owning dogs for ONE year.

Romsey Advertiser

Wellingborough, Northamptonshire: Jamie Major

#TheList Jamie William Major, born 08/06/1994, of Diana House, Queensway, Wellingborough NN8 3QD – let his pet dog became so emaciated an RSPCA inspector could almost cup one hand around her middle

Convicted animal abuser Jamie William Major of Wellingbrough, Northants, UK, and his starved dog Poppy
Major received an astounding one-year ban for neglecting his pet dog to the point where she became emaciated

Major was responsible for a spaniel poodle cross called Poppy when he failed to look after her.

Spaniel poodle cross Poppy was starved by her cruel owner Jamie Major of Wellingborough, Northants, UK
Poppy recovered from her ordeal and was rehomed.

RSPCA inspector Richard Durant, who visited the address, said: “When I attended the house I could see Poppy was very thin.

“She is a spaniel poodle cross so had thick hair but underneath she was clearly underweight.

“I could almost cup one hand around her waistline.

“I took her to a vet to be examined and they confirmed she was emaciated and her poor body condition would have progressed over months.”

Convicted animal abuser Jamie William Major of Wellingbrough, Northants, UK
Convicted animal abuser Jamie William Major

Major pleaded guilty to three charges of breaching the animal welfare act between January and April 2019.

He admitted failure to address Poppy’s poor condition and body weight, failure to meet her need for a suitable diet and failure to protect her from pain or suffering by not maintaining her coat.

Major did not sign Poppy over to the RSPCA but magistrates made a deprivation order to place her in the animal welfare charity’s care.

Sentencing: 50 hours of unpaid work; court costs of £300. Disqualified from owning any animal for one year.

Northamptonshire Telegraph

Holmewood, Chesterfield: Laura Anne Batterham

#TheList Laura Anne Batterham, born 17/12/1981, of Devonshire Terrace, Holmewood, Chesterfield S42 5RF – for cruelty offences relating to an elderly German Shepherd

Dog abuser Laura Anne Batterham is from Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Laura Batterham failed to care for her elderly dog

Batterham pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a German Shepherd dog named Harley by failing to address his poor body condition.

Elderly GSD Harley was neglected by his owner Laura Anne Batterham of Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK
Neglected German Shepherd Harley recovered in the care of the RSPCA and made available for rehoming

She also failed to provide adequate veterinary care for his flea infestation, skin disease and ulcerated masses.

Sentencing: Community order, six-week curfew; ordered to pay £385 in costs and charges. Banned from keeping dogs for 12 months (expires July 2020).

Newslink: BBC Local News (no longer available)

Camrose, Haverfordwest: Mark Mathias

#TheList Mark Phillip Mathias, born November 1978, of Chapel Hill, Camrose, Haverfordwest SA62 6JN – left dozens of cows to suffer on his farm

Cows were kept in horrific conditions at Mark Mathias's farm in Camrose, Haverfordwest, Wales.

Four cows belonging to Mark Mathias had to be put down to prevent further suffering.

Distressing images from the farm show cows lying on their sides in field, and a pile of carcasses left in a farmyard area

The ruling follows a prosecution by Pembrokeshire County Council.

The court heard that between March 20 and July 12, 2018, 14 visits were made to the farm by animal health and welfare inspectors.

The first visit followed a report of a calf being on its side in the farm yard which was thought to be suffering with no bedding or care provided.Cow carcasses were also discovered by officers on a yard near baled feed for the herd and inside a large trailer.

Other welfare concerns were noted within the herd and notices were issued to dispose of the carcasses correctly, to address welfare concerns and to improve conditions on the farm.

The court was told that throughout the ensuing visits, additional notices and further advice was given to Mathias by officers and vets.

These related to conditions on the farm in which the cattle were being kept, welfare concerns, including for specific animals which required veterinary attention and for removal of animal by-products.

The court was told that four animals had suffered unnecessarily which resulted in them being destroyed.

A large number of cattle had also been moved onto the site while a TB restriction notice was in place, prohibiting moves on or off site without a licence.

Mathias pleaded guilty to failing to observe the terms of the notice.

As part of mitigation for Mathias, reference was made to the mental, physical and financial issues involved in the farming business.

Sentencing: 200-hour community service order; costs and charges totalling £585. Disqualified from keeping, owning, participating in, or influencing the keeping of bovine animals for a period of 12 months.

Milford Mercury

Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire: Unnamed Minors

#TheList minors aged 16 and 17 years from Milford Haven – stole a tame pet chicken from her owner and tortured her to death.

Chicken Daisy was subjected to a prolonged and brutal attack at the hands of two teens from Milford Haven, Wales
Victim Daisy

Chicken Daisy was subjected to a prolonged and brutal attack at the hands of two sadistic savages and others, during which she was chased, set alight and had her neck hacked at with garden shears. She was finally killed with a pitchfork. The pet’s agonising ordeal was filmed for Snapchat and shared with other feral yobs in the group for their sick entertainment.

Daisy’s ordeal took place at the home of a third youth who was investigated but not charged.

In court a veterinary surgeon described the youths’ actions as “gratuitous torture”.

Daisy’s owner Michelle Owen wrote a victim impact statement which was read to the court.

“When I discovered Daisy was gone I blamed myself, I thought I hadn’t secured the coop. My youngest two children were devastated when Daisy had gone, they were crying over her,” she said.

“Daisy was very tame and friendly, it’s not the same going to the coop. I always thought my garden was safe and secure, now I don’t leave my dogs out in case they disappear.

“When I think about what happened that night and the way Daisy suffered, it goes beyond cruelty.

“She was a part of the family, more than just a chicken.”

Defending the youths in court, Mike Kelleher said that the pair were facing the consequence of their “reprehensible” actions.

He said: “This was a cruel and nasty horrible incident. However it started it went horribly, horribly wrong. They are here today to face the consequences.”

RSPCA Cymru has described the incident as “horrifying” and expressed concern at the age of those responsible.

“This poor chicken was subject to the most horrendous treatment – taken, beaten, stabbed and set alight,” said RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben.

“I shudder to think what the poor animal went through.

“The offences were horrifying, and it is always deeply worrying when young people commit such crimes. They will now be subject to our Breaking the Chain programme – which highlights the impact acts like this have on animals and their welfare standards.

“RSPCA Cymru wants to inspire a future generation of animal ambassadors – who share our compassion and empathy for our fellow living creatures. Hopefully, this prosecution sets a clear statement that behaviours like this are totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

David Allen, head of education at RSPCA , said: “Clearly, these were disgusting offences and it is particularly worrying that young people are committing such acts. Fortunately, we know most young people will be horrified by what happened in Milford Haven.

“Our new Generation Kind scheme brings together a series of initiatives – including those in the classroom, support for teachers, programmes to support vulnerable looked-after and disadvantaged young people, and those targeted at youth offenders.

“It is hoped that Generation Kind will help create a generation of individuals who are kind, compassionate and caring towards animals.”

The youths pleaded guilty to an Animal Welfare Act offence, namely causing the chicken to suffer unnecessarily.

Sentencing: 12-month referral order, which includes the RSPCA intervention initiative mentioned above. The older youth was ordered to pay £380 in compensation, costs and charges and the younger one was ordered to pay courts and charges totalling £400. They were both banned from keeping any animal for a period of 12 months.


Batley, West Yorkshire: Chelsea France

#TheList Chelsea J France, born c. 1995, of Healey Street, Batley WF17 8BZ – allowed her rescue pony’s hooves to become painfully overgrown

Chelsea France, who is originally from Mirfield, failed to get treatment for rescue pony Rosie's overgrown hooves
Chelsea France, who is originally from Mirfield, failed to get treatment for rescue pony Rosie’s overgrown hooves

France pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

The court heard that France’s pony – a grey Welsh mare named Rosie – suffered pain and discomfort over a four month period.

France described Rosie as ‘feral’ and said it was impossible to catch her to trim her hooves.

The offence occurred between April and August 2018 while Rosie was being kept in fields off Portal Crescent in Mirfield.

Chelsea France, who is originally from Mirfield, failed to get treatment for rescue pony Rosie's overgrown hooves
Horse abuser Chelsea France is now banned from keeping equines for just one year

Andrew Davidson, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said that a charity inspector visited the area on August 14, 2018, and could clearly see that Rosie’s hooves were significantly overgrown.

He said: “These would have caused discomfort and suffering and would have taken some considerable time to get to that state.”

The RSPCA inspector spoke to members of the public who said that a young woman attended infrequently but hadn’t done anything about the pony’s feet.

A vet examined the pony and confirmed that she would have been suffering.

France arrived and said that she had owned Rosie since a traveller dropped her off with her in November 2017.

Mr Davidson said: “She was in a poor condition then and her feet needed to be trimmed.

“She described her temperament as nervous and difficult to handle.

“After Christmas she started trying to catch Rosie but this was impossible due to her nervousness.”

France said she then arranged for a farrier to come and cut Rosie’s hooves but, again, she couldn’t be caught.

Mr Davidson told magistrates that while it did take the RSPCA and the vet some effort to get to her, they were able to do so the same afternoon.

He said of France: “It’s well-intentioned but not wholly competent care.”

Lesley Cowling, mitigating, said that her client immediately agreed to sign Rosie over the RSPCA.

Miss Cowling said: “She bought Rosie off Facebook from an establishment closed down because of animal abuse and cruelty.

“She felt sorry for her and the thought of her being put to sleep made her quite upset.

“When she first got Rosie she was quite underweight and her feet did need trimming but not to this extent.

“She was able to lift her health through diet and fresh water and acknowledges that Rosie was nervous from the start.

“She tried to get a farrier out to trim her hooves but couldn’t catch her. She was almost feral and didn’t want anyone near her.

“Miss France appreciates she should have contacted a vet sooner but felt she should give her a bit of time to get used to people.

“She was aware her hooves were still growing and causing discomfort. She considered having her darted but felt that was more extreme and not necessary.”

Sentencing: banned from keeping all equines for a year.

Examiner Live

Bury, Greater Manchester: Kirsty Hamilton

#TheList Kirsty Hamilton, born c. 1984, of 15 Martin Street, Bury BL9 7SF – left an emaciated Arab mare with a severe hoof infection

Neglected Arab mare Blossom and her cruel former owner Kirsty Hamilton from Bury.
Neglected Arab mare Blossom and her cruel former owner Kirsty Hamilton from Bury.

Hamilton pleaded guilty to four counts of failing to meet the needs of Arab mare Blossom, under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

The RSPCA was contacted by a member of the public who was concerned about Blossom, kept at stables at Nook Farm, Nook Lane, Tyldesely, Astley. On investigating, the mare’s bodyweight was rated one, the lowest on a scale of one to nine, and a vet found she had a bad case of thrush in all her hooves.

Inspector Danni Jennings, said: “The horse was clearly in an emaciated state and had other problems which had not been dealt with such as overgrown teeth.

“The infection in her hooves was awful and was caused by her standing in faeces in a dark and damp stable block for a long period of time.”

Kirsty Hamilton with boyfriend Joe Cannon. Cannon is from a notorious family of travellers.
Kirsty Hamilton with boyfriend Joe Cannon. Cannon is from a notorious family of travellers, who deal in horses and also raffle them on social media.

In mitigation the court heard that Hamilton had personal problems and was pregnant.

Blossom was taken for treatment and is now in the care of the charity.

Sentencing: 12-month community order; curfew order; total of £1,585 costs and charges. Banned from keeping equines for just one year.

Leigh Journal