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Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire: Paul Whitehead

#TheList Paul Whitehead, born c. 1972, of Ravendale Street South, Scunthorpe – failed to get veterinary attention for his desperately ill dog

Paul Whitehead

Eight-year-old Yorkie/poodle cross Tootsie was so poorly that vets felt they would need to put her to sleep as soon as RSPCA officers brought her to them in March 2019.

Her owner, Paul Whitehead, admitted causing pain or suffering to the animal by not ensuring veterinary attention.

Rachel Taylor, prosecuting, told the court that Whitehead’s former partner alerted the RSPCA when she saw Tootsie.

Neglected dog Tootsie

RSPCA inspector Kate Burris took the dog to a vet, where it was found that her weight had gone from 7.6kg to 3.9kg.

The vet recommended the dog should be put down because she was so unwell. She had been suffering for months from a disease which prevented enzymes from digesting food.

Tootsie was excreting blood but Whitehead had not got proper treatment for the animal, even though he had tried feeding her.

Tootsie died three days after being taken to a vet and had suffered significant pain.

Paul Whitehead

The RSPCA began an investigation and interviewed Whitehead. Vets who had previously cared for Tootsie said they remembered her being a “chunky” dog.

Inspectors also checked the owner’s two other dogs but they were found to be in reasonable health.

It was revealed in court the owner suffered from multiple sclerosis and had bi-polar disorder.

A report by a probation officer revealed he had been targeted by vandals who branded him a “paedo” and smashed his windows.

The report said: “He admits he did not give enough attention to the dog and he is sorry. Dogs are his life.”

For Whitehead, Peter Cruickshank said: “Mr Whitehead loves his dogs. He had loved his dog for six years. It suffered from a pancreatic disease.

“This is not a case of deliberate neglect or suffering. He accepts he did not do enough. He wishes he had done more.

“He is sorry and misses Tootsie.”

He added that Whitehead had broken up with his partner and his life was in “emotional turmoil.”

Whitehead had owned dogs for 20 years previously.

Mr Cruickshank said: “He gave well-intentioned but incompetent treatment. It is an isolated incident. He is at a low risk of harm and has a long history of happy dog ownership.

“It is a sad case. He was overwhelmed by his condition.”

Whitehead was allowed to keep his other dogs Chester and Ziggy because there was no evidence that they were being neglected.

Magistrates also said there was insufficient evidence to prevent Whitehead from looking after dogs in the future.

Sentencing: 12-month community supervision order with a 12-week curfew. Ordered to pay costs of £500.


Grimsby, Lincolnshire: Aaron Williamson

#TheList Aaron James Williamson, born 12/08/1999, of 33B Westerdale Way, Grimsby DN37 9BY – subjected a kitten to regular beatings and bit off his ear

Kitten abuser Aaron James Williamson from Grimsby and his victim, Litten

Aaron Williamson was banned from owning animals for life after a court heard about his sickening catalogue of abuse against the young cat, known as Litten.

The thug admitted he had lost count of how many times he had punched Litten, and said he did so whenever he was angry. He also bit the kitten’s ear multiple times, removing most of it.

Williamson admitted one offence of causing unnecessary suffering to a kitten. Sentencing William, the judge described his actions as “sickening”.

The RSPCA confirmed three kittens were rescued from Williamson’s home on September 11, 2019, following a tip-off.

Kitten abuser Aaron James Williamson from Grimsby

RSPCA inspector Kate Burris said: “Williamson tortured this kitten. He admitted repeatedly biting Litten’s ear, which resulted in the loss of most of it, and that he had lost count of the times he had punched Litten. He said he did it when he was angry.

Kitten abuser Aaron James Williamson from Grimsby

“District Judge Curtis said his daily abuse of small, defenceless animals who were unable to harm him and were at his mercy was sickening.

“He said that Williamson had called himself a monster in interview, and that was accurate as to how he behaved.

“We are extremely grateful to the witnesses who contacted us, and got these kittens out of this situation despite the position that put them in. It was very brave.

“I was surprised how friendly Litten was when I first met him given the abuse he had suffered, he was so affectionate and loving and was rubbing his face against mine during his veterinary examination.

“I just knew he was going to make a perfect addition to any family.

Abused kitten Litten, renamed Oreo
The abused kitten’s new family have said that he is doing ‘fantastic’ and is ‘absolutely adorable and really good-natured’.

“I am so happy that he has found a fantastic new home, with people who love him and are caring for him in the way he always should have been cared for. It could have been a very different outcome for him if we hadn’t been able to intervene when we did.”

Williamson’s two other kittens found a new home together in Derbyshire.

Sentencing: 12 weeks in jail. Ordered to pay £250 costs and a £120 victim surcharge. Lifetime ban on keeping animals.

BBC News

South Killingholme, Lincolnshire: Jodie and Paul Fairbrother

#TheList for multiple cruelty charges Jodie Annabel Fairbrother (aka Jodie Lewis), born 30/09/1978, and husband Paul Jack Fairbrother, born 10/07/1969, formerly of Immingham, Lincolnshire, but now said to be living in Nar Fokak, Cyprus, with daughter Libby-Jo Fairbrother who was also initially charged.

Former owners of Lincolnshire animal shelter 4Paws Jodie and Paul Fairbrother are banned from keeping animals for just 5 years.
Jodie Fairbrother ran the 4Paws boarding kennels and veterinary clinic in South Killingholme, North Lincolnshire, for three years, while husband Paul Fairbrother carried out maintenance

Mother-of-four Jodie Fairbrother, whose last known UK address was Aberdovey Drive, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-on-Tees TS16 9EZ admitted 10 offences of animal cruelty at 4Paws veterinary clinic – six which related to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

Former owners of Lincolnshire animal shelter 4Paws Jodie and Paul Fairbrother kept animals in squalor
The Fairbrothers kept dogs, cats and horses in filthy and overcrowded conditions.

Her husband, Paul Fairbrother, admitted three offences of animal cruelty, including one charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a British bulldog and two charges relating to animal welfare.

Former owners of Lincolnshire animal shelter 4Paws Jodie and Paul Fairbrother are banned from keeping animals for just 5 years.
Jodie and Paul Fairbrother are now living in Cyprus

The charges were brought by the RSPCA after it conducted one of its largest raids in March 2018 at 4Paws in Killingholme, North Lincolnshire.

Former owners of Lincolnshire animal shelter 4Paws Jodie and Paul Fairbrother kept animals in squalor
One of the 144 dogs rescued during a raid on 4Paws in March 2018.

More than 60 staff from multiple agencies worked throughout the day to remove 160 animals.

4Paws, which imported 4,600 dogs from overseas over a 15-month period, operated an unlicensed boarding kennels and veterinary clinic after their licence expired.

The animals were found in “abhorrent” conditions.

Some animals were left unattended in baskets and cages for up to 95 hours. Many were kept in cramped kennels with no access to food or water.

They also had untreated health conditions such as respiratory problems or ear infections and untreated wounds.

The body of a deceased dog was found at the clinic and it was later discovered the dog had distemper, a lethal viral disease.

One dog was kept in a cage for four days without food and water and then ‘euthanised’ by Fairbrother, who had no veterinary qualifications.

Three dogs had to be put to sleep and two had Brucella canisa, a serious contagious disease that can be passed onto humans. Another tested positive for distemper.

A total of 144 dogs and 16 cats were then taken in by the RSPCA and Dogs Trust.

Libby-Jo Fairbrother, daughter of   convicted animal abusers Jodie and Paul Fairbrother, escaped prosecution.
Libby-Jo Fairbrother

Other charges against the Fairbrothers were dropped at an earlier hearing and all 17 charges were dropped against daughter Libby-Jo Fairbrother.

A former volunteer at 4Paws told the local newspaper about the horrors she had witnessed during her time there. She described how animals at the veterinary clinic were kept in “disgusting” conditions, with 10 to 15 dogs being kept in any one kennel.

Former owners of Lincolnshire animal shelter 4Paws Jodie and Paul Fairbrother kept animals in squalor
Many of the animals were sick or injured and left untreated by Jodie Fairbrother.

The volunteer also said that the animals had been “living in their own filth” as the kennels were never cleaned properly, and the animals were never looked after, with around 80 new dogs arriving at the kennel every week.

They said: “I used to help out at the clinic and some of the things that I have seen were just disgusting.

“There were 10 to 15 dogs all into one pen, and just roaming about. There was not one bed for a dog.

“Thursday is delivery day, when they get usually around three vans full of dogs from Romania brought to the site. But the most horrible thing is to see them left outside the clinic, sometimes for over a day, just sitting in those vans howling.

“The animals are always getting out and running loose about the place.”

Former owners of Lincolnshire animal shelter 4Paws Jodie and Paul Fairbrother kept animals in squalor

Other local residents hit out at the treatment of horses at the centre, saying they had been left in a field during the heat of the summer without food or water. Residents said they had intervened to feed the animals themselves claiming that clinic staff had informed them they were “too busy”.

Numerous other residents alleged that after speaking out about the conditions at 4Paws, they received threats.

Sentencing: Jodie Fairbrother – jailed for 18 weeks, suspended for 12 months. Paul Fairbrother – jailed for 12 weeks, suspended for 12 months. Both were ordered to pay £500 costs and a £115 victim surcharge each. Both were banned from keeping or trading in animals for five years.

BBC News

Lincolnshire Pig Abusers: Gavin Hardy, Arturs Grigorjevs and Troy Wagstaff

#TheList Gavin Hardy, born 29/09/1979, of 18 Greengate Lane, Immingham DN40 3EZ, Troy Wagstaff, born 06/03/1988, of Willow House, Willow Close, Ulceby DN39 6UR, and Arturs Grigorjevs, born 02/11/1986, of 116 Weatherill Street, Goole DN14 6ED – relentlessly abused pigs by kicking them in the face and jabbing them with pitchforks; caught on camera slamming a gate into an animal’s head

Trio responsible for horrific abuse of pigs at Fir Tree Farm in Goxhill, Lincolnshire
These three men regularly subjected defenceless pigs to “gratuitous, appalling and sickening” brutality

Hardy, Wagstaff and Grigorjevs, former employees of Goxhill’s Fir Tree Farm, which is operated by Elsham Linc, all admitted causing unnecessary suffering to pigs.

The case was brought by the RSPCA following an undercover investigation by animal rights group Animal Equality.

Hidden cameras were put inside the farm and these uncovered horrific footage of abuse.

The main culprit was Troy Wagstaff, a supervisor who, ironically, was actually the farm’s designated animal welfare manager responsible for animal welfare practice.

Trio responsible for horrific abuse of pigs at Fir Tree Farm in Goxhill, Lincolnshire
A severely scarred pig at Fir Tree Farm

Wagstaff admitted abusing numerous pigs between April 2 and April 27, 2018, by causing unnecessary suffering through inflicting blunt force trauma and physical violence.

He denied a second charge of abusing a pig by spraying paint into its nose. The prosecution offered no evidence on that matter.

Gavin Hardy, one of the trio responsible for horrific abuse of pigs at Fir Tree Farm in Goxhill, Lincolnshire.
Gavin Hardy

Gavin Hardy admitted causing unnecessary suffering to two pigs at the farm through inflicting blunt force trauma, physical violence and the inappropriate use of a pitchfork between April 25 and 27, 2018.

Arturs Grigorjevs, one of the trio responsible for horrific abuse of pigs at Fir Tree Farm in Goxhill, Lincolnshire.
Arturs Grigorjevs

Latvian national Arturs Grigorjevs admitted causing unnecessary suffering to four pigs through inflicting blunt force trauma, physical violence and the inappropriate use of a pitchfork,when knowing that the act was likely to have this effect.

Cameras were planted in Fir Tree Farm after suspicions that pigs were being ill-treated and these revealed pigs being subjected to horrific abuse.

The pigs’ squeals can be heard as they try to escape from the men around the pens.

Gordon Holt, prosecuting for the RSPCA, told Grimsby Magistrates’ Court that there was “repeated abuse and cruelty” to “multiple pigs”.

Wagstaff was the unit’s supervisor for nine months and had worked there since 2006.

He was the designated animal welfare manager and had monthly meetings with others about animal welfare practice.

Hardy was a stockman and had worked at the farm for about 20 years.

Grigorjevs had worked with pigs for about nine years.

Elsham Linc, which is owned by the Godfrey family, sacked the men after an investigation, saying the actions were “abhorrent behaviour that does not represent our business”.

Gavin Hardy, one of the trio responsible for horrific abuse of pigs at Fir Tree Farm in Goxhill, Lincolnshire.
A ticking time bomb? Gavin Hardy’s own solicitor admitted that his client was desensitised to animal suffering having worked on Godfreys’ pig farm for 20 years

Gavin Hardy had shown “no remorse”, his legal team said. His lawyers claimed he was ”desensitised” to the rearing and slaughtering of pigs after working at the farm for 20 years.

Wagstaff was described by his lawyers as “weak and foolish” but “full of remorse”.

Latvian national Arturs Grigorjevs, one of the trio responsible for horrific abuse of pigs at Fir Tree Farm in Goxhill, Lincolnshire.
Latvian Grigorjevs pictured outside court

The court heard Artis Grigorjevs recognised that his behaviour was unacceptable.

The three were given an eight-week suspended prison sentence, 100 hours’ unpaid work and were banned from working with or transporting commercial livestock indefinitely. They must each pay £500 costs and a Government-imposed £115 victims’ surcharge.

Grimsby Telegraph

Broughton, North Lincolnshire: Amanda Louise Holmes

#TheList Amanda Louise Holmes, born 21/11/1966, of Appleby Gardens, Broughton, Brigg, North Lincolnshire DN20 0BA – left elderly cocker spaniel Maverick to get into such a state he had to be put to sleep

Convicted animal abuser Amanda Holmes of Brigg in Lincolnshire
Convicted animal abuser Amanda Holmes of Brigg in Lincolnshire

Holmes, a ward sister at Scunthorpe General Hospital, appeared at Grimsby Magistrates’ Court on Friday 6 July 2018.

She pleaded guilty to one animal welfare offence of causing unnecessary suffering to her cocker spaniel Maverick by failing to investigate and address the cause of poor body condition, lameness, severely matted fur and severe periodontal disease.

Neglected dog Maverick
Spaniel Maverick was subjected to appalling neglect by his callous owner, Amanda Holmes

Speaking after the hearing, RSPCA inspector Samantha Weston said: “When we removed poor Maverick from Holmes’ care he was in a horrendous state.

“His fur was so matted he could hardly walk and he certainly couldn’t move around comfortably. His ears were like two huge, clumps and were rock-hard with matted, dirty fur.

“He was in a terrible state with sore eyes and rotten teeth. He was also lame and very underweight.

“He was an elderly dog and vets felt like he was in such a poor condition and was so unwell that the only option was to put him to sleep.

“It was devastating that he’d been through so much pain and discomfort and we couldn’t save him.”

The RSPCA said a second dog owned by Holmes was not ordered by the court to be removed from her care due to its age.

Instead, a warning notice was issued to her by the RSPCA and her son will take responsibility for the dog’s care.

Sentence:  fined £630, ordered to  pay costs of £300 and a victim surcharge of £63. Five-year ban on keeping any animal (expires July 2023).

Dog Magazine

Brigg, North Lincolnshire: Megan Green

#TheList Megan Green, born c. 1996, of River View Caravan Park, Mill Lane, Brigg DN20 8NY – for multiple counts of cruelty towards three horses

Gypsy traveller Green caused unnecessary suffering to a thoroughbred mare called Imi, by failing to provide veterinary care for her “chronic wounds” and subsequent bacterial infection, leading to illness and collapse; and failed to maintain her condition.

She also failed to maintain an appropriate body condition for a Shetland pony called Tidler.

All those offences took place at King St Paddocks, Oakley Carr, Woodmansey.

She also, at Mill Lane, Brigg, failed to provide adequate hoof care for Tidler, a gelding called Maverick, and a gelding called Zac.

Sentencing: 10 days of rehabilitation activity. Ordered to pay £300 costs and an £85 surcharge. Banned from keeping equine animals for ten years.

Hull Daily Mail

Waltham, Grimsby: Philip Wilson

#TheList farmer Philip R Wilson, born 1971, of 95 Brigsley Road, Waltham, Grimsby DN37 0LB – caused extreme suffering to sheep

Sheep were subjected to suffering, pain and disease under farmer Philip Wilson's care
Sheep were subjected to suffering, pain and disease under farmer Philip Wilson’s care.

Farmer Philip Wilson was handed a suspended prison sentence after being found guilty of causing unnecessary and extreme suffering to sheep.

He was charged with several offences of animal cruelty towards sheep kept at Middle Rasen during July 2016.

The case was brought following an investigation by Lincolnshire Trading Standards.

Wilson was convicted in his absence of:

• One count of caring for sheep when he was not familiar with the code of recommendation for the welfare of sheep

• One count of keeping sheep without ensuring that they were cared for by staff with the appropriate ability, knowledge and professional competence

• One count, under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, of failing to provide 30 sheep relief from pain, suffering and disease

• Two matters of causing unnecessary suffering to two of the sheep

The chair of the bench, Stephen Beard, stated that they were some of the worst photographs of animal cruelty that all three magistrates had ever seen.

Alan Griffin, Trading Standards officer said: “We were made aware of the poor condition of Mr Wilson’s sheep after local residents had complained to the RSPCA.

“We investigated and found several sheep in a poor physical condition. We made several attempts to meet Mr Wilson, but he failed to attend pre-arranged meetings, and did not comply with vets’ advice that he needed to provide medical treatment for his sheep.

“Through failing to provide basic care, the sheep suffered terribly from fly strike which then resulted in maggots eating into the sheeps’ flesh.

“We found on a visit on July 14 that one ewe had died through lack of treatment. We take animal welfare very seriously and recommended a prosecution due to the extreme suffering caused to these sheep.”

Sentencing: 26 weeks’ imprisonment suspended for 24 months; victim surcharge of £115 and prosecution costs of £4,318.31. Banned from owning, keeping, dealing in or transporting sheep indefinitely.

Grimsby Live

Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire: Gavin Best

#TheList Gavin Patrick Best, born 20/09/1982, of Avondale, Redbourn Way, Scunthorpe DN16 1NQ – left his pet Dalmatian in squalor and without food or water

Dog abuser Gavin Best from Scunthorpe
Gavin Best is banned from keeping animals until 2025 after starving his pet Dalmatian

RSPCA prosecutor Rachel Taylor told the court how five-year-old Dalmatian Freckles had been left in squalor at Best’s home.

She said: “Officers attended the property after a tip-off from the public and entered the home.

“The inspector saw the dog verging on skeletal and very dehydrated.

“There were empty bowls in the kitchen with no water present.

“The living room floor was covered in faeces and shredded paper, which the dog had shredded out of boredom or hunger.”

The court heard how the property’s toilet bowl was empty, suggesting Freckles had been drinking from the toilet due to lack of water.

Starved Dalmatian Freckles
Freckles only weighed half the normal weight for her breed

A vet described Freckles as “a bag of bones covered in fur” and on the verge of emaciation at almost half her expected weight.

After four weeks, the animal’s body weight had increased by around 45%.

In mitigation, Sunny Dhinsa said the case was out of character for his client. He said Best had spent little time in the property due to work commitments.

He told the court: ”He has no track record of this sort of behaviour, so it’s surprising to me.

”He accepts that he behaved in a negligent manner and has co-operated throughout the case. He has no excuses, the reasons have simply been laziness, not having enough time, and lack of finances

Sentence: Ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work, fined £521.56, ordered to pay £63.90 in vets’ fees and a £60 victim surcharge. Banned from keeping all animals for 10 years (expires April 2025).

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Castle Donington, Leicestershire: Sean Wilkinson

#TheList Sean Luke Wilkinson, born 01/02/1984, formerly of Silver Street, Barrow upon Humber, and as of December 2017 living at 6 Radford Meadow, Castle Donington DE74 2NZ – laughed after throwing cat out of 24ft high window, breaking five of her ribs & pelvis

Cat abuser Sean Wilkinson, currently of Castle Donington, Leicestershire
Cat abuser Sean Wilkinson, currently of Castle Donington, Leicestershire, and little Luna, his victim

Wilkinson laughed after throwing his cat out of a third-floor window in a fit of rage after she weed on him. He opened the window of his top-floor flat and flung the one-year-old cat nearly 24 feet to the ground below.

A neighbour saw him walk out of the block of flats laughing and later pick up the pet, called Luna, and suggest the neighbour let his dog out to have a go at her. The witness raised the alarm and RSPCA inspectors took Luna to a vets’ practice where she was diagnosed with five broken ribs and double fracture of the pelvis as a result of the 7.3-metre plunge.

The RSPCA had requested magistrates ban Wilkinson from keeping any pets.

Sadistic cat abuser Sean Wilkinson

But the court heard Wilkinson’s mum, who is a veterinary nurse, keeps a dog and a cat at home in Silver St, Barrow, where her son lived at the time of sentencing.

She wept in the back of the court as magistrates imposed the ban on keeping cats which meant she had to find a new home for her kitten.

Luna survived the ordeal and has since been rehomed.

Sentence:  300 hours of unpaid work, vets’ fees and costs totalling around £2,500, which Wilkinson was allowed to pay off at £20 per week. Banned from keeping cats for 10 years (expires January 2025).

Source: Scunthorpe Telegraph (article removed)

Grimsby, North-East Lincolnshire: Jonathan Bloomfield

#TheList Jonathan David Bloomfield, born 25/04/1975, of 25 Grange Walk, Grimsby DN34 4DX – caused unnecessary suffering to a Staffordshire bull terrier dog by hitting him with an object, punching and kicking him

Jonathan Bloomfield from Grimsby was filmed by a neighbour viciously punching and swearing at his 18-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier, Butch.
Jonathan Bloomfield from Grimsby was filmed by a neighbour viciously punching and swearing at his 18-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier, Butch.

On 24/11/2011  Londoner Jonathan Bloomfield, who at the time of the offence was living in Stanley Street, Grimsby, pleaded guilty to failing to protect Butch – an 18-month-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier – and causing unnecessary suffering to the dog by hitting him with an object, punching and kicking him.

The court viewed footage – filmed between September 9 and October 18, 2011 – showing Butch, who vets said may have always had sight problems or even be blind, whimpering and cowering as Bloomfield punched him twice in the face and told him to “shut the fuck up”.

Prosecuting, Brendan Woodward said: “The most important image is where he clearly comes outside and punches the dog twice to the head.

“We have seen the action and the actions are not a proper way of controlling a dog. Every time that door opened, the dog was not wagging his tail waiting to come in, it was in fear. You can see that in the reaction of the animal.”

Bloomfield claimed Butch had bitten his three-year-old son’s hand when it took a packet of crisps from him, adding he was stressed from work and was “sick of the dog barking”.

However, Bloomfield denied any involvement in the footage showing Butch being repeatedly hit with a pole, which was accepted by the prosecution because the person doing it is standing behind a door and cannot be seen on camera.

A woman in a bra and trousers with a towel on her head opens the door and appears to whip the dog with a cloth before slamming the door in its face
A woman in a bra and trousers with a towel on her head (Bloomfield’s partner Michelle Walker) opens the door and appears to whip the dog with a cloth before slamming the door in his face

Magistrates also heard Bloomfield had come under attack after refusing to hand Butch over to a man who came to his door, who then hit him in the face. A short time later an “angry mob” gathered outside Bloomfield’s house and smashed his window, before police were called to the scene.

Bloomfield was arrested and his partner, Michelle Walker, and their son and one-year-old daughter, were forced to flee their home by social services, who told them if they didn’t both children would be taken into care. Butch was taken into the care of the RSPCA.

Banning Bloomfield from owning a dog for 15 years, bench chairman, David Stenton said: “It is pretty clear to everyone this is an awful case of animal cruelty. The dog was clearly very frightened and had been subjected to violence over a period of time. Weapons were used, including piping and fists. We know you received some rough justice and we don’t condone that.”

260 hours of unpaid work; £100 costs; 15-year ban on keeping dogs (expires November 2026).

Daily Mail