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Barkerend, Bradford: Julie and Jamie Taylor

#TheList Julie Taylor, born 02/02/1962, and son Jamie Stuart Taylor, born 18/03/1980, both most recently of Hendford Drive, Bradford BD3 0SE – locked their pet dogs in an attic and left them to die

Monsters: Jamie Taylor and Julie Taylor from Bradford, who incarcerated their dogs in an attic to starve to death
Monsters: Jamie Taylor and Julie Taylor incarcerated their dogs in an attic to starve to death. Both are now banned for life from keeping animals

Julie and Jamie Taylor ignored the heartrending cries of the two dogs, who suffered weeks of hunger and thirst before dying.

The rottweiler and Staffordshire bull terrier-type dogs had been kept in the attic at Julie Taylor’s house, where they were found by police decomposing with maggots and flies on their emaciated bodies.

Prosecutor Nigel Monaghan said a board had been nailed in place to stop the dogs from going down the stairs, which would have also made it “extremely difficult” for anybody to tend to the animals.

“It’s difficult without being dramatic to think of a worse case of animal cruelty,” he said.

Mr Monaghan said the RSPCA officer who visited the house had described the smell of rotting flesh getting “stronger and stronger” as he climbed up to the attic where there was no clean air, bedding, food or water.

A vet who examined the animals concluded they had died from starvation and dehydration and said: “the appalling conditions and horrendous suffering would have been obvious to any lay observer”.

Dog killer Julie Taylor from  Bradford

Both defendants pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to the dogs by failing to provide them with an adequate diet and also admitted to failing to meet the dogs’ needs by not ensuring they were kept in a suitable environment between September 14 and October 14, 2011.

Jamie Taylor, who shouted as he was led away from court, also pleaded guilty to failing, as the dogs’ owner, to provide the animals with reasonable care and supervision.

The RSPCA had tried to contact him several times about the dogs after being called by a member of the public.

Another dog, which was in reasonable health, was being kept downstairs at the house, Mr Monaghan said.

Mr Taylor had said he could not take the dogs outside because they were too skinny, he added.

Solicitor Ian Hudson said Mr Taylor had owned the dogs for about five years but as his health deteriorated due to problems with alcohol he could no longer care for them. He had come to an understanding with his mother whereby she would house them but he would feed and exercise them, he said.

When his drink problems became worse he did not visit as often as he should have done and assumed his mother was feeding the animals.

Mrs Taylor was also in poor health and was also unable to look after the dogs, he said.

Chairman of the bench, Harry Atkinson, said: “The dogs experienced horrendous suffering before their death. The dogs were prisoners upstairs in the house and they died from prolonged neglect.

“They had no access to the rest of the house, nor to the outside world.

“Mr Taylor said he would be embarrassed to take his dogs outside because they were too skinny to be seen out walking.”

The pair were jailed by Bradford magistrates and banned for life from keeping animals.

Prosecuting, Nigel Monaghan, told the court: “It is difficult to think of a worse case of animal cruelty than this.

“A board of slats was nailed in place to stop the dogs, which were in the attic, from getting out and going down the stairs.”

Sentencing: jailed for four months. Banned from keeping animals for life.

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Update March 2020: we have been advised that Julie Taylor died in September 2019. The current whereabouts of Jamie Taylor are unknown.

Cannock, Staffordshire: Claire and Matthew Guy

#TheList Claire Guy (was Cahill), born c. 1991, and Matthew Guy, born c. 1989, then of Oak Avenue, Cannock WS12 4QB – starved their pet dog to the point of death

Dog abusers Claire and Matthew Guy from Cannock, Staffordshire

Matthew Guy pretended to have found the Staffordshire bull terrier in a field when he contacted council dog wardens to take her away.

But his deception was discovered after the previous owners were contacted through information found on a microchip in the dog.

The bitch, called Jade, was so weak she couldn’t eat or drink and had to be put down.

Claire Guy (formerly Cahill)

Three separate veterinary surgeons had rated her condition as zero on a scale of nought to five, highlighting excessive loose skin and her skeletal state, with clearly visible pelvic and hip bones.

When the animal was first picked up, she was severely dehydrated and drank a bowl and a half of water, said Roger Price, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA.

She was put on a drip for 36 hours but remained in a critical condition, hardly able to stand, passing blood and eventually unable to feed. Vets concluded she could not be saved.

Dog abusers Claire and Matthew Guy from Cannock, Staffordshire

Guy’s attempt to pass the dog off as a stray was maintained throughout dealings with South Staffordshire Council’s dog wardens.

Experts estimated the animal had been starved for at least two weeks and probably longer.

Unemployed labourer Guy and Cahill bought the dog off the Internet.

Guy pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a dog and of being in breach of a conditional discharge for criminal damage. They both admitted failing to ensure the animal’s welfare.

Sentencing: 12-month supervision order; ordered to pay £1,018 in costs each. Guy was ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work. Both were banned from keeping animals for 10 years (expires February 2022).

Express & Star

Kirkby, Knowsley, Merseyside: Christy Draper and Peter Finnegan

#TheList Christy James Draper, born 14/11/1985, of 6 Dulas Road, Kirkby, Liverpool L32 8TL and Peter James Finnegan, born 06/05/1986, formerly of Mintor Road, Kirkby and as at November 2019 of 36 Browning Street, Bootle, Liverpool L20 4HH – caught on CCTV goading their dogs into ripping apart a tame feral cat; walked free after Crown Prosecution Service offered no case

Prosecution against cat killers Christy Draper and Peter Finnegan collapsed.
Cat killers Christy Draper of Kirkby and Peter Finnegan now of Bootle laughed as the prosecution case against them collapsed

Animal lover Alf White used to look after Tooch, a feral tabby which lived near his workplace in Kirkby for five years and was treated by staff as a pet.

But in January 2011 the tile showroom manager arrived at Knowsley Industrial Park to find the cat’s body on the ground.

After searching through CCTV footage covering the yard, the 54-year-old discovered shocking images showing Tooch being ripped apart by dogs before being kicked by a thug who was watching on.

The local newspaper, the Liverpool Echo, published the pictures in an effort to find those responsible and was flooded with callers offering information.

Merseyside police later charged Christy Draper and Peter Finnegan with causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

But at a trial which was due to begin on 2 November 2011, prosecutors offered no evidence and the case against the two men was dismissed by District Judge Ian Lomax

He said: “As always it is for the prosecution to prove you are guilty rather than for you to prove you are innocent.

“I do not know what the flaws in the prosecution’s case are but clearly they were spotted and it was decided no evidence is to be offered.

“The case against you is dismissed.”

The two men, wearing tracksuit bottoms and T-shirts, raced from the dock laughing, with one shouting: “You have wasted everyone’s time.”

Mr White, who was waiting to give evidence in the trial, told the ECHO: “I am absolutely fuming. I am shaking with rage. I cannot get my head straight.

“The man from the Crown Prosecution Service told me although they had the CCTV, it was not of the front of the building, only the side, so they could not prove our Tooch was alive when the dogs got hold of her.

“Would you be alive after four dogs got hold of you? I told him she was alive 29 minutes before the attack because I visited her to bring her a blanket and say goodnight.

“But he said that was not in the evidence.”

Mr White, who paid £360 for a vet to fix Tooch’s teeth, said: “You can see another cat, Sylvie, on the video.

“She was lucky to survive.

“She has been moved now to Liverpool Cat Sanctuary so at least now she will be safe.”

The ECHO asked the CPS why the trial collapsed and why it took until the trial date to decide it had no evidence but it failed to respond.

Liverpool Echo
Daily Mail

Burford/Witney, Oxfordshire: Danny Draper, Ian Draper, Laura Borrow, Katy Davies

#TheList Oxfordshire dog-fighting ring members Danny Ian Draper (dob 02/06/1986), Ian Martin Draper (dob 04/04/1964), Laura Kay Borrow (dob 17/03/1987), Katy May Davies (dob 23/05/1978)

Mugshots of Oxfordshire dog fighting ring members Ian Draper, Danny Draper, Laura Borrow and Katy Davies
Clockwise from top left: Ian Draper, Danny Draper, Laura Borrow and Katy Davies

The despicable activities of gypsies Ian Draper and son Danny Draper were uncovered after Ian Draper’s ex-wife Sharon took a terrier named Bridget to a veterinary practice to be treated. The painfully thin dog had been so desperate for food she had swallowed her own collar. The vet tipped off the RSPCA who investigated.

At Danny Draper’s home inspectors found several bull-terrier dogs in an emaciated condition. One dog was so starved that he had eaten his collar.

Danny Draper is pictured with a dog before a fight
Danny Draper is pictured with a dog before a fight

All of the dogs were scarred and some had broken teeth and injured tails.

Equipment used for training fighting dogs, including a treadmill, was also discovered, along with a video showing two dogs tearing each other apart.

More dogs were found at Ian Draper’s home. He was given a three-month custodial sentence in 2005 for similar offences, and was serving a ten-year ban on keeping animals at the time of the offences.

Dog fighting ring leaders Ian Draper and son Danny Draper pictured outside court

Swindon Crown Court was shown footage of one fight in which the Drapers are heard cheering a dog named Ozzy. It was so horrific Judge Simon Cooper asked for it to be turned off after a minute.

Officials also found a break-stick with several teeth marks on used to wedge into the jaws of fighting dogs to separate them.

The Drapers kept notes of the dogs’ training regimes as they hardened them for bouts lasting up to 40 minutes, on which punters made huge bets.

Starving and injured 'fighting' dogs were kept in squalor at the Drapers' homes in Oxfordshire
Starving and injured ‘fighting’ dogs were kept in squalor at the Drapers’ homes in Oxfordshire

The pair often held practice fights. Their dogs had even featured in a
dog-fighting magazine. The animals were trained to attack wounds or the neck and face, often resulting in lips being ripped off.

Danny Draper pleaded guilty to five charges including possession of items in connection with an animal fight, while his father pleaded guilty to seven charges.

The men's girlfriends Laura Borrow (left) and Katy Davies pictured outside court
The men’s then girlfriends Laura Borrow (left) and Katy Davies pictured outside court

The men’s girlfriends Laura Borrow and Katy Davies were not only aware of their partners’ actions but played a key role in organising dog fights themselves. Davies pleaded guilty to one offence of aiding and abetting Ian Draper. Borrow pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering.

Ian Draper was given a 20-week prison sentence and Danny Draper a 12-week sentence. Ian Draper was also banned from keeping dogs for life after he admitted breaching his previous ban. His son was given a 15-year ban.

Katy Davies was fined £600. Hornsby was ordered to pay £300 in costs and disqualified from keeping dogs.

BBC News
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Update February 2020

Danny Draper has changed his name by deed poll to Danny Smith. He and father Ian Draper, who both live at 1 Walkers Close, Asthall, Burford, OX18 4HN, are directors of a courier company called Cotswold Couriers Ltd. Their website is here.

Dog fighters Ian Draper and Danny Draper

Danny and Ian Draper are no longer with Laura Borrow and Katy Davies and both women have gone on to marry other people and take their husbands’ names. Davies is now Katy Chapman. She lives in Church Lane, Burford OX18 4SD. Laura Borrow was known as Laura Hornsby for a while but is now Laura Saxton. She lives in Moorland Road, Witney OX28 6LT.

Bannf, Scotland: Colin and David Reid

#TheList convicted dogfighters Colin Barclay Reid, born 12/10/1986, of 10 Smith Road, Banff AB45 1BN and brother David Lewis Reid, born 06/10/1988, of 34 High Shore, Macduff AB44 1SN

Convicted dog fighters and all-round pieces of shit Colin and David Reid from Banff/Macduff
Convicted dog fighters and all-round pieces of shit Colin and David Reid from Banff/Macduff

In September 2011 Colin and David Reid pleaded guilty to encouraging bull terrier-type dogs to attack each other at a disused open-air swimming pool in Tarlair between July 29, 2008 and January 20, 2011, and also to keeping dogs for fighting.

Undercover investigators raided the homes of the pair and found  footage of dogfighting on a laptop. The brothers, were believed to have operated among a wider ring of dogfighters.

And it is believed they had been involved in the depraved activity for years.

The case marked the first conviction for animal fighting since new legislation allowed SSPCA inspectors to search and enter homes of suspected dog fight organisers.

The brothers are close associates of a man whose dog was found in a ditch by the SSPCA during the investigation.

The dog had been shot through the skull and investigators are convinced other dogs who had become too old to earn their keep through fighting would also have been killed.

Other fighting dogs were found dead within 20 miles of Banff, showing signs of appalling cruelty and suggesting the problem was widespread.

The dogs are believed to have been killed and dumped to avoid the SSPCA bringing charges against their owners.

In 2006, David Reid was convicted of cutting off part of both ears of two bull terriers. He pleaded guilty and was banned for two years from keeping animals and fined £300.

Convicted dog fighter Colin Reid
2018 photo of Colin Reid. His ban on keeping dogs expired in September 2016.

An undercover investigator said: “The implication of mutilating this animal was that it was a fighting dog.

“Owners do this to ready dogs for fights, to make them look fierce and to stop other dogs locking jaws on their ears while fighting.

“At the time, we couldn’t prove that he was involved in dogfighting but then the case was blown wide open when we saw the video.

“It shows both Reid brothers throwing their own dogs into a fight in the middle of the night at a secluded place not far from their home.”

The investigator added: “We also found videos of dog fights from eastern Europe.”

The probe uncovered evidence from farmers, who believed their cattle may have been attacked by dogfighters training their animals.

The crucial evidence was gathered when the SSPCA investigation team and police raided four homes, seizing six pit bulls.

Intelligence was received the following month that a dog had been shot and dumped on a farm.

Officers were shocked to see a clear bullet hole through the back of its skull.

The dog’s carcass still held an identifying microchip, which proved it belonged to an associate of the Reid brothers.

Convicted dog fighter Colin Reid in 2018. He's now a father and also owns a dog.
Convicted dogfighter Colin Reid in 2018. He’s now a father and also owns at least one dog.

Psycho David Reid was also sentenced to jail for going on the rampage after he was reported to the SSPCA. He hunted down a man he suspected of “grassing” him and attacked him along with an accomplice, breaking his skull and pelvis.

David Reid was jailed for six months and Colin Reid was sentenced to four months. They were banned from keeping dogs for just five years (expired September 2016).

The Sun – 21/09/2016
Daily Record – 22/09/2016

West Midlands: Sophie Bird and Samantha Browning

#TheList Sophie Bird, born 23/04/1993, of Norton Road, Stourbridge DY8 2TA ,  and Samantha Browning, born  20/02/1990, of Farmbridge Close, Walsall WS2 0AJ –  drowned four cats one by one in a bath while high on drink and drugs

West Midlands cat killers Sophie Bird and Samantha Browning

The court heard how Browning went to Bird’s former home in Tipton after a party and suggested killing the animals.

RSPCA prosecutor Nick Sutton said that Bird “filled the bath with water while Browning drowned the cats one after the other.”

He continued: “After the third one, the fourth was more difficult for Browning, who expressed reluctance, but Bird said ‘well, you’ve done the first three you might as well do this one’. Bird denies this, but it doesn’t matter – it’s the same systematic killing of cats.”

He added: “It’s a terrible death – there’s no excuse for this.

“They were young cats, they were intelligent creatures, not kittens with their eyes barely open.The other cats would have been abundantly aware of what was happening. They were waiting to be killed.

“It’s hard to imagine a more systematic and callous act.”

Two of the cats’ bodies were later recovered having been stuffed into a plastic bag and flung over a fence. The bodies of the other two cats have not been found.

Samantha Browning was told the crime would stay with her for “many, many years”.

West Midlands cat killers Sophie Bird and Samantha Browning
Cat killer Samantha Browning, who now lives with her wife and her wife’s daughter in Walsall

And she was right as we’ve managed to track down her and her partner in sickening animal cruelty. Both are now married (not to each other), both appear to have responsibility for young children, and both are around dogs (potentially a blatant breach of the court ban). It appears that the twisted pals have lost touch with each other.

Bird, now known as Sophie Gormley-Bird, works and lives in the Greyhound pub in Stourbridge. It appears that she has recently separated from her wife with whom she shares a daughter. Bird appears to have custody of the child. Her mother, who also works and lives at the pub, has a dog.

West Midlands cat killers Sophie Bird and Samantha Browning
Sophie Bird

Browning, who has cunningly changed her surname on Facebook to Brunin, got married in March 2015 . Her wife has a young daughter.

Sentence: 18-week prison sentence, suspended for 24 months, unpaid work and costs; banned from owning animals for ten years (expires August 2021).

Daily Mail

Ferryhill, Co Durham: Kieran Wynn, Andrew John Painter and Kevin Varty

#TheList Kevin Stuart Varty (DoB 20.4.68) of 1XX Brocket Close, Newton Aycliffe, Andrew John Painter (DoB 30.8.78) of XX Westerton View, Bishop Auckland and Kieran Wynn (DoB 19.2.93) of XX The Crescent, Middlesbrough* – caused gross cruelty and tremendous suffering to a 6mo lurcher dog who’d been hit by a car

Kevin Varty, Kieran Wynn and Andrew Painter subjected a sweet lurcher named Maggie May to a horrific ordeal but the plucky little dog survived.
Co Durham’s Kevin Varty, Kieran Wynn and Andrew Painter subjected a sweet lurcher named Maggie May to a horrific ordeal but the plucky little dog survived.

The court heard that Maggie had been run over on a Saturday evening,  just hours after Wynn bought her. Claiming that he couldn’t afford vet treatment Wynn tied chopsticks to the dog’s broken leg with red lace and Sellotape.

Friends Varty and Painter visited Wynn’s home the following day and the wicked trio decided to kill her.

Varty first tried to “choke the dog out” but when she showed signs of life Painter stood on her, and pulled her back legs over her head, breaking her neck.

Painter then stabbed her repeatedly with a potato peeler and took her outside, believing she was dead, only for her to regain consciousness and wander off later that night. She was picked up by a passerby who took her to the RSPCA. During several weeks of treatment Maggie had to have a leg amputated but miraculously recovered and was rehomed.

Wynn pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Maggie by failing to provide her with veterinary care following a road traffic accident.

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor and close-up
Kieran Wynn, who has links to the travelling community, in 2018

Varty and Painter admitted causing unnecessary suffering by subjecting the dog to physical trauma resulting in a fractured neck. Painter also admitted causing unnecessary suffering by repeatedly stabbing her with a potato peeler.


Varty and Painter were both given 18 weeks in custody and lifetime bans from keeping animals. Wynn, of Rydal Road, Ferryhill, was given conditional bail and was due to be sentenced on August 22, 2011. The outcome of that sentence was never reported.

Northern Echo 02/08/2011

*All addresses correct as at September 2018,

In February 2015 Kiearan Wynn, now 21 and a heroin addict, barged into a family’s home with a machete and made threats to kill.

York: Pamela and Joseph Palmer

#The List Pamela Palmer (born ca. 1941) and son Joseph Palmer (born ca. 1981) formerly of Sheriff Hutton Hall, York YO60 – left animals to starve to death and others to suffer in agony with untreated injuries

Convicted animal abusers Pamela and Joseph Palmer from Yorkshire

RSPCA officers found five sheep that had died of starvation, one of which had its head trapped in a wooden frame, a lamb dead down a well, a Hereford bull that had suffered with arthritis for months, and a Hereford cow with a long-term major abscess when they were called to Sheriff Hutton Hall in April 2010

The then owners of the property, Pamela Palmer and her son Joseph, had told neighbours they came from a wealthy Australian family and appeared to be eccentric  animal lovers who shared the house with a menagerie, including a pet lamb in the bedroom and a badger in the basement.

But in reality, the Palmers had neither the financial means nor the will to care for the animals.

RSPCA inspectors who visited the property found a catalogue of appalling animal neglect.

Some animals had been locked in a derelict building at the Grade I listed hall and left to starve.

It appeared someone had attempted to burn a number of cattle carcasses or to bury them in a swimming pool which had been turned into a slurry dump.

Inspectors also found five cats in a filthy room at the mansion, along with horses, dogs, pigs and donkeys that appeared to be running wild.

The condition of animals on the estate was revealed when Mrs Palmer’s bank repossessed the house and property in April 2010.

In July 2011 Mrs Palmer, said at the time to be of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to three animal cruelty charges at Selby Magistrates Court and her son, then of Rein Road, Wakefield, admitted seven similar offences.

Both defendants were given 18-week suspended jail sentences. Mrs Palmer was ordered to pay £500 costs. Her son was sentenced to 100 hours’ unpaid work and must pay £1,000 costs. Banned from keeping livestock for life (later appealed unsuccessfully).

Daily Mail
York Press
York Press (appeal outcome)

Pontypridd: Eric and Doreen Buckley

#TheList Eric Buckley (born ca. 1955) and wife Doreen (now deceased) of Tower Street, Pontypridd CF37 1NR – kept 9 geese, 2 goats, a cat,  11 former racing greyhounds and a pony in the basement  of a former pub

Animal abuser Eric Buckley of Pontypridd and some of the animals found in the cellar of his putrid home
Serial animal abuser Eric Buckley of Pontypridd, South Wales. Doreen Buckley died in 2015.

The Buckleys admitted chronic neglect of two dozen animals kept in a squalid cellar at their three-storey home.

The pair had already been banned from keeping dogs for 10 years due to animal welfare breaches in 1993.

After more series breaches in 1995 both were banned from keeping all animals for life.

Then in 2011 they were caught keeping a cat, 11 retired racing greyhounds, nine geese, a pony and two goats in a former  pub in High Street, Gilfach Goch, Rhondda Valley.

Shocked RSPCA officials found the couple’s “stinking” home to be infested with animal faeces.

At one point up to 13 greyhounds had the run of the rambling three-storey former pub, used by them as a toilet.

Most, however, were kept in an unlit cellar whose floor was almost an inch deep in animal waste.

A vet brought in to administer to the animals once they were located was forced to extract 34 rotting teeth from the mouth of one dog.

Four of the dogs were suffering from flea infestations, ear infections and oral disease with subsequent veterinary treatment for the animals amounting to £13,333.

RSPCA inspector Nicola Johnston said when Eric Buckley was approached about the conditions and asked why he kept so many animals, he answered: “Why not?”

Eric Buckley: jailed for 12 weeks. Banned from keeping animals for life.
Doreen Buckley: 12 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 12 months. Lifetime ban on keeping animals.

Daily Mail
BBC News
Wales Online



The property was in such a putrid condition it was regarded as proof of breaching animal welfare rules alone.

Eric Buckley admitted all the charges against him while his wife failed to attend but had previously made full admissions of all charges through her lawyer.


Paignton, Devon: James Noon and son Hamish Noon

#TheList puppy dealers James Gordon Noon, born 17/01/1953, of Waterleat Court, Waterleat Road, Paignton TQ3 3EA and Hamish Noon, born 17/07/1983, of Soper House, Dart View Road,  Galmpton, Brixham TQ5 0BQ

James and Hamish Noon callous puppy dealers based in Paignton, Devon
James and Hamish Noon callous puppy dealers based in Paignton, Devon

In February 2010 a total of 14 dogs and puppies were seized from the Noons’ then home in Blagdon Road by the RSPCA.  A further 12 dogs were taken at a later date when conditions hadn’t improved.

James Noon bought and sold dogs via a website on which he boasted that he had 39 years of experience with the Doberman breed. He would go to Ireland to buy puppies which he would bring back into the UK and sell for between £650 and £1,000.  He would arrange to meet buyers in locations such as car parks and motorway service stations.On one occasion police found nine puppies in his car.

The dogs were kept at Blagdon Road in conditions so disgusting that even hardened vets and RSPCA investigators found them distressing.  Every floor and even mattresses within the “haphazard and untidy” property were covered in faecal matter, some of which was decomposing.

The dogs had limited access to fresh water and little veterinary care had been sought. Many of the animals were suffering from infections and/or covered in excrement.

Most distressingly, a dead dog was found decomposing on the stairs.  A  rescued Jack Russell puppy was severely underweight and in such poor condition that he had to be put to sleep.

Hamish Noon initially claimed that his involvement was limited to looking after his father and that he had no interest in the puppy farming business.  However, in March 2011 he pleaded guilty to failing to protect two puppies and failing to provide a suitable environment for 23 dogs.  He also admitted possessing cannabis with a street value of £35.

Hamish Noon was disqualified from keeping dogs for two years, given a  six-month community order and ordered to pay £100. On 28.10.11 he appealed, unsuccessfully, against the sentence and his ban was increased to five years.

James Noon pleaded guilty to failing to protect a Jack Russell and Doberman puppy from suffering and failing to provide a suitable environment for 39 dogs.  He was ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work as part of a 12-month community order and pay £500 in costs. The ten-year ban on keeping animals was reduced to five years on appeal on 28.10.11.

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