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Fairfield, Liverpool L6: Christina Carney

#TheList Christina Carney, born c. 1981, of Ottley Street, Liverpool L6 3AL – starved and neglected a young puppy who had to be put to sleep

Tank was brought to the vet in an emaciated state due to the neglect of his callous owner Christina Carney
Tank was brought to the vet in an emaciated state due to the neglect of his callous owner Christina Carney

A six-month-old British bulldog named Tank had to be put down after horrific neglect by his owner, Christina Carney, left him with “every bone in his body” sticking out.

Neglected puppy Tank had a severe wound on his right ear
Tank had a severe wound on his right ear

Shocking pictures show the dog also suffered bite wounds to his right leg which was swollen and had scarring over his face and neck. Behind his left ear were visible wounds but behind his right ear was a severe wound which had ripped through the ear flap

Sadly, Tank was unable to recover and three separate vets decided he should be put to sleep to end his suffering.

Another of Carney’s pets – 18-month-old pug Bear – died while in her care and was said to be in a “very thin” state when she brought his body to experts to be disposed of.

Vets got in touch with the RSPCA with worries about the welfare of Carney’s other animals.

Inspector Claire Fisher was sent to investigate and went to see Tank at the vets where she found “every bone in his body” was protruding.

British bulldog puppy Tank was in an emaciated condition due to the neglect of his cruel owner Christina Carney from Liverpool
The dog’s condition was so poor that vets felt they had no option but to put him to sleep

Claire said: “Tank was in a very sorry state when I saw him, he was so thin with every bone visible he did not resemble a British bulldog at all – he was like a walking skeleton.

“He had numerous injuries of various ages caused by being attacked by other dogs in Carney’s care and he appeared depressed, not like I would expect a puppy to act.

“The vet felt that returning Tank to his home would put him in danger of attack again.

“The body of Bear was also analysed and it was clear the dog was also very thin and had numerous ulcers in her eyes. Carney offered no explanation how or when the dog had died but for her young age she seemed in poor condition

“It was known that Carney also had two more dogs at her home and we were concerned there was also a risk of injury of life to those so Merseyside Police were contacted and were able to seize the dogs and place them into the care of the RSPCA.”

The police took two British bulldogs called Teddy and Roxy from Carney’s home and they are now in the care of the RSPCA where they have been rehabilitated and will be available for adoption soon.

Carney pleaded guilty to four animal welfare offences .

In mitigation the court was told Carney had “difficult personal circumstances”.

Sentencing: 12-month community order; ordered to pay £300 costs, a £100 fine and a £85 victim surcharge. Banned from keeping dogs and cats for just five years.

Liverpool Echo

Wavertree, Liverpool: Kharled Radman

#TheList Kharled Radman (aka Carl Khalid Radman), born 01/06/1980, of Smithdown Road, Liverpool L15 2HD – caught on camera terrorising a dog with a stick to show he was “head of the pack”

Mastiff Achilles was terrorised by his owner, Liverpool businessman Kharled Radman.
The footage showed Kharled Radman deliberately pushing a wooden stick towards his terrified dog, Achilles.

Company director Radman pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering by inflicting intimidating and abusive behaviour on a Mastiff-type dog named Achilles.

The father-of-two was filmed banging on his dog’s kennel on March 11 , 2018 in an upsetting video clip captured by a neighbour.

Radman claimed he was trying to get Achilles, to drop a dead rat, but the footage shows him terrorising the dog by hammering his kennel.

After the incident, which took place at Radman’s partner’s house on Manor Road in Wallasey, the RSPCA attended and found Achilles outside in a small paved area at the rear of the property surrounded by one or two days of faeces. There were two bowls containing dry food with a brown liquid in it.

Achilles was 5 kg underweight when he was seized and had pressure sores on his body from laying down for long periods in his outside kennel – which was not weatherproof.

The court heard that Radman had owned Achilles for eight years after taking him in as a puppy.

Mastiff Achilles was terrorised by his owner, Liverpool businessman Kharled Radman.
Mastiff Achilles was living in grim conditions and found to be underweight. He was taken into the care of the RSPCA for his own welfare.

Pleading with the magistrates to let him have Achilles back, Radman said: “I’ve had that dog since it was born and I’ve never hit that dog. Even as a baby I never slapped his nose. I was trying to get a rat off my dog.

“I do accept that at one point I was getting aggressive and frustrated but I was never aggressive to my dog.”

He added: “It would have been wrong of me to leave him chewing on a rat and my missus would have killed me if I left him chewing on it.”

“If you are going to take Achilles away from me there’s nothing else that matters to me. I will do anything you say please just don’t take him off me.”

However, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, Chris Murphy described the chain of events that led to Achilles being taken away.

Mr Murphy said: “On March 11 a witness, Miss Kay, woke up at 8.30am and heard what sounded like shouting from her neighbour’s yard.

“She looked out from her toilet to the rear yard and saw the defendant slinging things around the garden, shouting and swearing aggressively.

“He then picked up a stick and started hitting down on the floor, saying ‘I’m going to rip your head off, get out here now. I’m going to kill you.’

“She saw him poking the stick in the kennel then went back to the bedroom to get her phone to record what she saw.”

When he was interviewed by police on March 13, Radman was quizzed over the video his neighbour filmed of the incident.

Mr Murphy said: “[He told officers] He wanted to get the dog to drop the rat so he was hitting the kennel to make him drop it. He said he was trying to assert himself as head of the pack.”

A local vet who examined Achilles after he was seized said the incident would have caused “psychological fear and distress”.

Sentencing: fines and costs totalling £995, which he will pay off in £50 monthly installments. Banned from keeping animals for just two years.

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Wallington, Surrey: Zahra Rafiq

#TheList vet Dr Zahra Tahaneem Rafiq, born circa 1990, now of Wallington, Surrey and previously of Merseyside – took two newborn French bulldog puppies from their owners; one of puppies died

Dr Zara Rafiq was fired after she took a French bulldog puppy she was meant to be delivering.

Rafiq took the pup home with her after joking to a colleague that she planned to do it. The newborn dog died three days later at Rafiq’s home, which she admitted despite earlier saying it had faded in her car.

Rafiq had delivered the litter of six dogs, each worth up to £2,000, by Caesarian.

Instead of leaving them to recover with their mum Lila, she and a colleague, Oscar Perez Maillo, both took a puppy home with them.

The second dog was later returned still alive after another worker with VetsNow raised concerns.

Rafiq was fired by VetsNow in Huyton, Merseyside, and a misconduct hearing by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons found her to be ‘dishonest’. However, she was cleared to practise again after six months.

‘I’m fuming,’ owner Safinah Mhagrh told the Daily Record. ‘That vet stole my puppy. It was a terrible, heartless thing to do. She should not be allowed to practise.’

Safinah had taken her three-year-old French bulldog Lila to surgery after she went into labour in December 2017.

‘The first one was coming out legs first and got stuck. I thought Lila was going to die,’ she said. She was told to go home while vets operated.

When she came back, she was told there had been a litter of four but the stuck one hadn’t survived. Another of the puppies then died as it was too weak, but Lila bonded with the remaining two.

Ms Mhagrh said she had contacted police but the case hadn’t been taken further. A hearing heard Rafiq was remorseful and not motivated by financial gain.

Panel chair Ian Arundel said: ‘The committee concluded Dr Rafiq was very unlikely to pose a risk to animals in future.’

VetsNow refunded the £200 cost for the Caesarian.

Dr Laura Playforth, head of veterinary standards at Vets Now said: ‘We are extremely sorry about what happened, especially to our client and their pets.

‘We are very clear on our position here – these individuals will not work with us again.

‘I want to reassure pet owners that this is an isolated incident. We have almost 600 vets and vet nurses working for us up and down the country, working tirelessly to help animals in their greatest time of need. In my 20 years as a vet, I’ve never seen anything like this case.’


Wallasey, Wirral: Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo

#TheList Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo, born c. 1993, of Victoria Road, Wirral CH45 9LB – left her puppy with ‘horrific and severe’ injuries to the ribs and jaw

Dog abuser Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo  of Wallasey
Puppy Darcey suffered a catalogue of injuries while in the care of her owner Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo from Wallasey, Wirral

Downie-Ntemo pleaded guilty to two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to her shih tzu type puppy called Darcey.

The court heard how Downie-Ntemo took Darcey to a local vets with three broken ribs down one side of her body and three dislocated ribs on her other side on October 24, 2018.

Darcey’s jaw was also broken in two places

Downie-Ntemo is banned from keeping animals for five years after her puppy suffered a series of injuries

Downie-Ntemo said that she had ‘thrown’ the puppy in the air and failed to catch her, with her landing on laminate flooring, claiming this is what caused the rib injuries.

She said that the jaw injuries happened a few hours later after she had found Darcey ‘frothing’ at the mouth and put her in the bath – she said the dog was ‘struggling’ in the bath and ‘fell’ causing the jaw to break in two places.

An expert witness disputed that the injuries could have been caused in this way – the RSPCA were later alerted and Inspector Naomi Morris went to investigate.

She said that Darcey was injured on October 23 but vet treatment had not been sought by Downie-Ntemo until the following day, so she was left suffering overnight.

In mitigation the court heard how Downie-Ntemo is being treated for depression.

Darcey, victim of dog abuser Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo  from Wallasey
Puppy Darcey is recovering well in spite of her ordeal at the hands of her cruel previous owner

Inspector Norris said: “It was heartbreaking to see this tiny puppy with such horrific and severe injuries.

“Darcey was admitted to the vets in a very severe condition she was clearly in a lot of pain and because of her rib injuries she was struggling to breathe.

“I cannot believe how she has coped with her injuries at such a young age but thankfully she has made great progress and is recovering well.

“It is always sad when animals have been injured and neglected but this particular puppy is a little miracle because she was so small and vulnerable.

“The RSPCA cannot investigate these situations without the support and generosity of the public and we are always grateful for this help.”

Darcey is now in a foster home where she is said to be making a remarkable recovery.

Sentencing: community order of 60 hours of unpaid work. Costs and charges totalling £685. Banned from keeping animals for five years.

Wirral Globe
Liverpool Echo

Newcastleton, Scottish Borders: Dawn and Louise Marie Hillbeck

#TheList backyard breeders Dawn Veronica Hillbeck, born 06/08/1993, and partner Louise Marie Hillbeck, born 21/08/1995, formerly of Whisgills, Newcastleton TD9 and more recently 8 Cambridge Road, Bromborough, Wirral, Merseyside CH62 7JA – arranged for illegal ear cropping on an American Bully puppy

Breeders Louise Hillbeck and partner Dawn Hillbeck and Russia, the puppy they had mutilated and left to suffer in pain.
American Bully puppy Russia was found to be in pain after evil greeders Dawn and Louise Hillbeck, now of Bromborough, Merseyside, arranged for his ears to be mutilated

Dawn and Louise Hillbeck, who traded under the name Becks Bullies, admitted being involved in the ear cropping of a puppy named Russia. The pair pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges as a sheriff described the operation on Russia as a “butcher’s job”.

A vet who inspected the wounds of the pup said it had been carried out for “cosmetic” purposes and added it was “needless mutilation”.

Dawn Hillbeck pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to prevent the ear flaps being removed on a puppy under her care.

Louise Hillbeck admitted permitting Russia to be taken out of Scotland for the prohibited procedure.

The offence happened when the women were breeding American bullies – which sell for £5,000 each – at their then home in Newcastleton in the Scottish Borders.

Jedburgh Sheriff Court was told that ear-cropping was banned in most of Europe but was still allowed in the United States.

Procurator fiscal Graham Fraser explained that the American Bully was a new breed established in the 1990s from an American Pit Bull Terrier and an American Staffordshire terrier.

He said: “They are very strong looking dogs and some owners have their ears cropped for cosmetic reasons which makes them look mean and aggressive.”

Mr Fraser said the Scottish SPCA received information that the Hillbecks were involved in ear-cropping and went to their home in Newcastleton in April 2018 when they found Russia had recently had both earflaps removed.

He explained a nylon-type material had been used to stitch the wounds but they had been put in too tightly, the wounds were red and the dog looked in pain.

Mr Fraser said: “They failed to seek veterinary treatment for the wounds. One vet referred to it as cosmetic needless mutilation.”

The fiscal added he would be seeking an order disqualifying the women from owning animals due to their behaviour.

Russia was signed over to the Scottish SPCA during the investigation.

Louise Hillbeck (left) and partner Dawn Hillbeck ran a dog breeding business where profit was placed well above animal welfare
Louise Hillbeck (left) and partner Dawn Hillbeck ran a dog breeding business where profit was placed well above any concern for dog welfare

The women claimed the idea to ear crop the dog came from the co-owner, John Paton of breeding operation New Generation Bullies, who said they would need to do it for Russia if the dog was to do well in American Bully display shows.

Dawn Hillbeck’s lawyer said his client had been told the ear-cropping could be done in Poland where it was legal, but it was not stated in court where the operation had actually happened.

He said: “The pair have been naive in this to a certain extent. They were also told it would be good for the hygiene of the dog as well.

“They have learned their lesson. Disqualifying them from owing animals would be disproportionate.”

The court was told that Dawn Hillbeck owned four dogs and a horse which she would have to give up if she was banned.

On studying pictures of the dog’s wounds Sheriff Donald Ferguson described them as a “butcher’s job” and said the women knew full well it was illegal and the dog had suffered.

He added: “This was totally wrong and this animal suffered. On top of that you were doing it for profit.

“At the end of the day you were looking after this animal and it was your responsibility to look after it within the law and on a proper basis.”

Afterwards a Scottish SPCA spokeswoman said there was a growing trend in ear-cropped American bullies.

She explained: “We are pleased with the outcome of this case.

“Two years ago we didn’t have a single American bully in our care. However we are now seeing a worrying increase in the number of these dogs seized as a result of our investigations.

“The recent increase is entirely down to the current trend to own these dogs as a status pet.

“In the UK any surgical procedure carried out for purely aesthetic purposes is illegal. Ear cropping is one of these procedures.”

Sentencing: one-year Community Payback Order of 80 hours of unpaid work; five year disqualification order from breeding or dealing with animals. Dawn Hillbeck is allowed to keep her four dogs and a horse subject to Scottish SPCA or RSPCA inspection.

Border Telegraph

Speke, Liverpool: Scott Doran

#TheList Scott Bradley Doran, born c. 1988, most recently of Greyhound Farm Road, Speke, Liverpool L24 but with links to Runcorn, Cheshire – assaulted a terrified Staffy and dangled him off the edge of a bridge

Cruel Scott Doran currently of Speke in Liverpool, assaulted a helpless Staffy before dangling the terrified dog from the edge of a footbridge. Despite this, he will be allowed to have animals again in five years' time.
Cruel Scott Doran currently of Speke in Liverpool, assaulted a helpless Staffy before dangling the terrified dog from the edge of a footbridge. Despite this, he will be allowed to have animals again in five years’ time.

Scott Doran was convicted of causing unnecessary cruelty after denying a charge of inflicting “blunt force trauma and physical violence” to the brindle Staffy, named Coban.

Habitual criminal Doran was filmed on CCTV assaulting the dog outside Costcutter on Northwich Road in Brookvale, Runcorn , on March 17, 2016.

North Cheshire Magistrates’ Court heard how Doran had been seen attacking Coban, resulting in an investigation led by RSPCA inspector Naomi Norris.

Local authority CCTV showing a “sustained and violent attack” on the dog.

Cruel Scott Doran currently of Speke in Liverpool, assaulted a helpless Staffy before dangling the terrified dog from the edge of a footbridge. Despite this, he will be allowed to have animals again in five years' time.
Career criminal and animal abuser Scott Bradley Doran has links to Runcorn in Cheshire

In the clip, Doran can be seen outside the shop with the dog off the lead and no control over him.

As Doran walks away from shop the dog runs up to a family wagging his tail and it is then when Doran unleashes his attack.

The dog cowers on the floor as Doran picks him up and punches him.

He holds Coban up by the scruff of the neck with his feet off the floor and walks along violently shaking him.

The brutal attack then continues away from the view of the CCTV but a witness told how Doran continued to abuse the terrified pet, who was so frightened he defecated.

He then held the petrified dog over the railings of a footbridge.

Inspector Naomi Norris said: “This was a vicious and nasty attack on Coban who was clearly so terrified he can be seen cowering and the poor dog even defecated during the beating.

“Off camera the witness told how he continued to beat and kick the dog before holding him by the neck over the railings of a footbridge.”

Coban was seized the day after the attack and has since been re-homed by the RSPCA.

Doran, formerly of Cedar Avenue, Sutton Weaver, and Camelot Way, Runcorn, went on the run for two years and was arrested soon after a police car chase.

Sentencing: 12-month community order; fine and costs totalling £525; anger management course; rehabilitation requirement. Banned from keeping dogs for a mere five years.

Liverpool Echo

Wallasey, Merseyside: Jodie Wardil

#TheList Jodie Wardil, born c. 1991, of Sherlock Lane, Wallasey, Wirral CH44 – abandoned pet dog in an empty property; left a rabbit to starve to death in her hutch

Convicted animal abuser Jodie Wardil of Wallasey, Merseyside.
Wardil is the mother of four young boys. She has now been banned from keeping animals for life after abandoning a dog and leaving a rabbit to starve to death

Single mother-of-four Jodie Wardil left rabbit Annie to starve to death before callously dumping her emaciated body in a wheelie bin.

It was only thanks to eagle-eyed neighbours that the case of appalling neglect came to light, along with that of a Staffordshire bull terrier named Buster.

Wardil pleaded guilty at Wirral magistrates’ court to two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, and a further charge of failing to ensure animal welfare.

Chris Murphy, prosecuting, said the RSPCA were first alerted by a worried neighbour who reported a dog had been left alone in a house.

The neighbour said he had been feeding the dog by pushing food through the letterbox for several days.

Convicted animal abuser Jodie Wardil of Wallasey, Merseyside.
Staffy Buster was riddled with fleas and had not been treated for a painful skin condition.

When the RSPCA inspector arrived and looked through the letterbox, he could see the dog had a severe skin infection.

The inspector later received a call from Wardil, during which she agreed to sign Buster over to the RSPCA.

When the inspector returned to collect Buster, a neighbour approached him to tell him the defendant had dumped a dead rabbit into a wheelie bin.

Initially Wardil claimed Annie the rabbit had been collected by her ex-partner.

The remains of rabbit Annie were discovered in a wheelie bin
Jodie Wardil had callously dumped the body of the rabbit she left to starve to death in a wheelie bin

The inspector recovered the emaciated rabbit from a black bin bag in the wheelie bin.

Wardil said both animals had been neglected because she had not been living at the property and her “mind was elsewhere”.

On examination, Buster was found to have inflamed skin and to be “alive with fleas.” Following treatment, he made a full recovery and has since been re-homed.

The remains of rabbit Annie were discovered in a wheelie bin
The remains of rabbit Annie were discovered in a wheelie bin

The rabbit was found to be totally emaciated as a result of chronic starvation, lasting several weeks, with every part of the skeleton visible, and an untreated eye condition which had attracted maggots.

Chairman of the bench, Peter Sanders, told Wardil: “Animals rely for their well-being on human beings. The only thing that takes away from a custodial sentence is your mental state.”

Convicted animal abuser Jodie Wardil of Wallasey, Merseyside.
Jodie Wardil of Wallasey, Merseyside is disqualified for life from keeping animals

Speaking after the case, RSPCA Inspector Anthony Joynes said: “This was a serious case of prolonged neglect which had devastating effects for poor Annie the rabbit.

“Annie, who was already suffering with an untreated eye condition, was then left to starve to death before being callously dumped in the bin.

“Rabbit neglect is so incredibly sad as it often goes undetected until it’s too late.

“They’re far too easy to acquire and to neglect often without anyone ever knowing.

“Thankfully I’m able to report that Buster, who is a typical lovely and boisterous Staffie has made a full recovery and has been rehomed.

“I’m grateful to the members of the public who were clearly on the ball and ensured that the situation was reported to us.”

Sentencing: 18-month community order. Fined £585. Banned from keeping animals for life with the right of appeal after five years.

Liverpool Echo
Wirral Globe

Anfield, Liverpool: Justin Jervis

#TheList Justin Jervis, born c. 1976, of Gorst Street, Anfield, Liverpool L4 0SB – refused to take his ailing elderly dog for free veterinary treatment, leaving her to suffer in agony for almost a year

Cruel Justin Jervis left Bubbles the Shar-pei to suffer in agony for months rather than take her for free veterinary treatment. He has now been banned from keeping animals for 20 years.
Cruel Justin Jervis left Bubbles the Shar-pei to suffer in agony for months rather than take her for free veterinary treatment. He has now been banned from keeping animals for 20 years.

Justin Jervis’s Shar-pei Bubbles was put to sleep by vets at the PDSA in Kirkdale on September 3, 2018 – after she was presented in a horrifying skeletal state.

The golden Shar-pei was also infected with mature maggots which had nested in her ear canal and began migrating throughout her head, as well as having a back leg which was hugely swollen from cancerous growths.

Jervis pleaded guilty to three charges of causing suffering to an animal, after leaving his dog to suffer in pain for nearly a year.

Prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, Peter Mitchell told the court that Bubbles had first been presented to vets at the PDSA in October 2017.

At that point, she was already in such a poor condition that vets suggested euthanasia to prevent any further suffering. Bubbles weighed just 18kg and was categorised as underweight by the RSPCA body weight scoring system.

The system scores animals between one and nine – one representing total emaciation and nine being obese. At the time of her death, Bubbles scored one.

When vets saw Bubbles on October 25, 2017, Jervis asked to be given pain killers for his pet. He was given the medication on the condition that he returned one week later for a follow-up appointment.

He did not return to the PDSA for nearly a year, by which point his dog was at death’s door.

Mr Mitchell said: “Mr Jervis was interviewed under caution and had to be arrested in relation to the matter. He minimised the situation the dog was in and when asked specific questions he made no comment.

“When asked if the dog was caused to suffer or was distressed, he said no comment.

“Sean Taylor [a vet who saw Bubbles] said the dog was in an emaciated condition. The right ear canal was thick with maggots, there were masses on the legs and in the lungs. The dog was clearly in distress back in October 2017 and not then represented until September 2018.

“After that pain medication, it would have continued to suffer and got worse in that 11 months. He says the dog was suffering due to weight loss and due to the condition around the ear with maggots.

“For all these reasons, he says the dog was suffering for 11 months.”

The inspector who handled this upsetting and distressing case described it as among the worst she had seen in her 16 year career with the RSPCA – and burst into tears when the sentence was read out.

Looking at the photos of the neglect, Judge Shaw said: “They are terrible photos aren’t they? I don’t think I have ever seen a dog in that condition.”

Sentencing Jervis, Judge Shaw said: “On November 25, 2017 you were aware that your dog was so poorly that the vet wanted you to consider euthanasia on that occasion. You were asked to take the dog back after seven days.

“Over the next 10 months your dog lost weight to the point where she was obviously emaciated and it’s perfectly clear to any sensible onlooker that the dog was in appalling physical condition.

“The vets choose to use a body scoring condition of one to nine and they chose one for your dog. Her physical condition was appalling and pathetic. You were responsible for her care. Your neglect could equally be considered as cruelty.”

Justin Jervis of Anfield, Liverpool, has been banned from keeping animals for 20 years after leaving his elderly dog to undergo appalling suffering for nearly a year

Defending Jervis in court, Emma Smith said: “This is not a case where he has deliberately harmed the dog and he found that very difficult to accept. For 12 years there were no medical issues in relation to the dog that he failed to seek medical assistance for.”

She added: “You might find it difficult to believe but he clearly did have very strong feelings towards the dog. He was upset with himself and upset that the dog had to be put to sleep. It wasn’t done through any type of malice or hatred of animals.”

Sentencing: 16-week custodial sentence, of which he will serve eight weeks in prison and spend 12 months on licence. Banned from keeping animals for 20 years and forbidden from appealing the conditions of this ban for at least 10 years.

Liverpool Echo
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Birkenhead, Merseyside: Kyle Evans and Abigail Hanrahan

#TheList Kyle Evans, born c. 1989, and partner Abigail Hanrahan, born c. 1988, both of Conway Street, Birkenhead CH41 – failed to seek treatment for their kitten’s horrific injuries likely caused by a physical attack

Cat abusers Kyle Evans and Abigail Hanrahan of Birkenhead

Wirral Magistrates Court heard that eight-month-old Felix was left with his jaw detached from his chin for SIX weeks until a concerned member of the public alerted the RSPCA.

The kitten was blind and unable to walk properly when eventually seen by a vet – and suffered a brain injury which means he now wobbles when he walks.

Cat abuser Abigail Hanrahan with Felix

Owners Kyle Evans and his partner Abigail Hanrahan claimed the injury was caused by the kitten running into a litter tray.

But the court heard from an expert veterinary witness who suggested the injury was more likely due to a physical attack.

Cat abuser Kyle Evans outside Wirral Magistrates court

The couple pleaded guilty to a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to a cat by failing to provide prompt and appropriate veterinary attention and magistrates banned them from keeping animals for ten years.

RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes, who investigated the case, said: “He really was in state and obviously the injury to his jaw – which had been left untreated – was causing a lot of suffering.

“The vet also found a swelling to his head which caused blindness but with treatment his sight has been restored.

“It seems he has a brain injury which means he can be wobbly when he walks but he is doing so well considering and is such a lovely cat.

“He was so timid at first but now he has been in the care of the RSPCA he likes nothing more than to be stroked.

“He has come on leaps and bounds.

“There is never any excuse not to seek veterinary treatment if a pet is in need and Felix must have suffered terribly over this long period.”

The court heard Felix was injured on or around June 1 2018 but he was left without treatment until the RSPCA was called in on July 16.

He was taken to an animal hospital where he was treated for three weeks for a swelling on his head, enabling him to regain his sight.

The animal charity says he has made a remarkable recovery and hopes he will be re-homed soon.

Kyle Evans – 12-month Community Order including 140 hours of unpaid work and a 20-day rehabilitation activity requirement. Ordered to pay £240 costs with an £84 victim surcharge.

Abigail Hanrahan – £100 fine, £100 costs and a £35 victim surcharge.

Both were banned from keeping animals for ten years.

Liverpool Echo

Wallasey, Wirral: Michael Bennett and Susan Jones

#TheList Michael Esmond Bennett, born 10/12/1955, and Susan Jones, born c. 1959, of Beechwood Avenue, Wallasey, Wirral CH45 8NX – let their elderly shih-tzu’s fur become so matted she was unable to walk properly

Molly when she was first rescued by RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes

Molly when she was first rescued by RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes

Bennett and Jones pleaded guilty to two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to a 12-year-old shih-tzu called Molly.

The dog was rescued by the RSPCA after an anonymous report was received concerning the dog’s welfare.

Mike Bennett and his partner Sue Jones failed in their duty of care to their pet shih-tzu

Inspector Anthony Joynes was then sent to investigate on October 2, 2018 and said that he was ‘shocked’ by the terrible state she had been left in.

Insp Joynes said: “We received a report about the dog’s condition following a fire in the street, which meant the house where she lived was evacuated, and a concerned member of the public spotted her poor condition.

“When I went to the property I was so shocked – I honestly could not tell where her mouth was and where her back end was.

“Then I picked her up and could see weeks of faeces stuck in her matted fur at the back.

“The matting was so bad round her paws it meant she struggled to walk and there was a chin strap matt around her mouth which meant she was unable to open it properly which would have made eating and drinking very difficult.

“The fur growth had also caused a chronic eye condition which was also causing the dog a lot of discomfort.

“She also had a bad case of fleas which she was unable to scratch

“It was the worst case of matting I have seen in my nine years as an inspector.”

The couple signed to dog over into the care of the RSPCA and Molly was taken to Upton Veterinary Surgery for emergency treatment.

On assessment, staff could see Molly was unable to walk properly because her fur had grown around her front paw pad – making it grow the wrong way.

The team got through three sets of clipper blades to cut off two kilograms of her matted coat.

After five hours of shaving, Molly was found to have a deformed front paw but an x-ray revealed her back legs were in a good condition.

Molly has recovered in the care of the RSPCA and has been rehomed.

Insp Joynes added: “We were really worried that under all the matted fur we may find more serious concerns.

“Often in these cases the matting can cut off circulation which can result in multiple limb amputation.

“We didn’t know if this would be the case for Molly and fortunately it wasn’t.”

In mitigation, the court was told that the couple had ill health and were struggling to cope with the dog.

They had an appointment booked with the PDSA charity a year before to have Molly groomed but they did not attend as they said they were ‘worried’ the dog would get taken off them.

Sentencing: Three-month curfew; £200 costs each; 15-year ban on keeping animals.

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