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Hyde, Greater Manchester: Ian White

#TheList Ian White, born c. 1983, of Camborne Road, Hyde, Thameside – stamped on a pensioner’s dog during a violent crime spree

Thug Ian White of Hyde, Greater Manchester, stamped on a pensioner's dog during a violent crime spree
Thug Ian White of Hyde, Greater Manchester, stamped on a pensioner’s dog during a violent crime spree

Ian White’s catalogue of offending began at 10.20pm on November 12, 2018, when he called for a taxi which arrived at a house in Hyde, Manchester.

During the drive he took out a knife and began threatening the driver of the vehicle.

The taxi dropped him off in Buxton Road, Furness Vale, where he flagged down a passing 4×4 and demanded the 65-year-old woman drive him away from the scene.

The woman, who was not physically harmed during the incident, let him out in Yeardsley Lane, Furness Vale. A short time later White made his way to a pub in Buxton Road, Furness Vale.

He entered the pub threatened staff with the knife, caused criminal damage within the business and then left.

White then knocked on the door of a nearby house demanding a taxi be called for him. When the owner, a 75-year-old man, refused to call White a cab he forced his way into the property, assaulting the pensioner and stamping on his dog.

He then left this address and was detained by officers in Buxton Road.

White was charged with 16 offences including threats to kill, possession of a bladed article in public, criminal damage, kidnapping, ABH, affray and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

He appeared at Derby Crown Court on May 21, 2019, where he pleaded guilty to all offences (other than an attempted robbery which he pleaded guilty to theft from a person) and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

A number of psychological assessments were made of White and it was concluded that the offending took place at a time when he was suffering “an autistic crisis”.

Derbyshire Police
Derby Telegraph

Belton, Doncaster: Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker

#TheList hoarders Simon Hallgarth, born c. 1971, and partner Paul Walker, born c. 1976, both of 2 Holland Close Villas, Woodhouse, Belton, Doncaster DN9 1QJ – for cruelty towards 52 dogs and three goats

Hoarders Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker of Doncaster were jailed and given lifetime animal ban for neglecting dozens of dogs and three goats
Simon Hallgarth (right) and Paul Walker of Belton, Doncaster, were jailed and have been banned from keeping animals for life after admitting cruelty to dozens of dogs and three goats

Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker pleaded guilty to 11 offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Hoarders Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker of Doncaster were jailed and given lifetime animal ban for neglecting dozens of dogs and three goats

The RSPCA were alerted to the plight of the pair’s animals after receiving a call to its cruelty line about three abandoned goats, who were found living in a poor environment with no access to water.

As RSPCA Inspector Tamsin Drysdale spoke to Walker, a number of dogs could be heard barking from inside a garage nearby so she asked if she could see them.

Hoarders Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker of Doncaster were jailed and given lifetime animal ban for neglecting dozens of dogs and three goats

She said: ““As the garage door was opened the smell of faeces and urine was overwhelming. There were four pens with various breeds of dogs living in them.

“Their food and water bowls were filthy and empty and the dogs were pungent, their coats in various stages of matting.

“The three dogs in the last pen were in such a poor condition I wasn’t sure what breed they were. Two of the dogs were moving, albeit very slowly, but the third dog, a Bichon Frise called Peggy, appeared to be dead.

“I went into the pen and gently shook her and I was shocked when she moved slightly.

“At the vets she was found to be very thin, in respiratory distress and hypothermic. She was initially unable to be examined because of the extent of the matting, which had to be cut away.

“She had a fractured wrist and wounds on her back legs so badly infected that they were down to the bone. The damage was irreparable and she was put to sleep on humane grounds.

“A large number of dogs were also living in the house, and though these were in better condition than those in the garage, many of these were also suffering.”

Hoarders Simon Hallgarth and Paul Walker of Doncaster were jailed and given lifetime animal ban for neglecting dozens of dogs and three goats

Three other dogs were also put to sleep on veterinary advice, including a 17-year-old Shih Tzu called Daisy who was in severe respiratory distress and had two blind shrunken eyes that were discharging green pus and her ears were also discharging pus.

Another dog, Cookie, had to have a leg amputated.

Seven of the 52 dogs removed from the property were suffering with severe dental disease, four of them with ear infections, two of them with eye infections and one with overgrown nails that had penetrated the pads of the dog’s feet.

Thirteen of the dogs and the three goats did not have their needs met due to the environment they were living in and/or a lack of fresh clean drinking water.

In mitigation, the court heard that Hallgarth had bought the dogs as a way of coping after the death of his mother in 2013, with whom he had bought the property, lived and owned dogs previously.

He accepted that he had caused very high suffering and was remorseful.

Hoarders Paul Walker (left) and Simon Hallgarth from Doncaster have been banned from keeping animals for life
Hoarders Paul Walker (left) and Simon Hallgarth from Doncaster have been banned from keeping animals for life

In respect of Walker, the court heard that the offences had been borne out of concern and care for his husband.

The court heard that both defendants were overwhelmed financially and by the level of care the animals needed. They were of previous good character and had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

Sentencing: 14 weeks in prison; post-sentence supervision orders of 12 months, less the time served in prison. Lifetime ban on keeping animals.

The Star

Wallasey, Wirral: Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo

#TheList Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo, born c. 1993, of The Chelsea, Tower Promenade, New Brighton, Wallasey CH45 2JY- left her puppy with ‘horrific and severe’ injuries to the ribs and jaw

Dog abuser Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo  of Wallasey
Puppy Darcey suffered a catalogue of injuries while in the care of her owner Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo from Wallasey, Wirral

Downie-Ntemo pleaded guilty to two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to her shih tzu type puppy called Darcey.

The court heard how Downie-Ntemo took Darcey to a local vets with three broken ribs down one side of her body and three dislocated ribs on her other side on October 24, 2018.

Darcey’s jaw was also broken in two places

Downie-Ntemo is banned from keeping animals for five years after her puppy suffered a series of injuries

Downie-Ntemo said that she had ‘thrown’ the puppy in the air and failed to catch her, with her landing on laminate flooring, claiming this is what caused the rib injuries.

She said that the jaw injuries happened a few hours later after she had found Darcey ‘frothing’ at the mouth and put her in the bath – she said the dog was ‘struggling’ in the bath and ‘fell’ causing the jaw to break in two places.

An expert witness disputed that the injuries could have been caused in this way – the RSPCA were later alerted and Inspector Naomi Morris went to investigate.

She said that Darcey was injured on October 23 but vet treatment had not been sought by Downie-Ntemo until the following day, so she was left suffering overnight.

In mitigation the court heard how Downie-Ntemo is being treated for depression.

Darcey, victim of dog abuser Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo  from Wallasey
Puppy Darcey is recovering well in spite of her ordeal at the hands of her cruel previous owner

Inspector Norris said: “It was heartbreaking to see this tiny puppy with such horrific and severe injuries.

“Darcey was admitted to the vets in a very severe condition she was clearly in a lot of pain and because of her rib injuries she was struggling to breathe.

“I cannot believe how she has coped with her injuries at such a young age but thankfully she has made great progress and is recovering well.

“It is always sad when animals have been injured and neglected but this particular puppy is a little miracle because she was so small and vulnerable.

“The RSPCA cannot investigate these situations without the support and generosity of the public and we are always grateful for this help.”

Darcey is now in a foster home where she is said to be making a remarkable recovery.

Sentencing: community order of 60 hours of unpaid work. Costs and charges totalling £685. Banned from keeping animals for five years.

Wirral Globe

Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury: Christopher Bound

#TheList Christopher Edward Bound, born 17/12/1993, of Rothley Drive, Bicton Heath, Shrewsbury SY3 5BB – subjected a two-year-old pug to a prolonged violent beating, eventually killing her

Dog killer Christopher Bound from Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Face of evil: While Christopher Bound’s lawyer told the court that he was troubled and in need of help, locals have described him as violent and dangerous.

Cocaine user Bound punched, kicked and threw the black pug named Shelby against a wall as she screeched in pain, before police arrived and found him with his T-shirt covered in blood.

Black pug Shelby: victim of dog killer Christopher Bound from Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Victim Shelby (right)

Neighbours alerted police immediately after hearing and witnessing the beating on February 24, 2019.

Bound, who is originally from Newtown in Shropshire, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

Kate Price, prosecuting, told Telford Magistrates Court: “At around 10.30pm to 10.45pm the neighbour heard a loud screeching sound and the defendant shout ‘get back in your bed’.

“They looked out of the window and saw him kicking something. Every time he kicked there was a screeching sound.

“The neighbour went back into their house and the defendant carried on hurting the dog. They continued to watch and he saw him throw the dog at the patio door.

“Then he picked it up and threw it against a wall. Bound kicked it a few more times before washing his hands. The neighbour was too distressed to carry on watching and called police.”

Bound was then seen taking his top off and continued to kick and punch the dog. “The screeching was getting quieter and quieter each time,” added Mrs Price. “Officers arrived and saw the blood on his T-shirt and found the dog in its bed. They established it had severe injuries.”

Shelby was taken to a vet for an emergency appointment, but could not be saved and died from internal bleeding.

Defence agent Adrian Roberts said: “He had a normal life until his brother died of cancer in 2013. Before that happened he was a reasonably successful sportsman, playing for local rugby and cricket teams in Newport, and he had a good job with Laura Ashley.

“He turned to cocaine to numb his feelings.”

Shrewsbury dog killer Christopher Bound's girlfriend Georgia O'Keefe is standing by him
Georgia O’Keefe is standing by her violent sadistic bastard of a man.

Mr Roberts described Bound’s girlfriend, Georgia O’Keefe, who is standing by him despite the killing and was in court with his father, as a “stable influence”, and added that Bound had suffered with depression and anxiety.

Evil Chris Bound with girlfriend Georgia O’Keefe

“Clearly he’s a man who needs help,” he said.

After the case, Simon Paulo from the Crown Prosecution Service said: “As a nation of dog lovers this was a sad case to prosecute.

“Domestic animals are protected in England and Wales. Owners have a responsibility towards the welfare of their pets.

“I would like to commend the neighbours for calling the police when they witnessed this brutality taking place. I urge anyone who may witness any form of animal cruelty to report it as a criminal offence so that justice can be served.”

Sentencing: 12 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 12 months; 35 rehabilitation days. Costs and charges totalling £1,200. Banned from owning animals for life.

Shropshire Star
BBC News

Drakes Broughton, Worcester: Claire Mason

#TheList Claire A Mason, born c. 1972, of Magnolia Close, Drakes Broughton, Worcester WR10 2AZ – banned from keeping equines for 20 years after neglecting her three part-bred Arab horses

One of the three horses left to suffer by their cruel owner Claire Mason of Drakes Broughton, Worcester
One of the three horses left to suffer by their cruel owner Claire Mason of Drakes Broughton, Worcester

Mason admitted causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide appropriate veterinary treatment for part-bred Arabs Rosie, Enrica and Fern, who were kept on a livery yard in the Worcestershire village of Norton. All three animals were suffering from laminitis.

The mares were found to be “severely lame” when an RSPCA inspector attended following concerns raised about their wellbeing in May 2018.

Inspector Suzi Smith said: “The horses were suffering from laminitis brought about by failing to treat underlying pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction, also known as Cushing’s.

“This can be managed successfully on medication alongside a well-managed diet. Sadly Mason failed to do this despite being made aware of the condition and being advised accordingly.”

The inspector said Mason was an experienced owner who should have known how to care for horses adding this made it “even more unacceptable” that she left the mares to suffer.

“The treatment plans and advice she’d been given were simply ignored. By banning her from keeping horses the court has recognised how important it is that no other animals are made to endure the same fate,” said Ms Smith.

All three mares were put down with the owner’s consent following veterinary advice owing to the severity of their condition.

The court heard Mason had mental health problems and further mitigation was advanced on the basis that the defendant had owned horses for years, had never had any previous issues, and had “won prizes at shows”.

12 weeks’ imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, and 100 hours of unpaid work. She was ordered to pay £1,000 costs and a £115 victim surcharge. Banned from keeping equines for 20 years

Horse & Hound

Falmouth, Cornwall: Peter and Vicki Quick

#TheList Peter Quick, born c. 1981, and Vicki Quick, born c. 1979, both of 18 Oakfield Road, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 2HR – for the starvation and neglect of two dogs and four cats

Convicted animal abusers Vicki Quick and Peter Quick from Falmouth in Cornwall
Pet abusers: the Quicks were banned from keeping animals for 20 years after their two dogs and four cats were found to have been starved and badly neglected

Peter and Vicki Quick were found guilty of five counts of animal cruelty.

The court was shown photographic evidence of the couple’s cats and dogs, some of whom had visible rib cages and painful skin conditions.

Peter and Vicki Quick from Falmouth in Cornwall left their pets to starve and failed to treat their painful skin conditions

The two dogs, Scooby and Bambi, together with four cats Toulouse, Cookie, Crumble and Dough, have been in the care of the RSPCA pending the sentencing.

The couple do have another cat, Midnight, described by Vicki Quick as her “therapy cat”, who will also be taken away from them, although he did not have any injuries or issues.

The Quicks’ lawyer said that the offences were committed at a time when the couple, who have four children, experienced difficulties in living at the address. He said they had been threatened and advised not to return to the property

It was said that Vicki Quick has a long history of mental health issues including psychosis, depression and agoraphobia.

In sentencing the pair, the judge said: “It was your responsibility to look after those animals and while we have sympathy for your situation, it is clear that you do not have the skills or understanding at this time to prevent suffering to them.

“We do not accept that you could not have noticed they were being starved and dehydrated and that they were in pain and had injuries, body scabs and fleas.”

Sentencing: £300 costs each. 20-year ban on keeping animals. This was suspended for 21 days, during which time the couple have a right to appeal.


Skelmersdale, Lancashire: Gary Chadwick

#TheList Gary Sean Chadwick, born 15/01/1999, of Firbeck, Skelmersdale WN8 6PN – battered a 20-week-old kitten and left her to suffer an agonising death

Kitten killer Gary Chadwick outside court.

Gary Chadwick pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court.

He killed the grey and white kitten, named Smokey, after he hit her so hard that he caused multiple fractures, kidney damage and significant bruising.

The kitten likely suffered for “many hours” according to the vet who carried out the post-mortem.

A carer for Chadwick, who has autism and had also previously been on medication for schizophrenia , discovered the kitten after she saw her struggling to use her front legs and heard her wailing in pain before she died.

She said Chadwick was acting “shifty”, claiming the cat always made those noises when it used the litter tray.

The carer left the house and called the RSPCA to report Chadwick for animal cruelty.

When interviewed, Chadwick claimed he had only ever slapped Smokey once during her short life but said he never threw or kicked her.

David Lloyd, defending, told Liverpool Magistrates’ Court: “I don’t think he intended to deliberately hurt the kitten.”

Adding: “He has asked me to inform the court, to say he was fond of the kitten.”

Inspector Joanne McDonald said: “We will never know the exact details of how the kitten came to have these injuries but from what the expert witnesses told the court it must have been terrible.

“Smokey was only 20 weeks old and the suffering she must have endured after the attack must have been terrible.”

Sentencing: two-year conditional discharge. Banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

Liverpool Echo

Preston, Lancashire: Angela Roe

#TheList Angela Roe (aka Angela Atkinson) of Birkdale Drive, Ashton-on-Ribble, Preston, Lancashire PR2 – live-streamed a video showing her abusing a cat who was later found dead

Angela Roe from Preston live streamed a sickening video showing her attacking a cat who was later found dead
Angela Roe from Preston live streamed a sickening video showing her attacking a cat who was later found dead

The sickening footage, which was screened on Twitter’s live-streaming video app Periscope – showed pet cat Misty screaming in agony as her owner, Angela Roe, bit and roughly handled her.

Misty was tragically found dead at Roe’s home by police after the incident was reported by a sickened friend.

Preston Magistrates’ Court heard the witness, who became online friends with Roe, saw Misty on her lap in a live stream on August 26 2017, in which she was “squeezing and shaking” the animal.

She was shouting, calling the cat a ‘pyscho’ and suggesting she should ‘not bite the hand that feeds’.

The woman then saw Roe bite the distressed cat’s ear, causing her to scream in pain.

Cat killer Angela Roe from Preston

Roe was heard to say it “needs to be disciplined or it will walk all over me.

Roe, who has mental health problems, was then seen to self harm and rub blood on the cat’s fur.

The worried woman corresponded with Roe the next day on Periscope, whilst Roe was drunk. She said her ‘other personality was going to come out. The bad side, the Jekyll; and Hyde nasty side of me.’

Misty was seen walking around and appeared to be fine, but the clip showed Roe put her on her lap again and say: ” Can she kill the cat and then kill herself?”

The witness pleaded with Roe saying: “Don’t do that – if you don’t want the cat I will give it a home.”

The court heard Roe told her viewer the only way she would kill her is by ‘starving her’. The woman could then hear the cat screaming but the video then ended.

Prosecuting for the RSPCA, Paul Ridehalgh said: ” Around 25 minutes later the broadcast resumed and the defendant typed:”My cat has just attacked me” and claimed Misty was ‘demonic’.”

The concerned friend asked what had happened and Roe told her the cat had attacked her and turned her phone camera around to show blood on the table, wall, skirting board and door in her home, which Roe claimed had come from her finger.

Mr Ridehalgh added: “When she was asked where Misty was she ‘became very aggressive and hissed like a cat’ at the screen.”

Roe claimed Misty was asleep on a ledge in the living room, but when the woman saw the cat it looked ‘stiff’, and she called the police.

When officers arrived they found Misty dead on the window sill, with blood on her.

Roe, who was drunk, claimed it was from her own self harming and said the cat was asleep. There were dirty dishes and rubbish strewn over the floor.

Misty’s body was taken to a veterinary pathology department in Liverpool, which indicated the cat, who had various injuries, including a haemorrhage in her lungs and bruises, had died from being smothered.

Roe was not convicted of this as there was insufficient evidence she was directly responsible, but she admitted causing Misty unnecessary suffering and failing to meet her needs.

The court heard in March 2018 police attended Roe’s home again to speak to her and she declared: ” There is a video dating back to August this year. The cat bit me and I bit her back. I was ******** out of my head.”

Roe thanked the bench as they agreed to suspend her 12 week jail term for a year on account of her mental health and alcohol issues. The chairman of the bench noted her “deliberate attempt to cause suffering” and added: ” The act was purely intentional as far as you were concerned.”

12 weeks in prison, suspended for a year; rehabilitation activity and alcohol treatment requirement. Total costs and charges of £490. Banned from keeping animals for life.

Lancashire Post

Ellesmere Port, Cheshire: Martin Frederick Jones

#TheList Martin Frederick Jones, born c. 1986, of Park Road, Ellesmere Port CH65 0DH – captured on CCTV battering a terrified dog

Puppy Millie was subjected to a vicious attack by her owner, Mark Frederick Jones
Puppy Millie was subjected to a vicious attack by her owner, Mark Frederick Jones

Father-of-seven Martin Frederick Jones pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal on March 7, 2018

He was spotted by two horrified witnesses hitting his golden labrador puppy Millie near Ellesmere Port bus station.

The shocking incident was captured on CCTV and shows Jones assaulting the defenceless dog.

In the footage Millie runs out into the road and is caught by Jones, who grabs her and punches her multiple times in the side, before pulling her back to the pavement.

Wirral magistrates court was told how the two female witnesses had got off a bus and saw Jones yank the dog, before she ran into the road.

When Jones got the dog back he hit her on her side and the witnesses reported Millie cowered and seemed very scared.

The women were so worried about the dog they decided to follow Jones home and saw him further yank Millie with “uncalled for force.”

Chris Murphy prosecuting said: “The women saw the dog shaking and reported that it appeared timid.

“The incident was reported to the RSPCA and the CCTV of the incident was given to vet Holly Jones who also examined the dog.

“The vet expressed concern for the welfare of the dog and Millie was taken from the family home.

“When she examined her Millie seemed very reserved and anxious, although there were no visible bruises she pointed to mental trauma the dog had gone through.

“When the defendant was interviewed by the RSPCA he accepted responsibility and said he had done it to “make her understand.”

The court heard Jones suffers from mental health problems including Aspergers and ADHD and had no previous convictions.

Scott McCrimmon, defending, said Jones was a family man, had seven children and had always owned dogs.

He said: “Millie is a family pet and the children have been missing her.

“He admits he overreacted and caused trauma to Millie, when he was in a blind panic.

“He accepts he used force to control the dog and handled it very poorly.”

Sentencing Jones District Judge Nick Sanders said: “You went over the top, Millie was a young dog that didn’t understand what was going on.

“What you did was in no way helping her understand, you lost your temper.

“You need to take a long hard look at the way you treat animals.”

Labrador Millie, who was subjected to a vicious attack by her owner Martin Frederick Jones
Millie will now be made available for rehoming

RSPCA Inspector Anthony Joynes said: “This was a vicious attack on a completely defenceless dog which is just simply unacceptable.

“The CCTV captures Millie breaking away from her owner and running into a road, the cars are seen to be slowing down and as Jones catches up with his dog he unleashes a number of heavy blows which he said where ‘to confuse her and make her understand’.

“However this would only have had the effect of inflicting pain and resulting in the dog becoming scared of Jones.

“Beating a dog is never acceptable and is certainly not a nice thing to witness. Jones beat poor Millie in front of numerous members of the public in broad daylight seemingly unfazed.

“Thankfully two brave witnesses came forward to assist in the investigation and after CCTV enquiries recovered two clips of the incident, we were able to locate Jones and remove Mille from his abusive care.

“After waiting many months for this case to come to trial today, Millie can now look forward to finding a loving forever home.”

Total of £270 fines, costs and charges. Banned from keeping animals for a mere three years (expires November 2021).

Liverpool Echo

Lisburn, Northern Ireland: Marcus Sarre

#TheList Marcus John Sarre, born c. 1994, of Avonmore Park, Lisburn – crushed the skull of a 15-week-old puppy after she urinated on the kitchen floor

Puppy killer Marcus Sarre from Lisburn, Northern Ireland
Puppy killer Marcus Sarre from Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Aspiring singer Sarre, who has admitted to having a problem with alcoholism, pleaded guilty to a single count of causing unnecessary suffering to the 15-week-old crossbred husky and collie, named Lilo, on April 14, 2018.

The court heard how neighbours called police when they heard screaming.

Marcus Sarre arriving at Craigavon Courthouse yesterday

Prosecuting counsel Nicola Aurett told the court that when police arrived they saw blood on the hallway with a trail leading them to the bathroom.

“The dog was lying dead in the bath with blood all around it,” said the lawyer adding that Sarre, who had “drink taken”, admitted kicking the puppy.

She told the court that a report from a pathologist who examined the dog’s remains said the cause of her death was skull fractures.

Arrested and interviewed, Sarre said that he had let the dogs out after he had been away for a short time but his older dog, Polo, did a poo on the kitchen floor and he shouted loudly at him. This caused Lilo to urinate on the floor and he kicked her against a kitchen cupboard.

Sarre, who was upset during police interviews, told officers Lilo was bleeding from the mouth and was unresponsive so he took her to the bathroom where he tried CPR but without success.

Puppy killer Marcus Sarre from Lisburn, Northern IrelandPuppy killer Marcus Sarre from Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Ms Auret submitted it was an aggravating feature that at the time of the incident, Sarre was on bail for assault.

In that case, the court heard that police were called at an address in Lisburn on January 21, 2017, and found a female sitting in a sofa, crying and bleeding from her swollen nose. The woman, the ex-partner of Sarre’s father, said the pair had been drinking when Sarre tried to kiss her but that when she pushed him away, he head butted her and then kicked her several times when she fell to the floor.

Defence counsel Damien Halloran conceded that both incidents had been “deeply unsavoury”. He added that Lilo’s tragic death was “almost instantaneous” and while Sarre tried to resuscitate the dog, it was a “futile exercise”.

The lawyer submitted it had been a “moment of madness” for Sarre to lash out but Lilo’s death had left him “completely hysterical, lying on the ground crying”, adding there was no suggestion of cruelty to his other dog Polo whom he rehomed from a rescue centre five years ago.

Mr Halleron revealed that Sarre had been abusing alcohol and drugs and had a difficulty coping with stress “if things didn’t go his way”, submitting that the judge could impose community service or leave “something hanging over his head”.

Judge Lynch disagreed however and jailed Sarre. For killing Lilo, Sarre was jailed for six months and the judge imposed four months for causing actual bodily harm, ordering the sentences to be served consecutively.

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Jailed for six months for kicking the puppy to death, followed by 18 months on supervised licence. He will serve a further four months in jail for head butting his father’s ex-partner. Banned from keeping any animals for 10 years.