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Crouch Hill, Haringey, North London: Joseph Thomas

#TheList Joseph Thomas, born 19/11/1973, of 28A Crouch Hill, Haringey, London N4 4AU: battered his Staffordshire Bull Terrier on multiple occasions, leaving him with two detached retina and partially sighted

Abused dog Marley

Thomas was found guilty of one count of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal, and to a second charge of failing in his duty as person responsible for animal welfare.

The court heard how Thomas terrorised the dog, Marley, who is two or three years old, over a two-year period, with attacks that included punching the dog, whipping him with a steel lead and beating him with a branch.

The court heard how, on January 15, 2019, a woman and her friend were walking on the Parkland Walk, near Ashmount School, when they witnessed Thomas “forcefully hitting the dog with a heavy branch” about 20 times.

Prosecutor Mark Jones explained that soon after Thomas got Marley in 2017, a neighbour reported witnessing him “pulling the dog off the ground” by his lead about five times so that he was “being caused to choke and thrashing around in the air”.

Abused dog Marley

The court heard Thomas then hit Marley about 15 times with the lead, and that the neighbour would hear “harrowing screaming from the dog” coming from inside his flat.

On another occasion a Tesco employee saw Thomas punching the animal in the ribs. Separately, a further witness saw him strike the dog four times in the ribs area.

They remonstrated with him and he said: “It’s nothing to do with you,” to which they replied: “It’s got something to do with me, we’re in a public space.”

Officer seized Marley off Thomas on April 26, 2019

Sentencing Thomas, Dr Joan Scanlon cited his “absence of remorse”, ongoing denial of guilt and the “severe distress” his attacks caused for witnesses, as reasons for sending him to prison.

Sentencing: a total of 26 weeks in jail. Victim surcharge of £115. Indefinite disqualification on owning animals with no right of appeal for five years.

Islington Gazette

Denny, Falkirk: Daniel McPhillips

#TheList Daniel McPhillips, born 01/11/1993, of 42 Beech Crescent, Denny FK6 6LL (alternative address 50A Broad Street, Denny FK6 6DY)- strangled a King Charles spaniel, bound his head, neck, throat and legs with his lead and dumped him in the canal to drown

Dog killer: Daniel McPhillips from Denny, near Falkirk in Scotland
Repugnant drug addict and dog killer Daniel McPhillips from Denny, near Falkirk in Scotland was sentenced to the maximum six months in jail and banned from keeping animals for five years.

Daniel McPhillips was given £20 to deliver a spaniel named Alfie to a vet to be rehomed. Instead, in an act of shocking callousness, McPhillips strangled Alfie and dumped his body in the Forth & Clyde Canal with his lead wrapped around his legs.

King Charles spaniel Alfie suffered a horrific death at the hands of vile Daniel McPhillips
King Charles spaniel Alfie suffered a horrific death at the hands of vile Daniel McPhillips

The heroin addict then lied to the dog’s original owner, Tammy-Lynn Burgoyne, stating by text he had taken the dog to the vet so he could be re-homed. Ms Burgoyne later discovered the truth after Alfie’s body was discovered in the canal and reported the matter to the Scottish SPCA.

Dog killer: Daniel McPhillips from Denny, near Falkirk in Scotland
Loser McPhillips lied through his teeth in court but was found guilty. He will be sentenced on 18 December

McPhillips appeared from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court having been arrested for his non-appearance on an earlier date. He denied asphyxiating the dog and dumping him in the canal in September 2018.

A Scottish SPCA investigator told the court that McPhillips had avoided her telephone calls and appeared reluctant to meet with her.

An associate of McPhillips then gave evidence, stating McPhillips had actually admitted to him he had killed the dog, telling him “I didn’t ken what else to do with it.”

Dog killer: Daniel McPhillips from Denny, near Falkirk in Scotland

Giving evidence himself, McPhillips stated Alfie had escaped while he was walking with him in the woods and he could not get him back. He said he texted Ms Burgoyne and lied, telling her he had safely delivered the animal to the vets.

After considering all the evidence, Sheriff Christopher Shead found McPhillips guilty and told him a prison sentence was a real possibility.

When McPhillips re-appeared in court for sentencing, his solicitor, Mark Fallon said his client now “regrets the harm he caused”.

Mr Fallon added: “He is addicted to crack cocaine, and the offence was committed having taken heroin and Valium.”

Sheriff Christopher Shead said it was a “grave contravention” of animal cruelty laws.

Imposing the six-month jail term he added: “The repugnant nature of this offence is such that a custodial sentence is the only appropriate disposal.”

McPhillips showed no emotion as he was led to the cells.

Commenting on the case, a Scottish SPCA undercover SIU officer said: “This is a truly shocking case of animal cruelty. Rather than taking Alfie to the vet, McPhillips instead decided to kill him and pocket the cash.”

“Numerous people contacted our animal helpline to identify McPhillips as the perpetrator when Alfie was discovered in October 2018 and two witnesses told us he’d openly admitted to the crime.

“McPhillips ignored our repeated attempts to engage with him and he failed to turn up for two trial dates, which meant warrants were issued for his arrest.”

The SIU officer added: “It is hard to comprehend how tragic Alfie’s death was. As well as the trauma to his neck, he also had injuries to his front legs where he’d been trying to escape the bindings. Alfie was caused unimaginable unnecessary suffering due to the actions of McPhillips.”

Despite his conviction for a sickening act of cruelty towards a sweet, trusting dog, McPhillips’ hapless girlfriend Evie Marie Mackenzie appears to be standing by him.

Sentencing: six months in jail. Banned from owning or keeping animals for five years.

Scottish Sun
Falkirk Herald
BBC News

Pelsall, West Midlands: Amos Price

#TheList Amos Price, born 10/08/1989, of 24a Trevor Road, Pelsall, Walsall WS3 5DB – encouraged his dog to maul a neighbour’s cat to death

Cat killer Amos Price from Walsall, West Midlands, UK
West Midlands Police mugshot of evil cat killer and career criminal Amos Price who has a history of violence and criminal damage

Footage of gypsy Amos Price setting his dog on eight-year-old cat Cleo on 23 October, 2019, was shared widely online after it was released in a bid to identify him.

The 30-year-old admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

CCTV captured gypsy thug Amos Price setting his dog on friendly cat Cleo

Price, described by police as “a yob”, was also banned from keeping animals for life at Walsall Magistrates’ Court.

The crime was discovered when Cleo’s owner, Gary Truefitt, checked his home’s CCTV footage after he became suspicious that his pet had not come back inside.

The horrific footage shows Price approaching the home with his lurcher-type dog, which he then pulled towards the cat, triggering the brutal mauling.

In a statement, Mr Truefitt said: “I feel as if there is a big part of my life missing.

“I don’t want to go home because I know Cleo is not there.”

He previously described Cleo as “a daft cat in lots of ways” but a companion who “will be very much missed”.

Cat killer Amos Price from Walsall, West Midlands, UK

Price was arrested by West Midlands Police following a six-day manhunt sparked by the release of footage by the RSPCA.

West Midlands Police said the attack was “completely mindless, senseless and beyond any justification”.

“As a police force and community we have all been appalled by the sickening actions of Price.”

The unemployed father of two, who has recent convictions for criminal damage and assault, claimed he was drunk at the time.

His defence said he was “extremely ashamed and sorry” and that his family had received death threats after the footage was shared on social media.

Sentencing: 18 weeks in jail. Banned from keeping animals for life.

BBC News
ITV News

Oldbury, West Midlands: Annette Nally

#TheList Annette Nally, born 18/03/1969, of Pryor Road, Oldbury B68 9QJ – kept rescued horses in filthy ‘death camps’

Annette Nally of Oldbury, West Midlands, UK, was jailed for 26 weeks for the neglect and starvation of multiple horses

In a case brought by the RSPCA, Annette Nally was found guilty on four charges, three of causing unnecessary suffering and one of failing to take reasonable steps to care for an animal. The charges related to eight horses found at a yard off Astwood Lane in Stoke Prior, Worcestershire on July 14, 2018, and others at another yard in Solihull.

Nally had worked with charities and organisations to provide homes for neglected and retired thoroughbreds.

Annette Nally of Oldbury, West Midlands, UK, was jailed for 26 weeks for the neglect and starvation of multiple horses

Inspectors found one dead horse and 12 emaciated animals in Stoke Prior. Two of the emaciated horses were later put down.

The RSPCA later visited two other sites in Nally’s control in Lapworth, Warwickshire, and Old Green Lane, Solihull. Seven more horses were found there in a poor condition.

District Judge Ian Strongman told the court how a mare called Ruby and her foal Rebecca were found in a barn by concerned members of the public.

He said: “The floor was made up of urine and faeces, it was a filthy stinking mess.

“In the stable next door a stallion Rocky, who a year before was a fine stallion in prime condition, was in the same situation, skin and bone, living in absolute filth.”

The court was told Ruby, who was starving to death, was put down 24 hours after being found at Stoke Prior and Rebecca had survived because she had still been feeding from her mother.

The shocking evidence included post mortem reports showing animals starved to death. In one case string was found in a gelding’s small intestine which the judge concluded may have been eaten in desperation.

The animal was found dead in a barn at Stoke Prior and the court heard marks in filth on the floor by its head indicated it had thrashed as it struggled to get to its feet during its final hours.

The judge told Nally: “You saw animals deteriorating in front of you and did nothing to stop it.”

Annette Nally of Oldbury, West Midlands, UK, was jailed for 26 weeks for the neglect and starvation of multiple horses

He added that RSPCA inspectors had been so traumatised by what the had seen at the yard they were unable to continue working on the investigation.

Nally, who had denied all the charges, claimed the horses in her care had been unable to eat properly because the hot summer had cause grass in the fields not to grow.

She also denied the animals had been left without water and claimed three horses had been affected by a mystery illness which caused their faeces to become bright yellow.

The judge dismissed her explanation as “entirely bogus and untrue”.

Annette Nally of Oldbury, West Midlands, UK, was jailed for 26 weeks for the neglect and starvation of multiple horses

In mitigation her solicitor, who wished only to be known as Ms Whitehead, told the court her client has debts including a £2,000 vet’s bill, now works a courier and “just about manages to survive”.

Ms Whitehead added Nally was of previous good character and described the case as a “blip”.

The judge said Nally’s reputation for caring for horses meant the public and the Retraining of Racehorses charity send animals to her in good faith and the breach of trust was an aggravating feature of the case.

Carolle Lee-Jones, of High Horse Showing Society, was at the stables when the horses were first found.

“I do rescue work and I have never seen such a horrific sight,” she said.

“The judge gave the maximum sentence possible which we’re grateful for.”

Sentencing: jailed for 26 weeks. Banned from keeping any animal for life.

Dudley News
BBC News
Solihull Observer

Queensbury, Bradford: Jacob Marshall

#TheList Jacob Peter Marshall, born 14/02/1996, of 27 Harrowins Farm Drive, Queensbury, Bradford BD13 1DQ – killed his pet dog Lucy by stabbing her seven times and shooting her three times in the head with an airgun

Jake Marshall and victim Lucy

Marshall, who is originally from Burnley Road, Sowerby Bridge, Calderdale, West Yorks, videoed some of his attack on German Shepherd cross Lucy (pictured) and sent the footage to his ex-partner.

Dog killer Jacob Peter Marshall of Bradford
Monster: Jake Marshall is originally from a wealthy family based in Sowerby Bridge but now lives alone in Queensbury, Bradford.

RSPCA investigators found the knife Marshall used on Lucy covered in blood in a locked safe in his house.

A neighbour of Marshall’s commented on the CLUK FB page that she had witnessed him beating Lucy on a regular basis and had reported him to the authorities.

It has also been alleged that Marshall – apparently a drug and alcohol abuser – had killed a dog previously by deliberately running her over in his car.

Sentencing: Jailed for 26 weeks. Fine to be paid. Five-year restraining order. Banned from keeping an animal for life.

Source: CLUK exclusive (documentary evidence seen).

King’s Lynn, Norfolk: Scott Michael Doak

#TheList Scott Michael Doak, born c. 1992, of 16 Freiston, King’s Lynn PE30 4RE – beat a mother dog and her puppies; left another to become extremely emaciated.

Thug Scott Michael Doak from King's Lynn and some of the dogs he abused.
Thug Scott Michael Doak from King’s Lynn and some of the dogs he abused.

Backyard breeder Scott Michael Doak was sentenced for causing unnecessary suffering to a Staffordshire Bull Terrier type dog called Rocky by failing to adequately investigate the cause of his poor body condition, and failing to protect Rocky and four Staffy puppies from fleas and worms.

Doak also failed to provide a suitable environment that was clean, of a suitable size and free from hazards.

The RSPCA were first contacted about a male dog and puppies who were all being kept in unreasonable conditions at Doak’s ex-girlfriend’s property.

The dogs were found in the bathroom with lots of mess and a chewed up disposable razor. Staffy Rocky was also incredibly emaciated.

Abused dog Lily
Abused dog Lily has recovered well despite her horrific ordeal at the hands of brutal thug Scott Doak

The RSPCA took the dogs into their care but then received a further call to say that Doak had been beating another Staffy called Lily, who was used for breeding, and her young puppies which were being kept at another address.

Doak was also sentenced for causing unnecessary suffering to Lily and her puppies Millie, Penny and Lizzie, after he kicked and threw them across the room.

Sentencing: 26 weeks’ imprisonment and a year supervision order; £116 victim surcharge. Disqualified from keeping all animals for 25 years.

ITV News

Chester-le-Street, County Durham: Adam McCarthy

#TheList Adam Reid George McCarthy, born 04/01/1989, previously of Ethel Street, Sunderland, and as at late 2019 of Ravensworth Road, Birtley, Chester Le Street DH3 1EE – kicked former partner’s chihuahua to death during a row

Adam McCarthy,  now of Chester-le-Street, County Durham, kicked his then girlfriend's 3lb chihuahua to death during a row telling the dog: "You can shut up you little rat."
Adam McCarthy, now of Chester-le-Street, County Durham, kicked his then girlfriend’s 3lb chihuahua to death during a row telling the dog: “You can shut up you little rat.”

Adam McCarthy, who has more than 20 convictions for domestic violence, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the tiny chihuahua, named Mollie.

Mollie’s owner told the court how McCarthy – a known drug and alcohol abuser – attacked her and when the dog started barking turned on her as well. He screamed at Molly “you can shut up you fucking little rat” before kicking her into the external wall of the premises and killing her instantly.

District Judge Roger Elsey jailed McCarthy for six months after he admitted common assault and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. The judge expressed doubts over McCarthy’s expression of remorse and blasted him for his record of violence against women.

Judge Elsey said: “The pre-sentence report shows 20 domestic violence incidents involving you and as is common with domestic abusers you have problems with alcohol and substance use.

“I have no doubt your brutality towards that dog together with the violence and harm you inflicted on Miss Ing means a custodial sentence can be justified.

“The maximum sentence I can impose is six months and that is the sentence you will serve.”

He also ordered that McCarthy forfeits the two dogs that he already owns, which infuriated the defendant.

Sentencing: Jailed for six months for attacking the dog, and for five months for assaulting his partner – sentences to run concurrently. Banned from owning animals for an unspecified period.

BBC News
Sunderland Echo

Edenbridge, Kent: Steven Dicker

#TheList Steven Dicker (DoB 07/10/1963) of 4 Wellingtonia Way, Edenbridge, Sevenoaks TN8 5RE – stole a 17yo Jack Russell terrier named Lady, battered her with a hammer and dumped her in the park.

Dicker launched a brutal attack on an elderly pet dog he stole from her home
Dicker launched a brutal attack on an elderly pet dog he stole from her home

Dicker was  jailed for 6 months for causing suffering to the elderly dog.

The horrific  incident took place on Wednesday 21 September 2016.

Despite her desperate owners’ social media appeals, Lady was never found.

Dicker  had pleaded guilty to a charge of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, but had denied breaking into a neighbour’s house to steal the dog.

He was found guilty of the second charge after a trial at Sevenoaks Magistrates Court in April 2017 and was sentenced to six months in prison.

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Hendon, London NW4: Robert David Koch

#TheList Serial dog killer Robert David Koch (DoB 07/08/1965), of 26B Lodge Rd, Hendon, London NW4 8DG – violently abused nine puppies by beating, choking and stabbing them

Dog killer Robert David Koch and one of his victims
Serial puppy abuser Robert David Koch from Hendon – known to have bought at least one victim from Little Rascals Puppy Farm in Lincoln

Koch “systematically abused” puppies by beating, choking and stabbing them.

And despite being warned not to get any more dogs after horrified inspectors found a dead puppy in his bin with cable ties round his neck, Koch bought more to torture as he was investigated.

One dog, a female cockapoo had her tail almost ripped off, hanging from a small part of skin and tendons, after Koch claimed they had been playing rough. The tail had to be amputated.

Another pup, a tan coloured pug cross called Petra, had her jaw broken after he claimed he fell on her by mistake.

The RSPCA said another dog had been continuously tortured over several months and had suffered from broken bones, haematomas and had bleach sprayed in his eyes.

Koch took the puppies to several different vets and it was only when one reported him to the RSPCA that the full scale of the torture was uncovered.

He had previously pleaded guilty at Hendon Magistrates court to abusing nine puppies between January and October 2015.

The court heard about another dog, a shih tzu cavalier cross called Max, who was taken to another vet, suffering with severe chest injuries, and Koch was warned the pup could die if he wasn’t treated immediately.

Despite the vet’s warnings, Koch refused treatment and left saying he had to check the insurance. The police were contacted by the vet and as a result the RSPCA attended his address.

There they were horrified to  find the deceased remains of a male pup in the refuse bin outside. A cable had been tied around the puppy’s neck and used to choke him.

The court heard despite being warned by officials in June 2015 not to purchase any more animals while he was being investigated, he got more puppies.

Some of the dogs survived the torture and were able to be rehomed, but others had to be put down by vets.

Speaking for the defence, Cameron Collins said a lifetime ban on owning animals was not opposed by his client.

He said: “You are dealing with a man with questionable and weakened mental and emotional fortitude, who had been diagnosed with OCD.”

He told the court Koch, a facilities management consultant specialising in the healthcare industry, and primary carer for his two elderly parents, bought the puppies because he is “isolated from his wife and children” and they were intended to “provide companionship”.

He added: “He does not purchase the animals with the intention of treating them in this manner. He doesn’t use them for fighting. He has simply lost his temper with them and lost control.”

After the sentencing RSPCA DCI Nicole Broster, said: “This was one of the most disturbing cases I have ever worked on. This man systematically violently abused numerous puppies. At first glance it appeared that he was just an owner who had a mishap with his puppy.

“But after piecing bits of the jigsaw together I found a catalogue of events showing he would regularly take different puppies to different vets across the area – all with horrific injuries.

“One puppy had her tail almost completely ripped off, a second had been beaten so severely she has permanent brain damage and will have seizures for the rest of her life. Another had been continuously tortured over several months.

“Thankfully some of the puppies survived but others either died from their injuries or had to be put to sleep.”

“His property was visited by the police where we discovered he had thrown various items of puppy paraphernalia – such as puppy carriers, collars, bowls, medications and soiled puppy pads – into the street and into local communal bins. After being arrested Koch admitted to stabbing a puppy to death but later refused to comment on what he had done or give any further information.

“It really distresses me to think about the fear and pain these poor defenceless animals must have experienced.”

She added: “We are very relieved he has received a ban on keeping all animals for life so that hopefully his reign of terror over these animals can come to an end and he can cause no more suffering.”

Sentence: 26 weeks’ imprisonment; total of £165 in costs; banned from keeping all animals for life.

Daily Mail

In June 2015 notorious Lincoln-based puppy farmers Little Rascals Pets Ltd (now Puppies at Home Ltd), a business owned and operated by Bridgett Donna Dickens, posted a glowing testimonial on their website from one Robert Koch.  Anyone with half a brain knows that puppy farmers don’t care who buys their dogs, and it’s highly likely this is where Koch sourced some if not all of his victims. No questions asked as long as you have the cash.

Robert Koch's testimonial on Little Rascals' website (since removed)
Robert Koch’s testimonial on Little Rascals’ website (since removed)

As at 2018 Koch maintains a profile on LinkedIn as a self-employed facilities manager specialising in healthcare. This is his profile:


Walsall, West Midlands: Dean Edwards

#TheList Dean Andrew Edwards, born 22/04/1968, formerly of Smith House, Stoney Lane, Walsall and more recently  40 Ingot Close, Walsall WS2 7DD – battered his dog to death before hurling him 60ft off a block of flats in an attempt to cover up the attack

Dog killer Dean Edwards from Walsall and his victim, Diesel
Dean Edwards beat his dog to death and threw his lifeless body over his balcony in an attempt to cover up what he’d done.

Dean Edwards beat his two-and-a-half-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Diesel so badly his internal organs suffered “catastrophic injuries”.

He then threw the body of the dog over his balcony at Smith House. The animal was discovered lying in a pool of blood on the ground by another resident of the tower block the next morning, and police and RSPCA were called.

Vicious Edwards claimed at the time that the first he knew of Diesel being on the ground was when he was alerted by a neighbour. He told the neighbour he thought the dog had been sleeping on his balcony and must have rolled off the edge.

But when Edwards’ flat was inspected “splatters” of blood were on the inside of the balcony, the floor and also on radiators.

Baseball and rounders bats were also seized and Edwards was arrested.

A post-mortem revealed that Diesel suffered a “blunt blow” to his chest, causing “massive injury” to his heart and surrounding arteries. He suffered no fractured bones and had limited bruising to his body because he was dead before falling from the balcony.

Edwards has been banned from keeping dogs for life after he was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Sentencing him, District Judge Michael Morris said: ‘I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt you struck a fatal blow to Diesel and attempted to throw Diesel to the ground to cover your actions.’

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: ‘We are pleased to hear Mr Edwards was convicted of the offences and the sentence reflects the seriousness of the offence.’

Sentence: six months in prison. Banned from keeping dogs for life

Daily Mail