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Fairfield, Liverpool L7: Maureen and Robert Payne

#TheList Maureen Payne, born c. 1958, and son Robert J Payne, born 1980, both of Birchfield Close, Fairfield, Liverpool L7 9LZ – kept their elderly maggot-infested shih-tzu dog in filth and squalor and with a variety of untreated health issues

Maureen Payne and son Robert Payne from Liverpool kept their poorly elderly shih-tzu in appalling conditions
Maureen Payne and son Robert Payne kept their poorly elderly shih-tzu in appalling conditions

RSPCA Inspector Fischer was greeted by a strong smell of urine and faeces upon entering the “cluttered” and “dirty” house occupied by Maureen Payne, 60, and her 38yo son Robert Payne.

One photograph taken inside the property shows a floor coated in animal faeces, with paw prints where Poppy had walked her waste through the house.  Her bed was full of faeces and she had urinated throughout the house.

Maureen Payne and son Robert Payne from Liverpool kept their poorly elderly shih-tzu in appalling conditions

Inspector Fischer eventually found the elderly shih-tzu hiding under an upstairs bed where she was “snappy and reluctant to come out”. Her fur was matted and covered in faeces. She was also blind, overweight, and infested with maggots.

Maureen Payne and son Robert Payne from Liverpool kept their poorly elderly shih-tzu in appalling conditions

Ms Payne told the RSPCA that she had booked an appointment at the vet but it was later established that this was a lie.

Vets at the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital had to shave off Poppy’s badly matted fur to try and treat her numerous conditions which included skin sores and dry eye.  The dog, who was described as being in pain and distress, had become obese through lack of walking. Sadly, she was put to sleep.

Maureen Payne and son Robert Payne from Liverpool kept their poorly elderly shih-tzu in appalling conditions

Paul Potter, defending the pair, said Ms Payne is “bad on her feet” and has limited mobility, which meant she could not walk Poppy.

The dog was inherited from Ms Payne’s mother, who died in 2016. Mr Potter said Ms Payne had “successfully kept pets in the past but found this breed demanding”.

Four-week curfew; joint costs of £586. Disqualified from keeping any animal for an indefinite period, with a minimum term of five years before they can appeal this order.

Liverpool Echo

Huyton, Liverpool: Peter Hillin

#TheList Peter Hillin, born c. 1971, of Ashbury Road, Huyton, Liverpool L14 8XA – attacked Staffordshire bull terrier Neo with an axe causing horrific head and shoulder injuries

Convicted dog abuser Peter Hillin of Huyton, Liverpool
Hillin attacked his pet dog Neo with this fearsome weapon

Hillin, who claimed to love dogs more than people,  was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal .

He had claimed he only used the handle of the fearsome weapon to strike Neo when the dog attacked his other Staffy, Santos.

But a vet dealing with Neo’s horrific injuries told a court he believed they were consistent with three or four blows with the sharp end of the axe.

Shocked neighbours called police after Neo was left covered in blood from cuts to his head and shoulder.

Convicted dog abuser Peter Hillin of Huyton, Liverpool

Armed officers arrested Hillin at his home  at around 4pm on Sunday, December 3 2017.

Jane Stacey, prosecuting, said: “The reports to police were that there was a man in that road striking a dog with an axe.

“Several neighbours had become involved in this and one lady said when she came out of her house she saw blood on the hands of this defendant and saw an injured dog.”

Ms Stacey said police arrived on the scene and immediately began giving first aid to Neo, who had severe lacerations on his back and head.

Hillin was arrested and was also found to have injuries to his hands, which he was later treated for in hospital.

He told officers he had tried to separate his dogs with his hands but when this failed had grabbed an axe, the “closest thing to hand” and hit Neo with the handle.

Convicted dog abuser Peter Hillin of Huyton, Liverpool

During a trial in April 2018 he told magistrates: “I was trying to stop them killing each other and I quite literally put myself in the way and when that didn’t work, I hit them.”

However the court found Hillin’s account of how the injuries were caused was “inconsistent” and convicted him on the basis he had used the sharp end of the axe.

Ms Stacey said Neo was treated by a vet, who performed surgery to repair a deep 4cm laceration to his head and another deep 4-5cm laceration to his right shoulder.

The vet also found puncture wounds consistent with bites from another dog.

Neo and Santos, who only received minor injuries, both made a full recovery and had been taken into police kennels – costing the taxpayer £2,000 per dog.

Keith Webster, defending, said his client accepted the decision of the court after his trial, said: “It is clear from having heard the evidence of the trial that Peter Hillin did not wake up that morning and decide to injure his dogs.

“What clearly happened, and was common ground through the puncture wounds, is that one dog attacked the other, that’s how this incident started.

“Mr Hillin became involved because he was fearful that one dog was going to kill the other. These were his pets and had been for a number of years.”

Mr Webster said Hillin lived a “rather solitary lifestyle” outside of his job and said: “He loves his dogs more than people, he’s not a people person.”

20 weeks in prison, suspended for two years;  200 hours of unpaid work; £1,100 prosecution costs. Banned from keeping animals for 10 years (expires May 2028).

Liverpool Echo

Liverpool: Dylan Uttley

#TheList county lines drug dealer Dylan Uttley (also known as Dylan Ojapah), born 09/06/1998, most recent known address Onslow Road, Liverpool L6 3BA – took selfies with a woman’s Lhasa Apso before killing the dog by hanging him

North Wales Police mugshot of Dylan Uttley, also known as Dylan Ojapah.

Dylan Uttley had asked a Peterhead woman if he could use her home to sell drugs – a practice known as “cuckooing.”

Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard that she refused – but left the property to go and stay with a friend.

When she returned the next day, she discovered her home had been broken into – and spotted her beloved Lhasa Apso hanging from a door.

She smashed a window to get in and desperately tried to resuscitate the dog before realising he was dead.

The court heard neighbours heard her screams, and called the police.

Photo of Dylan Uttley

Police searched a property on Seaton Drive in Aberdeen the following month, and came across Uttley.

Fiscal depute Eilidh Wright said: “Photographs of the accused and of the dead dog were recovered.

“An examination established these photographs had been taken at the locus, the first image was a selfie of the accused taken before hanging the dog.”

Uttley, whose address was given in court papers as Polmont YOI, admitted killing the dog.

Photo of Dylan Uttley

He also confessed to supplying cocaine and diamorphine in August and September 2017.

Sheriff Jack Brown locked Uttley up for three years, and told him: “It is evident that you are not at the lowest end of the chain as far as this supply is concerned and you openly accept you employed others to sell drugs.”

He described the killing of the dog as a “singularly evil, callous and barbaric act” which Uttley “compounded by taking photographs of it.”

Sentencing: three years in jail.

Press and Journal

In July 2018 Uttley was locked up for a further three years after being caught dealing crack cocaine in North Wales.

Sefton Park, Liverpool: Gavin Doolan

#TheList Gavin Peter Doolan, born c. 1960, of Flat 1, 21 Waverley Road, Sefton Park, Liverpool L17 8TZ – kicked a Jack Russell/Corgi crossbreed so hard the little dog flew into the air

Gavin Doolan attacked this dog in the street
Habitual criminal Gavin Doolan showed no remorse for his violent attack on this dog

Horrifying footage filmed by a concerned passer-by shows the tiny dog being kicked in the face while being walked by Doolan down a busy street in Dingle on August 16, 2017.

Such was the force of the attack, the dog was lifted into the air before flinching every time Doolan lashed out at concerned members of the public trying to protect the animal.

In court, Doolan admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and using threatening words or behaviour likely to cause alarm or distress.

Dog abuser Gavin Doolan from Liverpool
Man without charm: Gavin Doolan is a career criminal with dozens of convictions to his name

After leaving court, local newspaper the ECHO confronted Doolan to ask if he’d like to comment on the incident, but he showed very little remorse and claimed he beat the dog because it had bitten him and his brother.

He told our reporter: “I didn’t beat up a dog, go away … I didn’t beat up a dog. I kicked a dog, so what?

“I kicked a dog, it f*g ripped the end of my finger off so I kicked it.

“Listen, the dog was biting him [Gavin’s brother] for months. I’m sat on the bus and it started chewing on my finger. I apologise, I pleaded guilty, You’re hounding me now.”

Visibly angry, Doolan then went on to claim people “shouldn’t be concerned about animals”.

He added: “I am remorseful. I shouldn’t have kicked the dog okay, what more do you want me to do? When a dog is hanging off your finger you might think differently.

“There was a six month old baby killed by a dog because the father was p****d on the couch. Not my dog, but people shouldn’t be concerned about animals.

“Animals are like secondary, you should consider children more than animals.

“I’ve been threatened and everything over that dog. People on Facebook saying we’re going to this that and the other, so whatever.“

The court heard that Doolan had 31 previous convictions for unrelated offences and was last convicted in March 2017 of theft and battery.

Doolan was handed a 12-month community order and a home curfew on that occasion, meaning he was in breach of the order at the time of this incident.

Doolan told the court he had mental health issues and had been “unwell”, so had not seen the probation service since August or completed a thinking skills course.

Ms Fletcher requested further information from the probation service and an adjournment for a pre-sentence report, which was granted by magistrates.

Doolan was due to be sentenced in 22 January 2018 but no details were ever published in the press.

The dog, initially renamed Sconehead then Buster, recovered from his ordeal and was rehomed.

Liverpool ECHO
Daily Mail

Helston, Cornwall: William Benney

#TheList William Thomas Gerald Benney, born c. 1941, of Trease Farm, Cury Cross Lanes, Helston TR12 7QU – laughed in court over horrific case of rotting lambs’ carcasses discovered on his land

Cruel farmer William Benney pictured outside court
William Benney left newborn lambs to die in mud and cut off tails with a carving knife

Animal inspectors were stunned to find scenes of horror on William Benney’s farm where rotting lambs carcasses were found.

Surviving sheep were found lame and stumbling on bloodied feet, and distressing images reveal the shocking conditions in which animals lived.

 Inspectors found the rotting remains of 35 lambs at Trease Farm on the Lizard peninsula

On one visit, stunned inspectors discovered a pool of blood where lambs’ tails had been sliced off without anaesthetic.

The court heard Benney was formerly a proud and well-respected member of the agricultural community.

He was the third generation of his family at Trease Farm and had worked there for 60 years – from the age of 16.

He had won numerous prizes for his sheep at shows and during his career had been at times a president of Helston Fatstock Show, parish councillor and village hall committee chairman.

However, the court heard Benney had become unwell in recent years and admitted he could no longer care for the sheep.

Benney pleaded guilty to failing to prevent unnecessary suffering to his sheep, docking tails without anaesthetic, failing to treat lameness in the animals, failing to record the medicine used on the flock and failing to dispose of 35 sheep carcasses.

At one point in the hearing, Benney appeared to chuckle and was severely reprimanded by Judge Diane Baker, who said to him: “I don’t find any of this funny at all.

“You should listen carefully to what’s been said and not make any funny noises or shake your head.”

Later, Benney became tearful as the full evidence was ready out.

Kingsley Keat, prosecuting on behalf of Cornwall Council, said an animal welfare inspector and a Defra vet visited the farm in March 2017 where they found the bodies and skeletal remains of 35 lambs and sheep.

He said: “Many were very decomposed, indicated that they had been there a long time. They were scattered across the fields. Some of the new-born lambs appear to have got stuck in mud and died as a result.”

He said out of 120 sheep, a quarter were found to be lame and bleeding from foot-rot. One animal had pus oozing from a swollen leg.

Mr Keat said Benney had told the inspectors he had been unable to care for the animals for two weeks as he had flu, had hurt his knee and was suffering from sheep-dip poisoning.

He said Benney had asked a friend to look after the animals but admitted she did not have any experience of caring for sheep.

Mr Keats said on a later visit in August, the inspectors found Benney had recently used a carving knife to dock the tails of lambs without anaesthetic, which is against the law.

Judge Baker said to Benney: “If you had been a younger man, I would be sending you straight out that door to immediate custody.

“I do think your offending crosses the custody threshold but because of your age, your previous good character and health difficulties, I am going to suspend the period of imprisonment.”

She added: “This is one of the worst animal welfare cases I have recently dealt with. It involves a large number of animals and a long period of neglect.”

Sentencing: four months in prison, suspended for two years. Ordered to pay prosecution costs of £6,329. Banned from keeping sheep or cattle for ten years.

Cornwall Live

Liverpool: Andrea Davies

#TheList Andrea Davies, born 05/04/1993, of 70 Cherry Lane, Liverpool L4 8SE – left labradoodles Koda and Hachi to starve to death in an abandoned house

Evil Andrea Davies from Walton, Merseyside, locked two labradoodles in a flat and never returned
Evil Andrea Davies from Liverpool left two labradoodles to die in agony.

Davies locked brothers Koda and Hachi in the property at Stepney Grove, Liverpool, and never returned – condemning them to an agonising death.

Davies failed to tell anyone that the dogs  were in the property, after she moved in with her mum and sister.

Evil Andrea Davies from Walton, Merseyside, locked two labradoodles in a flat and never returned

But her then landlord later called the RSPCA after entering the property on August 9, 2016, around two months after Davies abandoned the house in a filthy state.

RSPCA Inspector Helen Smith found the bodies of the two-year-old dogs decomposing in the kitchen of the property – next to an empty water bowl.

Inspector Smith said the smell of the rotting corpses forced one police officer who attended the scene to leave the house.

Davies pleaded guilty to two charges of animal neglect.

Peter Mitchell, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, told the court Inspector Smith was pointed in the direction of the kitchen by the landlord.

He said: “The door had been closed and when she entered she estimated the floor was 90% covered in dog faeces, some of which had gone mouldy. She saw the two dogs which were clearly dead, and in a bad state of decomposition.

“She could see they were badly malnourished and they were riddled with maggots.”

Mr Mitchell said a post-mortem found the cause of death was likely to be dehydration, which would have taken around four days.

The court heard Davies admitted she had left the house, leaving a bowl of food and water, but then never went back.

James Hatton, defending, said his client had sunk into depression and had “buried her head in the sand.”

Speaking after the case, Inspector Smith told the Echo: “The vet told me the animals would have experienced dehydration very much like us, they would start to panic and pace up and down, then the headaches would start and then the nausea, and eventually they would lose consciousness.

“As far as I’m concerned she did this on purpose, she knew living things were in that house and she knew they would be dead. She could have asked her family for help, she could have asked her partner, she could have picked up the phone to us. The sentence shows we take this very seriously.”

“If she had asked for help she would not have been in court today and those dogs would be in new homes.”

Sentence: 16 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months; 16-week curfew, monitored by an ankle tag; total of £615 costs and charges. Banned from keeping animals for life.

Liverpool Echo

Liverpool: Jordon Louise Barlow

Jordon Louise Barlow (DoB 7/6/1993) formerly of Ismay St, Walton, Liverpool L4 and more recently 38-44 Cotswold Way, Winsford CW7 1QW: starved two dogs; one died from starvation, the other was sadly put to sleep

Dog killer Jordon Louise Barlow now of Winsford, Cheshire
Jordon Louise Barlow and Bandit, one of the two dogs she left to starve. Sadly he couldn’t be saved and the other dog, Booma, was found dead at the scene.

Barlow left two dogs to starve in one of the worst cases of neglect the RSPCA inspectors have seen.

One Staffy Booma was already dead and the other, named Bandit (pictured), critically ill when Inspector Helen Smith entered Barlow’s home on December 2, 2015.

Peter Mitchell, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said vets fought to improve Bandit’s condition but he could not regain weight and was put down a few days later.

The body condition of both dogs was scored at one out of nine on a scale used by vets, the worst rating possible.

The court heard Inspector Smith, acting on information from a member of the public, found Booma wrapped up in a blanket, obviously dead.

Mr Mitchell said: “Bony prominences were visible and he had visible sores on his hind legs. Bandit was curled up on the floor with his head on his paws and in poor body condition.

“He was unresponsive to the inspector and appeared to be in a collapsed state.”

The court heard Barlow began caring for the dogs when her ex-partner was jailed. She told Inspector Smith her then partner’s mother had initially looked after the dogs, but Barlow had been forced to take over when she was hospitalised in July last year.

Barlow said Booma had not been eating but admitted not taking them to see a vet or calling the RSPCA.

Mr Mitchell said the defendant also had her own dog, another male Staffie called Chaos, which appeared well fed and in good condition, and supplies of dog food were found in the kitchen.

Post-mortems revealed both dogs had died from the effects of starvation but did not have any other underlying health problems.

The judge said: “The picture described of Bandit curled up unresponsive by his dead friend is a very sad one.”

Speaking after the case, Inspector Smith told the ECHO: “This has been one of the worst neglect cases I have done, it affected me personally.

“The vet who dealt with it said the mental torture of not being able to eat and wanting to eat would have been horrific.”

Sentence: 12 weeks in prison, suspended for one year; ordered her to complete a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement course. Banned from keeping animals for just five years (expires June 2021); ordered to surrender third dog to the RSPCA.

Liverpool Echo

Southport, Merseyside: Emma Jane Hinton

#TheList Emma Jane Hinton (aka Aelswith Torid Haugen), born 30/08/1987, most recently (August 2019) of Summerford Close, Birkenhead CH42 5ND – abandoned a Doberman dog in a flat without food and water for at least seven days; dog euthanised

The RSPCA attended a flat in Dale Rd, Liverpool following a call from a member of the public and found Doberman Tyson emaciated and riddled with fleas. He was so thirsty he’d drank the toilet bowl dry.

Dog killer Emma Jane Hinton of Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside and Dobermann Tyson who died after being abandoned by Hinton
Dog killer Emma Jane Hinton of Birkenhead, Wirral, Merseyside and Dobermann Tyson who died after being abandoned by Hinton

Sadly the eight-year-old dog was so poorly he had to be put down the following day.

RSPCA inspector Helen Smith said: “Tyson was so weak that he couldn’t even walk up the steps to get to the vets.

“When he was examined, the vet said that it was one of the worst cases of fleas they had ever seen. There were literally thousands of fleas coming out of his skin and the vet said Tyson was literally being eaten alive by fleas.”

Dog killer Emma Jane Hinton, now Aelswith Haugen, and her tacky 'Got Milk' tattoos.
Dog killer Emma Jane Hinton, now Aelswith Haugen, sports tacky ‘Got Milk’ tattoos on her breasts.

Ms Smith added: “The damage had already been done and sadly he was so weak and ill that it was kinder for him to be put to sleep.

“The vet believed that to be in the state he was in, he would have had no food for at least seven days. Tyson had no water and was so thirsty that he was drinking from the toilet. The toilet bowl was dry when he was found.

“This is such a sad case and it is one which has stuck with me. It is very heartbreaking as poor Tyson would have suffered greatly. There is absolutely no excuse to treat an animal like this.”

Dog killer Emma Jane Hinton is now calling herself Aelswith Torid Haugen

Hinton admitted two charges of causing unnecessary suffering and not ensuring the needs of the eight-year-old dog were met.

Sentence: 22 weeks in prison, £600 fine; disqualified from keeping animals for 10 years (expires November 2025).


News and updates on convicted dog killer Emma Jane Hinton

Kirkby, Knowsley, Merseyside: Christy Draper and Peter Finnegan

#TheList Christy James Draper, born 14/11/1985, of 6 Dulas Road, Kirkby, Liverpool L32 8TL and Peter James Finnegan, born 06/05/1986, formerly of Mintor Road, Kirkby and as at November 2019 of 36 Browning Street, Bootle, Liverpool L20 4HH – caught on CCTV goading their dogs into ripping apart a tame feral cat; walked free after Crown Prosecution Service offered no case

Prosecution against cat killers Christy Draper and Peter Finnegan collapsed.
Cat killers Christy Draper of Kirkby and Peter Finnegan now of Bootle laughed as the prosecution case against them collapsed

Animal lover Alf White used to look after Tooch, a feral tabby which lived near his workplace in Kirkby for five years and was treated by staff as a pet.

But in January 2011 the tile showroom manager arrived at Knowsley Industrial Park to find the cat’s body on the ground.

After searching through CCTV footage covering the yard, the 54-year-old discovered shocking images showing Tooch being ripped apart by dogs before being kicked by a thug who was watching on.

The local newspaper, the Liverpool Echo, published the pictures in an effort to find those responsible and was flooded with callers offering information.

Merseyside police later charged Christy Draper and Peter Finnegan with causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal.

But at a trial which was due to begin on 2 November 2011, prosecutors offered no evidence and the case against the two men was dismissed by District Judge Ian Lomax

He said: “As always it is for the prosecution to prove you are guilty rather than for you to prove you are innocent.

“I do not know what the flaws in the prosecution’s case are but clearly they were spotted and it was decided no evidence is to be offered.

“The case against you is dismissed.”

The two men, wearing tracksuit bottoms and T-shirts, raced from the dock laughing, with one shouting: “You have wasted everyone’s time.”

Mr White, who was waiting to give evidence in the trial, told the ECHO: “I am absolutely fuming. I am shaking with rage. I cannot get my head straight.

“The man from the Crown Prosecution Service told me although they had the CCTV, it was not of the front of the building, only the side, so they could not prove our Tooch was alive when the dogs got hold of her.

“Would you be alive after four dogs got hold of you? I told him she was alive 29 minutes before the attack because I visited her to bring her a blanket and say goodnight.

“But he said that was not in the evidence.”

Mr White, who paid £360 for a vet to fix Tooch’s teeth, said: “You can see another cat, Sylvie, on the video.

“She was lucky to survive.

“She has been moved now to Liverpool Cat Sanctuary so at least now she will be safe.”

The ECHO asked the CPS why the trial collapsed and why it took until the trial date to decide it had no evidence but it failed to respond.

Liverpool Echo
Daily Mail