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South Moor, County Durham: Claire Hewitt

#TheList Claire Hewitt, born 10/08/1988, of Park Road, South Moor, near Stanley, County Durham DH9

Claire Hewitt

Single mother-of-five Hewitt was given an order banning her from keeping pets and ordered to pay £150 after she was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering after failing to address a dog’s poor condition between September 2019 and October 2019.

She was also in the dock for failing to take steps to ensure that the needs of a dog and three cats were met.

Northern Echo

Ipswich, Suffolk: David Woods and Christina Wright

#TheList David Charles Woods, born 05/07/1977, of Burns Road, Ipswich and Christina Marie Wright, born 13/12/1981, of Bonnington Road, Ipswich  – allowed Staffies Alena and Scooby to become emaciated and chronically undernourished

Christina Wright and David Woods
Christina Wright and David Woods

David Woods admitted causing unnecessary suffering by failing to address the condition of his dogs between December 14, 2017 and January 14, 2018.

Woods, who has a history of violence, allegedly threw one of the dogs against a wall when police visited his previous address in Bonnington Road on January 14, 2018 in connection with an assault.

Officers called the RSPCA with concerns for three dogs inside the property shared by Woods and his then partner, Christina Wright.

Wright admitted causing the suffering of a third Staffordshire bull terrier, which she owned, but for which the pair shared responsibility.

Prosecutor Hugh Rowland told the court that Scooby was found locked in a dark, dirty, cramped and cold conservatory.

David Woods’ dog Scooby was severely emaciated when rescued

“There was an evident lack of suitable diet,” added Mr Rowland, who explained the other dog was also severely underweight, with poor teeth, dry and scaly ears, overgrown nails, a coat containing flea dirt, a lump on the chest, three mammary masses and a hernia on the left side.

Scooby has gained weight since being in the care of the RSPCA.
Scooby has gained weight since being in the care of the RSPCA.

“In the vet’s opinion, they were subject to malnutrition and emaciation, had poor skin and coat, and were chronically undernourished,” he said.

Woods' other dog Alena was also in a very poor condition when rescued.
Woods’ other dog Alena was also in a very poor condition when rescued.
Alena after receiving RSPCA treatment
Happily she too has recovered well in the care of the RSPCA.

Woods, who communicates through sign language, claimed the dogs were fed twice daily, but that both had suffered recent bouts of vomiting and diarrhoea.

He said the lump on one of the dogs “grew quickly” and that the hernia was the result of breeding.

Mark Holt, mitigating, said Woods denied throwing a dog against a wall and claimed to have sought veterinary help.

“His lack of speech and hearing made it difficult,” said Mr Holt.

“Lack of finance meant he could not secure private veterinary care, or through charity, he says.

“He accepts he took his eye off the ball but maintains the dogs were ill in preceding days and weeks. There is no suggestion of deliberate harm.”

Woods: total of £845 fine and costs; ban on keeping animals (duration unspecified in article).

Wright: conditional discharge; £100 contribution towards costs; disqualified from keeping dogs (duration unspecified in article)

Source: East Anglian Daily Times (article removed)

Lemington, Newcastle upon Tyne: Sue McVay

#TheList hobby breeder Sue McVay, aged 58, of Beanley Avenue, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 8SP –  neglected multiple cats and guinea pigs and kept them in squalor

Convicted animal abuser Sue McVay from Newcastle upon Tyne
Hobby breeder Sue McVay is banned from keeping animals after starving cats and guinea pigs were found living at her Newcastle home in filthy conditions.

McVay was found guilty of causing suffering to animals after failing to attend court in a case brought by the RSPCA.

An RSPCA inspector visited McVay’s address on 3 April 2017 after a report from a concerned member of the public. The inspector recalled being met with a horrible smell as she entered the property. Floors were covered in animal faeces and rubbish The inspector discovered six cats  all of whom were underweight and covered in faeces. One of them had an untreated burst abscess.

The inspector then discovered 12 neglected guinea pigs living in filthy cages.

The animals were taken to the vet to be examined during which two of the cats were found to be suffering. One named Ruby appeared to have conjunctivitis as well as an ear disease while another named Saki was underweight and suffering from oral diseases.

The animals are currently recovering in foster homes.

Sentence: total of £630 costs and fines and an unspecified ban on keeping animals. 

The Chronicle

Chester-le-Street, County Durham: Adam McCarthy

#TheList Adam Reid George McCarthy, born 04/01/1989, previously of Ethel Street, Sunderland, and as at late 2019 of Ravensworth Road, Birtley, Chester Le Street DH3 1EE – kicked former partner’s chihuahua to death during a row

Dog killer Adam McCarthy and his tiny victim,  Chihuahua Mollie

Adam McCarthy, who has more than 20 convictions for domestic violence, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the tiny chihuahua, named Mollie.

Mollie’s owner told the court how McCarthy – a known drug and alcohol abuser – attacked her and when the dog started barking turned on her as well. He screamed at Molly “you can shut up you fucking little rat” before kicking her into the external wall of the premises and killing her instantly.

District Judge Roger Elsey jailed McCarthy for six months after he admitted common assault and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. The judge expressed doubts over McCarthy’s expression of remorse and blasted him for his record of violence against women.

Judge Elsey said: “The pre-sentence report shows 20 domestic violence incidents involving you and as is common with domestic abusers you have problems with alcohol and substance use.

“I have no doubt your brutality towards that dog together with the violence and harm you inflicted on Miss Ing means a custodial sentence can be justified.

“The maximum sentence I can impose is six months and that is the sentence you will serve.”

He also ordered that McCarthy forfeits the two dogs that he already owns, which infuriated the defendant.

Sentencing: Jailed for six months for attacking the dog, and for five months for assaulting his partner – sentences to run concurrently. Banned from owning animals for an unspecified period.

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