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Malton, North Yorkshire/Hunslet, Leeds: Michael Price and Shannon Hanrahan

#TheList Michael Patrick Price, born 07/05/1991, of 24 Lime Tree Avenue, Malton YO17 7BZ, and partner Shannon Hanrahan (aka Shannon Price) born 04/06/1993, of Kidacre Park travellers site, Kidacre Street, Leeds LS10 1BD – abandoned several animals at Appleby Horse Fair

Animals abandoned and mistreated by gypsies Michael Price and Shannon Hanrahan
Gypsies Michael Price and Shannon Hanrahan mistreated animals and birds in their care

RSPCA inspectors were alerted after a passer-by saw that a pony had been left tethered beside the A685 just outside of Kirkby Stephen while two dogs were running loose near to two empty kennels.

None of the animals were being supervised or looked after, and the pony had no access to drinking water. Another dog – found in a cage without bedding – had no clean drinking water.

RSPCA inspector Claire Little said: “On Friday 31st May, whilst on duty in Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, my colleague and I received a request from the police to help with some animals.

“As we arrived at the location I saw a brindle lurcher-type dog and what appeared to be a collie-type dog amongst the traffic and the police were trying to catch them.

“We pulled over and I managed to secure the dogs and get them into our van for safekeeping whilst we approached the police officers.

“It was explained to us that the owners of the dogs were believed to be the occupants of a caravan on the side of the road and that they were in Bradford.

“The dogs were wearing collars but there was no tethering equipment of any kind and a small caged area measuring approximately 2 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft with no lid was the only possible living area I could see for them. There was no shelter available for the cage.

“The police were concerned regarding some birds in cages they had seen inside a van next to the caravan so my colleague went to look at those – they turned out to be wild goldfinches.

“I then saw a small cream Lhasa Apso-type dog that appeared young, inside a metal cage at the side of the road. The cage had a lid that was secured but there was no shelter and the dog was laying on wet grass with no access to water. As the weather was wet I was concerned about the dog as they appeared to be shivering.

“A grey shetland pony tethered with a length of blue nylon rope tied around their neck was nearby. The rope was so tight that I couldn’t get my finger between the rope and the neck and I was concerned that this may start to injure the pony if they remained in this situation. The rope was tied to a nearby branch of a hedge that was quite flimsy. The pony’s hooves appeared overgrown.

“The police took the three dogs and pony into possession and placed them in RSPCA care.”

Michael Patrick Price admitted not ensuring the needs of the pony were met, and the same charge for a lurcher dog and a collie cross.

He also admitted having two goldfinches.

His co-accused Shannon Hanrahan admitted failing to ensure the proper care of the caged dog, and illegally having the two goldfinches.

A deprivation order was placed on the pony and two dogs who will now pass into RSPCA care and be rehomed. The birds were released back into the wild.

Price was given 60 hours of unpaid work and ordered to pay costs and charges totalling £690. He was banned from owning or keeping any animal for four years.

Hanrahan was given a 14-day curfew at an address in Byker, Newcastle. She must pay also £250 costs and a £32 victim surcharge.

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Leeds, West Yorkshire: Victoria Brooksbank and Richard Marnick

#TheList Victoria Catherine Brooksbank, born c. 1977, of 42 Severn Drive, Garforth Leeds LS25 2BB and Richard Marnick, born 19/06/1995, of The Marsh, 70 Uppermoor, Pudsey LS28 7EX – allowed a horse to “deteriorate” and suffer

Horse abusers Richard Marnick and Victoria Catherine Brooksbank from Leeds

The court heard that Marnick had been loaned a thoroughbred gelding called Archie and he paid Brooksbank, who is an experienced trainer trading under the name VB Equestrian, £80 a week to look after him at her stables in Garforth.

Archie appeared to be healthy when he arrived at the stables and Marnick paid for the full livery package, that included hay and hard feed, but after 18 months the horse was found to have deteriorated and had lost a lot of weight.

In July 2019, Archie’s original owner saw a photograph of him on social media and arranged for him to be examined by a vet.

Archie was very thin and given a body condition score of one out of five, meaning he was emaciated. The RSPCA then decided to prosecute Marnick and Brooksbank.

The court heard there had been “inadequate nutrition” and the suffering may have gone on “for weeks, possibly months”.

Archie was very thin and was given a body condition score of one out of five, meaning it was poor.

Marnick, who pleaded guilty to the offence at an earlier hearing, told the court he usually checked in on Archie once a week, but was preoccupied as he was working six days a week as a courier.

He said: “I pleaded guilty because I should have done something about it sooner. I should have removed Archie (from Brooksbank) a lot sooner than I did.”

He also said he had been speaking to a nutritionist and trying to figure how to help Archie, but the horse was taken away before he had the opportunity to help.

Horse abuser Richard Marnick from Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

A probation worker, who interviewed Brooksbank, said: “She believed the horse belonged to Mr Marnick and continuously contacted him, saying he needed more exercise, hard feed and for a nutritionist to look at the horse.”

The probation worker also said that Brooksbank “wishes she had been more forceful” with Marnick and convinced him to contact a nutritionist sooner.

Horse abuser Victoria Catherine Brooksbank from Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

The court that Brooksbank, who denied the offence but was convicted at an earlier hearing, has taken good care of the other horses in her stable for years and this case was “an anomaly”.
‘There was no desire to neglect the horse’

Presiding justice Richard Powell said: “This was unintentional.
“There was no desire to neglect the horse but I think I need to make a point now – there is only one victim in this whole affair and that’s the horse called Archie, who has been neglected.”

Addressing Marnick, he said: “You were the owner of the horse and you had taken your eye off the ball.

“You were busy with your job and you did not give enough attention to the horse.”

Mr Powell said Brooksbank had “no intention to harm the horse” but was an experienced professional who should have taken better care of the animal.

He added: “We find you more culpable, because you had day to day concern with the horse and watched it deteriorate.”

Marnick was fined a total of £532 and £300 of that money will be sent to the RSPCA.

Brooksbank was fined a total of £982 of which £750 will be sent to the RSPCA.

Neither was disqualified from owning animals.


Aberford, Leeds: Andrew David Hinde

#TheList horse trader and kitten breeder Andrew David Colbert Hinde, born 07/01/1965, of Becca Farm, Aberford, Leeds LS25 3AH – flouted a ban and continued to abuse animals in his care

Former international horse show judge Hinde, who bred Dartmoor ponies at Pumphill Stud, immediately ignored a 12-year ban on keeping animals imposed in March 2015 and went on to neglect 50 horses and two foals.

The 2015 conviction related to cruelty to horses and also cats after dozens of pedigree British short-haired cats being bred for sale were found at the property Hinde shared with parents Raymond and Cynthia. They were also convicted of animal cruelty at that time.

Hinde was first convicted of horse cruelty in 2011 when he was banned from keeping horses for three years.

Now the serial animal abuser has finally been sent to jail and banned from keeping animals indefinitely with the crown court recorder Gavin Doig telling him it was “time to pay the price for your behaviour”.

The court heard heard Hinde kept 20 horses at his own farm with more than 50 other ponies kept in fields he rented at Westfield Farm at Kirk Smeaton near Pontefract.

The court heard in February 2017 RSPCA inspectors went to Westfield Farm and found some of the ponies were in poor condition with their her ribs, hips and spines. showing.

One of the ponies was emaciated and was suffering from hunger, was infected with lice and had overgrown feet.

Another pony, which was exhausted and suffering from hypothermia, was put to sleep.

The court heard that the pony was infested with worms and was infected with salmonella.

In July 2017 RSPCA inspectors went to Becca Farm at Aberford and seized 20 horses after finding that some were being kept in conditions that didn’t meet their needs.

Many of the animals had been left to fend for themselves with one suffering hypothermia

The horses and ponies were left without adequate food or shelter and were “skin and bone” with one so badly emaciated and infected with disease he had to be put down.

The judge told Hinde he had a “cavalier attitude towards the animals, a cavalier attitude to orders of the court; you showed complete disrespect”.

“Now you must face those consequences,” he added.

Shila Whitehead, defending, said Hinde had “issues on wanting to have animals”.

Sentencing: jailed for 11 months and banned from keeping animals indefinitely.

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Leeds: Anthony Stone

#TheList Anthony Stone, born c. 1989, from Leeds, West Yorkshire (no fixed abode) – launched a campaign of violence and intimidation against his ex-girlfriend during which he attacked her dog

Violent thug Anthony Stone from Leeds can now add cruelty to animals to his long list of crimes
Violent thug Anthony Stone from Leeds can now add cruelty to animals to his long list of crimes

Anthony Stone assaulted the woman in street, in her own home in Leeds, stole her phone and put her windows through during five separate incidents of abuse.

Stone is currently serving a six-year prison sentence for a violent robbery.

He appeared before Leeds Crown Court where he was given a further 18-month term for offences against his former partner.

Louise Pryke, prosecuting, said Stone went to the woman’s home on September 4, 2018 – six months after they split up – and said he wanted to get back with her.

When she refused Stone told her that he had stolen one of her son’s computer games before walking away.

The victim went to Stone’s home to ask for it back but was verbally abused and attacked.

The prosecutor said: “He pushed her over using both his hands. She had her head on the floor and he then began kicking her while she was on the floor.”

Stone only stopped the attack when he was disturbed by a neighbour.

The woman suffered three broken ribs.

The incident was reported to the police but Stone targeted the woman again when she was walking her dog next to Leeds-Liverpool at Kirkstall on September 9.

Stone accused the woman of cheating on him then pushed her to the ground.

Two days later the woman went home after walking her dog and found Stone inside the property waiting for her.

She immediately ran outside after seeing him but he chased her, punched her to the back and kicked her dog.

Stone walked into her home on September 19 and stole her handbag.

He returned 20 minutes later and took her mobile phone. He then threw a ceramic plant pot through a double-glazed living room window.

Stone pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, two offences of common assault, theft and criminal damage.

He has previous convictions for robbery and violence.

A victim statement was read to the court in which the woman described feeling stressed, anxious and in severe pain as a result of the attacks.

Nicholas Hammond, mitigating, said Stone had pleaded guilty to the offences at an early stage and accepted he would be facing a further prison sentence.

Judge Tom Bayliss, QC, said: “This course of conduct was designed to intimidate her, and it did intimidate her.”

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Chapel Allerton, Leeds: Robert Michael Hunter

#TheList Robert Michael Hunter, born c. 1984, of Scott Hall Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 – banned from keeping equines after his pony was found severely exhausted and dehydrated at Appleby Horse Fair

Horse trader Robert Michael Hunter from Leeds allowed this pony to become very poorly while in attendance at Appleby Horse Fair.

RSPCA inspectors intervened after the cob gelding was seen breathing heavily and dripping with sweat on June 6 2018, and struggling badly again the following day.

Only after negotiation and police intervention did owner Robert Michael Hunter allow his animal to be examined by a vet.

She found the animal to be severely exhausted, dehydrated and with a dangerously raised heart rate.

The vet went on to say that without veterinary treatment the horse would have been at serious risk of collapse and, subsequently, death due to the severity of exhaustion seen.

The horse was treated and has since made a full recovery.

H orse trader Hunterwas prosecuted and initially denied three charges. But ahead of trial he admitted two counts of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal both by overworking the pony and failing to provide him with routine dentistry for the previous six months.

He also admitted failing to ensure the horse’s worming and dentistry needs were met during a two-year period up to June 2018.

Hunter, a married father-of four and “experienced horseman”, said of the family pet: “I would never ever cause that horse any unnecessary suffering that I’d have known of”.

But, jailing him for 90 days, District Judge Gerald Chalk said: “Put simply, that horse had been severely overworked and was suffering from dehydration.

“That, in my view, is either deliberate ill treatment or neglect by you, and a high level of suffering was caused to that animal.”

Sentencing: jailed for 90 days. Banned from owning or keeping any equine animals for six years.

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Beeston, Leeds: Paul Kelly

#TheList Paul Kelly, born c.1969, of Longroyd View, Beeston, Leeds LS11 5ET – killed and mutilated his pet dog during a Spice binge.

Police mugshot of career criminal  and drug addict Paul Kelly, who decapitated his pet dog during a Spice binge
Dog killer Paul Kelly

Leeds Crown Court heard Kelly was suffering from a psychotic episode due to taking the synthetic drug Spice when he cut off his pet dog’s head and set it alight in a bin.

Duncan Ritchie, prosecuting, said Kelly’s girlfriend went to his home on October 10, 2018, to find the dog decapitated in the living room.

The prosecutor said: “He told his girlfriend that the dog had been possessed.

“The defendant burned the dog’s head in a bin and moved the torso on to a sheet and took it to a wooded area.”

Kelly then caused extensive damage to his home by setting fire to a gas meter cupboard. A neighbour saw smoke coming from the terraced property as Kelly walked away.

Firefighters found the living room alright when they arrived to tackle the blaze. Two fire alarms had been removed from the house.

The next morning Kelly tried to set fire to a large detached house in Morley in which three people were sleeping.

Kelly pleaded guilty to the arson charges.

Career criminal, drug addict, dog killer ... Paul Kelly of Beeston in Leeds, West Yorkshire
Career criminal, drug addict, dog killer … Paul Kelly of Beeston in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Kelly has previous convictions for serious offences. He was given an 11-year sentence in 1995 for armed robbery.

18-week prison sentence for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. Banned indefinitely from keeping any animal. Extended prison sentence of 12 years for the other offences.

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Belle Isle, Leeds: Michael and Beverley Richardson

#TheList Michael Richardson, born 30/07/59, and Beverley Ann Richardson, born 24/10/64, both of 45 Broom Mount, Leeds LS10 3JR – for cruelty offences relating to two dogs and a cat; one dog put to sleep

Michael and Beverley Richardson's dog Bella was in such poor condition she had to be put to sleep
Michael and Beverley Richardson’s dog Bella was in such poor condition she had to be put to sleep

Michael and Beverley Richardson pleaded guilty to two offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

They admitted, between 3 September and 3 October 2018:
(1) causing unnecessary suffering to two West Highland Terrier crossbreed dogs called Bella and Max by failing to explore and address their poor physical health and (2) causing unnecessary suffering to a domestic short-haired cat called Scarlett by failing to explore and address her poor physical health.

RSPCA inspector Kris Walker said: “Both dogs were in a terrible state when I first saw them but poor Bella was the worst and sadly, despite everyone’s best efforts, vets made the difficult decision to put her to sleep to end her suffering.

“The fur around her eyes was matted with yellow discharge and she was unable to open them to see.

“She had a catalogue of other health issues – an ear infection, cystitis, her teeth were covered in tartar and she had gingivitis. She was dehydrated and underweight with her bones visible and she had overgrown nails.

“She was very subdued, as you would expect for a dog that was clearly so very ill.”

Bella was hospitalised and efforts were made to de-matt her eyes but it was too painful for her. When blood test results found she was too poorly for a general anaesthetic to clean and treat her eyes vets gave her pain relief so the matting could be shaved gradually over a couple of days instead.

The Westie-cross was found to have advanced conjunctivitis and scars on her retinas – which are indicative of previous eye ulcers. Her lower eyelids on both eyes were turned inwards and she was suffering from a very painful condition called ‘dry eye’.

Further tests also found she had chronic kidney problems and a tumour on her liver. Vets felt Bella was suffering to such an extent that she was put to sleep on humane grounds.

Max has recovered in the care of the RSPCA

The couple’s other Westie-cross, Max, had a skin condition, ear infection and conjunctivitis. His teeth were tartar-covered, and he was suffering from gingivitis and a fractured tooth. He was thin, had fleas and his nails were so overgrown that they overlapped causing him difficulty walking.

Max was hospitalised so vets could treat him and he improved over three days. Following 11 days of intensive treatment his skin, eyes and ears were almost back to normal.

Scarlet the cat was thin and had fur loss, sores and scabs all over her body. She also had thickened intestines which vets felt was possibly as a result of diarrhea. She was given parasite treatment and antibiotics.

In mitigation, the court heard that Michael Richardson accepted there was a problem with his pets but didn’t realise how serious it was until the RSPCA intervened. In respect of Beverley Richardson, the court heard that she had no intention of looking after animals in the future due to ill health. Both were very remorseful.

Michael Richardson: 12-month community order requiring 200 hours of unpaid work and 10 rehabilitation days. Total costs and charges of £235.
Beverley Richardson: 12-month community order requiring 10 rehabilitation days. Total costs and charges of £235.
Both were disqualified from keeping animals for life and a deprivation order was placed on Max and Scarlett.

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Pudsey, Leeds: Linda Dean

#TheList Linda Dean, born 03/02/1971, of 24 Victoria Road, Pudsey, Leeds LS28 7SR – allowed her border collie dog to suffer with sore and bleeding infected skin growths

Convicted dog abuser Linda Dean from Pudsey, Leeds, and her neglected Border collie, Coda.

Linda Dean admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a male black and white collie called Coda when she appeared at Leeds Magistrates’ Court.

Dean failed to provide proper and necessary veterinary care for a chronic skin condition over a two-month period in 2018.

RSPCA inspector Kris Walker said: “Coda was in a lot of pain for a long period of time from a severe and obvious skin condition.

“He had cauliflower-like growths on his back where the fur was missing, and the growths were infected, sore and bleeding.

“Both ears were thickened and crusty, he had fleas and was underweight.”

The RSPCA went to Dean’s home on September 10 2018. The court heard vets believed Coda had been suffering since at least July 10, but most likely much longer.

Inspector Walker said: “Dean said in interview that Coda had started nibbling his back in April, and had started going bald in June.

“Dean’s cat had brought fleas home in August and because of this she had treated Coda with a flea spray and used a buster collar which she said he had managed to get off.

“Coda desperately needed veterinary treatment and as soon as we intervened, and he got it, he started to improve.

“It’s been a long road for this poor boy but I’m really happy to say he is now almost recovered. His demeanour has completely changed, he’s gone from a despondent dog unwilling to socialise to a dog that’s happy and very playful.”

In mitigation, the court heard that Dean had “a lot on her plate” with children and relatives she cares for.

She apologised to the court and the RSPCA and said she did love the dog which she had owned since he was a puppy in 2011.

She accepted there would be a disqualification but hoped Coda could be rehomed to her mother and that she may be allowed to keep her cat.

Sentencing: 12-month community order involving 200 hours of unpaid work and 15 rehabilitation days. Total costs and charges of £385. A deprivation order was placed on Coda and Dean’s cat. Their ownership will now pass to the RSPCA. Lifetime ban on keeping animals.

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Holbeck, Leeds: Michael Kevin Jackson and Christine Jackson

#TheList Michael Kevin Jackson, born c. 1958, and Christine Lorraine Carol Diane Jackson, born c. 1974, of 171 Stratford Street, Holbeck, Leeds LS11 7EQ – let their tumour-riddled dog suffer in agony for at least a month

Butch's owners Michael Kevin Jackson and wife Christine Jackson of Holbeck, Leeds, left him to suffer in agony with horrific facial injuries for at least a month
Butch’s owners Michael Kevin Jackson and wife Christine Jackson of Holbeck, Leeds, left him to suffer in agony with horrific facial injuries for at least a month

Mastiff Butch had appalling open wounds to his head – both of his eyes had virtually disappeared. Sadly, he had to be put down after being assessed by a vet.

His owners admitted, between 1 October and 1 November 2018, causing unnecessary suffering to Butch by failing to explore and address chronic wounds to his head which led to his death.

Michael Kevin Jackson said he tried to treat the tumours by pouring Dettol over Butch’s face

RSPCA inspector Kris Walker said:

“I could smell Butch before I saw him – I’ve never smelt anything so horrific.

I couldn’t get it off myself and my van smelled for about a week afterwards.

“He was wearing a buster collar that had blood and tissue on it from the open wounds all over his head and neck, which it turned out were ulcerated cancerous tumours.

“He was crying and shaking his head and necrotic skin was going everywhere.

“His collar had blood and tissue on it from the open wounds”
The pain he was in was obvious.

It was the most appalling thing I’ve seen in a long while.

“His right eye had almost vanished and his left eye was shut.

“He couldn’t see – when we got to the vets he was bumping into the examination table and walls.

“His ear canals were so inflamed they were completely closed and the skin on the pad of one of his feet was also gone, open and bloody.

“Mr Jackson told me he had been treating him by pouring Dettol on his face.”

After examination Butch was put to sleep on vet advice.

In mitigation for Mr Jackson the court heard that the offence happened when he was separated from his wife Christine.

The dog had banged his head and sustained a cut at some stage which had worsened.

He said he did try to bathe the cut and the dog was eating okay but this was challenged and the court heard that the defendant clearly knew there was a problem as he was walking the dog at night.

The court was told he was not working due to health issues.

In mitigation for Mrs Jackson the court heard that she had not been aware of the extent of the problem, however she stated that she had asked Mr Jackson to contact the RSPCA.

The court heard that she also had health problems.

Michael Kevin Jackson – 12-week curfew order; 15 rehabilitation days; total of £235 costs and charges.

Christine Jackson – 12-month community order including 200 hours of unpaid work and 15 rehabilitation days, total of £235 costs and charges.

Both were disqualified from keeping animals for life.

A deprivation order was placed on Christine Jackson’s five cats.


Pudsey, Leeds: Jacqueline C Wilkins

#TheList professional dog walker Jacqueline Wilkins, born c. 1972, of Dorset Grove, Pudsey, Leeds LS28 7EN – caught on CCTV abusing a customer’s pet

Professional dog walker Jacqueline Wilkins and Bella the boxer
Jacqui Wilkins is banned from keeping dogs for two years after being caught on camera hitting a boxer twice

Jacqueline ‘Jacqui’ Wilkins, owner of dog-walking service Wilkins Walkies, was caught on camera striking boxer Bella twice and shouting at her repeatedly when the dog would not stay still long enough for her to remove her harness after a walk.

In footage captured on CCTV cameras inside the home of Bella’s owners Gary Hirtsch and Louise Williams, Wilkins can be heard shouting “You’re not doing as you’re told, are you?” and “Do you want another smack?”

Leeds Magistrates’ Court heard the couple had hired Wilkins when Miss Williams broke her wrist and was unable to walk Bella and their other dog, Coco.

Bella’s owners checked CCTV footage recorded in their home after noticing a change in the dog’s behaviour. They made a report to the RSPCA after seeing the footage.

Prosecutor Andrew Davidson said: “What you can see there is what the defendant now accepts was unnecessarily rough treatment. The prosecution say there’s very rarely any reason for using that type of behaviour to discipline a dog.”

Wilkins admitted failing to meet the needs of a dog by protecting it from injury or distress. She had initially pleaded not guilty but changed her plea following expert evidence about the psychological damage Bella may have suffered.

A separate charge of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal was dismissed.

Dog abuser Jacqueline Wilkins from Pudsey, Leeds
Dog abuser Jacqueline Wilkins

Magistrates were told that Wilkins had experienced a “moment of madness” and felt she was disciplining Bella at the time, but now recognised her behaviour was wrong.

The court heard she was of previous good character and had told her clients about the case, prompting a number to write references and two of them to attend court in support.

A probation officer also reported that Wilkins had reflected on the harm she may have caused Bella and was “completely remorseful” about her actions.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Hirtsch said: “I feel relieved. We had put her in a position of trust. I think they’ve done the right thing for the safety of the other dogs.”

He said Bella’s behaviour had changed significantly following the incident, adding: “Bella was so friendly, but then she was reluctant to go out. She used to cower on the sofa.

Wilkins was visibly upset as she left the courtroom after being told that she would not be allowed to keep her own dog, Bentley, during the two-year ban.

Friend and client Janet Pearson said: “Obviously she’s not going to have an income now but the thing she’s most upset about is losing her dog. Her dog is like her baby.

“I think the court has made an example of her. If I thought she didn’t care and was cruel, clearly there’s no way she would look after mine. It’s not just a business to her though. Dogs are her life.

“She’s worried about her clients too. What are they going to do?”

Sentencing: 12-month community order with 100 hours of unpaid work and an RSPCA education programme; total of £385 in costs and charges. Banned from keeping or caring for any dogs for two years – later reduced on appeal to just three months.

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