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Kingston upon Hull: Celestino Furtado

#TheList Celestino Jorge Tavares Furtado, born December 1986, of 165 Hemswell Avenue, Hull HU9 5LD – kept an American bulldog left locked up in an empty office without food or water

American bulldog Teddy was locked in a filthy office by his owner Celestino Furtado from Hull, UK.
American bulldog Teddy was locked in a filthy office without food or water for several days before being rescued. He has recovered and will be looking for his forever home.

Former restaurateur Celestino Furtado, owner of Galitos LX Charcoal Grill Bar until it was shut down in 2018 for food hygiene breaches, said he didn’t have anyone to look after the dog when he went away, so he locked him up in an office and abandoned him.

The dog, now called Teddy, was so desperate for water and food he tried to chew through the door and was found walking in his own urine and faeces.

Portuguese national Furtado was found guilty in his absence of three offences contrary to section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, including failing to meet the dog’s need for a suitable environment, adequate care and supervision and an adequate supply of fresh drinking water.

A warrant was issued for his arrest and he appeared before the same court on October 1, 2019, to be sentenced.

American bulldog Teddy was locked in a filthy office by his owner Celestino Furtado from Hull, UK.

RSPCA Inspector Jilly Dickinson said: “The smell coming out of the unit was unbearable. There was a wooden door inside which Teddy had scratched and chewed along with exposed electrical wires.

“It was a warm day and he appeared desperate for water – drinking every bowl we put in front of him. The environment was completely unhygienic and the large build-up of faeces suggested it had not been cleaned in some time.”

Previous advice had been given to Furtado by the RSPCA relating to keeping his dog’s environment clean, however, conditions had deteriorated to an unacceptable level.

Inspector Dickinson attended Furtado’s business address in Oxford Street, Wincolmlee, in May 2019, along with a Welfare Officer from Hull City Council.

They found the dog walking in his own urine and faeces, which led to some sores developing on his paws, although they were not infected.
He had skin irritation, particularly under his chin, most likely caused as a result of the unhygienic environment. The smell emanating from the unit was overpowering and could be smelt from outside.

Sentencing: 12-month community order to include 180 hours of unpaid work; ordered to pay £700 costs and an £85 victim surcharge. Banned from keeping dogs for five years. Deprivation order on Teddy who will be rehomed.


Kingston upon Hull: Trevor Sunman

#TheList Trevor Wayne Sunman, born 13/08/1973, of 36 Fremantle Avenue, Hull HU9 4RH – starved and neglected two Staffordshire bull terriers and kept them in appalling conditions

Trevor Sunman of Hull failed to feed his dogs and kept them in foul conditions. Photo shows Lily who has now recovered from her ordeal.
Dog abuser Trevor Sunman and Staffy Lily who has happily recovered from her ordeal

Humberside Police officers were called to the home of Trevor Sunman and found Staffies Lily and Herbie in such awful conditions they called the RSPCA for help.

When inspectors arrived, they slipped in the faeces covering the floor and found the dogs with no food.

The dogs have now been taken into the care of the RSPCA and are ready to find their forever homes.

Dog abuser Trevor Sunman from Hull

Sunman was found guilty in his absence of causing unnecessary suffering and failing to provide a suitable environment for the dogs.

Sunman said he thought his ex-partner was visiting the house to feed the dogs.

One of his charges related to Lily, who was found to be so thin and dehydrated she had to be placed on a drip, and the second charge was for both dogs being kept in an unhygienic environment.

RSPCA inspector Lucy Green said: “We were called by the police who initially saw the state of Lily and Herbie, the dog she was with.

“As soon as I got to the house, I immediately slipped in the faeces that was covering the floor.

“There was dog faeces and urine everywhere – I’ve never seen anything like it. It was simply a lack of food and care that led to these dogs being in this state and it could have been prevented.

“The good news is that they were lovely, friendly dogs, and recovered quickly as soon as we were able to feed and rehydrate them so they will now be able to be rehomed into loving new homes.”

Sentencing: 12-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months; total of £415 costs and charges. 10-year ban on keeping all animals.

Hull Daily Mail

Update 15/02/2020: following an appeal Sunman’s suspended prison sentence was reduced from 12 weeks to 10. All other conditions, including the year’s suspension – which expires in August 2020 – and the 10-year disqualification order remain the same.

Additional information 16/02/2020: Trevor Sunman is now back living with his father and other family members in Fremantle Avenue. Worryingly, two Staffies live at the property and we hear they’re not being looked after properly, are verbally abused, rarely fed and never walked. There have been two drug raids on the property in recent months and Trevor Sunman himself is said to be a known drug dealer. Neighbours in the area are said to be in fear of self-styled gangster Sunman and his family.

Kingston upon Hull: Sophie Esnee

#TheList Sophie Esnee, born c. 1990, of Belmont Street, Hull HU9 – threw her pet snake at a neighbour; failed to provide a suitable living environment for the snake.

Snake abuser and serial violent troublemaker Sophie Esnee from east Hull, UK
Sophie Esnee

Serial troublemaker and alleged drug addict Esnee was fined £100 and banned from keeping reptiles for seven years, for failing to provide a suitable living environment for the snake, known as Lucifer.

Esnee received no separate penalty for a further offence in neighbouring Estcourt Street on February 12, 2018, when she failed to protect Lucifer from “pain, suffering, injury and disease”, by “taking the snake out on a February evening and throwing the snake at another person”.

Both offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 were proved in Esnee’s absence at Hull Magistrates’ Court.

Lucifer was ordered to be taken into the care of the RSPCA to be rehomed.

In May 2019 Esnee, who has two aliases, was convicted of damaging a latched wooden door belonging to a pizza restaurant, assaulting a police constable by beating, possessing cannabis, and assault by beating.

Sentencing: total of £280 fine, costs and charges. Banned from keeping reptiles for seven years with the right of appeal after five years.


Kingston upon Hull: Simon Agnew

#TheList Simon P Agnew, born c. 1972, of 75 Sykes Street, Hull HU2 8AZ – banned from keeping animals for life after starving his elderly doberman

Elderly Doberman Dobba was starved by his cruel owner Simon Agnew from Hull. He has now been banned from keeping animal for life.
Elderly Doberman Dobba was starved by his cruel owner Simon Agnew from Hull. He has now been banned from keeping animals for life.

Simon Agnew’s 11-year-old doberman, named Dobba, weighed just 23.8kg when he was handed into the Hull RSPCA branch just weeks before Christmas.

An investigation led officers to Agnew who falsely claimed he had re-homed the dog, telling various lies to inspectors.

Speaking about the case RSPCA Inspector Jilly Dickinson said: “Dobba was microchipped so we went straight round to Mr Agnew’s home and interviewed him the following week. He gave us various accounts of what had happened and claimed that he’d re-homed Dobba three months earlier.

“He said he’d asked a friend to pretend to find him in the street and hand him in. He forgot that Dobba was still microchipped in his name.

“We decide to appeal to the public for information via the press and were then contacted by someone who said Mr Agnew did still own Dobba.”

In court Agnew pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to Dobba, who has since recovered from his ordeal.

Inspector Dickinson added: “Dobba was incredibly skinny and had clearly been left to get into such a state over a period of time.

“You could see all of his ribs and his waist was so tiny that I could fit my fingers around it.

“His head was so skinny that the point of his skull had protruded through his skin and caused a sore. He was covered in faeces and absolutely stank.

“Thankfully, he’s now put on almost 7kg and is doing really well in our care. He’s already been reserved by a loving family and is due to go to his new home soon.”

Sentencing: 12-month community order – including an alcohol treatment requirement; total of £385 costs and charges. Disqualified from keeping all animals for life.

Yorkshire Post

Kingston upon Hull: Melanie Melville

#TheList Melanie Jayne Melville (aka Melanie Mason), born 22/01/1980, of 107 Hawthorne Avenue, Hull HU3 3AW – for cruelty towards ten dogs

Animal abuser Melanie Melville of Hull kept 10 dogs in appalling conditions and neglected their needs
Animal abuser Melanie Melville of Hull kept 10 dogs in appalling conditions and neglected their needs

Melville pleaded guilty to three Animal Welfare Act offences of failing to meet the needs of terriers Smallie, Dimitri, Ruben, Spike, Rosie, Rhianne, Scar, Bella, Bethany, and Lucy. .

The RSPCA became involved when members of the public contacted police after Smallie was found with injuries caused by fighting with other dogs.

The dog was taken to a vet where sadly his injuries were so serious he was put to sleep. The police contacted the RSPCA after concerns were raised about the conditions the animals were living in.

When RSPCA Inspector Jilly Dickinson visited Melville’s home, she found nine dogs living in poor conditions inside the house and in the garden.

Inspector Dickinson said: “The environment was not at all suitable for these dogs, who were all very nervous. Overall there had been ten but sadly Smallie was put to sleep after his injuries.

“The living room, where half of them were living, was dirty and smelly as they were going to the toilet inside. The other half lived in an outbuilding in the garden which was also in poor condition.

“We initially tried to work with Melville to help her improve the conditions and offered neutering vouchers, as none of the dogs were neutered. We offered to visit again to check on the conditions and gave her advice on socialising the dogs.”

When Inspector Dickinson visited the following month, the conditions had not changed.

She said: “There was an overwhelming smell which had become ingrained into the carpet. During this visit I also witnessed the dogs urinating inside. We had given Melville a chance to improve the conditions but sadly none were made.”

As the dogs had had little socialisation, they did not know how to walk on a lead, which meant that when Inspector Dickinson removed the animals, all but two had to be carried into her van.

The court heard that when the nine dogs were examined by a vet, all but two of them had scars consistent with fighting one another.

“This is a sad situation where we tried to work with the owner to improve the dogs’ lives but sometimes we find that advice is not followed,” added Inspector Dickinson.

The nine dogs who were removed from Melville’s house have improved since going into the RSPCA’s care, in July 2018.

Inspector Dickinson said: “They have all improved massively. They were so nervous at first but they are now much better with people and other dogs.

“They have come on leaps and bounds, are much more friendly and confident and should do brilliantly in new, suitable homes.”

Sentencing: 200 hours of unpaid work; 15 days of rehabilitation activities; total of £435 costs and charges. 10-year ban on keeping animals.

ITV News
Hull Live

Kingston Upon Hull: Rebecca McHugh

#TheList Rebecca Dawn McHugh, born 08/11/1981 of Boulevard, Hull HU3 – left animals to starve to death in her abandoned pet shop

Former pet shop owner Rebecca McHugh abandoned bearded dragons, a corn snake, a leopard gecko and a Tegu Lizard when she closed the business. Only three of the animals left behind survived the ordeal.
Former pet shop owner Rebecca McHugh abandoned bearded dragons, a corn snake, a leopard gecko and a Tegu Lizard when she closed the business. Only three of the animals left behind survived the ordeal.

Rebecca ‘Becky’ McHugh has been disqualified from keeping caged exotics, rabbits, reptiles, guinea pigs and caged birds for life, after a prosecution case brought by the RSPCA.

In January 2018, McHugh was convicted in her absence of four offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

The RSPCA was called to Hull Pets and Garden on Beverley Road in June 2018, almost five months after the shop closed.

RSPCA inspector Jilly Dickinson said: “The shop closed down in January, and I attended in June after energy suppliers entered to switch off the supply and found the exotics – it appears they had simply been left behind after the shutters had gone down for the final time.

“Five animals were alive, but only three of these – a corn snake and two bearded dragons – survived.

“The bearded dragons were underweight, and one of them had a horrendous burden of mites, leaving them unable to open their eyes, lethargic, anaemic and dehydrated.

“There was an underweight leopard gecko with long standing metabolic bone disease and subsequent current and historic fractures, and eye problems which were untreatable – meaning that they unfortunately had to be put to sleep.

“A Tegu lizard was described by the vet as being in the worst condition he had ever seen – completely emaciated, dehydrated and lethargic. The Tegu unfortunately didn’t pull through and died not long after coming into our care.”

The surviving animals were signed over to the RSPCA and have now been rehomed.

Sentencing: two-year community order including 250 hours of unpaid work; total of £385 costs and charges. Disqualified for life from keeping caged exotics, rabbits, reptiles, guinea pigs and caged birds.

Hull Daily Mail

Badger Baiters from Doncaster, Bridlington and Hull

#TheList Andrew Booth, born c. 1974, of West Road, Moorends, Doncaster; George Horner, born c. 1992, of 30 Brett Street, Bridlington; John Horner, born c. 1999, of 77 Constable Road, Bridlington; Kirk McGarry, born c. 1968, of Southfield Road, Thorne, Doncaster; Richard Willey, born c. 1972, of Westlands Road, Hull – used dogs to attack a badger sett

Cruel badger baiters Andrew Booth, Kirk McGarry, John Horner, George Horner and Richard Willey and terrier Paddy who suffered serious facial injuries

Andrew Booth, Kirk McGarry, John Horner, George Horner and Richard Willey used two dogs, one of whom was heavily pregnant, to attack a badger sett.

They were each found guilty of wildlife and animal cruelty offences at Beverley Magistrates’ Court.

Badger baiter John Horner from Bridlington
The youngest of the five convicted men: John-Joe Horner
Badger baiter Richard Willey from Hull
Richard Willey

On the afternoon of 30 December 2017 a concerned member of the public reported to the police that five men with dogs were digging into a badger sett at Melton in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Badger baiter George Horner from Bridlington
George Horner is a failed professional boxer

A number of officers including several wildlife crime officers quickly attended the location and found four men continuing to dig into what appeared to the officers to be an active badger sett.

Jess and Charlotte were found at the scene

Four terrier-type dogs were seized at the time of the incident. One dog, Paddy, was seriously injured and was lucky to survive. A second dog, Dizzy, was heavily pregnant when she was seized and gave birth to a puppy, named Romeo, who is now one year old. Two other dogs, Charlotte and Jess, were also seized. All five dogs have been kennelled and have responded well to the care and attention they have received.

Paddy nearly died from his injuries, which were consistent with badger fighting

Ch Insp Iain Dixon said: “Badger digging is a cruel and barbaric activity and involves horrendous suffering to both the badger and any dog involved.

“In this particular case one dog, named Dizzy, was very far into pregnancy, giving birth within a few weeks of the incident which shows the uncaring and callous nature of those involved all the more.”

Sentencing: the five men were sentenced to a maximum term of six months in prison. They have each also received three year Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBOs) and were told to pay £2,000 costs for dog kennelling and vet’s fees. All are banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

BBC News

Kingston Upon Hull: John Terence Powdrill

Photo shows convicted dog abuser John Terrence Powdrill and Jack Russell terrier Jake, who had to be put to sleep.
John Terence Powdrill, failed to provide the appropriate veterinary treatment for 16-year-old Jake between August 20 and 27, 2018.

#TheList John Terence Powdrill, born 15/09/1976, of Mayville Avenue, Kingston upon Hull HU8 8EZ –  left his elderly dog to suffer  with a hole on his muzzle

John Powdrill left his 16-year-old Jack Russell Jake to suffer in agony.  

The RSPCA found Jake wrapped up in a duvet in Powdrill’s kitchen, with a hole half-a-centimetre in size on top of his muzzle.

When they removed the duvet Jake was “very skinny” and had sores all over his body. He was taken to the vets immediately, but was sadly put to sleep due to the extent of his suffering.

RSPCA inspector Lucinda Green said: “When I first saw Jake he was wrapped in a duvet in the kitchen of Powdrill’s home and only his head was visible.

“He had a hole half-a-centimetre in size on the top on his muzzle which went deep into his nasal cavity, and the skin around it was red raw.

“When I lifted the duvet he was very skinny and had sores on his body where his bones were the most prominent.

“I took him straight to the vets and they advised he needed to be put to sleep immediately, such was the extent of this poor old dog’s suffering.”

Powdrill  was due to appear before Hull Magistrates Court on November 23, but did not show and was convicted in his absence.

As well as the hole in his nose, all of Jake’s teeth were damaged and infected, and he was severely dehydrated to the extent that his veins had collapsed.

The court heard Powdrill called the RSPCA on August 27 to tell them Jake had collapsed, wasn’t eating or drinking, and lying in his own mess – adding that Jake had deteriorated over the last year and hadn’t been seen by any vets.

In mitigation, the court was told that Jake was owned by Powdrill’s partner’s family, and his defence claimed he had done given the best care he could for a dog that wasn’t his, buying ointments and creams.

The District Judge rejected this by saying what Powdrill did was “wholly inadequate”. He accepted that Powdrill had called the RSPCA but that he had only done so so that the charity would pay for euthanasia.

Ten weeks in prison and a 12-month post-sentence supervision order. Banned from keeping dogs, cats and caged animals for life.

 Hull Daily Mail

Kingston upon Hull: Matthew Dennis Cassidy

#TheList Matthew Dennis Cassidy, born 19/03/1976, of  Rosedale Grove, west Hull HU5 – was seen beating, dragging and throwing his West Highland terrier, Charlie

Battered Westie Charlie was also suffering from an untreated skin condition
Battered Westie Charlie was also suffering from an untreated skin condition

Cassidy pleaded guilty to the animal cruelty charges against him.

The court heard how a number of members of the public reported Cassidy after seeing him beat and drag the animal around the streets of Hull. Two teenagers were so concerned they even took the dog off him.

Cassidy also failed to protect Charlie from pain, suffering, injury and disease due to an untreated skin problem.

RSPCA inspector Jilly Dickinson said: “Cassidy was seen kicking and dragging Charlie around as he walked around the Anlaby Road and Linnaeus Street areas with him on May 21 [2018].

“Witnesses saw Cassidy pick Charlie up by the scruff of the neck so that he was fully off the floor and shout in his face and later pick him up to chest-height by his collar, causing him to make coughing and choking sounds, and then throw him to the ground.

A number of people called police and the RSPCA between 5.30pm and 8.30pm when a passing police community support officer was approached by a member of the public after two teenagers took Charlie from him.”

Thankfully, Charlie has recovered well after being cared for by the RSPCA.

Ms Dickinson said: “Charlie was taken to a vets where, luckily, he was found to be uninjured but suffering from a skin condition. Cassidy admitted he’d been suffering with it for six weeks. Happily he’s made a good recovery in RSPCA care.”

In mitigation, the court heard that Cassidy was drunk at the time. Cassidy said he was disgusted by his behaviour and was very sorry for what had happened.

18-week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months; 12-month community order including 10 days of specified activity; total costs and charges of £450.  Disqualified from keeping animals for life.

Hull Daily Mail

Kingston upon Hull: Zoe Corrigan

#TheList Zoe Corrigan, born c. 2000, of Devon Street, Gipsyville – left her Staffy Jess alone in a flat with no access to water

Zoe Corrigan left Jess unattended with no water
Zoe Corrigan left Jess unattended with no water

Corrigan was detained in the courthouse, and was banned from keeping dogs for five years, for failing to meet the needs of a Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog called Jess at a flat in Bacheler Street, west Hull, and by leaving her unattended and not providing her with a suitable environment or access to water, an offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Sentencing: Five-year ban on keeping dogs.

Hull Daily Mail