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Hereford: Ian Reidy

#TheList Ian Mark Reidy, born 10/01/1989, of 32 Springfield Avenue, Hereford HR2 7JH – left his horse to suffer with a broken leg for two months

Ian Reidy's 11-year-old gelding, known as Brownie, was found unable to bear weight on the affected leg, with pressure sores from lying down, and muscle wastage
Ian Reidy’s 11-year-old gelding, known as Brownie, was found unable to bear weight on the affected leg, with pressure sores from lying down, and muscle wastage

The court heard Reidy failed to act on veterinary advice in relation to his 11-year-old horse, Brownie’s, broken leg between July 26 and September 19, 2019.

RSPCA Inspector Suzi Smith investigated after the animal welfare charity received a call about a horse with a severe untreated leg injury.

Ms Smith said: “Initially it appeared Brownie had collapsed. He seemed unable to get up. The foot was worn at the toe from the continued dragging of it over the weeks. He was wearing a thick rug in warm weather.

“Once we did get him up, he was non-weight bearing on the front leg. Upon removal of the rug it showed he was underweight with muscle atrophy to the broken leg where the muscle had wasted away over the weeks from his inability to use the leg. He had a pressure sore on his hock from the excessive time he had been spending laid down due to the pain.

“An x-ray showed his elbow to be in three pieces and vets found it was too late to perform any surgery to help.

“Reidy had initially called a vet when the injury occurred but refused to follow their advice before putting them off when they called to request a check-up of Brownie on eleven occasions, instead telling them he was getting better, rather than seeking the help Brownie desperately needed.”

Sentencing: 12-week custodial sentence. Ordered to pay a £122 victim surcharge. Banned from keeping any equine for life.

The court also made a seizure order for the remaining horses Reidy owned, but he told the court he had given them away.

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Ledbury, Herefordshire: Mark and Anne-Marie Haron

#TheList Mark Haron, born c. 1987, and Anne-Marie Haron, born c. 1991, both of 4 Oatleys Terrace, Ledbury HR8 2BX – allowed their pet dog to become emaciated

Convicted dog abusers Mark and Anne-Marie Haron from Ledbury starved their dog Zeus

Mark and Anne-Marie Haron, who are parents to five kids, both pleaded guilty to animal cruelty offences relating to a two-year-old Staffy named Zeus.

The court heard that Zeus was handed in to a vet by a family member of the couple, who claimed he had found the dog as a stray.

Convicted dog abusers Mark and Anne-Marie Haron from Ledbury starved their dog Zeus

The RSPCA launched a social media appeal to track down Zeus’s owners and witnesses came forward to identify the vile Harons.

Convicted dog abusers Mark and Anne-Marie Haron from Ledbury starved their dog Zeus

Speaking about the case, RSPCA inspector Suzi Smith said: “When Zeus was handed in, he was found to be underweight but has made an excellent recovery with just the provision of an adequate and suitable diet.

Convicted dog abusers Mark and Anne-Marie Haron from Ledbury starved their dog Zeus
Lovely Zeus has recovered from his ordeal at the hands of vile chavs Mark and Anne-Marie Haron

“As you can see from photographs, there is a huge difference in his condition. He’s thriving under the care of Hereford and Worcester Animal Rescue”.

Edmund Middleton, defending, said the vet in the case stated that, aside from poor body condition, ‘the dog was clinically well.’

“No evidence was served that suggested the dog was in any pain or subject to any suffering as a result of poor body condition,” added Mr Middleton.

Sentencing: £50 each towards costs. Five-year disqualification order on all animals.

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Hereford: Liam Stezaker

#TheList Liam Philip Stezaker, born 03/12/1991, last known address Warwick Walk, Hereford HR4 – strangled and kicked his girlfriend’s dog to death during a campaign of violence and abuse.

Violent thug Liam Stezaker strangled and stamped his girlfriend's dog Tilly to death
Violent thug Liam Stezaker strangled and stamped his girlfriend’s dog Tilly to death

Liam Stezaker, who has a previous conviction for drink driving, subjected his girlfriend Sarah Griffiths to regular beatings with one attack resulting in her being hospitalised.

Then in September 2018 Stezaker attacked Sarah’s pet dog, Tilly, strangling her before stamping her to death and dumping her lifeless body in a bin.

Dog killere Liam Stezaker from Hereford
Dog killere Liam Stezaker from Hereford

Stezaker admitting causing unnecessary suffering to an animal, assault and coercive and controlling behaviour.

Crossbreed Tilly was subjected to a brutal death at the hands of Liam Stezaker of Hereford
Crossbreed Tilly was subjected to a brutal death at the hands of Liam Stezaker

Prosecutor Giles Nelson said Stezaker already had a common assault conviction and was under a community order when he killed Tilly.

He said: ‘Considerable force was used to strangle the dog, causing severe suffering.

‘This was a gratuitous piece of violence against the dog.

‘It was not an accident.’

Dog killer Liam Stezaker
Evil dog killer Liam Stezaker

Judge James Tindal told Stezaker he was considered a ‘high risk’ by the probation service.

Sentencing: 12 months in jail for controlling and coercive behaviour, with two sentences of four months for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and actual bodily harm, plus 28 days for cannabis possession – all to run concurrently.

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Follow-up July 2019: My twisted boyfriend punched me so hard I blacked out – then he strangled and stamped my beautiful dog to death

Marstow, Ross-on-Wye: puppy farmer Leigh Hancock

#TheList Leigh Hancock, born February 1984, of 1 Old Dry Arch Cottages, Marstow, Ross-on-Wye HR9 6EQ – ran a puppy farm and conned buyers they were ‘family-raised pets’

Illegal Lydney puppy dealer Leigh Hancock was jailed for nine months
Illegal puppy dealer Leigh Hancock was jailed for nine months

Leigh Hanock pleaded guilty to illegally selling puppies and laundering the proceeds of his crimes

The puppy farmer, formerly of Rodley Road, Lydney, Gloucester, was turning out “conveyor belt puppies” which were in poor condition when he sold them.

The court heard Hancock “blitzed” social media with adverts for Golden Retriever and Labrador puppies that were purportedly the result of ‘accidental pregnancies’ but were in fact from the puppy farm he ran from an adapted shed in the back of his former home in  Lydney.

Adult dogs found in Leigh Hancock's back garden in an adapted shed
Adult dogs found in Leigh Hancock’s back garden in an adapted shed

He would say the puppies were socialised with humans, children and other family pets when the reality was they were kept in cages in the shed.

Trading standards officers analysed a series of advertisements that Hancock placed under various pseudonyms.

Prosecutor Rosamund Rutter said: “A hundred adverts were associated with the defendant – and seven mobile numbers.”

Hancock used various email addresses including the name of one of his children on one email. This was ‘to avoid advertising platforms suspecting he was a trader rather than private seller.’

“When analysed it was noted they were worded in a strikingly similar manner, and contained similar grammatical errors,” the barrister said.

Ms Rutter told the judge of members of the public who were looking for family pets and were assured that was what they were buying.

She added that Hancock even told one couple he and his family were ‘heartbroken they had to give the puppy up.’

The offences dated between June 2016 and March 2017 but Ms Rutter told the court that the operation was running before then.

She described it as a “conveyor belt of puppies, in poor conditions”.

Hancock admitted placing 60 advertisements between July 2016 and March 2017 which implied the pups he was selling were from a family home.

He also admitted withdrawing £23,134.56 of ‘criminal property’ from his bank on March 29 2017 when authorities executed a search warrant at his address and he became aware they were there.

Recorder Ben Browne QC told the defendant the puppies were: “A very different proposition from what you advertised.”

“In each case the set up was to make it look like it was, but it was blatantly untrue.”

Nine months in jail. £1,800 in fines.

BBC News

Bromyard, Herefordshire: Tracey Dawn Davis

#TheList Tracey Dawn Davis, born 18/02/1969, of 16 Ballhurst, Bromyard HR7 4EF – allowed two thoroughbred horses to become so malnourished they had to be put down

Hal (left) and Pumpkin were starved to the point of no return.

Tracey Davis admitted neglecting ex-racehorses Pumpkin and Hal when she appeared before magistrates.

Davis was warned about the condition of one of the horses but failed to listen to their advice.

She admitted to causing unnecessary suffering to the horses between October 14 and November 14, 2017, and also admitted failing to meet their needs between March 14 and November 14, 2017, by not adequately worming them.

Hal formerly known as ‘He’s a Leader’.

Hal, 18, formerly known as ‘He’s a Leader’, collapsed after he was recovered by the RSPCA and the decision was made to put him down after vets could not get him to stand.

Five-year-old Pumpkin, formerly known as ‘Buds Bruvver’, collapsed from damage caused by redworm and was also put down – despite putting up a good fight in recovery.

Following an anonymous call from a member of the public, the RSPCA, vets and police found the horses in extremely poor condition and they were removed.

RSPCA inspector Suzi Smith, who investigated, said: “To let these horses get into such a shocking state is inexcusable.

“Both horses were extremely thin and undernourished and had simply been left to suffer without care for their welfare.

“Thoroughbreds are not an easy horse to keep, yet are unfortunately too easy to pick up for little to no money and sadly therefore often find themselves in the hands of those who are completely inexperienced or unequipped in dealing with their needs.”

Sentencing: 12 weeks in prison, suspended for one year; 120 hours unpaid work; £614 in costs. Banned from keeping horses for 20 years.

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