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Widnes, Cheshire: Andrew Smith

#TheList Andrew S Smith, born c. 1982, of Mottershead Road in Widnes WA8 7LF – punched his American bulldog repeatedly during an attack on his partner

Andrew Smith and his victim

Father-of-two Andrew Smith rained down blows on the family dog, punching her 20 times as she barked and growled following a brutal 30-minute attack on his partner.

Smith had been on a Christmas night out with his workmates when he returned home drunk in the early hours of the morning.

He was heard shouting loudly by his girlfriend as she tried to sleep upstairs at their Trafford home.

A court was told how she initially left it – hoping he would quieten down.

She eventually ventured downstairs to ask him what the problem was.

Smith then told her to ‘call the police before something happens’, before threatening her.

Telling him to be quiet as she didn’t want their four-year-old daughter to wake up, he said: “I don’t give a f**k.”

His partner then went upstairs to call the police – only to be followed by Smith.

He then began hitting her to the face and body, and despite moving downstairs, the attack carried on for 30 minutes.

Their American bulldog was barking and growling at Smith, who then began to punch her ‘around 20 times’.

Andrew Smith
Smith, who is now living with his parents in Widnes, has not been banned from keeping animals

Smith pleaded guilty to assault by beating and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal,

In a victim personal statement read to the court, his partner said the incident made her feel ‘horrible and really guilty’.

She said: “I feel scared around him when he’s had a drink.

“I don’t want to be in a relationship with him anymore. I feel like a bad mum. I should have ended it a long time ago.”

Smith was said to have three previous convictions for seven offences, including offences of violence dating back to 2007.

Sentencing: 80 hours of unpaid work; 10-day rehabilitation activity requirement; £175 court costs. No ban on keeping animals was imposed by the court.

Manchester Evening News

Leigh, Greater Manchester: Ashliegh Tolley

#TheList Ashliegh Tolley, born 05/09/1991, of 82A Richmond Drive, Leigh WN7 2XW – left her tumour-riddled dog to die alone in a freezing flat

Heartless Ashliegh Tolley left her dying dog alone in a freezing flat for several days
Heartless Ashliegh Tolley left her dying dog alone in a freezing flat for several days

Feckless career criminal Tolley, who has numerous previous convictions for assault and shoplifting, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to her desperately sick labrador, Roo.

Caught in the act: CCTV captures ‘master criminal’ Tolley and her hapless partner stealing booze from a corner shop

The court was told how neighbours called the RSPCA to Tolley’s flat, as they were concerned her dog had been left unattended in the property for some time. They said they had not seen Tolley for several days.

Heartless Ashliegh Tolley left her dying dog alone in a freezing flat for several days

Inspector Emma Dingley was sent to the address and knocked on the door but when she got no reply she looked through the letterbox and could see Roo collapsed on the hallway floor in her own faeces.

She was in an emaciated state and Emma could see a huge tumour on her front leg.

She called the police for assistance so she could enter the property and rescue Roo.

Labrador Roo was put to sleep on humane grounds
Despite the efforts of the RSPCA’s veterinary staff to save her, the stricken dog was put to sleep on humane grounds

The poorly dog was extremely cold and was too weak to stand or lift her head. Emma carried her out of the property and rushed her to the RSPCA’s Greater Manchester Animal Hospital.

Staff at the centre placed heat pads on Roo as she was suffering from hypothermia and gave her fluids as she was severely dehydrated. Her body temperature was found to be just 33.8C where the normal body temperature should be around 39C.


The veins were very collapsed, which made placement of a catheter for fluid replacement very difficult. It was thought the collapse of the veins was due to both dehydration and hypothermia.

A vet also found a large mass, approximately 12cm by 20cm which was ulcerated and would have been present for weeks causing intense suffering to the dog but Tolley had not sought veterinary treatment.

Heartless Ashliegh Tolley left her dying dog alone in a freezing flat for several days

Emma said: “Roo was in an awful state when I went to rescue her. She was laid in her only faeces and couldn’t stand as she was so weak and in poor health

“She was freezing as there was no heating in the property so I wrapped her in a blanket and comforted her.

“She was clearly starved and as I cradled her in my arms to carry her to the van she knew I was trying to help her and she tried to wag her tail. It was heart-breaking.

“Staff at the animal hospital were doing all they could to save her but she was basically dying in front of our eyes and there was nothing we could do. She refused to eat even though she was starving.

“Sadly the following day she had deteriorated further so the vet made the decision to put Roo to sleep to end her suffering.

“It was so upsetting for us all – I just take some comfort from the fact she had kind people with her when she died and was not frightened and alone in the flat.

“This was a very upsetting case to deal with and there is never any excuse to abandon a pet – particularly in such a callous way.”

Sentencing: six-week jail sentence, suspended for 12 months; 20 days of rehabilitation activity requirement; £100 costs. Five-year ban on keeping animals.

Wigan Today
Leigh Journal

Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire: Julie Ward

#TheList puppy dealer Julie Michelle Ward, born 11/04/1983, previously of 26 Douglas Road, Leigh, Greater Manchester WN7 5HG and currently of Greenacres travellers site on Slapton Road, Little Billington, Leighton Buzzard LU7 9BP

One of the dogs abused by puppy dealer Julie Ward and her accomplices

Julie Ward was convicted of animal cruelty offences in September 2016 alongside husband Martin Ward and brother-in-law Patrick Oliver Ward after a dead pet was found at a home they were using as a puppy farm. None of the gang showed up for sentencing and warrants were issued for their arrest

In May 2018 Patrick Ward was jailed for 22 weeks and banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

The Wards sold the puppies from addresses on Douglas Road and Windermere Road, in Leigh, Wigan.

The RSPCA launched an investigation into the trio after eight people complained they received sick puppies.

Customers said the animals soon became ill after they arrived home.

Four of the pets died suddenly or were so poorly vets decided to put them down to end their suffering.

Back in April 2015 Ward sold a puppy when she was too young to leave her mother.

She also failed to provide a malti-poo with treatment for an ear mite infestation in November 2015, while in February 2016 she failed to provide a black and white puppy with treatment for parvovirus.

Inspector Pippa Boyd, who led the case, said: “We believe Ward, and two other people who were part of the operation and have been dealt with by the courts previously, were importing puppies and then selling them on from two addresses in Leigh.

“When we joined police to execute two warrants at the properties in February 2016 we found a number of dogs and other evidence.

“At one address – in Windermere Road – we found a number of phones labelled with different dog breeds.

“At the other – in Douglas Road – we found three dogs, one with an untreated broken pelvis, and the body of a dead Jack Russell terrier left in a kennel.”

Sentencing: 18 weeks in jail, £150 victim surcharge. Disqualified from keeping all animals for 10 years.

Manchester Evening News

Stalybridge, Greater Manchester: John Baimbridge

#TheList John David Baimbridge, born 01/06/1989, of 5 Grey Street, Stalybridge SK15 2NP – for the neglect of two dogs found underweight and infested with fleas at his family home

John Baimbridge from Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, was banned from keeping animals for five years after his pet dogs were left with severe flea infestations and other symptoms of neglect
John Baimbridge was banned from keeping animals for five years after his pet dogs were left with severe flea infestations and other symptoms of neglect

RSPCA inspector Lorna Campbell visited the property John Baimbridge shares with parents Judy and Dave Baimbridge and his brother James Baimbridge and discovered the dogs in poor condition. Both dogs – a red cocker spaniel named Ollie and a German shepherd called Pippa – were scratching furiously due to a severe flea infestation. They were also severely underweight and had suffered extensive fur loss.

Fleas could be seen in neglected spaniel Ollie's fur
Fleas could be seen crawling in spaniel Ollie’s fur

Pippa was in so much pain she was crying, yet Baimbridge had not taken her or Ollie to the vets in four months.

Baimbridge agreed to sign the dogs over to the RSPCA and they were taken to Greater Manchester Animal Hospital for emergency treatment.

Pippa weighed just 21.5kg, when an average weight should have been 32kg, and her body condition score was one out of nine, with one being the lowest possible score. Her ribs, spine and hip bones were clearly visible.

German Shepherd Pippa was neglected by her owner John Baimbridge from Stalybridge
German shepherd Pippa was emaciated with numerous bald patches on her body

She also had widespread hair loss across her body due to a chronic skin condition, believed to have been caused by an untreated flea infestation

Vets found Ollie’s foot had grown around towards the paw pad due to the matted fur. The matts had to be shaved off and his claws were cut.

Following on from the treatment both dogs made a full recovery and have been re-homed.

Baimbridge admitted two animal welfare charges at Tameside Magistrates’ Court on January 7, 2020. No charges were brought against any of the other members of the household in which the dogs lived.

Sentencing: 12-month community order including 100 hours of unpaid work. Ordered to pay a total of £415. He was banned from keeping animals for five years.

Manchester Evening News

Additional information:
John Baimbridge is employed by North West Ambulance Service as an Emergency Medical Technician. Baimbridge works on the front line and deals with patients. He is based at Tameside Ambulance Stations.

Rochdale, Greater Manchester: Gusztav Petrovics

#TheList Roma gypsy Gusztav ‘Guszti’ Petrovics, born 04/08/1988, originally from Pécs in Hungary and currently of 20 Abingdon Close, Rochdale OL11 – kept 27 dogs stacked up in their own faeces and urine with no food or water.

Dodgy breeder/importer Gusztav Petrovics from Rochdale and some of his dogs
Obvious backyard breeder/puppy farm importer is obvious: Guszti Petrovics from Rochdale and some of the dogs stacked up in cages inside a filthy shed.

Petrovics was found guilty in his absence of two animal welfare offences at Manchester Magistrates’ Court on November 18, 2019.

Dodgy breeder/importer Gusztav Petrovics from Rochdale kept dogs in grim conditions
Conditions inside the metal shed where Petrovics kept the dogs were grim and inhumane

The court heard the RSPCA were called to Petrovics’ home on January 24, 2019, following concerned calls from members of the public.

When they visited the home, Petrovics confirmed he owned a large number of dogs, and allowed RSPCA inspector Danni Jennings to see them.

Dodgy breeder/importer Gusztav Petrovics from Rochdale kept dogs in grim conditions

She was shown inside a closed metal shed in the back garden, where there were seven dog crates full of dogs and puppies piled on top of each other.

In total there were 10 female adult dogs, one male and 15 puppies – all Dachshunds – with one female terrier-cross.

An expert vet who joined police and the RSPCA on the raid confirmed that the dogs were not being looked after properly.
They were seized by police, the court heard.

Petrovics said during his interview that he had imported the dogs from Hungary, where he grew up, and planned to give the puppies to friends.

Dodgy breeder/importer Gusztav Petrovics from Rochdale

Inspector Jennings said: “The smell from the shed was apparent as soon as we were in the back garden. These dogs were kept in cramped conditions in cages which were stacked on top of each other.

“They were lying in their own faeces and urine – and the smell from the shed was evident as soon as we went onto the back garden. There was also no water or food in the cages for the dogs. The conditions were absolutely appalling.

“The puppies were immediately signed over into RSPCA care and have been rehomed. Following the conclusion of the case the RSPCA has taken the adult dogs into our care and they too will be rehomed.”

Sentencing: 12-month community order. Ordered to pay £1,000 costs and an £85 victim surcharge. Five-year ban on keeping animals.

Rochdale Online

Bolton, Greater Manchester: Kieran Huelin

#TheList Kieran Huelin, born 26/08/1983, of Felton Walk, Bolton BL1 8EN – caught on camera hitting and shouting at his pet dog

Animal abuser and paedophile Kieran Huelin from Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK

Huelin, a convicted paedophile, pleaded guilty to failing to protect the dog from pain, injury, suffering and disease.

In a video released by the RSPCA, the 36-year-old is seen walking around his flat while his brindle and white Staffordshire bull terrier Rosie is sat on an armchair.

In the two-minute video, Huelin waves a finger in her face before slapping her once. Rosie gets off the chair and follows Huelin before he ushers her back onto the chair.

He threatens to hit Rosie on a few more occasions, raising his fist in the air and putting his finger in her face, before appearing to slap her down again twice.

In the footage, Huelin looks unsteady on his feet and stumbles backwards on one occasion.

After being sent the video and some details of where the incident reportedly took place, the RSPCA investigated and inspector Danni Jennings visited an address on June 14, 2019.

Inspector Jennings recognised Huelin who lived at the flat as the man in the video and Rosie was also there. She also recognised the interior from the video.

Huelin signed Rosie over into RSPCA care while an investigation took place.

Staffy Rosie was subjected to violence by Kieran Huelin of Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK
Abuse victim Rosie

Inspector Jennings said in her witness statement that Rosie was in good bodily condition and was friendly and playful but showed submissive behaviour.

She said: “Dog owners should always make sure their pets are handled properly and not stressed or endangered with any aggressive or anti-social behaviour.

“Training should always be reward-based and should not include physical punishment as this may cause pain, suffering and distress.

“Rosie is a lovely and bouncy dog in real life but on this footage she is quite the opposite.”

Rosie is now in the care of the RSPCA and will be placed up for adoption soon.

Sentencing: 12-month community order – including an alcohol treatment order. Ordered to pay £800 costs, as well as an £85 victim surcharge. Banned from keeping animals for five years.

Bolton News
Manchester Evening News

Rochdale: Carl Kawka

#TheList Carl Kawka, born c. 1962, of 19 Channing Court, Rochdale OL16 4QG – for shocking neglect of ten ponies, only two of whom survived

Carl Kawka horse neglect case: one of the rescued ponies

Kawka pleaded guilty to two animal welfare offences.

The court heard how the RSPCA investigated Kawka over concerns about ten horses he had in his care in stables off Duchess Street in Oldham.

Inspector Danni Jennings and officers from World Horse Welfare found eight horses had severely overgrown and deformed hooves which had left them crippled.

Five of the horses were in such a suffering state that an independent vet decided the kindest thing was to put them to sleep.

Three more horses were sent for emergency veterinary treatment, but they were in such poor condition the independent equine vet also decided these needed to be put to sleep to end their suffering.

Carl Kawka horse neglect case: filthy stables

All the horses were found in a stable block which was piled high with faeces.

The conditions were so bad two horses had to be dug out of the stable as the filth had piled up so high rescuers were unable to open the stable door.

Carl Kawka horse neglect case: overgrown hooves

The court heard the horses had not had a farrier to trim their hooves for at least 12 months, when this should take place about every six weeks. This had caused the hooves to grow out of control leaving the horses crippled and struggling to walk.

Inspector Jennnings said: “Because of the filth in the stables it was difficult to see how bad the hooves were but then it soon became apparent when we led them outside.

“This is the worst case of horse neglect I have seen in my 11-year career as an RSPCA inspector.

“The horses were clearly suffering and were crippled, they were struggling to walk, and it was obvious they had not seen the light of day for a long period of time.

“The way they were neglected was horrific – it was a really sad and depressing day for all involved.”

Following lengthy treatment, two of the horses are on the road to recovery; one, called Ronnie, has now been rehomed, and another, Celine, is recovering well and will be due for re-homing soon.

Sentencing: 18-week custodial sentence suspended for 12 months; five-month curfew; total of £515 costs and charges. Banned from keeping all animals for life.

Rochdale Online

Rochdale, Greater Manchester: Scott Buik

#TheList Scott Andrew Buik, born 30 September 1991, of Mellor Street, Rochdale OL11 – starved two dogs and a cat to death.

Scott Andrew Buik from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, left two dogs and a cat to starve to death

Scott Andrew Buik was found guilty of four animal welfare offences.

An RSPCA investigation began after Buik took an emaciated white and brindle Staffordshire bull terrier, known as Buster, to a vet on November 12th, 2018.

Scott Andrew Buik from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, left two dogs and a cat to starve to death

Buik told the vet that Buster had become unwell that morning, but on examination it was clear the dog had been starved. He weighed just 11kg, which is around half of what a healthy dog of Buster’s breed should weigh.

The vet examined the dog and saw that he was gravely ill. He was unable to lift his head and was emaciated, with all his bones protruding.

The vet put the stricken dog to sleep to end his suffering.

Concerned that Buster’s condition was caused by neglect, the vet contacted the RSPCA and inspectors Natalie Taylor and Nina Small visited Buik’s house that afternoon.

Buik invited Inspector Taylor inside and showed her a cage where Buster had been kept in the kitchen.

Next to this was another cage covered in a pink blanket and when she touched the blanket it was so full of fleas, it was moving.

When Inspector Taylor removed the blanket she was horrified to discover the emaciated body of a Labrador-cross dog called Scarlett.

Scott Andrew Buik from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, left two dogs and a cat to starve to death. Photo shows body of crossbreed Scarlett.
Starved crossbreed Scarlett was skin and bone

This dog was severely underweight and her rib cage, spine, shoulders, and hip bones were prominent. It is believed she died the previous day.

Next, Buik led Inspector Taylor to the cellar of his house where she found the body of tortoiseshell female cat named Tilly. She had been dead for some time as mould was growing on her face.

Buik had claimed he had been looking after Scarlet and Tilly for friends, but while in his care the animals were left to starve.

Scott Andrew Buik from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, left two dogs and a cat to starve to death

Inspector Nina Small said in her 16-year career with the RSPCA this has been one of the most horrific cases she has come across.

She said, “It was awful to see the condition of these animals they must have suffered a long and lingering death because they were denied food.

“They were clearly kept in atrocious conditions where they were locked away and really just left to rot.

“The post mortem reports revealed pieces of plastic and metal in the dogs’ bodies so they had been so hungry they were trying to eat anything they could.

“Withholding food when it was available and leaving these animals to suffer until they died is the most callous thing imaginable.”

Sentencing: 26 week custodial sentence suspended for 12 months; community order with a rehabilitation activity requirement for 20 days and 150 hours of unpaid work. Ordered to pay £1,280 costs and a victim surcharge of £115. Banned from keeping animals for life.

Oldham Chronicle
Manchester Evening News

Bury, Greater Manchester: Eden Chemo

#TheList Eden Chemo, born c. 2001, of Gloucester Avenue, Whitefield, Bury, Greater Manchester M45 6BX – filmed punching a husky-Staffy cross as the dog cowered in fear

Violent Eden Chemo was filmed subjecting a dog to a brutal attack
Violent Eden Chemo was filmed subjecting a dog to a brutal attack

Vicious thug Eden Chemo was captured on video launching a sickening attack on the terrified dog, known as Zeus. The shocking act of violence was recorded by Chemo’s friend, who has not yet been identified.

The clip, which was posted on social media, showed the moment Chemo clenches his fist, screams and then punches Zeus twice as the dog lies helpless on a sofa.

People from all over the UK reported the video to the RSPCA after it was posted on Twitter and several others also named Chemo as the attacker.

The animal charity launched a probe that same day and Inspector Emma Dingley visited Chemo’s address.

Violent Eden Chemo was filmed subjecting a dog to a brutal attack

He was later charged with causing unnecessary suffering to an animal by subjecting the dog to unnecessary physical violence resulting in fear and distress.

Violent Eden Chemo was filmed subjecting a dog to a brutal attack

Inspector Dingley said: ‘This was a cowardly and nasty attack on a dog which was laying down in his home and seemed to have no idea why he was being subjected to such violence.

‘The video of the attack was posted on social media which led to us being inundated with calls from across the country reporting the shocking footage.

Abused dog Zeus is now looking for his forever home
Abused dog Zeus is now looking for his forever home

‘Zeus has been in the care of the RSPCA pending the outcome of this court case and has really come on leaps and bounds. At first he was frightened of hand movements and if anyone went to stroke near his head he would drop to the floor.

‘Now he has grown in confidence and he is such a lovely and friendly dog.’

Sentencing: 12-month community order with 80 hours of unpaid work; £300 costs. Banned from keeping animals for three years.

Daily Mail
Manchester Evening News

Hyde, Greater Manchester: Ian White

#TheList Ian White, born c. 1983, of Camborne Road, Hyde, Thameside – stamped on a pensioner’s dog during a violent crime spree

Thug Ian White of Hyde, Greater Manchester, stamped on a pensioner's dog during a violent crime spree
Thug Ian White of Hyde, Greater Manchester, stamped on a pensioner’s dog during a violent crime spree

Ian White’s catalogue of offending began at 10.20pm on November 12, 2018, when he called for a taxi which arrived at a house in Hyde, Manchester.

During the drive he took out a knife and began threatening the driver of the vehicle.

The taxi dropped him off in Buxton Road, Furness Vale, where he flagged down a passing 4×4 and demanded the 65-year-old woman drive him away from the scene.

The woman, who was not physically harmed during the incident, let him out in Yeardsley Lane, Furness Vale. A short time later White made his way to a pub in Buxton Road, Furness Vale.

He entered the pub threatened staff with the knife, caused criminal damage within the business and then left.

White then knocked on the door of a nearby house demanding a taxi be called for him. When the owner, a 75-year-old man, refused to call White a cab he forced his way into the property, assaulting the pensioner and stamping on his dog.

He then left this address and was detained by officers in Buxton Road.

White was charged with 16 offences including threats to kill, possession of a bladed article in public, criminal damage, kidnapping, ABH, affray and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

He appeared at Derby Crown Court on May 21, 2019, where he pleaded guilty to all offences (other than an attempted robbery which he pleaded guilty to theft from a person) and was sentenced to seven years in prison.

A number of psychological assessments were made of White and it was concluded that the offending took place at a time when he was suffering “an autistic crisis”.

Derbyshire Police
Derby Telegraph