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Stroud, Gloucestershire: Ottilie Smith and James Gardner

#TheList Ottilie Smith, born June 1986, and James Gardner, born October 1981, both of Gibson Close, Stroud GL5 1HZ – left their dog to suffer with a severe skin condition

Ottilie Smith and partner James Gardner, who are parents, had not sought treatment for nine-year-old Mastiff Scrum’s significant skin problems.

A concerned member of the public reported the dog’s condition to the RSPCA and inspectors who attended the house ordered the couple to take Scrum for treatment – warning them about the consequences if they did not comply.

Prosecutor Kevin Withey told the crown court: “When the officers returned to the couple’s home they noticed the dog had not been treated and seized it.

“They took the dog to one of their veterinary specialists who examined the animal and said it was underweight and was suffering from alopecia and other skin ailments.

“The RSPCA funded the animal’s treatment, enabling its full recovery.”

Smith and Gardner had been convicted of animal cruelty by Cheltenham Magistrates Court at an earlier hearing in September 2019 but they lodged an appeal to the crown court against the sentence and they refused to sign over the dog so that the RSPCA could rehome him.

The court was told on Friday 6 December 2019, however, that the pair had dispensed with the services of their lawyer and had failed to turn up themselves to pursue the appeal.

The Judge, Recorder Adam Vaitilingham QC, then proceeded to hear the appeal in their absence.

He and two JP members of his bench concluded that the sentence imposed by the magistrates was appropriate and dismissed the appeal.

The court also formally assigned ownership of Scrum to the RSPCA.

Sentencing: ordered to pay £1,200 compensation and £100 each towards the appeal costs. Banned from keeping domestic animals for two years.

Gloucestershire Live

Additional information:
Ottilie Smith also uses the surname Segadelli. She owns a cleaning business called Shamazing which is also on Facebook. James Gardner was a director of James Gardner’s Groundworks Ltd alongside Smith, but this company was dissolved in 2018.

Newent/Quedgeley, Gloucestershire: Tanya and Jeffrey Taylor

#TheList horse abusers Tanya Michelle Taylor, born 28/04/1966, of Oak Crest, Stoney Road, Kilcot, Newent, Gloucestershire GL18 1PB, and Jeffrey Frederick Taylor, born 08/09/1968, of 10 Uxbridge Lane, Quedgeley, Gloucester GL2 2EY

Tallie was neglected by Tanya and Jeffrey Taylor formerly of Drybrook, Gloucester, and had to be euthanised.
Tallie was neglected by Tanya and Jeffrey Taylor formerly of The White House in Drybrook, Gloucester, and had to be euthanised.

Horse Tallie was found in an appalling condition due to neglect by her owners Tanya and Jeffrey Taylor.

Tallie was treated by Three Counties Hospital for multiple health issues in December 2017 but was too poorly and had to be euthanized.

A prosecution was brought against the Taylors by Forest of Dean District Council’s legal team following an investigation and the pair were convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to Tallie.

In his summing up, the Magistrate said: “Tallie could not have been saved by early vet intervention, but it could have reduced her suffering.

“We find you jointly responsible for her care, and jointly responsible for failing to seek treatment for her, which caused her unnecessary suffering.”

Sentencing: ordered to pay fines totalling £1,010 and court costs of £800. No ban.

Gloucestershire Live

Tredworth, Gloucester: Derrick Daniel Dawkins

#TheList Derrick Daniel Dawkins, born 1962, of 5 Clement Street, Tredworth, Gloucester GL1 4JW – left two dogs outside continuously during the ‘Beast from East’ snowstorm

Derrick Daniel Dawkins
Derrick Daniel Dawkins

Bull terriers Dessa and Diesel were found in a snow-covered yard without shelter as temperatures dropped below freezing. One of the dogs was tethered by a chain and had become entangled. Both had untreated painful lesions and sores on their legs and bodies.

Callous Derrick Daniel Dawkins from Gloucester left two dogs outside during the freezing Beast from the East snowstorm  of winter 2018
Callous Derrick Daniel Dawkins from Gloucester left two dogs outside during the freezing Beast from the East snowstorm of winter 2018

Now the dogs’ cruel owner Derrick Daniel Dawkins, has been given a suspended prison sentence and banned from keeping any animal for 10 years.

Investigating RSPCA Inspector Phil Mann said: “As temperatures dropped below zero and snow covered the country, Dessa and Diesel were outside day and night without appropriate shelter.

“When I saw them locked outside, I feared that if I didn’t help them straight away there would have been two dead dogs in the following morning.

“Simply leaving pets outside to fend for themselves without shelter should never be seen as an option.

“Dogs must have constant access to a suitable shelter, and owners should also ensure bedding and sleeping areas are warm, dry and away from any draughts.

“It is shocking that Dawkins left these dogs outside during such horrendous conditions and even more heartbreaking to discover they had been left to suffer with painful, untreated sores.”

Dessa and Diesel have both now recovered from their ordeal while in the care of the team at the Cotswold Dogs and Cats Home.

The team is working with Diesel to prepare him for rehoming, whereas the RSPCA has said five-year-old Dessa is already looking for a special someone to give her a second chance.

Beautiful Dessa has recovered from her ordeal at the hands of Derrick Daniel Dawkins and is looking forward to being spoiled in a loving new home
Beautiful Dessa has recovered from her ordeal at the hands of Derrick Daniel Dawkins and is looking forward to being spoiled in a loving new home

A spokesperson for the RSPCA said: “Dessa loves nothing more than spending time with people and playing with toys.

“She would be best suited to a home with no other animals or children and is looking for an experienced owner with time and patience.

“She hasn’t had as much life experience and can find new environments overwhelming, although she is slowly learning that it is okay to snuggle up on the sofa.”

18-week prison sentence, suspended for two years. £750 in court costs. Banned from keeping any animal for ten years.

ITV News

Ruardean, Gloucestershire: Zoe Powell

#TheList Zoe Powell, born c. 1976, of Bellevue Road, Ruardean GL17 9UY – for severe neglect of an underweight American bulldog who was found with sore patches on his ears and body

Mother-of-two Zoe Powell failed to feed her dog Beethoven properly and left him to suffer with sore patches all over his body and ears.
Mother-of-two Zoe Powell failed to feed her dog Beethoven properly and left him to suffer with sore patches all over his body and ears.

]Forest of Dean District Council prosecuted Zoe Powell after her American bulldog, Beethoven, was found straying. He was in poor condition, underweight and covered in sore patches.

Veterinary reports later confirmed that Beethoven was underweight for a dog of his size and breed and that there was no medical cause for the weight loss; the only conclusion to be drawn was that his condition was due to lack of adequate nutrition.

The sores on his body were thought to be pressure sores caused by lack of muscle and body fat when Beethoven was lying down.

Beethoven has recovered well from his neglect at the hands of his previous owner Zoe Powell from Ruardean
Beethoven has recovered well from his neglect at the hands of his previous owner Zoe Powell from Ruardean

Forest of Dean District Councillor Tim Gwilliam, leader of the council said: “I’d like to thank our local street wardens for acting quickly to save Beethoven from neglect.

“As a council we take animal welfare seriously and this case is an example of how we will take action where we can.

“I’m pleased that the court ordered that Miss Powell should be disqualified from keeping or looking after any dogs for at least the next five years.”

Sentencing: total costs, fines and charges of £787.50. Banned from keeping cats and dogs for a period of at least five years.

Gloucestershire Live

Marstow, Ross-on-Wye: puppy farmer Leigh Hancock

#TheList Leigh Hancock, born February 1984, of 1 Old Dry Arch Cottages, Marstow, Ross-on-Wye HR9 6EQ – ran a puppy farm and conned buyers they were ‘family-raised pets’

Illegal Lydney puppy dealer Leigh Hancock was jailed for nine months
Illegal puppy dealer Leigh Hancock was jailed for nine months

Leigh Hanock pleaded guilty to illegally selling puppies and laundering the proceeds of his crimes

The puppy farmer, formerly of Rodley Road, Lydney, Gloucester, was turning out “conveyor belt puppies” which were in poor condition when he sold them.

The court heard Hancock “blitzed” social media with adverts for Golden Retriever and Labrador puppies that were purportedly the result of ‘accidental pregnancies’ but were in fact from the puppy farm he ran from an adapted shed in the back of his former home in  Lydney.

Adult dogs found in Leigh Hancock's back garden in an adapted shed
Adult dogs found in Leigh Hancock’s back garden in an adapted shed

He would say the puppies were socialised with humans, children and other family pets when the reality was they were kept in cages in the shed.

Trading standards officers analysed a series of advertisements that Hancock placed under various pseudonyms.

Prosecutor Rosamund Rutter said: “A hundred adverts were associated with the defendant – and seven mobile numbers.”

Hancock used various email addresses including the name of one of his children on one email. This was ‘to avoid advertising platforms suspecting he was a trader rather than private seller.’

“When analysed it was noted they were worded in a strikingly similar manner, and contained similar grammatical errors,” the barrister said.

Ms Rutter told the judge of members of the public who were looking for family pets and were assured that was what they were buying.

She added that Hancock even told one couple he and his family were ‘heartbroken they had to give the puppy up.’

The offences dated between June 2016 and March 2017 but Ms Rutter told the court that the operation was running before then.

She described it as a “conveyor belt of puppies, in poor conditions”.

Hancock admitted placing 60 advertisements between July 2016 and March 2017 which implied the pups he was selling were from a family home.

He also admitted withdrawing £23,134.56 of ‘criminal property’ from his bank on March 29 2017 when authorities executed a search warrant at his address and he became aware they were there.

Recorder Ben Browne QC told the defendant the puppies were: “A very different proposition from what you advertised.”

“In each case the set up was to make it look like it was, but it was blatantly untrue.”

Nine months in jail. £1,800 in fines.

BBC News

Lydney, Gloucestershire: Farhad Khalil Ahmed

#TheList Farhad Khalil Ahmed of Lydney, Gloucestershire GL15 – carried out illegal slaughter of a male sheep

Ahmed, owner of Lydney Hand Car Wash, Newerne Street, Lydney GL15 5RF, was convicted under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 with causing unnecessary suffering to a ram.

Ahmed admitted to being filmed cutting a ram’s throat as an accomplice helped him restrain the animal. The video, originally obtained by Caerphilly Trading Standards officers in an unrelated investigation, was passed to Gloucestershire Trading Standards who interviewed Ahmed for offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Ahmed entered a guilty plea and was convicted of a single offence of causing unnecessary suffering to the ram under Section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Cllr Dave Norman, cabinet member for public protection said “I would like to congratulate our Trading Standards Animal Health Team for bringing this offender to justice. This animal clearly suffered a horrific death at the hand of this person and his accomplices.”

“Our Trading Standards team work to ensure the strict welfare standards for farm animals are followed at all times.”

Sentencing: 12-month community order with 150 hours of unpaid work. Ordered to pay the full prosecution costs of £1,700 and an £85 victim surcharge.

Punchline Gloucester

Moreton-In-Marsh, Gloucestershire: Clive Lockton

#TheList farmer Clive Lockton, born c. 1958, of New Road Farm, Todenham, Moreton-in-Marsh GL56 9PN – kept his livestock and poultry in terrible conditions

Lockton pleaded guilty to 17 animal welfare offences including causing unnecessary suffering to a female pig as well as failing to ensure animal welfare and failing to properly inform the authorities of a death of a cow on the farm.

The conditions in which the farmer kept his livestock and poultry were so unsuitable and dangerous that one pig was injured by a makeshift shelter which collapsed on it. The animal had to be shot by a vet to relieve its suffering when animal welfare inspectors visited.

He also pleaded guilty to failing to ear mark cattle and failing to inform the authorities of animal movements off his farm.

The court heard how Trading Standards officer Claire Miers and vet Marie Ipas both visited Lockton’s farm on June 7th last year and found 75 pigs, seven sheep and hundreds of chickens living in a ‘terrible conditions’ with poor, inadequate bedding and feed and water.

Prosecuting Bonnie Styles said there was no fresh water or bedding for the animals and that shelters constructed by Lockton had collapsed, injuring a sow.

The pig had a massive abscess on its leg and had suffered broken ribs when the wall fell on it. It was in such a poor state a vet had to be called immediately to shoot the animal to put it out of its misery.

The court heard how Miss Miers had previously visited the farm and helped Lockton apply for planning permission to build a new shed for the pigs but when she later returned the shed was being used to house cattle.

“At one end of the shed there was an area which was used for feeding. There were pallets and a trough all tied together with string and there were planks on the floor with nails sticking out of them which the cattle could injure themselves on,” said Miss Styles.

“In the feeding area the mud was so deep the cattle couldn’t walk and there was metal corrugated panels sticking out of the ground.

“There was an old bath used for feeding which was in a filfthy condition and in a water container there was a dead bird which Mr Lockton said he was going to remove later.

“There were holes in the floor big enough for a pig to fall into.”

The court heard there was also a pile of out of date food which the chickens and pigs had access to.

“There was Cumberland sausages, chicken and bacon sandwiches and flame grilled chicken which the free roaming pigs and hens had access to,” said Miss Styles.

The inspectors also saw three calves without ear tags which are required by law because of animal health and movement regulations.

They also found a sow in pain suffering.

“The pig was in a very poor condition and had what appeared to be an open wound on its legs. It was hobbling and its jaw was dislocated,” said Miss Styles.

Manure and dirt had built up in the water containers.

“The pig pens were in a very poor state with no dry area and empty food buckets,” said Miss Styles.

Sentencing: rehabilitation order to carry out 15 days’ community service over 12 months. Total of £485 costs and charges. Disqualified from keeping cattle and pigs for a period of five years, with stipulation that this cannot be appealed for a period of two years.

Punchline Gloucester

Yate, Gloucestershire: Stephen D Bowes

#TheList Stephen D Bowes, born 1971, of 48 Cranleigh Court Road, Yate, Bristol BS37 5DJ – possessed images showing human intercourse with reptiles, horses, goats, donkeys and dogs

Between 8/12/16 and 3/11/17 made category A, B and C images of children and possessed a pornographic image which portrayed, in an explicit and realistic way, persons performing an act of intercourse with live animals or reptiles namely snakes, horses, goats, donkeys and dogs.

Sentencing: Bowes was due to be sentenced on 29/08/18 but the outcome was not reported.

Bristol Live

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire: Iain Cockley-Adams

#TheList Iain Duncan Cockley-Adams, born August 1960, of Croghan Hill Farm, Sevenhampton, Cheltenham GL54 5SL – left two dogs for eight hours in a horsebox in 29C temperatures; one dog died

Mugshot of NHS manager Iain Duncan Cockley-Adams whose idiotic actions led to the death of one dog.
NHS manager Iain Cockley-Adams

Iain Cockley-Adams, a manager with Gloucestershire Care Services NHS, was convicted of cruelty after leaving his two collie-cross dogs in the back of his vehicle while his wife competed in a riding event.

Cockley-Adams left two dogs in a horsebox at the event in Euston on a hot day in June 2017. He said he’d left them with four bowls of water and checked on them twice.

But temperatures outside had reached 29C and the court heard the horsebox felt as hot as an oven when opened.

Labrador-collie cross Wade was found collapsed and was put down.

Miraculously his brother Dec survived.

Prosecutor Hazel Stevens argued that Cockley-Adams failed to check the pets often enough.

She said: “No one is suggesting this was deliberate, but it was careless.

An RSPCA spokesman blasted the “avoidable” death, adding: “We hope that this case sends out a clear message that leaving a dog in a hot vehicle, will not be tolerated by the courts.”

Sentencing: fined £1,750, and ordered to pay £1582.23 in court costs. Banned from keeping another dog for three years, but magistrates did not order the seizure of Dec.

The Sun
Horse & Hound

Dursley, Gloucestershire: Emma Miles/Forber

#TheList Emma Miles (aka Emma Forber), born c. 1989, of Lawrence Grove, Dursley, Gloucestershire GL11 4EY – left dog alone to starve to death

Emma Miles left Staffy Yolo alone to starve to death and all that was found in his stomach was fur and faeces
Emma Miles left Staffy Yolo alone to starve to death and all that was found in his stomach was fur and faeces

Mother-of-two Emma Miles left Staffy Yolo locked in the kitchen of her flat when she moved out, leaving him to starve to death. Only fur and faeces were found in his stomach and his internal organs had decomposed.

Emma Miles left Staffy Yolo alone to starve to death and all that was found in his stomach was fur and faeces
The kitchen where Yolo the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was found in Dursley.

Following her formal eviction from Oak Drive, Dursley, council workers clearing the property discovered that the kitchen floor was covered in faeces and a brown sludge, and subsequently discovered the emaciated corpse of a dog wrapped in a plastic bin bag, which had been placed in a cupboard.

Emma Miles left Staffy Yolo alone to starve to death and all that was found in his stomach was fur and faeces

When Stroud District Council’s animal welfare officers were called in to investigate the case Miles claimed that she had given Yolo to a former boyfriend.

However rigorous investigations by SDC animal welfare officer Alex Myrie demonstrated that was not the case, and that Miles had left Yolo alone in the flat without food, water or human company over a period of weeks, which resulted in him starving to death.

A wound was discovered that was consistent with a pressure sore arising from an inability to move prior to his death. The brown sludge found on the kitchen floor was consistent with the advanced decomposition of internal organs.

Emma Miles left Staffy Yolo alone to starve to death and all that was found in his stomach was fur and faeces
Yolo’s decomposed remains were found in this bin bag.

A vet appointed by the council reported that Yolo ‘suffered a great deal in the slow, cruel and unnecessary process of starvation.’

Miles was found guilty of causing Yolo unnecessary suffering which resulted in his death.

Mrs Myrie, who led the investigation, said: “In my 16 years in this role, this is the worst case of animal cruelty I have had to deal with.

“The last days and weeks of Yolo’s life must have been the stuff of nightmares. Staffies thrive on human company and the thought of Yolo spending his last week’s not only starving and thirsty but also lonely, breaks my heart.

“It seems a cruel irony that Yolo’s name stands for ‘You Only Live Once’ when his life ended so cruelly and needlessly.

“There are no winners in cases of this nature but we are very grateful to the courts for bringing Miss Miles to account for her actions, in particular banning her from having any responsibility for any animal for the next 10 years.”

18 weeks in jail, suspended for 12 months and ordered to complete 180 hours of unpaid work in the community within 12 months. Total of £1,115 costs and charges. Disqualified from owning or having responsibility for any animal for 10 years (expires February 2028).