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Denny, Falkirk: Daniel McPhillips

#TheList Daniel McPhillips, born 01/11/1993, of 42 Beech Crescent, Denny FK6 6LL (alternative address 50A Broad Street, Denny FK6 6DY)- strangled a King Charles spaniel, bound his head, neck, throat and legs with his lead and dumped him in the canal to drown

Dog killer: Daniel McPhillips from Denny, near Falkirk in Scotland
Repugnant drug addict and dog killer Daniel McPhillips from Denny, near Falkirk in Scotland was sentenced to the maximum six months in jail and banned from keeping animals for five years.

Daniel McPhillips was given £20 to deliver a spaniel named Alfie to a vet to be rehomed. Instead, in an act of shocking callousness, McPhillips strangled Alfie and dumped his body in the Forth & Clyde Canal with his lead wrapped around his legs.

King Charles spaniel Alfie suffered a horrific death at the hands of vile Daniel McPhillips
King Charles spaniel Alfie suffered a horrific death at the hands of vile Daniel McPhillips

The heroin addict then lied to the dog’s original owner, Tammy-Lynn Burgoyne, stating by text he had taken the dog to the vet so he could be re-homed. Ms Burgoyne later discovered the truth after Alfie’s body was discovered in the canal and reported the matter to the Scottish SPCA.

Dog killer: Daniel McPhillips from Denny, near Falkirk in Scotland
Loser McPhillips lied through his teeth in court but was found guilty. He will be sentenced on 18 December

McPhillips appeared from custody at Falkirk Sheriff Court having been arrested for his non-appearance on an earlier date. He denied asphyxiating the dog and dumping him in the canal in September 2018.

A Scottish SPCA investigator told the court that McPhillips had avoided her telephone calls and appeared reluctant to meet with her.

An associate of McPhillips then gave evidence, stating McPhillips had actually admitted to him he had killed the dog, telling him “I didn’t ken what else to do with it.”

Dog killer: Daniel McPhillips from Denny, near Falkirk in Scotland

Giving evidence himself, McPhillips stated Alfie had escaped while he was walking with him in the woods and he could not get him back. He said he texted Ms Burgoyne and lied, telling her he had safely delivered the animal to the vets.

After considering all the evidence, Sheriff Christopher Shead found McPhillips guilty and told him a prison sentence was a real possibility.

When McPhillips re-appeared in court for sentencing, his solicitor, Mark Fallon said his client now “regrets the harm he caused”.

Mr Fallon added: “He is addicted to crack cocaine, and the offence was committed having taken heroin and Valium.”

Sheriff Christopher Shead said it was a “grave contravention” of animal cruelty laws.

Imposing the six-month jail term he added: “The repugnant nature of this offence is such that a custodial sentence is the only appropriate disposal.”

McPhillips showed no emotion as he was led to the cells.

Commenting on the case, a Scottish SPCA undercover SIU officer said: “This is a truly shocking case of animal cruelty. Rather than taking Alfie to the vet, McPhillips instead decided to kill him and pocket the cash.”

“Numerous people contacted our animal helpline to identify McPhillips as the perpetrator when Alfie was discovered in October 2018 and two witnesses told us he’d openly admitted to the crime.

“McPhillips ignored our repeated attempts to engage with him and he failed to turn up for two trial dates, which meant warrants were issued for his arrest.”

The SIU officer added: “It is hard to comprehend how tragic Alfie’s death was. As well as the trauma to his neck, he also had injuries to his front legs where he’d been trying to escape the bindings. Alfie was caused unimaginable unnecessary suffering due to the actions of McPhillips.”

Despite his conviction for a sickening act of cruelty towards a sweet, trusting dog, McPhillips’ hapless girlfriend Evie Marie Mackenzie appears to be standing by him.

Sentencing: six months in jail. Banned from owning or keeping animals for five years.

Scottish Sun
Falkirk Herald
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Bainsford, Falkirk: Gary McDonald

#TheList Gary McDonald, born c. 1990, of 64 Mungalhead Road, Bainsford, Falkirk FK2 7JG – attacked a nesting swan in a public park

Gary McDonald from Bainsford attacked a swan in a public park
Gary McDonald

Gary McDonald pleaded guilty to a charge under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 at Falkirk Sheriff Court.

The court heard that on May 6, 2018, McDonald entered Crownest Park in Stenhousemuir and approached a group of teenagers saying, “Watch this, I’m going to snap the swan’s neck”. He also asked the group to film him.

Members of the group shouted at him to leave the swan alone as he approached the nest site and took out their phones to film his actions.

McDonald climbed down the verge on the east side of the pond, known as the Lido”, and sat next to the nest.

The swan became alarmed and stood up, stretching out its wings and neck in warning.

McDonald then grabbed the bird by the neck and held it for several seconds before it escaped by entering the pond.

The witnesses uploaded their footage to social media and a witness appeal by Police Scotland resulted in McDonald being identified.

This was the second year that the swan had nested at the side of the Lido.

Sara Shaw, head of the wildlife and environmental crime unit, said: “This was a callous act against a nesting swan.

“Wild birds are protected under our wildlife laws and those who choose to commit acts of violence against them can expect to be held to account.”

Sentencing: three-year community payback order with supervision and conduct requirements.

Falkirk Herald

Grangemouth: Coral and Andrew Elliott

#TheList Coral Elliott, born c. 1995, of 28A Fendoch Road, Grangemouth FK3 9HA, and former partner Andrew Elliott, age and current whereabouts unknown – for the horrific neglect of a dog who was “waiting to die”

Convicted animal abuser Coral Elliott from Grangemouth
Convicted animal abuser Coral Elliott from Grangemouth
King suffered appalling mistreatment at the hands of his callous owners Coral and Andrew Elliott

Coral and Andrew Elliott were tried separately for their part in the shocking mistreatment of German shepherd King, who was found barely alive at the couple’s then home in Cultenhove Crescent, Grangemouth.

Convicted animal abusers Coral Elliott from Grangemouth and ex partner Andrew Elliott whose whereabouts are currently unknown
Birds of a feather: Andrew and Coral Elliott

Andrew Elliott was sentenced in June 2017 after pleading guilty to causing unnecessary suffering by failing to provide his dog veterinary treatment and adequate nutrition. He was given a 180-hour community payback order and banned from keeping animals for 20 years.

In December 2017 Coral Elliott also pleaded guilty to the cruelty charges but received a ban of just five years. She failed to comply with her community payback order and was given another one in May 2019.

Speaking about the distressing case Scottish SPCA Inspector Nicola Liddel said: “When I first visited the property, King could be seen lying in an emaciated state with thick yellow mucus streaming from his nostrils.

“His eyes were so sunken back into his head that you could hardly see them and they were surrounded by a thick greenish discharge. His demeanour was so low, it looked like he was waiting to die.

“After taking King to the vet it was found that he weighed only 18.6kgs, when a dog of his size should be around 32kgs.

“He was severely emaciated with all his bones visible throughout his coat and muscle wastage around his skull. His coat was stark and horrendously matted due to filth and faecal matter.

“Poor King had a chronic flea infestation and was struggling to breathe due to the severe discharge blocking his nasal passages. Unfortunately, King was put to sleep following veterinary advice.

“King should not have been left to suffer as he did and was housed in entirely unsuitable accommodation which smelt strongly of urine and faeces.”

Scottish SPCA News
Falkirk Herald

Bainsford, Falkirk: George Moffat and Kerry Russell

#TheList George John Moffat, born c. 1998, and Kerry Russell, born c. 1976, of Main Street, Bainsford, Falkirk FK2 – failed to seek veterinary help for their chronically sick dog, who later had to be put to sleep

George John Moffat and Kerry Russell from Bainsford, Falkirk, neglected their pets and allowed one dog, Banjo, to suffer with a catalogue of injuries
George John Moffat and Kerry Russell neglected their pets and allowed one dog, Banjo, to suffer with a catalogue of injuries

George Moffat and Kerry Russell admitted that between January 21 and January 26 2018 at Haugh Gardens, Falkirk they caused unnecessary suffering to their dog, Banjo, by failing to provide him with appropriate care and treatment and not seeking veterinary advice for a chronic skin laceration and swelling to his head.

Convicted animal abuser George Moffat has now been disqualified from keeping animals for a period of 10 years.
Convicted animal abuser George Moffat, who works as a chef, has now been disqualified from keeping animals for a period of 10 years.

Moffat and Russell further admitted failing to ensure the needs of two dogs and four cats were met by exposing them to spilt paint, urine, faeces, household debris and knives and failing to allow them to exhibit normal behaviour by confining them with no access to appropriate outside areas for urinating and defecating, all contrary to the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.


Depute fiscal Katie Cunningham said a Scottish SPCA inspector visited the flat occupied by the pair on January 31 after being notified by the vet who treated the Staffordshire Bull Terrier that the wound was so bad the dog had to be euthanised on humane grounds.

During the visit a dog in the property was observed to urinate against a living room door which “didn’t seem to shock anyone in the house, giving the impression this was the norm”.

The inspector also observed “spilt paint, unknown stains on the carpet, rubbish littered in the hall and a smell of stale urine”.

First offender Moffat and Russell both claimed that Banjo had hurt his neck after “running into a bush outside”.

Ms Cunningham added: “They said they had called the vet straight away and had used one of their expensive towels to stop the bleeding but they had no answer as to why the dog was not taken to the vet that day.”

Their defence solicitors said money and transport issues were behind why the dog was not taken to the vet but both accepted “more should have been done”.

Sentencing: 135 hours of unpaid work each; both were banned from keeping animals for 10 years.

Falkirk Herald

Denny, Falkirk: Andrew Bayne

#TheList Andrew John Bayne, born 23/03/1972, of Stirling Street, Dunipace, Denny FK6 6QN – left his elderly pet dog to die in pain and dumped her body

Cruel animal abuser Andrew Bayne allowed his pet dog Pepsi to suffer a catalogue of ailment instead of taking her to the vet. Inset photo shows Pepsi after she had died.
Cruel animal abuser Andrew Bayne allowed his pet dog Pepsi to suffer a catalogue of ailment instead of taking her to the vet. Inset photo shows Pepsi after she had died.

Callous Andrew Bayne, who has also lived in Gillingham in Kent, failed to provide veterinary care for the ailing dog, a 10-year-old Staffy named Pepsi

Appearing at Falkirk Sheriff Court, Bayne pleaded guilty to failing to provide adequate care and treatment, and failing to provide vet advice or treatment to his dog, under section 19 of the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 between June 3 and September 3 last year.

The case came to light following an investigation by the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA) after the discovery of Pepsi’s body in a remote area.

Cruel animal abuser Andrew Bayne allowed his pet dog Pepsi (pictured) to suffer a catalogue of ailment instead of taking her to the vet.
Abused Staffy Pepsi died a prolonged and painful death

SSPCA inspector Louise Seddon, said: “In September 2018 I was called to a job regarding a dead dog discovered dumped in a box in a remote area in Stirling. Upon veterinary post-mortem examination, Pepsi, the dog, was discovered to have a large ulcerated tumour hanging from the abdomen that had multiple discharges.

“There was also a discharge from an opening over the right hock, as well as a vaginal discharge. Her claws were found to be excessively long on all four feet.

“She was also confirmed to have a uterine infection and septic arthritis of the right hind ankle joint, both of which would have caused pain and discomfort, particularly the arthritis as she was likely to be non-weight bearing on the hind limb.

“Histopathology confirmed the tumour was benign and could have been removed by a veterinary surgeon. The tumour was present for many months and was infected for at least one week, which would have caused pain and discomfort, but could have been infected for longer.

“Pepsi sadly passed away following a period of pain and suffering, which did not happen overnight and could have been treated had veterinary advice been sought.”

Inspector Seddon said: “We welcome the fact this case has been dealt with and the sentence handed down. We hope Bayne will give serious consideration about his suitability to care for other animals in the future.”

Sentencing: fined £500 and banned from keeping dogs for five years.

Falkirk Herald

Polmont, Falkirk: Roy Paterson

#TheList Roy Paterson, born 1955, of Greenpark Drive, Falkirk FK2 0QA – left his dog locked in a car in direct sunlight as temperatures soared

Roy Paterson was charged with animal cruelty over an incident in St Andrews on July 23 , 2018 – a day when temperatures hit 25 degrees celsius in the Fife town.

Paterson had denied the charge but was found guilty after a two-day trial.

Passers-by had called police to a car park in Argyle Street in St Andrews, after spotting the dog locked in the back of a Volvo estate car. Attending officers found the dog “heavily panting and in distress”. As the police considered him to be behaving aggressively because of the heat, they also summoned a vet to the scene.

PC Jonathan Gordon told the court he was one of the first two officers on the scene around 45 minutes after police were first called.

He said: “Members of the public were making comments about the dog – that it was shocking and it was a shame.

“It was agreed to gain entry to the vehicle and we smashed the back nearside window.

“The vet went in to the car to take control of the dog.

“The dog’s collar had a number and my colleague called it and the accused and a female arrived shortly after.

“He was obviously very upset that we had gained entry and said he had done enough for the dog and tried to justify himself by saying the windows had been cracked open and a water bowl had been left.

“He was adamant it was justifiable to do what he had done and stated we should be paying for the damage.”

A sheriff ruled Paterson had caused the dog unnecessary suffering by leaving him “exposed to excessive temperatures” – and convicted him of the crime.

Sentencing: fined £250.

Fife Today

Falkirk: Laurence Brown

#TheList Laurence Brown, born. c. 1958, of Derwent Avenue, Falkirk FK1 5HZ – trapped neighbour’s cat in an illegal and inhumane fox snare

Cruel Laurence Brown bought an illegal snare off the internet and used it to trap his neighbour's cat. Miraculously she was unhurt.
Cruel Laurence Brown bought an illegal snare off the internet and used it to trap his neighbour’s cat. Miraculously she was unhurt.

Brown told the court he set a fox-snare for his neighbour’s cat because she wouldn’t stop fouling in his hot tub

The lorry driver had tried screens, pepper, and even lion dung after the feline began to ‘repeatedly’ defecate in the heated outdoor whirlpool.

After these attempts failed to stop the cat, Brown bought a snare on the Internet and set it where the animal was squeezing through the palings of the fence that divided his garden from the cat’s.

Prosecutor Susan Campbell said: ‘His garden backs onto their garden, and the gardens are separated by a six foot fence which has spaces which the cat can fit through.

‘On 22nd June the owner of the cat heard a yowling noise coming from the area of the fence.

‘He saw his cat dashing and realised that she had a piece of wire round her neck.

‘It was a loop of yellow wire with a small metal fixing and there was no stopper on the device which would have prevented it from continuing to tighten.

‘He got some scissors and cut it off. The cat was not injured.’

Ms Campbell said the cat’s owner – who was not named – challenged Brown about the incident, who claimed he was ‘trying to catch foxes’.

But on Wednesday November 28 Brown pleaded guilty to setting an illegal and inhumane snare and trapping the cat, whereby she became entangled and unable to free herself, causing her unnecessary suffering.

He also admitted contravening the Wildlife and Countryside Act by setting a snare ‘calculated to cause unnecessary suffering’ to any animal coming into contact with it, in that it had no ‘stop’ on its noose.

Sheriff James MacDonald told Brown:  ‘You had a limited record when you appeared before me, but you now have a conviction for animal cruelty, and that will live with you.

‘Not only that, you will have to live with the consequences of your actions – not least of which is knowing that your neighbour knows that you set a trap for his cat, which on the basis of the narration given to me by the Crown, can only have been with the intent to either maim that animal or at least cause it significant injury.

‘Fortunately for you it was unhurt, but I should tell you this: Parliament intended these offences to be taken seriously, and that is why Parliament provided me with the power to send you to prison for up to 12 months.

‘You should understand that if there is any repeat of this sort of behaviour, the court will undoubtedly regard it seriously.’

Fined £300. 

Daily Mail

Denny, Falkirk: Emily Paton

#TheList Emily Paton, aged 19, of Denny, Falkirk – allowed her Rottweiler Tia to become extremely underweight and to suffer with a ruptured eye which had to be removed

Emily Paton, aged 19, from Denny, Falkirk, and Tia, the dog she cruelly neglected.
Emily Paton, aged 19, from Denny, Falkirk, and Tia, the dog she cruelly neglected.

Paton was prosecuted for animal cruelty following a Scottish SPCA investigation.  She was  sentenced at Falkirk Sheriff Court on 02/08/2018 after pleading guilty to causing Tia unnecessary suffering.

Commenting on the investigation and court case, inspector Robyn Gray said, “Tia was unsteady on her feet and in very poor body condition. She was extremely underweight, weighing around half of what she should.

“Tia required surgery to remove her right ruptured eye and during that it was discovered her left eye was near rupturing, so further work was required to save her eyesight.

The Rottweiler's eye had to be surgically removed

“Thanks to the hard work from the vet team and our centre staff, Tia pulled through and she has made a full recovery and found her loving forever home with another dog who was rehomed from the Society”.

Sentence: ordered to carry out 110 hours of unpaid work; placed under supervision for one year. Five year ban on owning any animal (expires August 2023).

Scottish SPCA