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Mirfield, West Yorkshire: Krisztina Kubovics

#TheList Krisztina Kubovics, born 07/11/1985, of 11 Finching Grove, Mirfield WF14 0LH – for the extensive and prolonged neglect of her elderly Shih Tzu dog

Animal abuser Krisztina Kubovics and her neglected dog Malua
Animal abuser Krisztina Kubovics and her neglected dog Malua. The little shih Tzu has recovered and now lives with an RSPCA inspector.

Hungarian national Kubovics pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal and failing to take steps to ensure its needs were met.

The neglect was uncovered when a neighbour of Kubovics took the 16-year-old dog, known as Malua, to a qualified dog groomer.

The professional was so concerned she refused to groom her and contacted the RSPCA.

Andrew Davidson, prosecuting, said following her contact with the charity an inspector visited Kubovics’s home and took the dog away to be examined by a vet.

Mr Davidson added: “She talked about Malua’s coat being in an extremely poor condition with heavy matting.

“There was a problem with the left eye, overgrown claws and significant dental disease.

“The claws were extremely long with one puncturing the skin.

“Ultimately the eye had to be removed (and) the teeth were so long that a number had to be taken out.

“She said that Malua would have suffered as a result of the chronic eye disease and overgrown claws.

“It would have caused extreme discomfort and (she) would have expected the owner to notice and seek advice.

“The claws, particularly the one going into the skin, would have caused chronic and persistent pain and difficulty walking. The dental disease would have taken years to develop.”

When interviewed Kubovics admitted she hadn’t taken her dog to the groomers because she didn’t want her hair too short and, in any event, it would be difficult for anyone to touch her because she might bite.

She admitted that Malua’s nails were curling and that she tried to cut them herself with scissors because she couldn’t afford to have them done due to financial difficulties.

Sajid Majeed, mitigating, said that his client had experienced lots of difficulties in her life.

Mr Majeed said: “Ms Kubovics has dealt with things in her life not so well and this is one of them. The dog clearly hasn’t been cared for properly.”

Sentencing: community order with 10-day Rehabilitation Activity Order and 120 hours of unpaid work; ordered to pay £332 cost and charges. Banned from keeping dogs for five years. Deprivation order on Malua.

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Killingworth, Newcastle upon Tyne: Claire Shears

#TheList Claire Shears, born 04/06/1980, of Angus Close, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE12 6QR – let her bichon frise’s fur get so matted he struggled to see or hear

Image of dog abuser Claire Shears from Newcastle upon Tyne
Claire Shears allowed her pet dog’s fur to become so matted it was causing him to suffer.

Claire Shears’ dog, Basil, had gone ungroomed for so long he couldn’t even walk around because all the matted fur had wrapped around his feet.

Basil’s left eye – which was totally covered by matted clumps – was red and sore. The fur was matted so tight it meant the dog’s eye was touching his ear and mouth.

Basil, a bichon frise, had been ungroomed for so long he was struggling to walk as the matting had created ‘boots’ around his feet, and his left eye was red and sore where it had matted tight to his ear and mouth.

Shears admitted causing unnecessary suffering to Basil by failing to ensure he was properly groomed between March 11 and May 11, 2017.

Image of dog abuser Claire Shears from Newcastle upon Tyne

RSPCA inspector Helen Bestwick said: ‘It took over two hours to dematt Basil.

‘He was in a terrible state. His eye was matted to his ear and nose and was pulling tight and he looked like he was wearing boots his feet were so matted.

‘Afterwards he was running around like a pup, he was obviously very happy to be free of the matting which was causing him to suffer.

‘Luckily, the skin underneath wasn’t too bad and once he had been groomed he was feeling much better.’

The RSPCA first visited Shears’ home in October 2018, but had to return almost 20 times before they finally got to see the dog. Officers removed Basil from her home in May 2010.

Tragically, the dog had to be put to sleep in July after contracting an aggressive throat tumour unrelated to the case.

‘It was really upsetting for everyone, he wasn’t eating well and was booked in for a dental.

‘When the vet went to put the tube down his throat they discovered the tumour.

‘A biopsy found it was aggressive and was going to cause him a great deal of suffering.’

Sentencing: 12-month community order with 15 rehabilitation days; ordered to pay £285. Banned from keeping dogs for 10 years.


Whitehills, Banff: Carol and Samuel Baird

#TheList Carol Baird, born c. 1964, and husband Samuel Allan Baird (aka Samuel Hutchinson) both of Knock Street, Banff AB45 2NW – for neglect of their elderly pet cat who was ultimately put to sleep

Neglected cat Austin had to be sedated to have his fur removed. Sadly he was later put to sleep because he'd lost so much weight.
Elderly Austin had to be sedated to have his fur removed. Sadly he was later put to sleep because he’d lost so much weight.

Carol and Samuel Baird were banned from keeping pets for five years, following a Scottish SPCA investigation.

The pair pleaded guilty to failing to take reasonable steps to ensure the cat’s needs were met, allowing the cat’s fur to become so matted he was unable to move properly, and failing to provide veterinary treatment thereby causing him unnecessary pain and suffering.

Scottish SPCA Inspector Alison Simpson said, “This was one of the worst cases of cat neglect I’ve dealt with and I’ve worked with the Scottish SPCA for more than 20 years.

“Austin, the cat, was so badly matted that the vet needed to sedate him to be able to remove the matted fur.

“The extent of the matting caused Austin to be unable to exhibit normal behaviours and inhibited his movement. He was also suffering from dental issues that would have caused him considerable pain.

“It took over one and a half hours to remove the matted hair, and Austin’s weight dropped from 2.9kgs to 2.65kgs. It’s believed that matting this severe would have taken at least a year, and could have easily been prevented with regular brushing.

“Once his hair was removed it was clear how thin he was, with his spine and bones easily seen and felt. A cat of Austin’s build should have weighed around 4-5kg.

“Due to Austin’s advanced age and extremely ill health, a good quality of life could not have been achieved. Following extensive examination a vet decided that the kindest thing to do was put Austin to sleep and end his on-going suffering.

“I’m happy the courts have dealt with this case, however it further highlights our push for tougher and more consistent sentencing. This level of neglect didn’t happen overnight and could have easily been avoided. I hope the pair seriously consider their ability to look after animals once the 5 year ban has passed.”

Sentencing: Carol Baird was fined £1,000. Samuel Baird received a £200 fine. Both were banned from keeping animals for five years.

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Havant, Hampshire: Cheryl Welch

#TheList Cheryl Welch, born 08/08/1978, of Purbrook Way, Havant PO9 3SG – failed to adequately groom her elderly shih tzu dog and treat her eye condition

Dog abuser Cheryl Welch from Havant, Hampshire, and victim Tam
Despite allowing her pet dog to get into this state Cheryl Welch was not disqualified from having animals and was allowed by magistrate Jennifer Duddridge to keep cats, birds and another dog …

Cheryl Welch admitted causing unnecessary suffering and failing to protect shih-tzu Tam from pain, suffering, injury and disease by failing to adequately groom her

The 10-year-old shih tzu could not see after her fur became so matted it damaged her eyes.

The court heard that Tam had been a rescue dog and Welch had taken her in.

But she was found by a member of the public and reported to the RSPCA after a freak near-miss when she ran out into the road and was nearly run over.

The driver was so shocked by the matted hair all over Tam that she called the RSPCA.

Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court heard how she was suffering from ‘poor husbandry’ with faeces and urine in her hair.

She was also suffering from dry eye, which had gone untreated for six months.

Sarah Wheadon, prosecuting for the RSPCA, said: ‘It certainly had been very uncomfortable for Tam and caused a significant degree of irritation.’

She added: ‘This was not a condition that could have gone on unnoticed by the owner.

‘It’s very severe and Tam was giving off a smell.’

Tam was signed over to the RSPCA but Welch was allowed to keep cats, birds and another dog.

Chair of the magistrates’ Jennifer Duddridge made the ruling as there was ‘no evidence of neglect of remaining animals and your children love their pets and they are important to them’.

Sentencing: community order with a 15-day rehabilitation activity requirement. Total of £160 costs and charges. No ban.

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