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Burnhope, Durham: Kevin Knox

#TheList puppy farmer Kevin Knox, born c. 1959, of The Grove, Burnhope, Durham DH7 0AH – sold poorly puppies without a licence to unsuspecting buyers

Puppy dealer Kevin Knox of Burnhope, Durham
Kevin Knox, who was previously exposed in a BBC documentary on puppy farming, has finally ben sent to jail and has also been hit with a huge tax bill

Kevin Knox, who traded as Ivy Leaf Kennels, sold puppies which buyers complained were sick on three occasions, while not in possession of a pet shop licence.

Two of those sales were made to customers who had responded to adverts placed under the false name of Graham Thompson.

Knox has now been jailed for eight months and given a five year ban from operating a pet shop, following a prosecution by Durham County Council.

Newcastle Crown Court heard how Knox was a partner in Ivy Leaf at a premises elsewhere in the village, under a pet shop licence, until March 2018.

A judge was told that the council’s animal health team investigated beyond this date and concluded that the premises was still being run as a pet shop despite a licence no longer being in place.

Evidence was found of Knox advertising on the pet shop’s website and other online sales pages using a false name.

The court heard how in June 2018, the council received a complaint of a puppy, having been purchased via the Ivy Leaf website, becoming ill on the day of purchase.

Enquiries revealed that the purchasers contacted the business and spoke to Knox.

They then attended the Ivy Leaf site where Knox’s business partner showed them a selection of puppies and sold them one.

Further enquiries revealed that the defendant bought microchips and that he took 33 puppies in to vets between June and August 2018.

Knox pleaded guilty to two charges at Newton Aycliffe Magistrates Court in March – operating without a pet shop licence and giving false information as to his identity.

The sentencing hearing was told how Knox’s licence had been due for renewal in December 2017 and how he had taken until the February of the following year to seek this.

However the council refused the application in April 2018. The business had considered appealing but chose not to.

At the time, it had 30 dogs on the premises and the court heard Knox panicked and did not know what to do.

He accepted he could have called the council to ask but did not. Knox chose to sell the remaining puppies without a licence and used a neighbour’s name, although receipts were given in the name of Ivy Leaf.

The judge was told Knox had since lost his business, his house and his wife; broken his ankles and was in receipt of Universal Credit.

Sentencing: four months in prison for the offence of giving false information and one month for not having a pet shop licence, with these to be served at the same time. He was given a further four months in prison for breaching a suspended sentence. Five-year ban on operating a pet shop.

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Coxhoe, Co Durham: Christopher Paul Adam

#TheList Christopher Paul Adam, born 04/10/92, of The Avenue, Coxhoe, Co Durham DH6 4AD – kept dogs Charlie and Lola in horrific conditions and deprived them of food and water

Convicted animal abuser Chris Adam now of Coxhoe, Co Durham, kept his dogs in shocking conditions and deprived them of food and water
Convicted animal abuser Chris Adam now of Coxhoe, Co Durham, kept his dogs in shocking conditions and deprived them of food and water

RSPCA inspectors turned up at father-of-two Adam’s former home on Heathway, Seaham, in August 2018 where Lola was found in a dog crate in his backyard and Charlie was found in a brick outhouse.

The dogs were noticeably thirsty and starving and had nowhere comfortable to sleep.

RSPCA inspector, Rowena Proctor, said: “I was shocked to see how Lola and Charlie were living, particularly after being shown through what was an immaculately clean house.

Convicted animal abuser Chris Adam now of Coxhoe, Co Durham, kept his dogs in shocking conditions and deprived them of food and water
Charlie has recovered from her ordeal at the hands of her negligent owner Chris Adam of Coxhoe, Co Durham

“Lola was in a dog crate that was entirely empty aside from her, curled up in a ball. There was no bedding, food or water. Adam let her out then went to an outhouse from where he let out Charlie.

“It was immediately obvious that both dogs were very thirsty and that Lola in particular was hungry. They quickly started to drink dirty puddle water and what appeared to be rainwater that had filled a dirty kitchen bowl. Charlie toileted and Lola immediately ate it.

“Lola was obviously very, very thin and her white coat was dirty and smelly, her feet and legs were stained brown and yellow.

“Adam allowed me to look inside the outhouse which had very little natural light and was piled high with tools and other belongings leaving Charlie – who is a large dog – with very little space to move.

“There was no comfortable place for Charlie to rest. There was a piece of old carpet on the floor but, as she couldn’t escape from the tiny space she was in to toilet, it was heavily soiled with her own urine and faeces.

“The smell was overpowering. It must have been an absolutely awful place to be confined.

“There was a water bowl inside the outhouse but it was empty and dry.”

Convicted animal abuser Chris Adam now of Coxhoe, Co Durham, kept his dogs in shocking conditions and deprived them of food and water
Springer spaniel Lola will always be of small stature after being starved by her cruel owner Chris Adam of Coxhoe

Both dogs were removed with the owner’s permission and taken to a vets for examination before being taken into possession by police on vet advice.

Lola weighed 6.4kg and was emaciated with her ribs, pelvis and spine all able to be seen through her coat and a vet said her size has been stunted and she will always be of small stature as a result of being starved at a young age.

Charlie weighed 25.2kg and was very underweight. The vet stated that a dog of Charlie’s size should weigh in excess of 30kg.

In mitigation, the court heard that Adam, who runs a home improvement firm named P.L. Maintenance, had been going through a difficult time and was of previous good character.

18 weeks in jail – suspended for 12 months – and 15 rehabilitation activity days. Ordered to pay £300 costs and £115 victim surcharge. Banned for life from keeping animals.

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Wheatley Hill, Durham: John Bainbridge and Donna Kennedy

#TheList John Christopher Bainbridge, born 28/12/1982, and Donna Kennedy, born 09/01/1984, of Wheatley Hill, Durham – locked their dog in a dark, filthy shed to starve to death

Evil pair John Bainbridge and Donna Kennedy of Wheatley Hill, Durham, locked a dog in a filthy shed and left him there to starve to death

Bainbridge and Kennedy, who have four children between them, were found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a male lurcher by failing to provide him with an adequate supply of food and water resulting in his death and failing to seek veterinary care and attention for his pressure sores.

The dog’s emaciated body was found locked inside this garden shed. A concrete slab had been placed against the door to stop him escaping.

RSPCA chief inspector Mark Gent said: “RSPCA inspector Aislynn Balderstone found this poor dog, emaciated in a filthy garden shed with no food or water.

The saddest of sights: the starved dog was found dead inside the shed

“There was a concrete slab blocking the shed door preventing it from opening.

“Kennedy claimed not to have known the slab was there even though the front of the shed was only a few feet away from the kitchen window where she washed up daily.

A vet examined the dog who weighed just 12.1kg – his ideal weight would have been 18kg.

Chief inspector Gent said: “The physical and mental suffering this dog endured must have been enormous as he died alone in the dark.

“We hope by bringing this matter to court we have achieved some sort of justice for him.

Sentencing: 18 weeks’ imprisonment suspended for two years; 100 hours of unpaid work; six-month curfew order; £425 costs each. Lifetime ban on keeping all animals.

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Belmont, Durham: Vincent Grant

#TheList Vincent Dean Grant, born 17/12/1968, formerly of Frank Street, Durham and more recently (2019) of Longleat Walk, Ingleby Barwick, Stockton-on-Tees TS17 5BW – kicked a Cavalier King Charles spaniel to death while wearing heavy Timberland boots

Evil Vincent Grant from Durham kicked a helpless Cavalier King Charles spaniel to death
Vincent Grant from Durham told lie after lie about the circumstances in which Tilly (pictured) died but eventually admitted he had kicked her repeatedly while wearing heavy boots. The little spaniel died from her injuries.

Vincent Grant was left alone in his home with the dog, named Tilly, for a matter of minutes, when her owner left to give a friend a lift.

When the owner returned, she heard the sound of yelping and was met with the devastating sight of her five-year-old dog cowering and limping.

Grant claimed the pet – known for being docile and friendly – had bitten him.

Tilly died that evening, with a post-mortem examination showing she had five broken ribs and a punctured lung

Evil Vincent Grant from Durham kicked a helpless Cavalier King Charles spaniel to death
Evil dog killer Vincent Grant from Durham

Father-of-two Grant first told police he had gone to stroke her to apologise for stepping on her paw by accident, but hit out with the back of his hand or fist out when she bit him.

When he was quizzed again, the plant driver admitted he kicked Tilly two or three times while wearing his Timberland boots, having earlier claimed he had slippers on.

Grant admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal by repeatedly kicking Tilly.

Tony Jackson, mitigating, said Grant had drunk four or five pints on the day of the incident.

Sentencing: 12-month community order with supervision, 200 hours of unpaid work, compensation of £1,483 and £85 court costs. Banned from keeping animals for just five years (expired April 2016).

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