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Annan, Dumfries-Shire and Bishopbriggs, Glasgow: Marco Tondo and Nadine Campbell

#TheList puppy farm dealer Marco Tondo, born 18/10/1987, currently of 18 Shawfield Court, Annan, Dumfries-shire DG12 6JB but with links to the Shettleston area of Glasgow, and partner Nadine Campbell, born 07/12/1988, of 39 Colston Avenue, Bishopbriggs G64 1SL – sold sick puppies and ran an illegal ‘pet shop’

Scottish puppy farm dealers Marco Tondo and Nadine Campbell
Puppy farm dealers Marco Tondo and Nadine Campbell pictured outside Glasgow Sheriff Court

Wannabe gangster and alleged drug dealer Marco Tondo kept several dogs in cramped conditions at partner Campbell’s address in Bishopbriggs in October 2018.

The Scottish SPCA said the puppies were suffering from a number of serious health problems, including worm and flea infestations, parvovirus and coccidiosis – a parasitic infestation.

Investigating officers determined they had come from “suspected puppy dealers”.

Five puppies were sold at the “pet shop” where eight other young dogs were kept.

Two dogs had to be put down, one of which had suffered organ damage. Other dogs there were also poorly and underweight.

Scottish puppy farm dealer Marco Tondo

Tondo, who shares a baby daughter with co-accused Nadine Campbell, was set to face trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court but pleaded guilty to a charge of causing “unnecessary suffering” to the puppies.

Tondo and Campbell both admitted to operating a pet shop without proper authority involving the selling of five puppies and having eight other young dogs.

Scottish puppy farm dealer Nadine Campbell

The court heard Tondo put Jack Russell and Chihuahua puppies up for sale on Gumtree.

Two buyers came to the property in Bishopbriggs, where Campbell was living.

Tondo told them not to feed the puppy on the journey as it would be “sick due to travel.”

He claimed one dog had been wormed but failed to forward the paperwork to the buyers. It was later discovered that the puppy had not been wormed or microchipped.

The buyers paid £350 and Tondo did acknowledge that the puppy was “unwell” – it later vomited in the buyers’ car and its health deteriorated.

The puppy was taken to the vet for dehydration where its breathing became “laboured” and died.

Tondo could not be contacted and his phone appeared “out of service.”

The court heard of another incident when a vet and her daughter bought a dog from Tondo.

The vet noted that the dogs didn’t show typical puppy behaviour and were underweight – she also noted there was no food, beds or blankets for the animals.

The vet later bought the dog after discussing it with her daughter and was told by Tondo that the puppy had been vaccinated and microchipped.

The dog’s health deteriorated as it became dehydrated and was passing clear watery fluids.

The puppy was taken for veterinary treatment but did not respond to its medication.

A third puppy was then bought on October 21, 2018, at an address in Larbert, Stirlingshire.

Prosecutors said the dog – who also had fleas – then “collapsed, was pale and had a fever”.

Vets found it had signs of “organ damage”. The dog died on October 25, 2018.

A fourth puppy later sold also needed vet treatment.

The charge stated a number of puppies at the address in Bishopbriggs were “confined in a small cage” and others in a garden were “underweight”.

Despite all of this neither Tondo nor Campbell were banned from keeping animals an outcome with the Scottish SPCA greeted with disappointment.

An undercover special investigation unit (SIU) inspector said: “Whilst we welcome and respect the court’s judgment, we would have liked to see Tondo given a ban on owning or keeping animals. His disregard for the welfare of numerous dogs led to several puppies becoming unwell and, in two sorry cases, passing away.

“We became aware of Tondo and Campbell following reports by concerned members of the public who had purchased puppies from them that had subsequently become very ill and, sadly in two instances, passed away.

“Working on intelligence we were able to determine that both of the accused were supplied puppies from an unidentified puppy dealer, but failed to keep any form of register of sales carried out.

“Our investigation led us to the home of Campbell. With a warrant, we discovered evidence to support that they were selling puppies on behalf of a third party without the appropriate licence.

“The pups have come from suspected puppy dealers. These people are driven by profit and often have no regard for animal welfare.”

The inspector added: “The puppies were suffering from a number of serious health problems including worm and flea infestations, parvovirus and coccidiosis, a parasitic infestation. Tondo’s failure to provide veterinary care for these animals would have led to immeasurable suffering.

“Not only did they put the dogs in their care at risk but due to the contagious nature of the diseases the puppies had, they put domestic dogs in Scotland at great risk.

“This has been heart-breaking for the families who bought the puppies from the couple. Not only did it result in large veterinary bills, but also a lot of stress and heartache.

“Tondo has overlooked the most basic welfare standards in order that they can profit at the expense of these animals.

“This case shows that not only are we targeting puppy farmers but we are also taking on those buying puppies from dealers with successful results. This is a reminder that we will not overlook anyone involved in this barbaric trade.”

Sentencing: Marco Tondo was ordered to carry out 270 hours of unpaid work in the community while Nadine Campbell was tagged for three months for selling the pups from her home address without a licence. No ban on keeping animals was imposed on either of them.

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Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway: Liam Patterson

#TheList Liam Patterson, born c. 1993, of Eastfield Road, Dumfries DG1 – trained three dogs for animal fighting

Liam Patterson from Dumfries, Scotland, trained his dogs for fighting and kept a banned breed dog
It was said that Patterson had “a fascination, verging on obsession, with dog fighting”.

Liam Patterson was found in possession of videos on his personal devices showing his dogs fighting and being trained to fight. Dog fighting paraphernalia and photos were also found at his home.

Patterson pleaded guilty to training dogs for, causing and taking part in animal fighting. This is contrary to the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 under Section 23 (1) (a) (2) (e).

He also admitted to being in possession of an American pit bull terrier which is a banned breed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

Social media conversation between dog figher Liam Patterson and a friend in which he admits to setting his dog on a cat and taking her badger baiting ('pig' is slang for badger).
Social media conversation between Liam Patterson and a friend in which he admits to setting his dog on a cat and taking her badger baiting (‘pig’ is slang for badger).

Two of the dogs involved in the case were Staffordshire bull terriers named Zeus and Gucci and the American pit bull was called Bubba. All three were signed in to the care of the Scottish SPCA. Sadly Bubba had to be put to sleep because he was a banned breed.

Liam Patterson from Dumfries, Scotland, trained his dogs for fighting and kept a banned breed dog

An undercover Scottish SPCA special investigations unit inspector said, “We received information from the League Against Cruel Sports that Patterson was keeping and training dogs for the purposes of dog fighting and currently had fighting dogs at his home address.

“The intelligence we received also stated there was dog fighting equipment, books and gear at his home address.

“Due to immediate concerns for the welfare of the dogs, we obtained a search warrant and gained entry to the property where we found the three dogs. All appeared to be in good body condition.

“At the location, we found numerous items relating to dog fighting including weighted collars which are used as a training aid to strengthen and build endurance.

“Multiple videos of his own dogs fighting were found on Patterson’s personal devices. In many, he can be heard shouting encouragement in the background. Other footage discovered included other, unknown, dogs fighting and dogs with injuries consistent with fighting.

“Other videos showed Gucci, Zeus and Bubba being put through a vigorous training regime in line with dog fighting practice.

“Messages were found between Patterson and an unknown individual discussing plans to attend and enter in dog fights and their dogs’ ability to fight to the death. Communication was also discovered outlining Patterson’s desire to buy and sell American pit bulls.

“Over the course of this investigation, it became clear that Patterson had a fascination, verging on obsession, with dog fighting and breeds relating to the American pit bull. How he could hold these dogs in such high regard and let them fight each other with little regard for their welfare is very difficult to comprehend.

“We are very pleased with the sentence that has been handed to Patterson and we hope this is seen as a deterrent to other, active dog fighters.

“Dog fighting is such a well-guarded and underground crime, it’s extremely difficult to detect and investigate. We are proud to be leading the way using intelligence and expertise to bring these people to justice.

“The Scottish SPCA Special Investigation Unit is dedicated to combatting animal fighting. If anyone has any information pertaining to individuals who are involved in this activity, we would urge them to contact our confidential animal helpline on 03000 999 999.”

Martin Sims, director of investigations for the League Against Cruel Sports said: “We’re very proud that it was our intelligence work that has been the basis for this conviction, but what this case serves to show to the public is how abhorrent the world of dog fighting is and why the courts need to have more sentencing powers to properly punish those involved.

“In England and Wales legislation is moving through parliament to see maximum custodial sentences for animal cruelty increased from six months to five years, but we are today calling on the Scottish Parliament to stop consulting on increasing sentences for animal cruelty and get on with passing the legislation that will be a proper deterrent to people like Liam Patterson who inflict pain on animals just to make money.”

Sentencing: 300-hour community payback order; 162-day restriction of liberty order. Banned from owning a dog for 15 years.

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Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway: Sean McKay

#TheList Sean McKay, born c. 2000, of Stranraer – stabbed girlfriend’s American Bulldog

Vicious Sean McKay from Stranraer, Scotland, attacked American bulldog Hooch with a knife.
Sean McKay and American bulldog Hooch

Vicious thug Sean McKay was on bail when he attacked the dog, named Hooch, with a knife. Hooch is believed to have survived the incident though details are sketchy.

McKay lashed out after falling out with girlfriend Melissa Johnstone and two women on February 5, 2019, in Girvan, South Ayrshire.

Vicious Sean McKay from Stranraer, Scotland, attacked American bulldog Hooch with a knife.
Caeer criminal Sean McKay is now banned from keeping animals for life.

Although he had denied the charge, he was convicted of causing a protected animal unnecessary suffering by repeatedly striking him on the body with a knife.

Troubled McKay appeared in the dock handcuffed to a prison officer, with a bandaged right hand.

It is understood he has mental health issues which cause him to harm himself.

Sentencing:12 months in custody for the animal cruelty offence with a further three months added for committing it while on bail. He was given seven months for using threatening behaviour to three women. All sentences are to run consecutively. Lifetime ban on keeping an animal.

Daily Record

Canonbie, Dumfriesshire: Matthew Hammond

#TheList Matthew Thyne Hammond, born 22/10/1985, most recently of Thorniewhats Farm, Canonbie, Dumfriesshire – punched and kicked a Jack Russell terrier to death because she didn’t want to walk with him

Hammond originally from North Berwick killed a tiny dog while in a drunken rage
Jockey Matthew Hammond originally from North Berwick killed a tiny dog while in a drunken rage

Hammond, who is originally from High Street, North Berwick and is now said to be living in Scotland Street, Carlisle, drunkenly attacked the 2yo dog. Concerned neighbours called police after hearing her distressed yelping and squeals.

Hammond was seen attacking the tiny dog and dragging her along the street for a hundred yards.

The brutal incident happened at 5.30am as Hammond, who had been staying with friends overnight after being out drinking, had been walking to his home in a caravan with his Jack Russell and a  bull terrier belonging to his partner.

Police traced him to the caravan where the dead pet was lying in a blanket on the floor and they arranged a post mortem.

Hammond’s solicitor said the incident had had a “catastrophic” effect on her client’s working life.

He has left his job as a stable assistant with James Ewart Racing in Langholm. A jockey with links to Micky Hammond Racing, he has given up ownership of a horse and has no contact with animals of any kind.

Sentence: community payback order. Banned from keeping any animals for just three years.

BBC News
News & Star


Patna, East Ayrshire: Zara Brown

#TheList Zara Brown (aka Zara Prentice or Zara Rooney), born 06/01/1988,  of  New Cottages, Patna, Ayr  KA6 7JF –  for appalling acts of cruelty and neglect towards homeless pets at her rehoming charity,  Ayrshire Ark

Former animal sanctuary owner Zara Brown is responsible for the death of 15 dogs and a cat and the immense suffering of countless others.
Former animal sanctuary owner Zara Brown is responsible for the death of 15 dogs and a cat and the immense suffering of countless others. Photo shows two of her victims: Bruce and Ozzy

Pet rescue owner Zara Brown failed to give dogs in her care adequate food and water and she abandoned them in a filthy derelict primary school with no lights.

Some of the animals were left to die in the building and she stored several of the carcasses in a chest freezer.

Former animal sanctuary owner Zara Brown is responsible for the death of 15 dogs and a cat and the immense suffering of countless others.
Scottish SPCA inspectors were met with a scene of unimaginable horror at the Ayrshire Ark animal sanctuary

In  all, authorities found 16 dead pets – 15 dogs and one cat – and many more with untreated conditions including a broken bone, arthritis, ear and paw infections, pressure sores and ulcers.

Several dogs believed to be in the care of the Ayrshire Ark remain unaccounted for to this day with Brown refusing to reveal their fates to their distraught former owners.

Former animal sanctuary owner Zara Brown is responsible for the death of 15 dogs and a cat and the immense suffering of countless others.
This photo montage was originally published by the now defunct Pet Abuse UK FB page. We understand that some of these dogs have turned up safe and well, including Chief who was rehomed by the Scottish SPCA. The fate of many other dogs unfortunate enough to pass through Zara Brown’s so-called sanctuary remains unknown, however.

In August 2017 mother-of-four Brown appeared in the dock at Ayr Sheriff Court.

Former animal sanctuary owner Zara Brown is responsible for the death of 15 dogs and a cat and the immense suffering of countless others.

Depute fiscal Jason Bell told the court  how a Scottish SPCA inspector discovered a  scene of horror at the Ayrshire Ark shelter, including a stash of seven dogs and a cat in a freezer, some of whom were badly mutilated.

The charity visited the sanctuary, housed in a derelict schoolhouse in Patna, after receiving reports that a Presa Canario cross named Ozzy was lying dead on the floor.

Former animal sanctuary owner Zara Brown is responsible for the death of 15 dogs and a cat and the immense suffering of countless others.
Presa canario cross Ozzy

Mr Bell revealed the Scottish SPCA inspector and police had to wait four hours to gain access because Brown wasn’t there and partner Gary Rooney, who part-owns the building, claimed not to have keys.

During the delay, the welfare team peered through a window and saw dead Ozzy slumped on the floor and other dogs in bad health. One very thin dog appeared to be standing in her own filth, without food or water, in a cloakroom.

The depute fiscal went on: “They could see two large bulldog-type dogs clambering over rubbish and debris — they appeared to be running freely in the corridor and in poor condition.

“They also noticed a large dog within one of the former classrooms that appeared lifeless. It was very underweight.

“They tried to rouse it by banging on the window and it appeared the dog was clearly dead.”

Brown finally appeared from the back of the former school at around 11pm and let the authorities inside.

The court heard the “overpowering” stench of faeces and urine made them gag as they made their way through the unlit building, where they stumbled across an animal in a cage.

Mr Bell said: “They noticed the bulldog-type dogs which had been viewed earlier in the corridor appeared to have been secured in a classroom before entry had been gained by the witnesses.

“They located a chest freezer and within were seven dead dog carcasses and a dead cat.”

The mercy crew searched for the lifeless dog they’d spotted through a window — but it had vanished.

Mr Bell said: “There were visible drag marks indicating it had been moved.”

Two more underweight dogs were in a classroom, while a third dog was found “weak and struggling to stand” in a toilet area, despite having access to food and water.

Mr Bell said: “They entered a further room and found a dead dog behind the door. Zara Brown stated she knew this dog as Bruce.

Former animal sanctuary owner Zara Brown is responsible for the death of 15 dogs and a cat and the immense suffering of countless others.
One of Zara Brown’s victims, English bull terrier Bruce

“The inspector formed the opinion the dogs were suffering. They had poor body condition, bones clearly visible. Their living conditions were woefully inadequate with regards to cleanliness.”

Nine dogs were signed over to the Scottish SPCA by Brown and taken to their vet in Glasgow.

They were found to be malnourished with a range of health issues. Bulldog Primo — who also had inflammation of the ears and feet — had to be put to sleep.

The court heard welfare chiefs attempted to interview Brown on December 29, 2017, but she failed to show.

Brown, who also has a conviction for VAT fraud, admitted nine charges of failing to properly feed dogs in her care or treat their health problems, leaving them suffering malnutrition, weight loss, lameness, infections and ulcers.

Former animal sanctuary owner Zara Brown is responsible for the death of 15 dogs and a cat and the immense suffering of countless others.

Defence lawyer Euan Cameron had pleaded for Brown to dodge jail for the sake of her four kids, but Sheriff Mhairi MacTaggart told her: “Such is the gravity of the offences, only a custodial sentence is appropriate.”

After the sentencing, Scottish SPCA inspector Leanne McPake said: “This case was particularly harrowing and will stay with us for a long time.”

As at late 2018 Brown is believed to be living in Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway DG7.

Seven months in jail. Banned for life from keeping animals

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